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So our next speaker, he's come all the way from Australia. And I'm gonna say it could be and I want you guys to say Allahu Akbar so that his family and friends in Australia can hear it inshallah that could be

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Masha Allah Tabarrok Allah please Ladies and Gents

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Alhamdulillah Hilah we mill hobby real moto Ali Alhamdulillah Hilaire de la to Fuji boo hoo lomatin Layali Alhamdulillah he levy on Celje Birla Lau early sober Hannah whom in Isla hint of we mean young few rootzone Uber whether you barely the ILA in love LA who behind won't be heard, to be heard and called La Hawa behind no early was heard or now the Mona wahconah One moulana Karatu ayeni Mohammed ibn Abdullah Abu Rasool wasafi you home in Holika. He was really low on seller who fatally Nursey but she rang one of the Euro What are you an eel Allah Hebei if he was your Jim Mooney euro for Bella her rissalah was a dilemma and one of the Hello OMA *a chef Allah who will be here look

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OMA wotja hidef Allah He have called you heard the

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Holy have been for Salah Torah be wa sallam Who are they KSA Ed rasool Allah who are bad.

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I want to build the scene first. An Arab history.

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There's a person known as IGNOU Kulsoom.

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They say he was the leader of his of his tribe say you don't own

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in his time. In the time off armor IGNOU costume there was another armor Ibni Hynde

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that armor had reached the status of being declared a king amidst the tribes.

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So one armor is a tribal chief. One armor is a king

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saw a hammer in the hand, the king summoned armor IGNOU Kulsoom and his family to his tent.

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So he can with some men and women of his tribe, along with his mother, into the tent of the king, women set behind a curtain men set in the presence of armor Edna hinda King.

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So you've all watched her toggle, you know, olden days, the King used to hang the sword above him as a symbol of authority. And also in case he needs it to implement justice. So there's a sword hanging above the head of the King.

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I'm revenue Kulsoom is sitting in his presence.

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Across the tent, behind the curtain, the Mother of the King, ask the mother of am revenue consume.

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Can you pass me

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the pot of water

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and she did it with a hint of showing authority over her

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the sensitivities of mother of a chief of a tribe that aren't accepted. So she said, whoever owns the pot has more rights to it than me meaning your pot, take it yourself.

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The King's mother insisted.

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So the mother of amber ethnical Kulsoom cried out all the dishonor of our tribe.

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I'm heard across the veil and the chamber of the king

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or the dishonor of our tribe, he jumped up, took the sword cut off the head of the King.

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I set the scene that you realize that you're dealing with a people

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easily offended quick to draw the blade when sensing of ants and the same people who have certain things they hold and how

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Is theme of the things they hold in high esteem is their gods their idols.

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Karla Dibner Walid says my father sacrificed 100 camels for a single god.

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I vouch for you forgive the rudeness. There's not one here who has sacrificed the 100 goats for your real God. They sacrificed the 100 camels for a stone God, showing reverence obedience, love, admiration, adoration, devotion, back with this sensitive mentality, quick to anger quick to be insulted, quick to react that scene scene.

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Now to this people, Allah sent the messenger

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with the declaration,

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La ilaha illa Allah

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they have 360 of these idols gods in the Kaaba and around the Kaaba to this to which they were devoted as that

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now the Rasul come saying, Nothing is worthy of worshiping save the one mighty God meaning all this is rubbish.

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Do you know the type of heart you need to have to make that declaration to a people like that?

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offending the most sensitive of sensitivities.

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You require a heart bigger than that of a lion. So my first point to you do once tonight

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is to slam teachers courage, by definition.

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Grow courage, teach courage to the next generation cars, whatever you want in life worth having is on the other side of fear. If you have the courage to climb over your fear, you will be able to achieve the goals that you should achieve. Some of you have the talent to be the next big thing.

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Yet you're afraid of losing a nine to five job in which you're unhappy, miserable you go in day in, day out, you curse yourself when you go you curse yourself when you come. If you had had the courage to follow your dream, you would have become the next big thing having said that, the ones I said some of you because what else weird situation that tomorrow the whole of Leeds has given up on their jobs, you know?

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And I say how did this happen? Oh, there was a guy here from Australia.

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Courage do once.

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Time is dead short, so I will rush off the people that had courage, who accepted the call as a person by the name of Bilal ignorable Haha, I am only teaching two lessons tonight. The first one courage done. Second one

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of the people that had courage who accepted this mission was beloved to Allah Who and beloved Bilal is a Habashi slave in Makkah, meaning he has no tribal support, no one to back him no one to support him. Yet this beloved is of the first five people to declare their faith. Edna Massoud says in the Hadith says in a manner that the profit declared at Abu Bakr declared

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a Somaiya declare that Amar declare that Belaz declared that and mokdad declare the probably Allahu Anhu Would you mind

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with the heart that also means he has foresight because he can see what no one else can see this has just started and yet he sees that it is divine.

