Can I Call God Cosmic Energy

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I'm here again brother.

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Some people call the religious people call God by his name, and some other call the superpower. And scientists say cosmic energy and parapsychology, it says, super conscience, subconscious sense that this Parapsychology subject itself proves that God is existing. It is always there, brother, can you please? Yeah. What I'm trying to what I'm trying to say, Can you please repeat your question slowly? Yeah.

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Somebody say people call God according to their knowledge, let the level of knowledge right. Say somebody call super conscience, some people say, superpower Supreme Being and all that. So let me take the term soup, cosmic energy, the energy which existed from the beginning and which created the world. According to the scientists, I'm talking to you. Because

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you know this, some people say it's a fabricated one, it was fabricated by the Roman Emperor Constantinople. In AD 325, in Nyssa conference, they fabricated teachings. And in that they say, God rested on the seventh day. I don't want to mention the religions name.

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And if the cosmic energy is going to rest, certainly everything will collapse within few moments. And I would like to know what this cost cosmic energy was doing before the creation and right from the creation till the huge end of the human race. And what is it going to do after this

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existing Thank you brother existence of this world thank you. I think the speaker is got the weather has a question that some people call super conscious. Some people call super power. Some people call cosmic energy, whether whatever name you give, it should be correct name even the wrong name. We don't accept it. Some people give a correct name superpower, no problem. Superbee. No problem. Certain names may be correct certain name may not be correct. One of the names you say is a scientist, a cosmic energy. And one of the religions said Almighty God rested on the seventh day. I'll give you a quotation from the Bible. Book of Genesis chapter number two, verse number two,

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Almighty God rested on the seventh day of cosmic energy rest was the meaningful laughs I agree with you. So we disagree with that Scripture. And regarding calling God cosmic energy, I don't agree God is the creator of the energy of the universe. He is not cosmic energy is more superior than that. He's created everything, and everything is dependent on him. So as far as the religious scripture says, God rested we don't agree God doesn't require rest. Allah says in the Quran in ITIL kursi chapter number two was 255 that Allah does not require to sleep it does not require to rest. So Almighty God does not require us the definition of Almighty God is wrong. The right definition if

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you didn't know Quran, he said doesn't require rest. And if you give any name, which is character attribute, we have no objection if you get the wrong attribute, there is a problem. Today scientists are not eliminating God, the arithmetic models of God hope to answer the question