In the present time who has the Qualities to be a Leader of the Muslim Ummah?

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The next question is from Elisa Fatima.

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She's studying MBBS from Pakistan.

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When a corrupt leader is elected, we are also responsible for the sins he commits as a leader, what should be our priorities while electing a leader? In today's circumstances, when we cannot find a loyal and honest leader, what should we do?

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Should we give a vote of waste our right to elect?

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A similar question is posed by magic Khan from Hyderabad, India. What are the qualities we should look for in today's age for selecting a leader for the Muslims.

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According to me, Dr. Zakir Naik would be my best choice to lead the Muslim ummah today.

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Basically, the question posed here

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is that in today's world, most of the Muslim leaders are dishonest they are corrupt.

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So, who should we choose? Or should we let our fourth grade waste? And the second question is that what are the qualities that a Muslim leader should have? And the brother suggested that I should be the leader which we'll come to later on which I'll answer inshallah.

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As far as what should the qualities of a Muslim leader be is

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the best exemplary

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Muslim leader in the world is a beloved prophet muscle Salah that the reason Michael his heart he places in number one in the list of 100 most influential human beings in the history of humankind. Imagine he being a non Muslim places number Salah Salem as number one and he says that Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him was not only successful as a religious leader, he was even successful as a social and a political leader.

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Because of that, he placed him number one,

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that he was not only a successful religious leader, he was also a successful social and a political leader. So the best example of a political leader in the world today we have is Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him. After that. We have the example of the Hellfire Ashley has Abubakar Hava Omar are the man of the valley. They are best examples for us after the Prophet and that Verizon Micayla chart. He places Omar Al Khattab, Ravello and Mela, Buddhism as number 51

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Because he was a very successful leader. So if today, unfortunately, I don't know of any Muslim leader who is anywhere close

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to the quality of leadership of Prophet Salah Salem, not even point 00 1% Lemo says that not even close to her tomorrow 11

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We're going to Qatar Masha Allah. He was he was so successful that he expanded the Muslim empire. Mashallah. And if you read his Sierra, you will find the example how a Muslim really should be. Unfortunately, unfortunately, today, none of the Muslim leader we have about 56 to 57 countries in which majority of the people are Muslims in some country 100% Some more than 95, some more than 90, some more than 50%. There are about 57 countries in the world, out of a little bit more than 200 countries that we more than 27% of the countries in the world. They are countries in which Muslims and majority. Unfortunately, none of these leaders are anywhere close to Omar Al Khattab RideLondon

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nowhere close. And if you read the Sierra

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of mela pleases Him. He told his family that if any of my family members break any of the rules, they will get double punishment. Because the family of Tellus should be following the rules much more than others. If they break any rule, they will get double punishment. And he has several examples. Unfortunately, we find today that most of the Muslim leaders there are more as as a sister likely as a question that most of them are corrupt.

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Most of them are dishonest, they are involved more in making money for themselves. Unfortunately, just let me give you an example of admiralty law one that when you were the Khalifa, he had to have his sons

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Abdullah and obey the law. Men live it pleases them both.

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When they went to the governor of Basra in the past Basara the governor called them and we're very happy to meet them. He said what can I do for you?

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Then he said, Why don't you give this Amana to Ameerul Momineen to your father, the top 11 But I give you permission that on your way you can utilize the money for business. And when you get the principal amount back, keep the profit. And you can give the principal amount back to Omri Momineen.

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So both the sons of O'Meara Delevan, they take the money and on the visit of business and they get a huge profit, and they go and give the principal amount to the Father Ameerul Momineen. And they said, This is what the governor of Basara said, and this is the Amana. So, Omar was angry. And he asked his sons that did the government to give this money to somebody else? They said no. So how come they how come he had given it to you? So O'Meara lawan commanded two sons, that give the principal amount, as well as the complete profit, give everything to buy tomorrow,

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then the people who will close to others tomorrow, the lawan, the other sabas they told that this is the business deal, and the Permission was given by the governor. So what is the fault? And if it's a business deal, we are allowed to do that. So finally, after a lot of discussion,

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when they said that, you know, he should change his ruling, then have a comma rather and said, Okay, fine, give 50% of the profit to the vital man.