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But my point my lesson to you is not this.

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My lesson to you is if you bear difficulty if you will suffer for the truth. If you suffer for the deen if you bear hardships for the service of the deen of Allah on only one thing happens Allah elevates you honors you exalts you through time and space.

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So below, the slave declared five the natural reaction is they taunted him and assaulted him or assaulted him too.

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orchard him. You know the story the bowl that was on his chest dragged across the street by the kids. And yet he cries out I hadn't heard my Lord as one my Lord as one.

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Notice the once beloved is a slave.

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Slaves are not servants. Servants have freedom. They don't like this boss that will work for that a boss does not like this pie it will work for that by slaves are owned. You belong to the master your product belongs to the master your kids belong to the master. You work he takes the benefits. He feeds you a little bit. You're not allowed to sit in the same room as him you're not allowed to eat on the same sofa as him. You're a slave. So this is Bill and I want you to think think Dion's What's the biggest dream of a slave

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Masha Allah bless you. You're Rob Can I have a big mashallah, please

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I think there's a confusion with the word big and leads to a big mashallah please.

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Allah bless you your freedom. So now Bilal has accepted Islam, he is being tortured so he bears the discomfort for the deen. Allah Allah is a sense of Abu Bakr Siddiq to do what emancipate him, set him free.

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So Abu Bakr comes, purchases him and releases him sets him free. Notice the first honor that Allah gave him after bearing difficulty for the dean, Allah gives him what he wouldn't have ever had otherwise, freedom for him and his progeny after him, do you see when I tell you when you bear difficulty, Allah honors.

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Let second point notice that Allah Allah is everything works under the instructions of Zolotow Silla Majeed and for Allah Lima you read, Allah could have sent a non Muslim to come and free him grow some sympathy and his heart by Allah Allah Azza could have sent another Sahabi but Allah Allah, Allah is a saint Abu Bakr Siddiq to emancipate him you know, I traveled a fair bit and based on the reception you get at the airport that kind of dictates your rank and its people. So Prime Minister comes Prime Minister comes to receive monarch comes monarch comes to receive at the airport minister comes minister comes to receive who has come to receive beloved Abu Bakr Siddiq, do you see Ana

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was a huge Jana who had the most righteous of the Ummah after the Prophet.

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Do you see when I tell you bear difficulty for Allah, Allah Azza Allah will do nothing but honor and elevate you. Now notice, straight away something else happens.

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He becomes a Sahadi of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam.

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This is called the Sheriff of Safa. De Rasool says Allah He of velocidad motors name to burly man, Ronnie glad tidings to those that laid eyes upon me. Ah, what honor is that? too badly? Mandurah Mandurah Annie glad tidings to those who sold the ones that sold me.

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I have 11 minutes, Mike, I'm bracing.

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So he becomes a Sahabi

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the same bill that they wouldn't sit with on the same sofa now shares the sofa with the Rasul of Allah

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or you shut off him by the heather.

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But the honors do not stop there.

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Today, you go to the Muslim world, go to the same Arab world. They will mention his name and they will say Bilal Robbie, Allah one.

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Forget about them. The kings will say say you didn't say you didn't.

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Our Master Biller, the Habashi slave that you wouldn't sit with what elevated you to the status do you see when you bear for the deen? Allah honors you?

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So Bilal became beloved of the Allahu and beloved Abner Raba became beloved our master today Arab monarchs refer to him the same

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Because Allah Allah says,

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migration happened. So the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam migrates to Medina. So Bilal migrates with the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam not directly with him as in the Prophet migrator, then below i'll migrate.

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And then Medina, he becomes the confidante of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam,

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he becomes the confidant of the guys, you can play with the timer, because I adjust accordingly then you tweet this and then I have to readjust, you know, you guys can't see there's a timer here anyway. So

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So then,

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below drop the Allahu Anhu migrates.

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And then this migration, Allah creates an Islamic government. They forced him to leave so Allah created a government for him instead. Now in this government, Bilal is the treasurer, the confidant of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam narration after narration. Bilal gives this person this much money bill, I'll give this person this much this Biller, the confidant of the rasool and the treasurer of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam do you see when I say Allah or Buddha is the honest.

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the salah became a requirement. The mosque was built Jamaah so they had to make a call for prayer.

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So they were inspired with the oven.

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So of all of the Muslims, beloved becomes the first more than of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam.

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See you, you don't understand the depth and value of that.

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Today, there are millions of massage it

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around the planet. Each Masjid declares the Athan for every Salah

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every Advan is heard by the local population.

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And every other one is traced back to the one that said at first, and the one that said at first was built out of the Allah one

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man Sana, SONET and Hassan and further who were Roman army lebih he Illa your woman,

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whoever starts a good practice, he will get the reward of it. And the reward of whoever acts upon it. Tell Tiamat come. So every time and every masjid and every corner of the world that it is declared Allahu Akbar, Allahu Akbar.

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A copy of the result in a copy of the reward goes into the account of beta. Do you see the ones when I tell you that whoever bears difficulty for the deen of Allah, Allah honors you through time and space.

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And each time we declared as

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we revive the practice of this Habashi seven slave who was annexed by Allah and honored by the dean,

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then Fatima can

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the conquest of Makkah, Islam now reigns supreme, the Jazeera has fallen to the dean.

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And the Muslims come into the holy sanctuary. So the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam orders below,

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climb on the Kaaba in declared as

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Can you see the ANA in reality physically, symbolically, metaphorically, beloved, the Habashi slave

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who would barely be allowed to serve come July 8 In the normal times, and the days of Jah Helia now climbs up on top of the Kaaba

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to declare

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the Amazon and the Oneness of Allah Allah Azza.

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Ana beyond honors

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and then Subhan Allah, as though as if it wasn't enough, as if it wasn't enough.

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The prophets of Allah Allah He was seldom says, Here be land

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I heard your footsteps and Jana

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you see

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you all work

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hopefully will continue to work tomorrow

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and then your work environment, if you get a slight pat on the back

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a slight email of appreciation,

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a slight well done a little nod Good job,

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you walk around and your colleagues can see something has changed. Like look at these on cloud nine.

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You know

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a fellow worker, a colleague, a boss acknowledged, rewarded by praise.

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Imagine beloved receiving this news or bill.

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I heard your footsteps, the sound of your shoes in Jannah.

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And then time passes

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and the Rasul of Allah passed away

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and belagavi Allahu Ana leaves Medina

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because it's hard for him to bear everywhere he looks, the memory of the beloved

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time passes

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Bilal ages Bilal is on his deathbed. His wife is next to him.

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And she cries, as our as a wife would.

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So she says, Why has Anna

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or what calamity?

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What sadness, I will be a widow. My husband will pass worse than that. A Sahabi of the Rasool will go from this planet.

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And in the soil, as she is sad and bill out of the Allahu Anhu is full of joy. And he says Verdun

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Muhammadan was just tomorrow, tomorrow, I will meet the beloved Muhammad and his companions

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at the time of death

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is a prophecy of what will happen next.

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A good ending

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is a good sign of good things come in.

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And if Allah Allah Azza places Sakina on your heart, if Allah Allah Azza gives you confidence at the time of death, reassurance, it is a blessing he has sent us a foretelling of what is to come. And an enviable death is this, that he at the precipice of death because finally the wait is over. Just tomorrow I will be with the Rasul and the Companions, glad tidings to you. We are back in Buffy Ania Bilal that hola Ana Jew, and as a symbol left you for the 1000 seated here and the other 1000s who will listen online, that whoever bears difficulty for the Zolotow shelhamer G then follow lemma you read. Allah bulldozer will honor you through time and space. So dear ones, listen to me good. You

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will leave here tonight.

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You will go back to work and back to school and back to universities, and then bear the difficulties and bear it as a badge of honor.

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you're at uni and maybe there's not adequate places to pray and maybe there's peer pressure not to pray and maybe it would look awkward. Barrett do one. say nah, I'm praying

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and Allah will honor you. At the very least with this you will have children someday Allah bless them for you. You will say sweetheart, your father was one that used to pray in the Oval when everyone else was watching walking by and I was unfazed. Do you know the type of confidence and legacy and pride and heritage that will create in the next generation

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and for you, my sister who you know you don't the scarf and the hijab and may

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Many people will look and maybe you will feel uncomfortable and maybe you will get the stares and the daggers and maybe there'll be a comment here and there bear with my sister Bear Bear it as a badge of honor. So a time will come the next generation can say and your little one can say in the whole of this institution and in this work and in this school and in this university mine was a mom that was fully covered

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and then imagine the standards you have set for that young child and the projectile you have set for the child and the direction you have set for that child Allah Ana you and your children you're

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so difficulties will come.

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When it comes, I don't want you to flinch from it.

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And at the same time, I don't want you to look for it.

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Because silly

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you know I'm walking around looking for difficulties Habibi, I haven't told you that.

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But when it comes bare,

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conscious that Allah Allah Azza watches and Allah Allah Azza rewards Allah Allah you Allah elevate you Allah guide you Allah God you for your time and patience. I thank you my the one of the heavens guide and God you was salam Wa alaykum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh