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A TV talk for Peace TV entitled What is Deen by Sheikh Hussain Yee. This production is owned by Peace TV.

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Salam aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato. Dear brothers and sister, may our last blessing be upon all of us. Today, I would like to share with you a very important topic that is called Dino Islam. Now this word Deen is always been mentioned when we talk about Islam.

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In the Holy Quran, Allah subhanho wa Taala mentioned a few times in different areas or different surah of the Quran. Number one, Allah said, Indeed, the deen that Allah accept and recognize is only Dino Islam.

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There was a lawsuit won my Islam and dienen Fela yo cobalamin wha hoo. Akira demeanor caecilian whoever except other than the deen of Islam, whatever he do, will not be accepted by Allah subhanho wa Taala. And in a year after he'll be a loser, and in throttle cafe don't Allah use the word the same word lakum de la comme Walia, Dean,

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and to them is their Dean and to us, we have our own thing. So what do we understand about this word, Dean? What do we understand? Because this, this column is been mentioned again and again in different places in the Quran, with different meaning. Number one, I like to remind myself and all the fellow Muslim brother and sister, the word Deen is been translated to other language as a religion. Now these were religion, when we talk about religion in the concept of what the majority understand about religion is a belief. But Dino Islam is not just a belief,

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but is a complete way of life.

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Now Allah said, the only way of life that he accepts

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is Islam.

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Because Islam is not just a belief, but it's a complete way of life.

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Align the Holy Quran remind us and this is what we always say in our prayer. Call in na sala de mano Suki, Amaya Mamata lillahi Rabbil aalameen

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say all mankind you must always remember the indeed your prayer in a solid one okay. And whatever sacrifice that you offer your life whatever you do in your life, and your death must feel must be for Allah alone. Now this is what is that mean? You must submit yourself totally to a loss system.

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Now all I can make it simple for you to understand is that it means the do and the don't. The usually people say religion what is religion? Everybody said this religion that religion by Islam always use the word Deen when Islam use Deen that mean, Islam is talking about a particular religion, not all religion.

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We're talking about Deen to be brave it means we are talking about the do's. And

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now people also ask us what is the difference between our Deen and other people's religion. Other people may talk about religion you just talk about belief, but it's not a complete way of life. But you're talking about dental Islam. He talks about talk

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about believing in Allah as the creator of all things. Allah as the sender of all Prophets, and the revealing of all true to give us life he take our life. He gives us everything that we need. This is what Allah subhana wa Taala wants us to know. In the Quran, Allah emphasis farlam anahola illa Illa even if you want to know Allah, you must seek knowledge. You must have knowledge about Allah. Allah, Allah existent, about Allah loves power. This is very important. So we are not supposed to come to this Deen by just saying that my mother My father is Muslims. I am Muslim. You can be a Muslim but you may not understand what is the deen if you don't really seek knowledge, and try to understand

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how the Prophet has taught us about this theme. And one of the sayings of the Prophet again.

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At Dino naseeha, they use the word theme means Diem is not a religion.

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Good advice.

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And then the Prophet was asked by his companion, Li Manya Rasulullah. If we're going to advise, for who do we advise to who do we advise? And the Prophet said, Linda, will Nikita be when the Prophet said Lila? The companion was a bit surprised? Are we going to advise a law? Who are we to advise Allah? The Prophet No, mean the meaning of advising. Allah means that you should advise for the sake of Allah. So that's why Islam always remind all the Muslims have to keep on reminding each other. advising is added because there is the core of the deen you got to remind each other you got to help each other. You got to alert each other about what is happening around our environment. And the

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Prophet emphasize when you talk about Dean, the dean must lilla for the sake of Allah. While he kitabi a lot of people may say I'm doing this for the sake of Allah am do that for the sake of Allah. But do you follow His guidance? Become a dean, the only thing that Allah recognize is what is written in the Quran, and what is written in the saying of his prophet, Muhammad Sallallahu sallam, not just an ordinary book. So, Allah the Prophet emphasized, if you do something for Ma, you must always follow it Allah

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and other Muslims are doing philosophy, but they are not following the guidance of the Quran. That means they are not following the deen

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and the Prophet emphasized again, after you follow the book of Allah, while era slowly and you must also follow the teachings of Prophet Mohammed Salah Lhasa there is a dean. Now if you want to do something example If Allah say, a masala, establish your prayer, you may pray, but if you do not follow the will of the Prophet, your prayer will not be accepted. Because the dean is not what you think. Or what you want to do is what allows you to do and what the prophet have taught us to do. There is the den, what era sorry.

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And also the Prophet emphasize.

