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Advocacy for good and against evil is the hallmark of the Ummah of Muhammad (S). To be effective it needs sustained, dedicated, well funded effort. With proofs from the Qur’an and Sunnah Mirza Yawar Baig argues for the need to set up effective advocacy groups.

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In under Allah, salat wa salam ala

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alihi wa sahbihi wa rahmatullah wa Maria brothers and sisters salaam aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato.

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Allah subhana wa Donna mentioned us, the oma of Muhammad Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa aalihi wa salatu salam in his Kitab and he's mentioned a specifically in connection with a responsibility that he gave us. Allah subhanaw taala said and so the lallemand are in the ayah, which we are all familiar with. Quantum Cairo, Martin rejet llenas de Marana bill Murphy was on hoonah and illman. Curry was una bella. Which means Allah subhanaw taala said, You are the best of people and you have been extracted selected for the benefit of mankind.

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Allah did not say quanto Hara Martin O'Hara, Jasmine and Nancy did not say that you have been selected from mankind. He said according to Linda's, you have been selected for the benefit of mankind. And what is his benefit? Allah subhanaw taala mentioned that specifically and he said Tamura will maruf what on how to handle mooncup Allah subhanaw taala said you do do things you enjoy and good you are you are you pay play the role of advocacy of good and you play the role of advocacy against evil you enjoy and good and you forbid evil, or to Muna Bella, and you believe in Allah. Allah subhanho wa Taala distinguished this oma with the role of advocacy of good and advocacy

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against evil. Allah subhanaw taala told us that it is because of advocacy of good and advocacy against evil that we have a man it is because when we stand up for the word of Allah Jalla Geraldo, and for the Sunnah of his Javi Muhammad Mustafa sallallahu alayhi wasallam, that our mind is strengthened. It is this work of spreading good and preventing evil that differentiates us and on the basis of which we stand apart from all people of all time. We are a nation which has been raised and selected for this purpose. This is the reason for our existence.

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This work of the mbmi brothers and sisters was given to us thanks to the fact that Rasul Allah sallallahu alayhi wa aalihi wa sahbihi wa sallam is the heart of mana bein He is the Savior mursaleen He is the one after whom there is no prophet, and there is no messenger. There is no Nabil and there is no Rasool he is the last of them. And we are His oma. So we are the last of the oma, before we reach the last day. This is the greatest honor that the oma of Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wasallam has been bestowed with, and it is for us to appreciate it and fulfill the responsibility that it represents. Let me give you some examples of advocacy from the era of Rasulullah sallallahu

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sallam, the first of them and the perhaps the most powerful of them is the advocacy that Rasulullah Salah Salem did himself his journey to life. We know the whole story of the journey so I won't go into that in this mode. But think about this here was Rasul Allah says Allah, personally taking action to change the opinion about a large group of people towards his own religion. The second the second example of advocacy that I want to give you is the is the Hydra the first Hydra to Abyssinia where as soon as Allah Salam sent Jaffa, Vina Vitaly, his own cousin, as his ambassador to the king of Abba senior who was a Christian. And we know that as we know that story of how effectively Jafar

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monometallic Gabriella and who was able to put forward the case of Islam and Muslims, so that they got not they didn't just get asylum in that country. But the king himself became a ninja she became Muslim, and he became one of the greatest

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and one of the greatest supporters of Islam of the time. third example is Musab numero de Allahu alayhi salatu salam sent as his Ambassador again for advocacy of his religion of his message to the to Medina, and thanks to the advocacy of Muslim Omar, the Alon who most of the answer of Medina most of the major Sahaba of Medina, came to Islam. The one of the most famous of them was sad when Roger vilano, who was the head of the new bungalows, and he became such a pillar of strength and support for us, Oh Allah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam. The fourth example of advocacy that I want to give you is the visa lasala, who sent Mark bingeable of the Allahu anhu to Yemen. He sent him as his

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ambassador. Again, he sent him to

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advocate for Islam in Yemen, to build public opinion in favor of the people of in favor of Islam among the people of Yemen, and his advice to mob bingeable Nadia Lando is absolutely classic.

