Zahir Mahmood – The UNDERVALUED profession; MOTHERHOOD

Zahir Mahmood
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One profession, which I want to speak about today is SubhanAllah. The profession as well via somebody tells you I'm a teacher, you don't really say why you're a teacher, but a mind rushes toward the fact that somebody is a doctor, engineer, lawyer.

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And because this is what earth this is, what custom This is what environment has made us believe.

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So, society attaches certain importance

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and then we accept that importance, that becomes a societal norm, although it might not be very important in society.

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One profession which I want to speak about today, is SubhanAllah. The profession as well via

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is the profession

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the profession above all professions, but Wallah, he is frowned upon

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there is nothing greater than motherhood.

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And this is why the Quran and the Sunnah is full with the virtues of motherhood. And this is why the Quran and the Sunnah is full with the virtues of being a messiah.

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28 times in the Quran, Allah subhanho wa Taala mentioned the word ohm, and it's derivative 28 times three times. He called he refers to the word wallet wallet that

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even in the Arabic and the orderer language they call the Father. While it

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was in reality, the father is not the wire lead, literally, because the word wallet means to give birth.

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Only the mother gives birth.

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And therefore if you look at the virtues of a mother Subhan Allah, the mother carries that child for nine months.

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She becomes one with that child.

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Allah subhanaw taala says, How am I not to work? Hamlet who was an elder was

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that the mother carries that child was not a little

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difficulty upon difficulty.

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Titus upon tiredness

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all her days, her mornings her evening rotates around that child.

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She eats for that child.

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She stays awake at night when that child is giving her pain. She gets sciatica, all the she gets high blood pressure, she gets all these illnesses because of that baby in her womb.

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Nine months. Imagine this bond. You and I men honestly cannot understand this bond. This is why when women have miscarriages men can't really understand the world you have. The man hasn't seen the child here to seen the baby. So his wife has a miscarriage. He can't really understand why she oh so emotional about the child because she's been one with that child.

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That child has been in her stomach every movement

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that child makes she feels it.

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When she gets up, she feels a child. When she sits down she feels the weight.

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And this is why the virtue is so great. The Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said whoever loses the child in miscarriage or when they give birth.

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That child on the Day of Judgment

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when the parents are going towards Johanna Johanna,

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that child will come and it will tie its umbilical cord around to the parents and it will say I am taking my mom and dad into Janna and the narration mentioned I will argue with Allah because it's silly to baby.

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He will argue with Allah subhanaw taala no Allah I am taking this my mom and dad to Jana

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the mother nine months each one of us here believe it or not? Well once upon a time in their mother's womb

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and you know that bond

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is so great that whilst the child is in the stomach, it changes exchanges and transfers cells to the mother and the mother to the child.

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And they find the cells in that mother. And then that child decades later, later, no, I'm not talking about DNA, I'm talking about cells.

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And often when the mother is injured,

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they find the wound which is injured, the cells of the child which are they to heal the mother.

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This is the bond that a mother has with the child Subhanallah day and night, day and night is spent for that child.

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Allah says, she carried him

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whitening Allah wa.

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And then Allah swag, Allah says, we're, we're humble, who was his Salah with Luna Shukran,

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carrying him giving birth. He's just a station gestation, and it's weaning period is 30 months. So now that she's time for the child to come out La ilaha illallah the pain that the mother goes forward, and the mother has to pay for that child.

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And this is why you have the virtue of a mother.

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As well, the Dalai Lama once said, he came to the Ghazi and he said, No, no, no, that child they were divorcing with his wife and he said that child is mine is not hers.

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So he said, why the gods he said, Why is the child yours? He said the child's mind. Because I carry the child first.

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It came from me and they went into her. The sperm came from me and went into her.

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So I was the rightful owner before her.

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So the car he said to the mother, what's your delay that you should have the child she said, he carried

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the child when it was like I carried it when it was heavy.

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He bought it for the pleasure. I bought it fourth in pain,

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the cause he gave a decision in the favor of the mother.

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The mother brings that child into this dunya. And again, the morning and the evening of that mother

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is for that child.

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mother breastfeeds that child.

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You know when a mother breaks breastfeed that child, she gives over this hormone called oxytocin. Oxytocin is a love hormone.

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It gives a creates a bond between her and that child.

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And this is why

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the mother has this amazing virtue. And paralleled because of the difficulties that she goes through some mothers for what we grow as we're not here to judge, but willy nilly at times, decided not to breastfeed that child.

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For one reason or the other. But see the the virtue of the mother is because of the fact that she makes these sacrifices, because she's a mother.

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everybody here, everybody listening to this wherever they listen to it. You were once

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a baby.

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But nobody remembers that when we were a baby.