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Well, yeah, a metal Muslim in WA, Mata him, meaning the deen of Islam is not only for a particular group of people, Dean can go and naseeha also can go from top to down and down to the top. It works both way. And the dean when you say about naseeha, we can remind each other among fellow Muslim brother and sister as normal citizen, but also did not Islam much reach to the authority and do not make this theme. So narrow, that you just talk about praying fasting has occurred. But you don't talk about the way of life. When we talk about the way of life. The first thing dinner is emphasized the important to know a lot. They start from rubia to oh here to a smartwatch effect. The second

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thing after knowing Allah, then you should know the do's and the don'ts of Allah. That is the Sharia. There is a hokum. It's not an NA by knowing, yeah, I know who is God, I know Allah. But you don't even recognize his law is divine law. So how are you going to live according to His guidance, if you do not know his law, so the Sharia will come in, after the Sharia and the Sharia is perfect. What Allah has put in the Quran, for us is the best. The law of Allah is the best law for all mankind, not only for Muslims, for everybody.

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Now, if the law is good, but if you don't have adapt in a club, to implement the law, then you can create another fitna to the dean. So that the third important thing to learn about this thing is to know the adapt.

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The man is the character is very important. they adapt in Islam, on the call Allah, everything you do in Islam, there's a lot of adapt. You want to worship Allah, you must have an adapt, you must know the manners to worship Allah. Even when you want to become the followers of the Prophet, you must have to adapt. You want to talk to your parent, you must have adapt. You want to stay in the community you must have adapt. You want to be a worker, employee, you You must have adapt. You want to be a husband, you must have an adapt. You want to be a father you must have this is called Allah. Now under the Sharia, we talk about the deen as a Shimon a complete way of life. We have four

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important things

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That you must try your level best to understand. Number one they call ibadah.

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Your personal relationship with Allah, like fasting zaca, hash, solid, all this is your personal responsibility towards Allah, your do your caravan, everything to do with the care. And then you have another responsibility to be the dean is not something for you to do with Allah and you leave. Other thing aside or you just said, I, my response is with God, I don't care about other people, you cannot do like that. Because there is not the day the dean said, you have a response rate with you and God and after that you have another response between you and fellow creation of Allah because Allah says duty by Allah Mozilla to

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Meaning the curse of Allah will fall upon anyone, wherever you are, actually those who have a good relation with the creator Allah. And also in the same time he had a good relationship with fellow mankind.

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Now come to Parliament, and you come to the second category of the Sharia is called more Amala. That means your social responsibility, your duty towards the community, the Islam, not a religion, that talk about you yourself, is a religion belongs to everybody. It belong to the community. So you got to share it with the community, you've got to talk, you got to look into the welfare of the community, about food, about water, about agriculture, about business loan, about development, hospital, education, anything the needs of the community is part of the Sharia is part of the dean. And then after your commitment with the society with the community, then you move to the third

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category you call Monica. Monica means marriage law, Family Law, Islam tissue first, you're responsible with Allah, second within the community with a society that a mini society, a small society, there is within you and your family, about marriage, you are not talking about two individual, the male and female husband and wife, you're talking about two family is merging together. There is a concept of marriage in Islam, you are not joining just two individual, but you are merging two big family together. And in demonica, then you have the rules of how to get nikka. If something happened after Nita, there will be a divorce how to go about if it was after that you

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want to reconcile again. And later on, if something happened, somebody passed away in the family, about the inheritance, the rights of the husband, the right or the why the responses of the husband response of the why, and our duty towards the children. And all this is in the category of monaka anything you need to know about a family in Islam is written in the Quran. And it's been taught by our Prophet, some Muslim in the name of Dino Islam. After doing that, then the fourth category is genocide is about civil and criminal law. Islam is not just a religion to tissue about how to pray fast and so on but in the same that tissue, how to maintain peace, how to maintain security for

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everybody who live on this earth who feel secure and they will exercise their right being a human and remember brothers and sisters in Islam. A we choose to live accordingly to the divine guided the deen of Islam. Allah is sure to bless your life and you are sure to be a successful Muslim in this world. And you will be a successful person in the next world. Because Allah it could have little more meaning. Indeed, the successful one is a person who believe and have faith in Allah. Who is a person who have faith in Allah, Allah Xena whom

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fee salata him, caution is a person who are so involved in his life in worshipping Allah subhana wa Tada. And when he worship Allah, he do not just worship Allah with his body or with his mind, but with his heart with full concentration, very focus in his sambucol crucial that means you know what you are doing? What you are reciting

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the movement. You know why you do that? The mean, you do your primary full of knowledge and consciousness, then only you will achieve crucial and this is very important, because a lot of people who pray but they don't have crucial but we want to perform our

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Prayer with quisha bigger performing pray with Akasha Allah have wonders, Allah Xena home, and insalata himself on the group of people who perform prayer, but they do not remember Allah. They do not know what they are doing. They just submit their self bodily physically to God, but not with the mind, not the heart. For this Allah sit for a little masala this kind of people will enter Hellfire because they are not praying to Allah. They are playing with Allah subhana wa Tada. So it's very important if you want to be a successful person. Don't forget to accept the dean as a total, not hafley a quarterly because Allah said, Yeah, Xena Amano. Oh, hello physcial myka meaning Allah is

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telling us if you want to enter my Deen if you want to be a Muslim, you must enter this then totally not haffley What do you mean by totally? Meaning you must Islam eyes, your mind your way of thinking must follow Islam. You must Islam eyes, your heart, the way you feel. You must Islam eyes, your eye the way you see things. You must Islam eyes, your hearing your ear so that you only hear things that allow you to hear you must Islam eyes, your tongue, you only talk what Allah want you to talk. You must Islam eyes, your hand your hand or do thing or whole thing. There is halaal for you. You must Islam is your leg. That means your leg must bring you to places that Allah is pleased with you.

