Is it Permissible to Work in a Shop which Sells Halaal as well as Haraam Food?

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Salam Alaikum dogs i can i My name is viola, I am worker. I got a two question. First of all I'm going to tell you I love you. Because the way you are speaking about Islam is terrific is very nice. And my first question is the place where I'm working is like half and half is like halal food is selling there and Haram is well, a Kinsey take the things if I'm working there about relating over the money which I'm receiving, what do you think about that? Is that halaal for me? Is there any sin on me?

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Or the second question is because

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when I start to see your lecturing I wish in my heart that when I see you face to face, I'd like to give you a heart Can I come to the stage and give you a heart

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without the question that he walks in a place with those food part part is haram

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and the thing to be noted that is it a business we sell food? Or are you working in a place and office which sells food for the staff employees? So is it office not just a shop? Yes, if you're working in a shop which sells haram food and raw food, if the Haram food isn't a very small minority, you know maybe the gross turnover the Haram food maybe 1% or 2% then there can be possibilities but if quite a large portion is haram food then you should not work in that shop that is haram you can work in a coffee shop you can't work in a shop which sells pork if you're working in a five star hotel, which has got lodging boarding everything and part the food is a small portion

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of the income and in that food maybe 50% is haram then it may be fine working in a five total with the main income is lodging boarding part of it is food in that part may be focused around alcoholism etc. So in that case, it will be permissible when you're working in a shop which sells only food and if majority of the food more than 50% or even quite a large portion 25% or 20% I mean there's no percentage per se but if it's selling around food and we're involved with selling that then working in that shopping around brother of them as soon as possible you change your profession. Take a job inshallah Allah will give you try and find a better job and a better fair risk also and for our

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