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AI: Summary © The speaker discusses the issue of "Returnsava" and emphasizes the importance of acknowledging one's own decisions and small acts. They also stress the need to be aware of one's own actions and take responsibility for one's own lives. The speaker also discusses forgiveness and the importance of learning to handle one's own lives.
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Salam Alaikum, my brothers and sisters, I'm on my way home from Nigeria. But there is something very important I need to discuss. So even though I'm quite tired, I would like to discuss the topic of suicide. Recently, I've been getting so many emails from boys and girls young, saying, I'm fed up of life, my parents are making life difficult, either not allowing me to marry who I want, they're not allowing me to do something. They're being harsh, hard, some are abused by their parents, some have so many other difficulties. So much is happening. And people around them are making their lives very, very difficult, whether it's brothers, sisters, in law's spouse, children, sometimes parents,

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in a lot of cases, making their lives difficult. And so these people become suicidal because they feel that they've reached the end of the road or there is no purpose to live. Now, there, we can address this from many angles. But I want to address it from one or two angles tonight. And I don't want to lengthen this live session. The first thing is my brothers and sisters, it's never the end of the road, you need to know that. Just like when the night becomes darker and darker and darker and after the darkest part of the night, there is a sudden daybreak, Allah has promised you that they will be that daybreak, you know, things begin to get better but Allah will test you up to the

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limit. So turn to Allah, praise Him, read the Quran, engage in the remembrance of Allah, fulfill your Salah, fall in love with Allah help those who are in worse conditions than you are. thank Allah for the little bit that you have, and appreciate the favors of Allah upon you start helping others and your doors will begin to open bit by bit, you will see the light. That's number one. But number two, more importantly, I want to address all of us, the way we treat people. Why do parents refuse their children from marrying people that they want to marry? Who are reasonable reasonable, if they're not from your tribe, they're not your nationality. They're not, for example, your race, it

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doesn't mean you have to reject them. People use Islam to suit themselves and to blackmail their children or the others into believing that it is religiously wrong. That's not true. That is not true. If you're deemed your luck, meaning your level of consciousness of the Almighty and your character and conduct is similar, then you know what, if you have been brought up in a similar way the person is similar today, on a global level, we find people the same nationality, they went to the same schools, the same universities, they have the same norms, but because they're from different ethnicities, they actually do not allow their children to marry a different ethnicity. And

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they use Islam saying no, no, no, we're not Khufu meaning we're not similar the similarities, it's not gonna work. Do you know what, when your child went to school with these people or this person, or met them and has been have grown up in a, in a very, very similar way, so much so that perhaps they are more Khufu to the person they want to marry them to you as a father and a mother because you belong to a totally different generation, and totally different norms? Wow. So my beloved brothers and sisters, let's make life easy for one another. People are, you know, I don't know how many may have committed suicide already. because nobody's going to email me to say I've already

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killed myself, but we get so many emails, it's scary. We cannot reply them messages to said, You know what,

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I don't think there's any reason to live my beloved children and those who think the road has ended I've already addressed that. But for those of us who have people around us, you're a brother, you're a wife, your husband, Please behave yourself. Please behave yourself. Please treat your spouses with respect. make life easy, the Almighty will make life easy for you. Don't make life difficult for others, you you leave them stranded, you leave them hanging, you leave them without food and clothing, you wait for them to get evicted from their homes, and you are supposed to be a guardian you wait for them to actually suffer on earth and you're supposed to be there. You know, the

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children of your deceased brother or sister will lie they are a blessing unto you from Allah subhanho wa Taala and opportunity to score goals to be able to earn reward. So let's make life easy for people. Let's actually help people because if you are to save one life, it's as though you have saved entire humanity. Allah says woman Ahava Anima Aya NASA Jamia when you have saved one soul one person Muslim, non Muslim, whoever it may be those who agree with those who don't. Those who like those you dislike if you have saved a single soul It is as though you have saved entire humanity.

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When we talk of that verse we always refer to physical abuse and perhaps physically saving someone. But I want to say if you saved someone from committing suicide, you have indeed saved entire humanity. And if you are the one who has caused that person suicidal thoughts, then you are a criminal. Now Allah subhanho wa Taala says goddess,

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so please, for the sake of Allah learn to

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help people learn to make things easy for others. Don't be hard and fast. We're living in an age where you cannot be harsh. You cannot be hard on your children and on those whom you live with. You've got to be easygoing. People will make mistakes, allow them to make mistakes, nobody's perfect. So if they make a mistake, you can correct the mistake. Imagine Allah himself says, I love those terroir been Allah who you have been. In the law you have been Allah loves the terroir been Have you ever thought of what that means? It means those who keep repenting in order to repent, I need to be a sinful person if I was not sinful, what was the point of repenting? So Allah also says,

