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Shaykh Yasir Qadhi delves on the 7 points of reflection on the election of Trump:

  • Humility – Our knowledge is so limited that nobody saw it coming and hence, we should exhibit humility.don’t be so arrogant of what we know, as only Allah is the All Knowing.
  • Shock – We felt numb when the news came to the fore. We have to believe that Allah knows what we don’t know. Only Allah knows what the future holds.
  • Hindsight – Looking back, we should analyse the mistakes that we committed.
  • Hypocrisy – pointing at Muslims on our values regarding women when they are clearly hypocritical in this regard.
  • Fear – The fear of Islamophobia is rampant on our minds ever since Trump has come into power. But we have to turn to Allah with strong Iman and Aqeedah in our hearts.
  • Action – We should now understand the importance of community activism more than ever.
  • Hope – we need to re instill undying faith in Allah that nothing will happen to us except that which Allah has willed for us.
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smilla rahmanir rahim al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil alameen wa salatu salam ala Sayyidina Muhammad Ali he was a big marine. We began as we began all of our talks by praising Allah subhanho wa Taala. For indeed it is Allah subhana wa tada who gives kingdoms and power to whomever he pleases you to his commitment Yeshua, he gives wisdom to whomever he pleases to resume and Tisha, he gives power to whomever he pleases, what to the lumen Tisha, and he takes power away and humiliates whomever he pleases. And Allah subhana wa tada mentions in the Quran, the story of Nimrod and Ibrahim and Allah azzawajal says, that fit in that Nimrod got angry at Abraham why and townhall law who will milk that

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Allah was the one who gave Nimrod the kingdom and the power. So it is a law who is magical. mulcair is a law who is the king of kings, it is a law who places whoever he wants to place in whatever position he wants to place, have the names of a lot is that market dominant market, the one who raises up and the one who places and the one who debases and the one who puts down. And so Allah azza wa jal is the one who is fully in charge. And there is a wisdom that indeed he and only he is aware. Today, as we know, we are all of us, reeling from the effects and the reality of what has just happened yesterday in our country, and SubhanAllah. So much can be said and I spent most of

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today trying to really write down my feelings and thoughts. And the way that I'm going to approach the talk today is to offer seven points of reflection on the victory of Donald Trump seven points of reflection that I believe in shallow data are islamically beneficial, then I will hand it over to others who will talk to you about some of the civil rights issues, and some of the perhaps potential Islamophobic issues that we might be facing. So seven points inshallah hota. Number one, one of the first things that actually, I felt as soon as I found out the news was humility, in the sense how wrong so many of us were Subhana Allah, no one was predicting what happened yesterday, every serious

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media pundit, every experts, were so confident that it's just a passing phase. And even myself, and I am guilty of this 100% and I do not make any excuses. Law, he It was as if you're clean to me, that it's just a phase, it's not going to happen. The reality is in sha Allah, I need the lesser of the two evils will come to power, and yet how wrong all of us were. And this truly shows how little our knowledge is. How certain 24 hours ago, 48 hours ago, a month ago, a year ago, how certain everybody was and as Allah subhana wa tada says, We're focused coolly the admin on him. Everybody who thinks he has knowledge, there is a lien who is above that person. So this should teach us

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humility. Don't be so sure. Can I speak to myself before anybody else? Don't be so sure so arrogant about any of these facts or whatnot? And by the way, just FYI.

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Yes, it is true. Not a single mainstream expert and Pandit predicted this, but there's a small handful of people who did predict this. And perhaps the most prominent amongst them, is somebody by the name of Professor Allan Lichtman Allan Lichtman, Professor Allan Lichtman has studied every single presidential election for the last 200 years or so. And he has predicted for the last 30 years of his own life, every single prediction accurately based on surveys and statistics that he does, believe it or not, and he's written a New York Times best selling book called the keys to the White House, believe it or not, and this is the famous guy that predicted that predicted Obama

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before anybody else did, he predicted so many things, and not because he has some in the middle. He's doing mathematical surveys and statistics, believe it or not, this guy predicted a few weeks ago, just two three weeks ago, he said, after all the surveys he's done. He was the one that a few voices are saying Trump is going to win. He was sidelined, and spiral. Ah, here we are. Another voice that predicted Donald Trump, by the way, is Michael Moore, the American movie maker who definitely has a pulse on America. Michael Moore had written an article months ago, and he said I hope you guys prove me wrong. But Donald Trump is going to be the next president. And he gave his

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reasons. Five Points why. And he actually predicted the swing states. I think four of them have not sure exactly, but at least four of them. He actually predicted these swing states that you guys are not concentrating on in reality.