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So we see he was so strict, and he made a law that any office governor, before they appointed, he checks their wealth. And once they leave the post, he checks the well again, and he allows only a small percentage of increase anything other than that. He said give it two by two months, not that he accused them of corruption. No, he said that means even if you spend more time in the worldly affairs, you're not fit to be a governor. If you want to be a governor in the mind. You have to give your pure time to your duty. Even if you make money. Honestly, that is not your purpose. Unfortunately we see today in the Muslim ummah, most of the Muslim leaders, they are far away from

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the deen

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if you just take the basic concept of Salah

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I believe more than 50% of the Muslim leaders they may not be verified in Salah.

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In congregation

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there may be a handful, just a small percentage who may be offering five times Allah that was when the congregation so unfortunately, the state of the Muslim ummah today we have gone far away from the Quran and Sunnah, that the reason we have today that the situation that the Ummah is in today, because we have gone far away from the Quran and the Sunnah, we have gone far away from the teachings of Allah subhanaw taala and the teaching of Beloved Prophet masala Salem. And I do agree with the sister that today unfortunately, the choice that we have is so limited, and unfortunately most of them would not fit the criteria of how a Muslim leader should be as per the Quran, sunnah.

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So what should we do in this situation?

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What we have to do

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is that we have to select the best of the worst.

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And if we analyze

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as I mentioned, that almost all the leaders, they don't have the qualities that a true Muslim leader should have, like how the Tamara de Lama or even a small percentage, not even 2% of the quality of others. Mara Delevan. So what do we have to do, we have to select the best of the worst. And I do agree with the system, that almost all

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of the Muslim politician, they are corrupt, whether it be financially, whether it be with the man, they are almost all there may be one or two or three exceptions to the rule.

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So what should we do in this situation? As I mentioned, we should select the best of the worst. Number one, according to me is that select that Muslim leader

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who is becoming a leader on the Islamic card, that he is proud to be a Muslim. And he says that I will. I'm proud to be a Muslim and I will upheld Islamic law when they were not a secondary

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because in today's world, the basic rule for a politician to the unfortunately is that he has to maintain his chair by hook or by crook.

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It may go against his set of rules. It may go against his Deen it may go against the family, as long as the sitting on the chair is happy, so he will do anything to maintain his chair.

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Because of this reason, my first advice is that if two two Muslim leaders are standing, select that Muslim leader who openly says that he's proud to be a Muslim, and he is coming on the Islamic guard. He may or may not be a practicing Muslim

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that is secondary.

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I will go to the extent of saying that if there is one Muslim leader who's practicing Islam 20%. But if coming on the secular card, he's not saying that I will protect the Muslims, I will follow Islam. And there is no Muslim leader who's following 10% of Islam. But it's coming to the Islamic card he openly saying that I will, I will predict the religion of Islam, I will I will predict the Muslims better select the person who's following 10% Islam is coming with Islamic god rather than the other Muslim leaders falling 20% and is not coming on Islamic because the person who's not coming on Islamic guard will not go out of his way

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to follow the Islamic principles because that is not that was not his tomcod to win the election. Whereas the other Muslim leader who may not be following Islam as much as the other person, both are below average. But at least because these combination omnicar He will see to it, that he'll make more massages. He may not Priscilla but in C to D will make more masajid more mosque, He will protect

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the law of Islam, he will help the Muslim because his Trumka to when the election was

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the Islamic card.

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This is a very key point, unfortunately. And we know as the sister rightly said, that majority, almost all are corrupt. So but if you have a corrupt leader who's coming with Islamic card is better than a corrupt leader who's coming without the Islamic car.

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There are maybe one two or three research in the Muslim ummah, who may be following majority of the pharaohs in Islam.

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But they may not be having the acumen to be a good leader.

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We have on the other example some Muslim leader who have praised in my speech, they may be bold, they may stand for justice, they may not be following Islam to the tee,

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they may not be offering five times Salah maybe offering maybe a few times in a week.