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You committed the sin, I love those who keep on correcting themselves coming back to me, they made a sin, they came back to me, they made another one, they came back to me they made the same one again, they came back to me, that is what Allah says he loves because they've recognized that he is the owner, He is the Creator. nourisher cherisher sustainer provider protector forgiver. That's Allah subhanho wa Taala. So if Allah is saying, I love those who seek forgiveness, it means within that statement, he also loves those who make the mistake and realize we don't even want our kids to make a mistake or anyone, anyone around us, we don't want them to make mistakes at all. And if they do,

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it's like doom. That's it, their lives have an end, if come to an end. Come on is the almighty had to treat us that way, all our lives would have been coming to an end or have come to an end a long time back. So I want to tell you, please look at your Please have mercy on those whom you live with, have mercy on those around you. We must open the doors for people, we must make sure that they leave their lives. It's not your life, it's their lives. I cannot make decisions for my adult children. When I have already made my own decisions. At that age. I look at fathers sometimes. And at the age of 2025. They made their own decisions, they went to live in other countries, they did whatever they

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wanted. Nobody was there to tell them but their children at the age of 40 and 50 they want to control the child and how many times you will kiss your wife is controlled by your father Come on, or by your mother in law, how can that be? Why should they have such a big say in your independent home and then they blackmail you by saying but you know heaven lies by serving us or attempt to say under the feet. It's not actually under the feet but it's by serving them. So yes, we will say we will be kind but we don't have to obey you when you are talking rubbish. Nonsense, utter unacceptable words, unacceptable instructions. I mean, you you're not a little God besides Allah.

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Allah, come on my beloved parents. Let's smell the coffee you can tell your children but you need to know the decisions are there as they are, they are responsible in the eyes of Allah. So teach them when they are young and then leave them to do their thing. When kids get married, let them do their thing. Come on, don't keep interfering, what to cook what not to cook you must come here You must massage my feet. You must cook this you must bring it here we've got visitors You must come You must sit you must do that without visitors came to visit you not all of us here Subhanallah so May Allah open the doors you can see how passionate I am. We want to save people from committing suicide from

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being suicidal. And there's no point in screaming and yelling at one another and and becoming physical becoming abusive because we're law II people become depressed. But together with that, let's learn to sacrifice as well. Mashallah, with sacrifice for one another, we will attain the pleasure of Allah. So my brothers, my sisters, I am extremely tired, I'm actually in transit.

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In in Ethiopia, Subhan Allah and I'll be leaving this place. And I love Nigeria. I learned a lot from it. So panela and I always learn I always meet people who make me feel Subhanallah that you know what, I actually have a lot more to do. And I've seen people who can, who are more knowledgeable who have we're doing hard work Who are you know, higher in so many different ways and they inspire me in so many different ways. One line or line.

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And, and I'm always touched. This is why I want to do another video at some stage, speaking about the fact that we are not the only Muslims across the globe, there are people trying to earn the pleasure of Allah.

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In the most remote places of the globe and Subhan Allah we are busy thinking that we are the Muslims, we are pious, we need Salah we wear our hijab, not realizing that the hedgehogs we were sometimes actually not the ideal and none of us are ideal.

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But that struggle we have and we still feel we're better than some others.

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There's nothing that way my brothers, my sisters, I love you for the sake of Allah. We're all in this boat together we're all trying to engender I'd love to see everyone in general for those who am I to remove people from gender and say you're not going there I, it's the ownership of Allah May Allah the Almighty, the Most Merciful, the most loving the most kind, the most forgiving, the most compassionate Subhana Allah, He grant all of us forgiveness and mercy, and gender tells me, thank you so much for listening. I hope you can spread this far and wide. I'll be posting it on YouTube Mufti menk.

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YouTube channel. in Charlotte, if you subscribe to that, and you actually put on your notifications, you'll be able to get that and if you spread it to others, you earn a great reward. This topic has been very important. I've kept it short, sweet to the point and extremely passionate because we're like it's coming from the heart. If you can't feel that there's something wrong with your heart. Don't get upset with what I've said. If you are getting upset, you're guilty. That's why you're getting upset. But if you're happy and excited, perhaps you're a victim. Sometimes you're happy and excited. You're a victim and you're guilty. It's possible for someone to be a victim in one crime

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and a criminal in the in another. So be careful my brothers and sisters May Allah strengthen us Salam aleikum wa rahmatullah.

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Don't feel like going, but I have to go Salaam Alaikum