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Bismillahirrahmanirrahim to handily live problemy or Salatu was Salam ala CD mursaleen Sabena Mohamed by the early he was sadly he was still interested in Mecca fever up. Salaam Malik more how to live without a title. This is Imam Zaid Shakir coming to you from zaytuna College, formerly zetonna Institute, first of all to wish you have delayed it but heartfelt a Mubarak, we pray that you all had a wonderful evening, you your families, loved ones, friends, relatives, that you are able to enjoy the great blessings of that day after the incomparable blessings that are showered upon us during the month of Ramadan. It is called the old Mel Joab is the day of the prizes the day

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when the prizes are distributed, distributed. And all of you have worked so hard during Ramadan with your prayer, your fasting, your charity, your generosity, may you have be amongst those who receive those prizes that will be distributed on the day of II. I like to go back to a couple of those points one,

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the fasting itself, you have to be saluted for your fasting brothers and sisters you to be congratulated honey and Lakhan, Jamia and hamdulillah because through your faithful to vote it fasting, you've shown that you believe in the promise of the messenger of allah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam on when men sama Ramadan, Eman and Betty sagen off your level meta curriculum and then whoever fast during the month of Ramadan faithfully with anticipation that is anticipating or reward for the default view of devotion. All of their prior sins will be forgiven.

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So you'll be saluted for that for that fast and may all of us be amongst those who sends one D forgiven during the blessed month you're to be saluted brothers and sisters for your devotional acts especially your prayer during the during the nights of Ramadan for again that shows your confidence in the promise of our Prophet solo la vida he will send a man comma Ramadan, Eman and YT Savin woofie, around whom condiment and then whoever stands for worship during the nights of Ramadan faithfully with anticipation his or her prior sins will be forgiven. Brothers and sisters used to be saluted for div the devotedly seeking out the name of power during the last 10 days of the month,

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many of you late at the cafe and the messages for that very purpose. Valentine except for your worship. And may Allah make us all amongst those who attained to the Night of Power, a night where the devotion is better than the devotion of a man for 1000 months and 1000 months, brothers and sisters nests over 83 years. And that's not just 83 years of worship from an ordinary person. That's 83 years of worship from a man from an earlier nation before the coming of our Prophet Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam who donned his armor and took up his weapons and went forth to defend the faith for 1000 months, the Night of Power Laila can cover is better than 1000 months engaged in

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worshipped by that man, brothers and sisters, and labor talk color is beautiful. And there is a subtle analogy in this. There's a subtle point found in this hadith of the Prophet sallallahu It was said that he compared the literal color as being better than the worship of a man who defended the faith 4000 months actively he donned his armor as we said, he took off his weapons, and he went forth to defend the faith. Leila Tula powder, which is better one night is better than those 1000 months is not a night of war. That man was engaged in warfare. It is a knife piece. Allah kinases Salamone here, hacked Mapa live in

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peace prevails until the break of dawn. So later to cover is not only a great, great night, there's a deep message in there for us if we brought here today. You

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To be saluted for striving to attend to that month brothers and sisters, finally Ramadan indeed it's a month of, of fasting that's quite obvious it's a month of devotion and worship. That's quite obvious it's the month of your core and shadow Ramadan and they're the ones that feeling are the month of Ramadan in which the poor and was revealed it's a month of dedication to look for and that's quite obvious. Brothers and sisters it's also a month of giving. It's a month of charity is related that our prophets Allah Allah ye will send them in the mercy and peace of a loggia. Panem was the most generous piece of all people. And the time he was most generous was Ramadan when the

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angel Gabriel would come to him to reveal the end with him. And the angel Gabriel would come to him every night during the month of Ramadan. And one then Angel Gabriel came to him. The Prophets the love while he was selling was more generous than the fee blowing wind. Brothers and sisters, many of you have embodied that spirit during Ramadan. I was involved in many fundraising initiatives during Ramadan to with Islamic Relief, and your support for those two programs was overwhelming. Brothers and sisters, one with manna, the Muslim alliance of North America and again your support was heartwarming. And most relevantly for our purposes here, I was involved with a fundraising

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initiative was a toner college. And I can say brothers and sisters, your support for the idea of zaytuna College your financial support your prayers and well wishes warms the heart. If anyone was pessimistic about the Buddha in our community, I can assure you that the support you have shown for zaytuna college is something that will restore the faith in the inherent goodness of this community. Brothers and sisters, we're counting on that goodness, to get us where we need to be as an institution, they tune a college is counting on your goodness. And we're counting more importantly, on your prayers and your well wishes together. zaytuna College will be together we will make insha

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Allah with the help that Tawfeeq of Allah subhanaw taala zetonna college or reality. They say there's nothing harder to stop than an idea whose time has come. I believe the time was a two and a college has come and I'm sure I speak for Sheikh Hamza Yusuf and all of the staff and faculty, the Management Committee, everyone involved at zaytuna College in this effort Dr. Hadden Bezier and others and through your support brothers and sisters, you're showing that you truly believe that zaytuna College is an idea whose time has come so let's go for brothers and sisters and make this a reality. Again a Mubarak a Salam on equal what how to ye are gonna cancel