Does the Quran specifically speak about Hinduism

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Salam Alaikum, one of my friend want to ask you this question. Is there any line or war which mentioned in Quran about Hinduism, like Jews and Christian? Without the question that is there any verse in the Quran, which speaks about Hinduism, like it speaks about Judaism and Christianity? I don't know if any of us there is no verse in the Quran, we specifically mentioned about Hinduism,

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like it does about Christianity,

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and about Judaism. But Quran says in Surah rod, chapter number 13, was the mutated Quran says liquidly Azurill kitab. In every age, every cent the revelation by name only for revelations I mentioned the Quran, Torah, the Boo engine and the Quran, Torah is Avahi the revelation given to Moses peace be upon him, the Buddha, is he the revelation given to David peace be upon him in deliver is the revelation given to Jesus QSP upon him, and Quran is the revelation given to Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him. But there were many other revelation besides these four books, for example, so Abraham,

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if you ask me, Can you consider whether the Word of God I say, I don't know. Because there's no verse in the Quran we say VEDA was a revelation from God. There is no Hadith of the Prophet, Visa Veda is the word of God. So what I say maybe it is, maybe it is not. I don't know.

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I'm not saying for sure it is. But even if it was the Word of God,

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even if it was the Word of God, all the revelation that came before the Quran, they were meant for a particular group of people. And the message was to be followed till the next revelation came. So even if VEDA was the Word of God, it was meant only for those people and for that time, but Quran since is the last and final revelation from Almighty God. It was not meant only for the Muslims or the Arabs, it was meant for the whole of humanity and says it was the last revelation and no other revelation will come, it is to be followed through the last day of judgment, to based on this, even if you agree with that was the Word of God hypothetically. It was meant for those people and for

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that time, today, all the human beings in the world whether they're living in India, or UAE, or Pakistan, or Saudi Arabia, or USA or Canada or UK, they should follow the last and final revelation of God, the Glorious Quran and last and finally messenger Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him.