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There is how you may totally Muslim not only I'm a Muslim by name, I'm a Muslim. Yeah, by tradition, become my father. My mother Muslim is not like this. If you think that there is enough there is why. You see there are a lot of Muslim who are very ignorant about the team. They do a lot of things against them. But they are Muslim. Because they don't understand what Allah one did from them. They thought because my I have a Muslim name. If I pray once in a week, also a Muslim Allah.

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Allah wanting to be a Muslim, to accept this Deen as a whole with the Hello official America as a whole, not haffley. So it's important for us to understand the dean that we are involved in, because we do not want to be the cause. And they create fitna to this beautiful Dean. And we hope that all the brother and sister will understand the spirit of Islam. Because without understand the proper Dean, we are going to be a loser in this world. That's why I see everywhere you go nowadays, the Muslims seems to be a loser. They have been humiliated by a lot of people. Why? Because they do not uphold the deen.

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They are not proud to be a Muslim.

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You see, a Muslim is on my team. The dressing must be most in the way you talk. The way you think. The way you socialize with people. Everything must be in the context of Islam. Then whenever we say to Allah, we are true with our Word. In the Salah T one or Suki we're Maja wa Mamata t lillahi Rabbil aalameen. Remember, your prayer, your sacrifice, whatever you do in your life, you're working, you're eating, you're drinking, whatever you do. And also, you want to make sure that you do not live as a Muslim only, but you want to die as a Muslim.

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And then you want to die. As a true believer. You want to die. As a wholesale customer. You want to die in a way that Allah is pleased with you. Because you know that it's only once you explain that only one. So you want to make sure that you choose to die in the best way, in the way that Allah is pleased with you. That's where Allah says, Allah tamo tuna in our anti muslim. Remember, after you become a believer, make sure that you will never die. Make sure that you will never end your life until you are sure that you have completely submit yourself to Dino Islam to Allah subhanho wa Taala Who is your Creator, and when you die, you are good to see him because he created you with a

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Allah created us with one purpose. Allah said or Mark La Cucina, well in, in Allah Buddha, I Allah to not create the gene, all the ins mankind except for them to worship me alone. That is the purpose of our creation. We must not forget that we are here to worship Allah subhana wa

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And make sure that you do not wish you alone when you are young, but you also wish you alone when you are all you will keep worshipping Allah until the end of your life so that Allah subhanho wa Taala will bless us. And when Allah blesses, and while you are making your solid, you're making your prayer. You always make one shot do our robina Tina with dunya Hashanah wolfville karate hacer una joaquina azova na, we hope that Allah will accept this spray of us, we always ask Allah Oh Allah give us the best if S success in this world, we want to be successful in this world

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in the same time, or Allah gives us success in the next world. We do not want to be successful in this world. But we are unsuccessful in the next world. We also want to be successful in the next world. And also at the end of the day, we see joaquina azova. And Oh Allah, we are asking you with your mercy

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to forgive us and save us from hellfire. Because none of us none of us. Even how bad a human is. have the intention to go to hellfire. Because we know our fellow brothers sister. Hellfire is not a place that anyone who know what is Hellfire would like to even stay there for one second.

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Nobody can face hellfire.

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if you want to save yourself, the best way is come back to the dino Islam. Come back to the deen that Allah has promised us that if you follow this Dean is you take care of this Dean, this Dean is going to take care of you

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is very important. But if you declare yourself as Muslim, and you have dean of Islam, you don't take care of this Dean, you don't follow this Dean properly, you play around with this Dean. Now there will come a time this Dean will depart from you. Whether you depart from him, or he will depart from you. And when he depart from you, that means you are not safe anymore. In this world, you'll not be blessed. in the Hereafter, you'll be a loser forever. So we do not want for us to end our life to be a loser. Maybe we'll be a loser in this world for a while. But make sure that you do not be a loser in the hereafter. So please come back to the dental Islam in the way allow us to understand and

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remember you cannot understand the complete dental Islam without falling. His Beloved Prophet Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa alayhi wa sallam because Allah commanded us to do so. Allah say in the Holy Quran, Allah subhana wa, Tabby oni Mama, say to the people who claim that they live Allah to follow you or Muhammad by following Prophet Muhammad, then Allah will accept our love and honor will love us back. And may Allah lovers fellow brother sister, we have been blessed and Allah forgive all our sin and inshallah we will die as the Muslim men and Mr. Sin. May Allah bless all of us, and May Allah help those who help themselves. So behind Allah Mohammed the eye shadow Allah Illa illa Anta

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as the Kofi Rocha wa to LA Assalamu alaykum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh