Jannah Gems #02 No Balance Unless I Prioritize

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Bismillah AR Walkman your

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priorities no balance is going to come to my life unless I prioritize what is important? What is very important, what is important, what is less important? What is okay? What is absolutely not necessary?

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Now, as we say this,

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the question is,

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who put the standards for priorities? It's a lot of times

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where Muslims, we have to go to the source, and I'll give you this, this verse as what will enhance

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and SWAT will more or less pantalla says region lead to lead him to draw to whatever your and the Korea he what you call me sadati what eater is a Cathy the halfmoon ailment that Allah booty Hill global assault

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or a German human being is not meant only it's translated as men, but in general meaning men and women, human laterally him they will never be distracted to rotten What are beyond t ga is basically a trade that is basically job What are they also selling and buying trade, job profession laterally, him they will never that job or profession will not distract them

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regenda laterally him to Allah to Allah be on and deep krylya remembering Allah what you call me sweat out performing. So now we're talking about the obligation. WETA is a current obligation, why you have one a Yeoman, that Allah will feel cooler water of Assad, they are so worried about a day where the hearts were tumble, and the eyes will change the to unload, tumbled changes up and down. priorities. What is your priority? I think this is the best question and the most important question when we talk about balance, balance what and when time management managing what I'm managing my time for what? And this is the answer. Because at the end of the day, you end up after five or 10 or 20

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100 years

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that the oldest person I think is one or four or one or seven and we are done.

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And we are gone.

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And there is the eternal life.

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I need to prioritize that everything I do in this life has to be for

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and nothing distracts me from that. Nothing distracts me from that.