Is Islamophobia a Real Phenomena and How Should it be Tackled

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Good evening doctors I can Hi.

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My name is Dr. Ramsey from Oxford

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ambassador for universal peace Federation,

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and one of the member of the Muslim Council of Britain.

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I'd like to say you're doing an excellent job. God bless you.

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Now, my question,

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Doctor secondary, in your opinion, is Islamophobia a real phenomenon?

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And if so, how do you suggest it can be tackled?

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Does the responsibility lie with the Muslim community? Or should Western society be doing more to breach a decent barrier of fear? I'm talking about the fear. All phobias are fear, fear of unknown. Thank you.

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Very good question that is Islamophobia a real phenomena? How should it be tackled? Is it the responsibility of the Muslim community do it? Yes, there is Islamophobia, especially in this 21st century. And as I mentioned in my speech, I believe one of the major reasons for this Islamophobia is the media. And I said in my speech, that the media spreads several misconceptions about this religion of Islam. I do agree, it is the duty of as Muslims, that we should spread the two teachings of Islam. I'm aware that there are black sheep in the Muslim community. I'm not saying all Muslims are 100% pious, all good. There are black sheep in every community, including Muslims. What does the

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media do? They pick up the black sheep of the Muslim community, and they portrayal in the media as though they are exemplary Muslims. What we have to do is we have to portray the right teachings of Quran and the sayings of the Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him. And if any Muslim is involved in doing acts, which are against Islam, which acts of terrorism, killing of innocent human beings, it is the duty of as Muslims that we should tell such people it is haram, there are some people who are being misguided. And they have been brainwashed into saying that killing innocent human beings is part of Islam, you will get reward. It's our duty as the mainstream Muslims to try and convey the

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right message of Islam and prevent such Muslim from me misguided. that's point number one. Point number two, it's our duty to tell the government of the country where you are living, that Islam is a peaceful religion. And what I believe that Muslims should be part of the solution, they should not be part of the problem. The government should not think that Muslims are part of the problem, they should think Muslims are part of the solution. And that the advice I've been given to the police of India, and the police of Bombay, and I interact with the police force very often, and it tells them that you should take the Muslims in confidence.

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And the best is to have an interaction. I have addressed many police officers from very different countries. And we should try and have a question answer session and remove the misconceptions in their minds and prove to them that Islam is one of the most tolerant religions. It's a peaceful religion. And if you know that, Islam, surely the person that you'd have to fear is a true Muslim. I'm not talking about the black sheep of the Muslim community.