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They are disenfranchised, they're going to go to Trump. So the first point humility, every one of us should take a little bit of lesson from this that don't be so arrogant about what we think we know. Because in the end, only Allah subhana wa tada knows the second of the seven points today, and each one is one word, shock. shock. It's okay to be dazed. It's okay to feel shock. shock is a human emotion. And to an extent it is completely normal and not to compare stuff for the law. But yeah, and our Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam in the in the most difficult time of his life, which is the incident of thought if right, we learned that he himself said that, you know, after that

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happened, I didn't, I didn't know where I was until I reached, you know, the why they have such and such as where he sat down and had the grapes. So literally, it's as if he was in a type of shock. Now, not to compare the incident of life to this reality. But the point is, I'm comparing the reality of shock, that shock as a human emotion, to feel numb many of us today, were honestly just going through their routines. I know, I was like, just I mean, you just don't feel normal. You're trying to cope with the reality show that that's completely that's completely normal. And we have every right to be shocked, because this is the first candidate in the entire history of this

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country, who is coming to office without ever having held any office. He is the first candidate in 280 something years of this country that is coming to sit in the white house without ever once having one day of experience and public service. There are some people that have done this, but their lives when the military Eisenhower and others that's that's a very excellent, you know, you know, a way to get in, that's very, you have your experience, whatnot, you've done service to your country, Trump is the first person ever, without a single qualification, he's going to walk over and take charge of the most powerful country in the world. Of course, we have every right to be shocked.

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How can we not be shocked when the type of rhetoric that we've been exposed to for the last year is simply unprecedented? I mean, I don't have to you know, list here for you the the more outrageous things that he said, Not to mention, I'm a messenger that I'm not allowed to say and quote what he himself has said, because we're sitting in a sacred house of God, but just to think about what he said about the team knows about Muslims about the disabled mocking a disabled person. I mean, well, like how can we not be in shock making fun of African Americans blacks, of course, his his backlash on the Muslims. Of course, the whole very awkward issue of preying on women, at least a dozen women

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have accused him of what they have accused him of. So panela I mean, what is to be said his narcissistic, you know, tendencies, his bombastic style, decades, even before this, his decades of, of living, you know, the, the the very, very flamboyant lifestyle that is not becoming of a leader. This is not becoming of a leader. And that's why he was put on on Celebrity TV. That's why he was put on daytime television because he is entertainment. That's exactly what he is. And for somebody like this to now become the president of our country, I mean, some handler Not to mention his dubious business practices, his numerous failures, his Sham university, I mean, as an academic, I

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know this more about complete fraud. He opened up a university without any accreditation, right without any type of actual academic backing. And he it's just a money making scam. Of course, the University was then sued whatnot, is just put it into the site, Trump University. This is the reality of this person. Now. We're going to make him our president, unprecedented in our history. I mean, he claims to be a Republican. You all must know last month 50 of the senior most republicans publicly disassociated themselves from Donald Trump, none of the previous presidents have endorsed him. Not a single republican president has actually voted for Trump. Can you believe this? A

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republican president himself is not voting for the previous ex president or not voting for Trump, the previous directors of the CIA, the FBI, numerous ambassadors have publicly distanced themselves from this person, yet he still won. So yes, point number two shock. Which leads me to point number three, hindsight, looking back, all of a sudden, everybody's an expert when you have to look back.

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hindsight is 2020. So behind Allah, everybody looks back and says it was so obvious, right? The same pundits that are now on television saying, Yes, we should have seen the signs 24 hours ago, 48 hours ago, not a single one of them did. Okay, hindsight, hindsight is 2020. Now in our religion, we have to be careful about hindsight about looking back. If we look back with one knee, it's okay. And if we look back with another knee, it's wrong. If we look back with the Nia, of benefiting, of learning lessons, that's permissible. And if we look back with the knee of Oh, I should have done this things would have been different if I only did that. That

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is not worthwhile. It's no use crying over spilt milk. And our Prophet sallallahu Sallam said, Let not one of you say, if I only did this, then that would have happened. Because saying if I only opens the door for shavon. So when we look back, we're not looking back for the sake of Oh, if I'd only done this because it's done her loss, okay, he's in nothing we can do about that. But we look back in order that we benefit in order that we learn from the reality of what's going on. And yes, indeed, hindsight is 2020. It is pretty obvious when you look back about the mistakes that are taking place from the manipulation, the democratic manipulation of Bernie Sanders, the clinton

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sidelining Bernie Sanders, and there is an pretty much an undeniable reality that if Sanders had been running for office, then it's pretty much undeniable that he would have in fact been our president, right? So the Democratic Party has to take the lion's share of the blame here is a major failing of the Democratic Party itself, for sidelining Bernie Sanders for ignoring and for manipulating these are now actually almost criminal offenses that Clinton has done. Another thing again, hindsight is 2020. That clearly and michael moore predicted this and mentioned this that a lot of people simply ignored the disenfranchised blue collar workers across the country, they ignore

