Zakir Naik – If Parents of a Non Muslim do not Allow him to Accept Islam, what should he do

Zakir Naik
AI: Summary © A caller asks what should happen if a non- Muslim parent or father tries to teach their child to accept Islam, and if they do not comply with the law. The representative explains that if the parents do not comply with the law, they will be punished and the child will have to go through their parents' means of beliefs. The representative also explains that if the parents do not comply with the law, they will be punished and the child will have to go through their parents' means of beliefs.
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Next question from Muhammad Yunus, from South Africa. What should a non Muslim do if his or her parents do not allow him or her to accept Islam?

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As you mean that the non Muslim is an adult and in different countries the law for taking decision on your own but differs from country to 18 year summer 216 summit is 19 if the non Muslim is adult and if we did Islam and accepts Islam and if the non Muslim parent or the non Muslim father or mother is disagree, doesn't agree that his son or his daughter should accept Islam? What should we do? Allah is very clear cut in the Quran. Allah says in Surah chapter 30 verse number 14, we have enjoyed non human needs to be kind to the parents, in table upon table the mother bought them. And yes, when was the meaning that means it is compulsory for the Muslims to respect their parents. But

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the next was thrill of mine, Chapter 31 was from 50 feet. But if your parents do jihad, struggle and strive to make you worship somebody else besides Allah, then do not obey them, but yet live with them with love and companionship.

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Allah repeated the message in Sudan kaboosh chapter two between and was separate, if enjoined on the human means to be kind to the parents. But if the parents try and struggle to jihad, and forced you to worship somebody else besides Allah, of whom we have no knowledge, they do not obey them. So your Allah goes out of the way to say that you have to respect your parents obey them, but if they tell something against the teachings of the Quran, against the teaching of Beloved Prophet masala salam, we should not follow them. So if a non Muslims, children, they realize that Islam is the true religion, and that they want to accept Islam. And if that non Muslim parent is preventing the best

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thing the son of the daughter can do is explained to the father and the mother what is the true concept of Islam? What is the concept of tawheed about the masala Salaam and try and make them understand that Islamic theological religion is the best way of life. If they get convinced, they don't get convinced. As a last resort, you have to leave the house, you can surely contact some of your Muslim friends and leave the house so that you can practice Islam freely.

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You can leave the house and button as you want to accept Islam you have to pray for time they have to give the car they have to fast so all these things would not be possible for you to live under the same roof with your parents who are objecting. If they agree, you can stay the same and continue. If they object as a last resort, you try our level best to convince them so that even they accept Islam or at least convince them that what you're doing is right so they follow their religion and you follow Islam but if you cannot and if they give you the ultimatum even you have to leave you leave the house and follow Islam upside down inshallah. Allah says in the Quran that the land of

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Allah spacious, you will find many refuge in Surah Nisa, chapter number 400. So if you have to leave your house, leave your land leave the country for sake of Allah. Allah will protect you

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