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The speaker discusses the objection that Islam's guidance is sufficient for human beings to receive guidance and avoid misunderstandings. They emphasize the need for guidance and the importance of being informed of one's thoughts. The physical transformation of people when faced with guidance is discussed, as well as the potential risks of a culture of being afraid of others and the need for people to make decisions based on guidance. The importance of guidance and the need for people to make decisions based on guidance is emphasized.

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In the beginning, I had we learned that the Mushrikeen of Makkah, one of the main objections they had about the Prophet sallallahu sallam was, that if he's a messenger, that How come he's a human being? Why would Allah send a human messenger? And basically, the Michigan demanded many miracles from the Prophet saw a lot of sudden the proof of your prophet hood to us, and what were the miracles that they demanded? We learned about them, Gaza river to gush forth, you should have a house of gold and so on and so forth. So what was the response that was given that How come to INLA Bashar Rasul Allah, I am only a human messenger. I am not here to show all these amazing feats to

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you. I'm a human messenger, I'm just conveying the message to you. So then they had another objection. Why are you a human? If you're supposed to be a messenger? What was the answer? What's the response? Because you are human beings yourself. And in order to learn from a messenger, you better be able to relate with him, you better be able to feel comfortable around him. And that is only possible if he is one of you. And then it is said that Allah is sufficient as a witness, meaning whether you believe in Mohammed salatu salam, or you don't believe ALLAH is sufficient as a witness because he is truly a messenger, well may Allah for her well watered whoever Allah guides,

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then only he is truly guided.

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Only the one whom Allah guides, that person can receive guidance, that person can be truly guided. Now a person may wonder, why is it that Allah chooses who to guide and who not to guide? You know, apparently this statement seems unfair, that if Allah guide someone, only then he is guided. But what if someone wants guidance and Allah does not guide him? Then? What? Then what?

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Think about it. Human beings, do we need food? Does Allah give us food?

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Do we need people around us? Does Allah subhanaw taala give that to us?

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Allah loves us more than we can imagine. He cares for us more than we care about ourselves. It is not possible that a person wants guidance and Allah would not give it to him. Thinking like this about Allah is really bad. That what if a person wants guidance and Allah does not guide them? This is entertaining, even thoughts about Allah. What do you think about Allah, that you would say such a thing? Any person who truly wants to be guided, Allah will bring guidance to him.

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Any person who wants something good, genuinely, sincerely, Allah will take him there. Allah will bring it to him. You know, there is a very beautiful story about Imam Ahmed been humble about how once he went to a new city, and he went to the masjid in order to spend the night over there because the masjid was supposed to be like a guest house also. So he intended to spend the night in the masjid. But what happened at nighttime these guards came, and they expelled him out of the Masjid. They said, No, no, you can't be here. Nobody's allowed to stay inside the Masjid. You have to leave. So Muhammad is out on the street. Now this man he feels pity on him. And he says why don't you come

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and stay, you know with me tonight. So it goes to him. And he stays with him random men, and that men was a baker, he would bake bread. That's the work that he would do. And in their conversation, he was telling him about, you know how I have these wishes. And I hope that Allah will fulfill all of them for me. He said, What are they? He numbered a few of them and he said, you know, each and every one of them as fulfilled. There's this one last wish I have. And I hope Allah will fulfill that for me. He said what is that wish? I really want to meet Imam Muhammad been humble.

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That man, he said I really want to meet Imam Ahmed and humble and look at what happened. Imam Muhammad bin humble is brought to him to his house.

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Because a person if you truly want something good, something clayed sincerely, Allah will give him so never ever entertain this thought in your head. What if someone wants to be guided and Allah does not guide them? And when people say such things, and they raise such questions when they read these if these thoughts are purely from shaitan, purely from shaitan because he thought bad about Allah, that Allah you misled me, you misguided me and He wants people to think bad about Allah as well. This is what it's telling us is that a person who wants to be guided Allah who will guide him and once Allah will guide him, that person will remain upon guidance. While may yeah dilla for who will

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martyred or may yield Lille and a person whom Allah

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assenza St. Allah allows that okay, go astray. Why would Allah let someone go astray? They don't want to be guided. They don't want to accept guidance. You know, it's like there's a person who's doing something wrong you advise them, you tell them you warn them. But if they don't want to listen, what do you do? Like fine, so be it. You know that then suffer yourself. So When may you blame whoever Allah Allah to go astray, fell and Pegida Allah whom you will never find for them only any friends, any protectors mean? Dooney besides Him, mean then you can find no one to protect such people, when I should go home, and we will gather them yo mo pm on the Day of Judgment, how Allah