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But they may openly produce some because because that is the principle, but they are not doing it for the sham because they are doing because that is what they feel is right. They are more for the cause of humanity. But Islam is far above humanity. So because of that they may bring a voice in the international media. But the practice may not be Islamic. So such leaders may benefit

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in one particular aspect of Islam to the Muslim ummah. But on the other hand, they may be a danger. So that is the reason I personally prefer that you select though Muslim leaders who number one approach to be Muslims. Unfortunately, when you look at the Muslim leaders, most of them they're not following the Sunnah. And doing a small example of keeping a beard, it's not a big thing to keep a beard doesn't take any effort. But our beloved prophet masala Salam said, as mentioned, say Buhari in one, number seven, and the number 589, to the Prophet said, that do the opposite of what the Muslims do.

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What the unbelievers do, grow your brain and Trivium status. According to all four schools of thought, all the four m mass keeping a beer deferred. It's such a small effort. But yet unfortunately, majority more than 75% of the Muslim leaders who are men, they don't have a beard. Why?

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That means they're not taught to be Muslims that don't even need to keep a beard to fulfill all the requirements. Now please don't get me wrong. In requirements, you have to follow the 70 major sin then fee how good the person is. So what we have to realize my basic point here is that select those Muslim leaders who are proud to be Muslims, even though they may be less in practice, a person was taught to be a Muslim, and a practicing Muslim is the best who's practicing and keeping doing all the fries?

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I don't think so if you said to me find one or two, but they may not be good leaders. But they may be following the live. So your feet would that you'd like those who are coming with Islamic guard and those who are proud to be muslims and present themselves that Muslims are not shy when they meet the non Muslim leaders. They're not shy to present themselves and Muslims.

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Coming to the

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to the second part of the question that these criterias the best is read the Syrah of the Prophet and fear of a little more of the law one or the other, this man have a family and you see the examples in the life how how honest and none of these leaders they wanted to become leaders. These are the for anyone who wants to be an Amir want to be a leader is not the right person. Here we find that most of the leaders want to be leaders in the

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Islamic teachings. A person who himself wants to be a leader should not be made the leader, the other people who make him and all the Khalifa. They were made by others. And you have these examples. As far as the question posed by the brother, Majid that he feels that Dr. Zakir Naik is the best choice. I'm sorry, I disagree with you totally.

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I don't have the qualities to be a leader at all. And I do consider myself and what I've seen in my life in my personal life, I've seen that many religious people when they enter into politics, almost all of them went away from the team. I know several schools of Muslim Oh, very good practicing Muslims, who are very fight em Salah who are very honest and they give funds beautiful lectures. But the moment they enter politics, they got corrupt. They got influenced because unfortunately the OMA that we have today, they are not like the Saba the time of the Prophet nuchal financially

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of a Hoofer Asha Dean. First, they would take decision thinking, What would Allah want me to do? They were more scared of disappointing Allah today. Our politicians are more interested how will benefit them personally. They don't they don't want to disappoint the World Bank. The Coronavirus, Dean, they did not want to disappoint Allah, they would take a decision which would be completely against them. As long as he pleases Allah as Allah says in the Quran in surah Nisa, Chapter Four was the 135 that year you live in Amman, who you believe stand up for justice as witness to Allah subhanaw taala. Even if the against yourself against your parents against okay topkin Again, very

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Chapa Allah protect son, there were many times the question will ask to me in India that why don't enter politics and I said that. I mean, why do you want to become enemy? I'm going to have to tell them, because in today's world, if you enter politics, there are high chances that you will spoil your very high chances, because the way the human society is made, that if you want to live and remain in that seat, you will have to compromise on your principles.

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And the best example I can give you is about a ceramic.

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Not a ceramic, you know that Mashallah. He was a very good guy. And you have to fear of the Quran. He was very knowledgeable, he was popular, and he stood for election and he won the election. After he won the election Member of Parliament he was made, and you have given some post. And after a few months, he resigned. He says asking me what should be the width of the road. That's not what I meet for. When I'm giving them Islamic solution. They don't want to listen, he immediately resigned. So good person with following the deen he will either have to give up his D or give up his position. And whatever Dr. ceramah did was the best. There may be few people like Dr. SRM or who may be

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Islamic and may have gone into politics but I don't know anyone who the leader may have come on a low position, not at the head of state and maybe following the dean. But the way the society is made today, our Ummah you will either have to give up the post that you're in or give up the dean. So first of all, I'm not fit to be in that position. Neither do I want to spoil my Akira. I would, I'm very happy in being a die and I'm very satisfied with Allah subhanaw taala whatever nehama has given me