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the lower and middle class, blue collar workers, who were simply angry at all of these economical policies that were detrimental to them. They're working longer and harder and getting less and less money. And this was no doubt the number one factor why large groups of people voted for Donald Trump, we need to be frank here. Not everybody who voted for Trump is a bigoted, racist, many are, but not everybody. And we as Muslims need to recognize that there are many people who voted for Trump, primarily because of economic reasons, they thought that he'd be better for the economy. So that's definitely hindsight is 2020. Another reality of hindsight, and Michael Moore mentions this

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as well. He calls it the last stand of the angry white man, this is Michael Moore speaking, who himself is an angry white man. But on the other side of the political spectrum, Michael Moore himself, he mentioned this, he goes that the reality is that the angry white men, which is middle class, and even upper class America, Caucasian America is scared, the face of America is changing, and the melatonin content is increasing. Okay. And this is terrifying. white America, we saw this with the election of Obama. And that was like the last straw. This was now a reaction from that, that, that demographics of people, and this is a visceral reaction, they literally think they need

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to fight in order to survive. And so publicly and there are elements of racism here publicly, they're in polite conversation, they might not be racist. But when they go behind the booth and close the curtain, they know exactly what they want. And all you need to do is to look at Brexit. This is a global phenomenon. look at Europe, and its and its relationship with the immigrants. This is a global phenomenon. It's not just in America, Europe, and the western Empire is changing. And they are terrified at that change. They don't want it to change. And so these reactions are in hindsight, expected, we should have seen this coming, that there is this last stand, we need to

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fight to the end, no matter what the stakes, and if Trump is the only guy that's going to build that wall, if Trump is the only way you guys are going to ban the immigrants, then that's the way they're going to go forward. Even if deep down inside, many of them recognize this to be racist, but survival of the fittest it is their country according to them, and they want to keep it the way that it was. And of course, another main factor, which is pretty obvious, this is not hindsight. Everybody knew this.

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The fact that no one no one was enthused for Hillary Clinton, this is a reality that one of the most corrupt greedy politicians sure eyes has been on the prize for the last four decades. She has been eyeing that seat, and she has done everything to manipulate herself to get to it. And people are disgusted for raw greed. They don't like this type of, of greed for power, everybody. So even many of her supporters were grudgingly supportive of her as it is well known. These two candidates were the most despised presidential candidates in American history, both sides of them. And so it was the lesser of two evils. And so the fact of the matter is that because it was Hillary, because she was

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not popular in many segments, even of the Democratic Party, a lot of people simply did not vote for her or voted third party. Right. And third party, by the way, is an interesting point here.

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A lot of people are pointing out that if those third party voters had voted for Clinton, she would have won. There was an element of truth to that at the same time.

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I'm not I'm not blaming third party voters at the end of the day, that's the whole point of participating in a democracy, you vote for the candidate you like. But there is a claim of truth. Here. Also, of course, many people did not vote. So in the end of the day, the fact that Hillary was so despised was a major factor why? why somebody like Trump is being elected. And of course, in hindsight, hindsight, is 2020. Of course, one of the main factors that is propelling Donald Trump into the White House, which is actually a disadvantage in many for many people's eyes, it becomes the number one advantage and that is he is an outsider, the fact that he's an outsider, is actually

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considered to be a plus, by the people who voted him in why, and this is a very big testament to the reality of politics in this country. People are simply tired of politicians. They're disgusted at the hypocrisy at the double standards, they do not trust their elected officials. And so voting for Trump was, in fact, a vote of non confidence for mainstream politics. That's really what it was. It's not that they like Trump, many of them. It's simply that okay, at least he's a fresh outside voice. And what this indicates is the amount of cynicism and distrust that mainstream America has for its own political offices for its own for politicians, for the White House for the Congress, and

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that is a scathing critique of this country, by its own people. The fact that an outsider with zero experience is actually preferred over every single experienced candidate is a scathing indictment of the political class for this country in this country needs to think about that reality. Point number three was hindsight. Point number four. Now, one of the emotions that I definitely felt was to point out the hypocrisy, the hypocrisy. How dare any Western pundit, any politician, criticize us Muslims for disrespecting women? How dare anybody call us out for backwardness? And our values? Tell us that we're suffering from bigotry and hatred, not that there are no problems in the Muslim world. I mean,

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nobody's denying that well, like we have problems in the Muslim world. But who exactly are you middle class in America? Who exactly are you to tell us about values of women and respecting women when you've just endorsed and elected the most misogynistic woman groping Miss America beauty pageants, sponsoring thrice married to supermodels philandering? excusive a human being? I mean, please stop calling the kettle black. We have to be very clear about this. No, one of these pundits has the right to open their mouths and talk about our values anymore. They've just elected the most racist, xenophobic bigots that has run for public office for the last half a century, the most

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misogynistic person, and they have the right to pontificate and talk to us about our values, also the hypocrisy of democracy. And this is a very, very dangerous issue, because whenever a Muslim cleric talks about the hypocrisy of democracy, they read in Islamic fundamentalism and radicalism, I'm not speaking here as a cleric, then let me speak as from a politically from a philosophical perspective, let me quote you Chomsky. And as an American Muslim, I have to make this disclaimer because Allah knows the new world we're entering now. And Allah knows what speech will become criminal criminalized in this in this next few years. So the disclaimer is very clear. Even as I

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criticize democracy, and I'm going to criticize democracy, we understand we are American Muslims, we understand we have to abide by the Constitution. But the constitution allows us the right to criticize aspects of the Constitution. And the constitution allows us the right to point out the hypocrisy is of status quo. So from a political perspective, not from not from a theological one. The reality is that democracy is a seriously flawed political enterprise. And we all of us, Muslims and non Muslims need to stop treating democracy like a God, we need to stop using terms like democracy and freedom as if they are sacred religions. Democracy is very, very easily corruptible,

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it is susceptible to some of the worst flaws of humanity, as we have seen. One of the greatest critics of this is of course, Noam Chomsky, and he's pointed out he has some very famous phrases of them is the illusion of choice and of them is manufactured consent. He has a book

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called Manufacturing Consent, I encourage all of you to read this book is a very simple book, little booklet here. And it essentially and Noam Chomsky, you should all know, he's not some lunatic crazed conspiracy theorist he is one of the most erudite political commentators alive in the world today, and is considered to be of the most intellectual philosopher is alive. And he comments on on issues from obviously, linguistics to politics and whatnot. By the way, in this book, Manufacturing Consent, he actually demonstrates how the mass media works against the people's best interest, and essentially brainwashes the people indoctrinates them so that they think they have the illusion of

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choice, but in reality, they don't have an actual choice. The fact and this is Chomsky, he's not some conspiracy theorist, Chomsky is pointing out that mass media, which is controlled by mega billion dollar corporations, is essentially manipulating the people's minds, subconsciously. And it's very clear, it's not as if there's some hidden wavelength, this is very clear, and he demonstrates this to into believing what they want them to believe. And we as American Muslims fully understand this reality. We were used as a political pawn in this vicious game, we were used as a sacrificial pawn. The whole reality of how American Muslims were presented was essentially, that

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Donald Trump would be the knight in shining armor that will rescue the American damsel in distress from the evils of the invading Muslims. We were made into a bogeyman we were made into a monster. And the fact of the matter, we all know this, there is no major threat from ISIS from acquired since 911. ISIS and Al Qaeda have not launched any serious attack. These are just lone wolves, individuals that radicalized in their own basements, we have more of a threat from right wing, Caucasian mass shooters than we do from any radical Islamic groups. And even those radical Islamic groups. They don't pose an existential threat to America, what is the max they could do kill a few civilians,

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that's pretty bad. That doesn't compare anything to what so many other factors of failing economy, our national debt, right, our gun laws, we have 1,000,001 problems internally. But to point out the boogeyman, look at those Muslims over there, we were used as a vicious pawn to sacrifice in this game of politics. And this is the reality of democracy. This is Democracy. And democracy, therefore needs to be called out for what it is. It is a system. It's a tool, and it has some perks. But it definitely has some very clear negatives and disadvantages. And we need to point this out and stop pretending or stop claiming that democracy is infallible, that democracy is the best way forward. I

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mean, so Pamela, we used to make fun of Arab regimes voting for dictators, you know, in their polls and whatnot. Now, we in America have done the exact same. Okay, we used to make fun of Middle Eastern countries, whatnot. Now, what's the difference here? Why can we make fun of China and North Korea The reality is, we're electing the same types of people. So point number four was hypocrisy to point out the hypocrisy of all of this liberalism and humanism of secularism. Spare us all of your whole division, rhetoric, spirits, all of your advice, you have demonstrated your own reality by electing this bigot, the xenophobe, this misogynistic, Islamophobic excusive a human being, don't

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tell us your values. We have seen your values so that we have to be very clear about this. Point number five. Now, point number five. Fear

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no doubt. At some point. Some of us did have this feeling of fear. Understandably, we are scared. It appears as if bigotry has become mainstream. It appears that the official domestic policy is now Islamophobia. It appears that Islamophobia is now mainstream. And there's no doubt that people are understandably scared. I mean, Donald Trump has listed on his website, as his national advisor for Foreign Affairs will lead Ferris and who will make you understand who is really the virus? What EAD virus is a Maronite Lebanese Christian, who trained back in the 70s and 80s, with Christian militia, and those gangs that he trained with Allah knows his particular role, because who's going to tell us

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but those gangs were well known for mastering Muslims, the very gangs that he trained with, you all know, Lebanese Civil War in the 70s. You all know this, that what happened here? What it forest is a product of that Civil War. And he was one of the the gangsters that's known while the gang was known again, I'm not saying he himself alone knows what his role was, but definitely we know for a fact that he was a part of those things.

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militias and gangs that goes around massacring Muslims killing people. Now he comes to America. He came to America something 20 something years ago, and post 911 he became an islamophobe expert. You know, there's like five or six people post 911. They made a career out of Islamophobia. They made a career out of being internal experts. Okay.

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Brigitte Gabriel as well, right and Ann Coulter, all of these people will talk about others as well. One of the fires is one of them. He's written many books in the New York Times bestseller he his his income is now from traveling across the country. Speaking at Tea Party rallies for massive amounts of honorariums, and income. He's a multimillionaire, and his main message, of course, is all Muslims are terrorists. This is his now what do you forest is listed officially, as, as Trump's advisor on foreign affairs. That's terrifying. Okay. Ted Cruz. I don't need to tell you who Ted Cruz's Ted Cruz and we know his association with with with Trump, as well, we know that for a period of time frank

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gaffney was listed officially now these days. He's not on the website, but we know that he is very close to Trump.

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And frank gaffney, I mean, some halala this guy is the most bizarre conspiracy theorist islamophobe out there. I mean, he's not even sane. frank gaffney has a videos to go log on and check on you have some time, his videos they very few people have 1000 2000 people watch those videos. And and he's claiming that President Obama Not only is a secret Muslim, he's actually a card carrying member of the quandary. muslimin

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I mean, this is the person that Donald Trump is getting policy advice from that Obama is a whiny Yanni. Honestly, you wonder, and it's terrifying. And of course I can mean you know, it was it was it the symbol of NASA something like this, I forgot which symbol like he read into it that oh, this is the Sharia ties ation of NASA they have this question or something on the Muslims are coming and taking over these I mean, was just literally he's a crazy man. And now he is an adviser to Donald Trump. Okay, and the list goes on and on. I mean, Giuliani, I mean, you know, on and on and on. Honestly, we are definitely worried about the people that he is circling himself around, right. So

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yes, there is an element of fear. And no doubt if these people truly are put in charge of domestic or foreign policy. That's not a pleasant idea to entertain. Nonetheless, when it comes to fear, we have to become theological here. Because Allah subhana wa Tada, criticizes fear of any other entity other than him. We have to turn to our aqeedah our eemaan our Koran, our Sharia, and the loss of Hannah with Allah reminds us over and over again, that fearing anyone other than Him, is not a sign of good faith. What Oceanus will la hacohen Tasha, you're scared of the people send the Quran, you're scared of the people. But Allah has more right that you are fearful of him. Remember?

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When the Battle of zap took place, remember the difference between the one after own and the Sahaba. Remember the difference between the hypocrites and the companions? When Allah subhana wa tada told us in the Quran, the difference between them that Allah says in the Quran that

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alladhina arella homosassa in the NASA cada Gemma Ola confer show whom when the people came to frighten you, and they said Don't you see everybody's come to attack now is that Remember, the Muslims were trapped in Medina 10,000 people outside the gates, right? The Battle of the trench was dug the trench was dug right? Then we're not your own are scared. Then when I feel old are trembling, and they go to the Sahaba. And they say that. What are we going to do? Aren't you scared? What's that? Can't you see what's happening in the naza pajama Allah can function be terrified of them. What did Allah say of the Sahaba? What happened? For azada? home a man their Eman went up what

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callooh has spoon Allah who were near Milwaukee. This is a phrase that we will be repeating many times in the next four years.

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Has Boone Allahu wa near Milwaukee. This is a phrase that we will have to repeat, and it will bring us comfort and solace. It is the phrase that Ibrahim alayhis salam said when he was thrown into that fire that nimbu built when he brought him was thrown in all he said has won a law who won there in Milwaukee. And from that phrase, what happened? GoldenEye

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narew Cooney barudan was Salam ala Ibrahim, it was the phrase that our Prophet sallallahu Sallam said, when the zap surrounded Medina, and they did not have an army, the Muslims did not have an army, they had nothing to fight 10,000 people with. So what did the process that I'm saying, a law is sufficient for us has been a law, I don't need an army to fight there has been a law, a law is sufficient when near Milwaukee, and what a great protector and a great source to turn to is a law one near Milwaukee. So fear, I understand we feel it. But it is a battle of our own man to overcome it. We need to wipe fear out of our hearts and fear, the one who is worthy of being feared.

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And fear and tawakkol are linked together. Because you can't have one if you have the other. Right. If you have tawakkol fear will go away. If you don't have the local fear will come fear and tawakkol are linked in that not LinkedIn directly but indirectly, and that if you have one, you can't have the other. So when you have your pain in a law to what good in a law, fear will go away. So when it comes to fear point number five, I understand there is an element of fear. At the same time, we need to overcome it and turn to Allah subhana wa tada and battle that fear within us. And this leads me to my 6.6 point, as I said, there are seven points.

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six point Action.

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Action. Now more than ever, we understand the importance of community activism. So Pamela, if 911 woke us up, if 911 causes us to smell the coffee, right? This is breakfast.

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This is forcing us to get out of bed now. Okay, we've smelled the coffee. Okay? Those of you who are older than 3035 you know the reality pre 911 of the American Muslim, oma very apolitical, very quietest. And we knew and realize now that was a mistake. We cannot afford to be quietest. Well, lucky, we cannot. Each and every one of us. And somehow that there's no blame, I'm going into going back. But the reality is that not just Muslims, if a number of other groups have worked together, this wouldn't have happened in hindsight, but we accept Allah other and there is wisdom in it. But we benefit from the past. As we said, we benefit from the past, Clinton did win the majority of the

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popular vote, we know this, she won the majority of the popular vote, I mean, for those of you who don't want to go into American electoral politics, but all of you should know the basics between electoral colleges and the popular vote in terms of sheer majority, Clinton one, and it was quite literally, you know, a very close race. And I'm not blaming anybody. And I don't think frankly, in this election, I don't think even if the Muslims put all of their weight behind it, we needed to help other minorities. But if two or three minority groups did cooperate together, I think it's pretty clear in hindsight to say this, that this push could have happened, because in most of these

00:33:16--> 00:34:04

swing states, it's just 1% 2%. And the third party vote and whatnot. I mean, you know, in any case, the point being, some had a lot. I mean, it clearly shows community activism does have an impact. It shows that our presence here can, it's not going to be decisive. We're too small for that right now, less than 2% of America 1.5% of red, that's how much we are. But still, if we were to have mobilized our networks, or forget the past, in the future, if we work to bring about a new understanding of Islam, to two of the Muslim community, to humanize ourselves, to eliminate this fear, a lot can be done. And this really shows us that we cannot be idle anymore. So parallel the way that I perceive

00:34:04--> 00:34:46

this, that look, in the end of the day, Allah has placed a test on us and it is a major test. It's an obstacle course. These are obstacles that Allah has placed in front of us. And the goal is to try our best to overcome these opposite obstacles. And if we try our best, and here's the beauty of our religion, a lot doesn't judge us if we actually crossed the obstacle or not. A lot judges us if we tried. Allah is not gonna judge us if we actually won. If we actually got over to the other side. That's the beauty of our religion. Every other entity, Corporation boss, CEO, Professor teacher will judge you based on the actual result, not your effort. Nobody cares about your effort. You could

00:34:46--> 00:34:59

have zero effort. If you make 100 my exam you make 100 you could study for the whole semester. If you fail my exam, you fail. I don't judge your effort. But a law xojo is the only entity who judges effort and the law

00:35:00--> 00:35:43

doesn't care about your success or No Did you succeed or not? That's not relevant even to the equation. Your gender is linked to your efforts. And these are obstacles that Allah has placed in our lives. And the goal is gender. The prize is gender. It's very simple. So we as Muslims need to reorient what is going on here. Why is there so much fitna and suicide? Why are these trials coming here? Because that's what life is. And some handle every one of us sitting here at least, the problem is not every one of us is sitting here or involved. But every one of us sitting here can testify himself or herself, how the political climate has made us a better Muslim. Isn't that the

00:35:43--> 00:35:43


00:35:44--> 00:36:26

Every one of us can testify to that, that is sitting here. Unfortunately, for every one of us sitting here there are many who are still living, heedless or oblivious lives, the political climates, no matter how bad or evil it is, it's kind of made us reconnect with a law. It's made us reconnect with our tradition, our heritage, our religion, with our values, that many of us are now understanding that I can't run away and hide. I need to be a Muslim and a visible Muslim. I cannot be silent in the face of bigotry, of oppression, of racism, of xenophobia of Islamophobia, you see in that reaction is the wisdom of the obstacle. In that reaction, that is what Allah wants to see.