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would you hear him on their faces? On the Day of Judgment, such people will be brought how on their faces? What does that mean? A person is on his face, what does it mean he is upside down? Upside down. Why? Because that is how they lived in this world. Because remember, our spiritual condition will be our physical condition in the akhirah. That is how we will be physically, we will see the reality of our deeds of our thinking in a physical form on that day. So for example, if a person is too arrogant here, then on the day of judgment, the punishment for that will be made physical for him how that he will be raised, like ants, so small, being trampled over by the rest of people. So

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what do we learn here that people who leave guidance, who don't want to accept guidance who come up with one excuse after another one objection after another? Then how are they living? You know, they're basically looking at things in a crooked way upside down. So this is how they will be upside down on the Day of Judgment when I showed him yomo piano with your Allah, would you hear him Omean ones who are blind, what Bookman and ones who are dumb, mute, unable to speak while someone and ones who are deaf, because this is how they lived in this world. They didn't use their eyes. They didn't use their ears and the didn't use their tongue properly. When they heard about guidance when they

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saw guidance, instead of saying something positive. What did they say? Bad things? That's what they expressed. So as a result on the Day of Judgment, unable to see unable to hear unable to speak my way home Jahannam their abode will be held. Good lemme Hubbert each time it will die out it will subside what the burning the fire z the now home sir Euro we will increase them in Syria in Blazing Fire. The word Hobbit is from the letters How about well, Hubble and Hubble is basically when something like for example, there's fire and what happens after some time when the wood or the coal is all burnt up on the fuel is all burnt up when it's all consumed. Then you see that the fire is

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reducing, its intensity is reducing, it begins to finish. So this is what Hubble is when something's about to go out when it subsides. But each time the fire subsides will that finish no zero now home sir Iraq we will increase them in burning, the fire will be lit again or that burning sensation shall never end. Because the Quran we learned that skins will be replaced in sort of never we learned for Dooku fallenness either come Illa either about we shall never increase anything for you except punishment. Because in this life also, what did these people do? Everything they saw everything they heard, it became a means of increase in their misguidance something that is supposed

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to tremble the heart of a person, it made them even more hard. The verses of the Quran that should melt the heart of a person. What did these people do? It became a source of the hardness of their heart. Something that should be a source of guidance became a source of misguidance for them. Why their perspective? Because that is how they looked at it. Because that is how they approached the deen. So that is how they will be treated in the UK, as well. In a hadith in Bukhari and Muslim and that's when Malika below and who said that the Prophet saw a lot of sun was asked or messenger of Allah, how will the people be gathered on their faces? I mean, think about it. If a person is

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walking upside down, can he really?

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Can he? Maybe a person can stand upside down for a brief moment. But can he really walk like that? Can he stay like that for long? So the people wonder, because in Surah, two camera 48 A similar thing is mentioned he only use her buena fanatee Allah will do him when the people will be dragged on their faces into the hellfire. So the people wonder that how will that be? The Prophet saw a lot of Saddam said the one who made them walk on their feet is able to make them walk on their faces.

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The one who made them walk on their feet is able to make them walk on their faces. But imagine the humiliation in this, the disgrace in this that a person's face is on the floor, and it's being dragged. And he's not able to stand the right way on his feet.

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This is disgrace It's utter humiliation. Why? Because those who treat the book of Allah arrogantly who are arrogant towards the messenger than they will be humiliated in the era, their Lika Jezza Oh, mom, dad is their recompense. Why be unknown? kuffaar will be it now because they disbelieved in Our Verses. We sent them our if the Quran and what was their reaction, Gopher they weren't willing to accept. And instead there is objections. They said, we'll call you either corner examine what when we have turned into a llama plural of bones, what will fatten and what a Rafat with this word earlier, mortal remains. So basically the remains of you know, something that was alive once upon a

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time it died, part of the body, it got decomposed or fully decomposed. And you just have a few pieces here there. You know, like, when people are digging, then what do they find? They find rocks, they find different things. And sometimes they even find bones. Right? So what is that roof at and all decayed bone? So they said when we have turned into bones, and our bones have even further decomposed, inanimate Ruth on a Hulk and Judah, what? Are we going to be resurrected into a new creation? What are you talking about? The disbelieved with conviction? You see what has been mentioned over here, that these people disbelieved with conviction. And sometimes you come across

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such people you hear about such people or you read their writings, how strongly they disbelieve? How firm are they in their cover?

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That they have full year pain, that there is no resurrection? They have fully attained that there is no God, they have fully attained that there is no True Religion. That is how they think and that is what they're talking about. But this disbelief, this utter disbelief, what is it going to lead them into hellfire? Oh, well, Amuro. Allah says, do they not see? Why are they so firm in their Cofer, do they not see, and Allaha that indeed, Allah, Allah, the Halacha sama yt, will be the one who created the skies and the earth, the sky above you and the earth beneath your feet, the earth in which you live? Just look at the magnitude of the sky and the magnitude of the earth. And just think about

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their detail. And their intricacy? I mean, how amazing are they? How fine are they look at the details within the sky within the earth. You know, just the other day, in one of the books, an Arabic Book, physical color we were reading, about a comparison was made between what Allah has created and what man has made. And just a few examples were cited. And that made me think about really, when we make something like for example, human beings, when they make a building, what is it like? It has a structure, it has a lot of detail, it has many things in it. However, if you compare that to just a piece of land, even, that has a few trees on it, mean the piece of land with few

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trees on it has much more detail to it, much more detail to it. Just compare that with a forest, when you have all sorts of creatures living over there, such an amazing system over there, what Allah has created and what man has made, there is no comparison.

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So the one who created the skies and the earth under the Holika summer what you will

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do the not see that he is all there. He is capable, he has the ability, Allah upon a yes, Luca Mithila home that he can create those like them, like,

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like these people are like the skies on the earth, meaning if Allah can create the sky and the earth, you think it is difficult for him to create anything else?

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Would it be difficult for him to create anything else? No. Because just the size of the sky, just the size of the Earth is enough to tell you that the one who made them can make anything. The one who did this can do anything. I mean, the more you study biology, the more you study any science. The more it amazes you, the more it fascinates you, the more we realize how ignorant we are, how much more there is on this planet that we still don't know that we are still not familiar with. So just imagine it the other day somebody was mentioning about the heart

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How the heart is hidden inside the body. Have you ever seen your heart? Can you see it, you can see your hand you can see your feet, you can appreciate your facial features, you can appreciate your hair, but your heart the way that is me, you don't see it. And even if you have some, you know, super scan or something done to get an image of your heart, even that does not give you the true image of how the heart really is this that, that this person is a doctor and they said that, you know, when you got the heart straight from the middle, and you see how beautiful the heart is from the inside, how you know, one layer upon the other layer upon the other layer, you know, it is a

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very complicated structure. But within that also is so much beauty.

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And she was saying that if you just look at that image and see how beautiful Allah subhanaw taala has made something inside of you, which you can never see, and what you can never appreciate. You realize how much Allah loves you, and how much Allah cares for you. You know, because when we have to show something to someone, then we think about making it nice and beautiful and presentable. But when something is hidden inside the body, that you never gonna see, when Allah has made that so perfect, and that's so beautiful. What does that tell you about Allah, He loves you, He cares for you, he is odd that he can do anything. So the one who has created the skies in the earth, do the

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people not realize that he is are there are other, local Muslim, that he can create people also. And if he has made so many people, I mean, think about the number of human beings that Allah has created, that Allah has made those numbers. You know, they're mind boggling, amazing.

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It's not just 1000 people, just a million people, so many more. So if Allah can create so much creation, with so much variety, with so much detail, and so many differences, and each is unique, and each is beautiful. I mean even to twins, when you compare them, there are many similarities, but yet each is different. Right? So why do you doubt Allah's power to recreate? Why do you think it is difficult for Allah to resurrect?

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Why doesn't he show that to you every year that how a tree dies, but then it comes back to life, how one human being dies, but then another human being is born. You know, it's amazing, you go to the hospital, to see someone who's sick, and then you find out that somebody else has died over there. And then you find out that somebody else was just born over there. One is leaving, one is coming one is sick, you know hanging in the middle. Allah is doing so many things he can resurrect. So why do you doubt? What gyla home and he has made for them? agilon a term for people there is a fixed term, a fixed time of what

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a fixed time of expiry labor fee there is no doubt in it. Every person who comes here who comes to this world has to live. There is an agenda. We're not here forever. And this is a reality that everyone recognizes that no one can doubt what gyla home agenda. Laurie Murphy for above Lolly moon. But the wrongdoers have refused ABA, he has refused refuse to accept arrogantly in lack of aura except Khufu, meaning the only thing that they're so adamant about is what go for what is Khufu? Extreme cover extreme disbelief. That's the only reaction they show, meaning no matter what proof is given to them, no matter what evidence is given to them to try to convince them to try to make them

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understand. What is the only reaction they should go for go for coffee. So okay, be like that. And in the hereafter what's the only thing such people will see? Punishment, fire, fire, that's all they will see. Because that's how they behave. This is something that they've brought upon themselves, called SE. Lo and if you were Tom Licona, you possessed, you had milkier you had possession, possession of what Hawza in a raw material be the Hawza in the treasures of the Rama, of the mercy of rugby of my Lord. Allah subhanaw taala is very merciful, very merciful. And he has huge unlimited resources Unlimited, from which he is constantly giving to his creation, constantly giving. We just

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think about how much we have used since we were born.

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Just think about

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have the money that you've spent. Just think about the number of apples that you've enjoyed. Just think about the number of breaths that you've taken.

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Just think about the number of glasses of water that you had. Can we even count them? Now multiply that with the number of people that live on the earth, and multiply that by the number of the rest of the creatures that are on the earth, from the ants, to the birds, to the elephants, to the Big Blue Whale? How much each creature is consuming, constantly consuming, taking, taking taking? Who's their provider? Who's that provider? Allah subhanaw? taala? Yes, he has placed that risk in the earth. Right? He has placed that risk in the earth. But he's also created this amazing system because of which the risk is constantly, you know, coming. It's constantly coming.

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So if you owe people were the owners of Allah's treasures, meaning if everything was distributed, according to your decision, according to your wishes, then what would happen?

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What would happen? If the supplies were dependent on us? Meaning we were to decide who gets what and when and how much, then what would happen? Read the AI? What does Allah say? What does Allah say? Tell me the IEA. What does the ISA e Then? Then? Everybody said, Don't repeat after me look at the words.

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E then let m suck don't Hushai Ethel info, then surely love surely I'm suck, don't you would withhold why? Hush Yatta out of fear of infer lack of spending, then everyone would be hungry.

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And everyone would be thirsty. People will be dying of starvation.

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This thing about it, we bring the fat. And we have to provide that bet it's food? How careful we have to be make sure that the food is there. Forget about bet your own children, your own family, the person who's in charge of groceries, what happens to them? They're always being rebuked. They're always being told off grocery in charge. Where's the milk? Where are the ends? Where's the butter? Didn't you realize that we were running out of this. So what happens we as people don't even have the ability to look after ourselves. First of all lack the ability.

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We don't have that mental bandwidth, or that mental strength to be able to calculate who needs what, at what time. And then secondly, we don't even have those resources to be able to provide everybody. And if those resources were given to us, then what would we do? We would be stingy.

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We would be extremely selfish. We would not give to others. You know, like for example, if your mom tells you, here's the money, you go get the groceries, then what happens? You see oh, there's some extra cash, you know, what? Have you got this bag of chips. Let me get the scope. And let me get this treat. And then what happens when you get home and you putting all the groceries away? Let me hide this in the top cupboards that nobody sees it. Because if my brother sees it, he's gonna finish it. And when he's out of the house, then I'm going to enjoy it myself.

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We become stingy, we become selfish. I'm suck, don't pushy at all. In fact, you would withhold and keep everything to yourself out of fear of spending.

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Why? Because we are needy. And whenever we have something before we think about others, who do we think about first, ourselves, and that is a reason why we don't like to share. That is the reason why when we have something extra, even if it's going to sit and rot in our refrigerator. And even if it's going to sit and become old fashioned in our basement or in our garage, we're not going to give it away. Because what if we need it? What if we need it? And then we have this fear? If I give it away? I'm gonna run out of it. I'll have nothing left. I'm sucked on hospital in fall will cancel Insano cartoon. This is such a true statement. Woman us document Elia tila? What Cannell Insano

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Cateura. Man is ever stingy. Stingy? Who is a tool cutter is the opposite of being Muslim. Who is Muslim one who does is rough. Who is the one who does Israel who just spends, you know, without even thinking on useless things money $50 Here $10 There $100 or $300 there and at the end, he's got nothing left. This is rough.

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And Altura is the exact opposite of that. Yeah, I need that food but it's

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Okay, yeah, I need that jacket. But it's okay. Yeah, I need my house to be warm, because it's really cold. But you know what I'm going to put my jacket on. I'm not going to turn the heating on.

