Zahir Mahmood – When The Heart Becomes Blackened With Sins

Zahir Mahmood
AI: Summary © The speaker discusses the concept of sin and how it causes the heart to become clouded and dark. They also mention a woman who committed a sin and faced similar mistakes. The speaker describes the process of sinning and how it causes the heart to become blank and confused.
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And one of the reasons one of the reasons for this

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is that we perpetually sin, we perpetually sins and the heart becomes clouded, it becomes dark. And

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the problem is Allah Salam said that a person commits a sin.

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And Allah puts a black.on His

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way because it's hard to generally clean. He realizes how committed a sin, I need to do Toba. So it is Toba and Allah cleaned his heart.

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But then the Mercy of Allah said that this person commits a sin, but he doesn't really care.

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Let me commit sin, other sins, and he commits another sin

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until his heart is totally and utterly blackened. Behind becomes dark, there's no light see, the best of them. Allah says the sign of a believer is that when Allah wants to open a chest, Amma puts what a * in his heart.

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And that light

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illuminates the heart.

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Where Conversely, the person sins

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and the qubits another sin and he commits another sin until he commits so many sins, that the heart is so blank in the heart is so dark, it can see no good

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to the degree that he sins.

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He sings and he no longer guards so you

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see where it starts off. It starts off when the first time he commits a sin. He realizes silly the Toba

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