00:36:26--> 00:36:59

And inshallah Tada. That's what we're going to have to do for the next four years, as Allah says, and I have a hold of pseudo pseudo shorthand. I don't have time to go to that now, but listen to it online, that the whole point of pseudo shadow, when the Prophet system was feeling demoralized, remember early Mecca when he was feeling demoralized, like what am I going to do now? All of these Islamophobia, comments, all of this, you know, opposition. So Allah says, I'm not sure I like cassava like Walden Anka was the uncle of Bora Bora. Finally, the gra Allah reminds him of the blessings. Don't feel sad, look at all these good. Then Allah says for in them I personally use Ron

00:36:59--> 00:37:14

in the modern era. For every difficulty Allah sends down to ease. For every difficulty Allah sends down to ease, then what was he told for either for all the fun sub, when you finish doing one thing, stand up and do another

00:37:15--> 00:37:56

for either for all that fun sub. When you finish tactic a move on to tactic B, when you're done with plan a move on to plan B, when you spoken to x move on and speak to y when you search the panel, the world is vast, and every one of us for either Florida we have a role to play. Every one of us we have something we can do when we finish doing it fun sub stand up and do something else. It's no time to be lazy. It's no time to sit on your behind and blame everybody else. It's a time of action, a time of activism, a time of rediscovering our faith in our role. And that is the whole purpose of these obstacles so that we can battle them through our actions. And the seventh and the final point,

00:37:56--> 00:38:47

therefore, is the most important one. And that is hope. optimism. We always are commanded by Allah to look on the bright side. We are commanded by a lot to be optimistic. being optimistic is a sign of a man, a decent body and fat luminous a man looking at the bright side seeing something positive, tougher on Middle East man. So being optimistic is a part of faith. And the fact of the matter is, yes, we are in shock. But we have to believe that Allah knows what we do not know. We have to believe while we are them wanting to Lata and the moon. We have to believe that law is Hakeem. And Allah is Habib and Allah is Latif. And that is our Eman And you know, in the end of the day subpanel

00:38:47--> 00:39:23

Okay, the guy is definitely definitely has a long list of faults and whatnot. But Allah knows what the future holds correct as of yet is just talk correct. I mean, right now, right before finishing this lecture, one literally less than an hour ago, the independent which is one of the most prestigious newspapers in England, reported that Donald Trump has removed any reference to the Muslim ban from his official website now is taken out. Allah knows is he kind of realizing that I don't know what I got myself into now, you know, I'm saying because I thought so from looking at the conference yesterday. You could kind of tell that he had no, I think the most surprised person who

00:39:23--> 00:40:00

won was Donald Trump himself, right? This is like he couldn't believe he actually won like a mandala you know, and no matter my feelings for Hillary Clinton, but you have to admit that definitely sadness was etched over her face for 70 years. She's behind the price, right? And now she knows her loss. It's gone. That's it. Nothing and no doubt you would have spent a very, very traumatic night last night In any case, what typical a yamo nuda. We do have a in a nutshell, this is I have the Quran. These are the days we distributed amongst the people. And the context is power. We distribute power amongst the people one week this will help power another year. This will help

00:40:00--> 00:40:48

Power what silicon a yamo nada. We do have been a nurse. This is the reality of the Quran Allah azza wa jal is telling us this is the reality and it gets back to my point that hope, we have to have hope. We have to believe that everything happens by the decree of Allah subhanho wa Taala. Let us memorize this verse in Surah Toba, one of my favorite eyes of the Quran. When you see banner in Qatar, Bala hula, hula mowlana one Allahu finito killing with our colon you'll see banner in llama cuttable lowenna say nothing will come to us. Nothing will happen to us, except what Allah has decreed for us who molana He is our protector. memorize this verse, nothing is going to happen

00:40:48--> 00:41:01

except what Allah subhana wa tada has decreed for us and realized as well that Allah has told us that an evil typically brings about good wasa, and Takahashi and wahoo highroller Come

00:41:02--> 00:41:50

fast. And Takahashi and YG. Allah houfy hiren kathira. It's possible you don't like something, but a lot through it will bring about a great benefit. twice in the Koran similar versus twice in the Quran. Similar, and then there's more as the motif. And of course, the greatest example for this is the incident of obeah and SubhanAllah. And again, please go back and listen to it. We will let he's such a moving moving topic of the Syrah such a moving topic, the Sahaba were so demoralized on the day the treaty was signed. You all know what happened with Barbara de la and and that day, the Sahaba came back, dejected drudging there in the sand just so sad, because they could not understand

00:41:50--> 00:42:35

why how I mean, we were just wanting to do over at cetera, et cetera. And Allah reveals the beginning of Fattah in fatahna, like a fat ham movie now, we have given you a victory. Look at the man of the Sahaba when the idea came down a lot did not explain when how what a lot did not clarify how the victory would come. hindsight is 2020. Looking back, are they BIA was the biggest victory given to the Muslims far bigger than even been offered in terms of the spread of Islam in terms of the conquest that took place of the hearts not a physical the hearts as already said that quadrupled the amount of people accepted Islam after her they be then had accepted Islam in the previous 20

00:42:35--> 00:43:21

years. Four times the amount accepted Islam, but Allah revealed enough a dynamic of a temple. Vina the Sahaba have no clue how. What happens there, Eman soars up. Allahu Akbar. It's a better it's a better Okay. Now we don't have the luxury of having a particular Ayah reveal for us. That was for the Sahaba but what we do have is the generic text of the Quran and Sunnah. Yes, true. Allah did not reveal and is specifically for anything happening in our era or place. But a lot did tell us and our and our Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam told us so many realities, that there is no such thing as evil for the Muslim that the Muslim is always a winner, that no matter what happens, the Muslim

00:43:21--> 00:44:03

comes out of Victor. This is the reality the Quran and Sunnah is very clear, and we can use this for each and every situation. So their brothers and sisters, we are not allowed to lose hope. We're not allowed to despair. What are the he knew what that is and what untold alone, don't despair, don't grieve, you shall come out as victorious as Allah says in the Quran, in quantum meaning. This is very clear. Why do I tell you what that says? No, don't despair. Don't grieve and you will come out victorious in the end and realize that having personal one in a law having good thoughts in Allah subhana wa Tada. This is a necessary requirement of our faith and are in the one the Abitibi Allah

00:44:03--> 00:44:38

says in the Hadith could see, I am as my servant thinks of me, if he thinks good thoughts, that's what's going to happen. And if he thinks bad, well then that's what's going to happen. Every one of us for the sake of the oma needs to have good thoughts. Every one of us needs to have positive attitudes. We need to put our trust in Allah subhana wa tada that something is happening for the good for the good of us here. And for the good of the whole oma and for the good of the whole world. We're gonna have to believe this. And with that positive acid attitude, this is organic, it is Islamic, it is going to happen realize brothers and sisters have the most amazing stories in the

00:44:38--> 00:44:39


00:44:40--> 00:44:59

is found and most that's the most common story phenomena most as the most common story in the Quran. Notice what Allah says in the beginning sort of fossils in the phenomena I left out of the woods. Her Shia surround was a tyrant in the land, and he divided up his own people. He split up his own people yesterday for five minutes.

00:45:00--> 00:45:17

He took one as slaves. You have another home and he would kill their children. Why is the ndsm leave their women in who can Amina move? See Dean? What an evil tyrant he was? Okay, what's the next verse 182 and Moon Allah Latinas today.

00:45:19--> 00:46:05

But we wanted to bless the persecuted through the evil of Freetown. We wanted to bring about a revolution and make the oppressed the ones who were ruling in the land to give them a land and that is the Holy Land that Allah azza wa jal gave the bunny a story. So Allah is saying that surrounds evil would be used against him. And the people of the children who started did not realize this, we wanted to bless the children of Israel in through the evil tyranny of Freetown. Now insha, Allah, this person is not as bad as fit, he can't be as bad as for Alan, because Allah tells us that Alan was the worst person ever. In this history, the worst human ever was found. Well, not a myth out of

00:46:05--> 00:46:06


00:46:07--> 00:46:54

The worst human beings was found, and yet allow us the evil of fit our own to bless the believers in the Quran, when you read a new moon added in a Sudoku. So, if round could be used to benefit the believers in the time of Musa then we have to have yaqeen yaqeen that Allah azza wa jal is going to use people that might be moved in might be fast in might be stuck about one aloe fill out a low, we'll use them to bring about a good that is a principle of our faith that we simply cannot deny brothers and sisters, we need to believe that whatever is happening is happening for our good whether we see it or not. We need to have yaqeen that higher and Baraka will come out of each and

00:46:54--> 00:47:33

everything that is happening to us. If and only if we put our trust in Allah, we roll up our sleeves, we tighten our belts, and we work together for the betterment of this oma and the betterment of this country. Insha Allah Allah, this is the first day that we are still reeling from what is happening. I hope that in sha Allah, the days will prove what I'm saying quickly rather than in a delayed fashion. And I am confident I have been because Allah told me to have it that we will look back on this day and on this time and on this season and on this era, years and decades from now. And we will see the hair that came out of it. Just like we look back at incidents that took

00:47:33--> 00:47:57

place 15 years ago and other catastrophes that we say You know what? Yes, it was bad. But the good that came out of it, the good that was generated was necessary for us to be where we are today. And I pray that insha Allah wa tada every one of us will see in our own lifespan swiftly rather than in a delayed fashion, the head and the Baraka that has come out of what has happened in sha Allah with it.