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Yes, it's extremely hot. But I'm not going to turn the air conditioning on. Yes, I have piled of laundry. However, I'm not going to do the laundry right now, I'm going to do it later in the night, because the electricity bill will be cheaper than

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we do these kinds of things, right? Come on, we do it all the time where we hear such stories, that even when we have some genuine need, genuine need.

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We don't spend over there. This is a tool, someone who's got the money, who's got the means. And they are genuinely in need of something. But still, they'll close their hand there. They will not spend over there. And this is something that's not positive. Because it shows that a person is, you know, too obsessed with money. And he's preoccupied with the fear of losing money and with the desire for more. And Cateura is also used for someone who is stingy with his family.

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His children are in need. They are hungry, they need clothes, but he doesn't spend you know, what is that a person doesn't have enough. So obviously, you have to be careful there. You save here, you save there, right? But the other is that a person has the money sitting in the bank.

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But all that he's concerned about is checking the numbers and not actually spending anything. Well, candle Insano Cateura.

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The profits are a lot of Saddam said Allah's hand is full, and never decreases. Because of his giving night and day, meaning Allah's hand is full, he is constantly giving. And despite his giving constantly, it doesn't reduce anything from his hand. It doesn't reduce his treasures at all, do not see how much he has given since he created the heavens and the earth. Yet that which is in his right hand, never decreases. Never decreases. Allah's Hawza in our unlimited. And remember that hadith books in which we learn that if all of the men, people and all of the jinn were together together in one place, and each was to ask Allah, may I have this, and may I have this, this is my wish list.

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And like people have their wish list prepared for center, right? In their dream world. So if imagine this came true, everyone came with long and lest wish lists and asked Allah, may I have this and this and this and this and this, and Allah would fulfill every wish of theirs, every single human being and every single gene, you know, how much lost that would cause to Allah's treasures?

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How much like a needle dipped in the ocean? What are we?

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When nothing, what are our desires.

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There's nothing, Allah subhanaw taala has even more to give, Allah is Most Generous. And this is a reason why out of His mercy, he hasn't left our risk to us. Because if it was left to us, we would be in a lot of trouble.

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I'm pretty sure all of us have seen it's like an a little video that compares the earth to like the bigger planet than Jupiter to the Sun than the Sun to another sun. And then that sun, you know, to its own solar system to its own galaxy, and then they compare our galaxy to within its own cluster, and then that cluster within other clusters. And that's only part of the universe that we can actually see. Every time you see this rally, we realize how minuscule we really are,

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and how much Allah has and how much he gives. So, this is what is it telling us basically, that there are many decisions which Allah subhanaw taala has not left to us.

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Because if he had left those decisions to us, then we would be in trouble. We would be in difficulty. So amongst those decisions is also the decision of Prophethood guidance. People had a problem why human messenger, why Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, they are being told you know what this is none of your business. This is none of your business. Allah decides who should be messenger. Allah decides what he should convey. This is not something that you need to worry about. You need to be concerned about what he's telling you. That is your part of the problem. So this decision is not left to us because of this decision was left to us and would there be any profit?

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Would there be any guidance? I mean, think about how stingy we are when it comes to good things. When it comes to food. When it comes to even knowledge when it comes to information when it comes to you know, having an app even we become so stingy. We're not going to tell anybody because then everybody's going to be like me. Right?

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You were so selfish, so pathetic. And if this matter of guidance was in our hands, then would there be any guidance? Would anybody receive guidance?

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No, they wouldn't. So with Allah's mercy, He has kept this decision with himself and in the hereafter also, who will be the judge, supreme judge Allah subhanaw taala. And you know, this is why Sophia Sophia, you would say that I would not want my parents even to be my judge on the Day of Judgment.

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I would not want even my parents to be my judge in the era. Why? Because Allah is more merciful than my parents. He is more wise than my parents. My mother loves me. My dad will do anything for me. They cannot see me hurt. They'll take me shopping. You know, even on the most ridiculous it is the most ridiculous times and even though they're tired and exhausted after a whole week of work, still they'll take me shopping and even if their feet are hurting, they love me. So Fianna thought he said I don't want them to be my judge on the Day of Judgment. I want Allah to be my judge because he is the most just the most fair, the most kind, The Most Forgiving, the Most Loving.

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So Allah's decisions are the best decisions when it comes to risk when it comes to guidance his decisions are the best decisions because He created us He loves us we'll listen to the recitation of these verses one

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down to

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man oh

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love I love you

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go now

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