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In terms of what advocacy should be, he said to Mark bingeable no delanco the meaning of the Hadith where he said Jamar, he said present to them La ilaha illAllah Muhammadan rasul Allah. If they accept He did not say argue with them, He did not say fight with them. He did he just said present to them La ilaha illAllah Muhammad Rasul Allah, if they accept, invite them to Salah if they learn Salah, then invite them to give me a socket, and take from their wealthy and give to their own poor, ie take from their wealthy and give to their poor. This is the most beautiful advice as far as advocacy of Islam is concerned. Finally, the example that I want to give you are the letters that

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are sold by Salah Selim sent to the kings of Byzantium, Egypt, Yemen, and Persia in the last years of his life, inviting those people to to Islam. Now all of these are phenomenal examples of advocacy of this religion, advocacy of the situation of the Muslims advocacy, inviting towards good advocacy, preventing from evil advocacy, so that we build support for Islam and Muslims that we can see from the era of Rasul Allah is Allah Allah Himself, which reflects directly on the Quran, the ayat of the Quran, which I recited before you. However, the strange thing is that today we Muslims seem to have forgotten the value of advocacy. We are very generous when it comes to responding to crisis and

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disasters. But when it's a question of working to create a situation, where inshallah such crisis are prevented, and never allowed to happen, we are tardy and disinterested. This doesn't make sense. Anything, if it is to be effective needs strategic planning, proper funding, expert manpower, so also advocacy. My question to my brothers and sisters is what they intend to do with respect to creating a strong advocacy group, strongly funded, ably manned with the required expertise with the energy and commitment that is needed to succeed in today's world. Please understand halfway measures will get halfway results, you cannot have proper results, unless you are willing to do what it takes

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to get those proper results. My brothers and sisters, remember that nations that don't learn from the history are condemned to repeat it. nations that don't learn from their history, are condemned to repeat it, I don't need to point out how much of our history we are repeating only because we refuse to learn from history, advocacy to success is like water to the fish. Without it, it can't move forward with it. It is the epitome of speed and grace, by all means spend to help the victims of crisis, but spend even more to make sure that those needs never arise again, that those crisis never happen again, it's far more important to build strong walls to guard the treasure, than to

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shut the doors after the treasure has been looted. advocacy, my brothers and sisters is the building of these walls. It is the work of creating a fortress to guard our honor, our rights and our families. And remember that this advocacy takes year long continuous contact, building bridges, communication, creating long term relationships, and presenting your case at a time when there is no crisis. And people are thinking clearly and calmly. This can't be done when there is an emergency at that time. People are only interested in taking care of the damage. And that is rightly so it is therefore necessary not to lose the sense of urgency that permeates us when we deal with a crisis.

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But to continue with the same sense of urgency in the work of advocacy when there is no crisis so that we can create a situation that can avert crisis before they happen. Fire Prevention is far more efficient, necessary and costs less than firefighting. I strongly recommend that you look at fire prevention, and support the advocacy efforts of your community by ensuring that they are well funded, at the end of the day, the need, they need the money to get the resources necessary to make the advocacy effort consistent and effective. It's only with powerful advocacy, that long term struggles are one your own struggle in South Africa against apartheid is a classic example of the

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power of the power of advocacy on a global platform that that turned the opinion of the world against white supremacy. The current BDS campaign is another success story for which we asked for the help of Allah subhanaw taala for it to end in the freedom of parasite, the story of how the BJP came to power and how Narendra Modi became the Prime Minister of my country is another

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The classic example of of consistent and powerful advocacy on a global platform that was done by the VHB and the RSS, which led to Modi becoming the Prime Minister. Modi's success as prime minister is not his wind is not his success. It is a success of 60 years, not one or 260 years of consistent sacrifice, commitment and wholehearted advocacy efforts of people on a global scale. And the result was the Prime Ministership of India. My brothers and sisters, I don't think it is necessary to say more, please support advocacy efforts wholeheartedly. ask Allah subhanho wa Taala to grant you the best of the best from his treasures, which have no bounds jazak Allah Harun wa salam aleikum wa

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rahmatullah wa barakato