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Imagine that period of our life. Big Men like Papa here were a baby once upon a time

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when nobody remembers that time

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when ya hear what it is that he changed, and he wants to and he would cry

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when Osama was hungry, and he cried because he might have wanted his mother to breastfeed him. Nobody remember that you don't remember. I don't remember that time when we were the most more thought when we were the most dependent upon our mothers. Nobody here remembers that.

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And um, uh, maybe Wallahi maybe if we did remember that we would be indebted to our mothers.

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We if we remember that. Every time I cried, my mother came around running towards me. Every time I needed my nappy change, my mother would be there. 24/7 no break.

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But that part of my life

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I've and your life Allah has plotted out

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virtue, the motherhood Wallahi or something else.

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Something else. Imam bazar mentions

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that the prophets of Allah alayhi wa sallam was wants to dwarf around the Kaaba.

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And the man came to the Prophet salallahu Alaihe Salam, and he was carrying his mother on his back and he was doing to us.

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And he said to the message of Allah, is no mercy of Allah. Have I now fulfilled the rights of my mother.

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She performed hajj on my bike. That's what he was alluding to have ye performed now I fulfill the rights of my mother, the Messenger of Allah said, you know, when she cried out once, when she was giving birth, you that one cried.

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You have not even fulfilled that.

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This is the virtues of a mother.

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But mothers need to understand what motherhood is.

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They need to understand why Allah gave him this virtue.

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Why Allah subhanaw taala gave him the status three times more than the father, a jeep. If it was the other way around, we would have many women say Oh, Islam teaches inequality.

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Father three times more than the mother or inequality, no feminist here jumps up. I don't see no Muslim feminists saying, oh, in equality.

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A man came to the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam. And he said, O Messenger of Allah, who should I be good to? Wait, who has more right? That I display my faith and good to the prophets, Allah Salam said your mother.

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Then he said, Then he said, Your mother

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said then he said your mother. And the third time, he said Abukar your father,

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your father, because he from the conception

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throughout the child's growth, the mother is generally at the forefront. She's the one who carries that child. She is the one who will give up her days and nights for that child.

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And this is why the virtue three times that wasn't in the Father because this is a responsibility you know in Islam today now you have the slogan even in Muslim countries slogan

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my right my body, my body my right. Meaning I have full right or who my body.

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So they say statistically, out of every three pregnancies in the UK, one is aborted

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in many cases, there's a Rufina child many cases that child is living

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but you decide now to abort it. Why? Because it's your body.

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And Islamically we don't believe that as your body Allah says in the last Ramadan what we need and for some what I'm one Oh, be another humble Jana. Allah bought from the believers, their lives their bodies, they beings

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and there won't be another home will Jana in return for Jana?

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It's not your body's Allah's body. Allah gave it to you and it will return to Allah subhanaw taala Yeah, if you don't believe in Allah subhanaw taala if you just believe in secular western values, then that's another thing.

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And says, in case you don't say that you can abort but the general cases know

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you have a responsibility to that child, willy nilly, you decide to take a life.

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Have you ever seen the video of when a child is aborted?

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The heart is beating

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and how it's torn to pieces.

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If that child was in the dunya, it would be it would be called murder.

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And this is the virtue this is again I repeat, why you have this virtue of a woman

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of a mother because of the difficulty that she tend to takes. This motherhood is such Wallahi

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that Allah subhanaw taala even if your mother is a massage Rekha even if your mother ascribed partners to Allah, she has a girlfriend she's a Hindu, Sikh, she's Christian, she's you're who you are.

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still have to be good to your mother.

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When Saddam maybe will castle of the Allah Allah who embraced Islam started was a man who was known to have a very close relationship with his mother, very close.

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And he embraced Islam and he's just a young man.

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So his mother decided,

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oh solid leave the religion thought that I won't relieve the religion. So then she took an oath by Allah, that she will not eat, you will not drink. She will not call my head she will not take shade in the heat of Makkah.

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Unless you leave the religion

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one day lapse, sad seeing his mother is painting him. It's hurting him. He loves his mother. Two days elapse, no food, no drink. He sees the state of his mother. And when he sees her state has gotten very bad, sad, walked up to his mother. And he said oh my mother, let me tell you this. No crystal clear. If Allah subhanaw taala gave you 99 lives and you killed yourself one after the other. I would still not forsake this de

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Allah swatter Allah says in the Quran, we're in Jaha Dhaka Allah and to Srinagar, Elisa, kabhi, il for Allah to t ma for Sahib.

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Lin understand His word Allah, Allah de Samad Allah, the independent, Allah Akbar, Allah Who needs nobody else. This woman is saying what he's saying to her son, leave Allah and worship Latin Musa leave that Allah sermon, worship this.

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But because the virtue of mother is so great Allah says, sod in this case.

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If your parents are forcing you to do stinky we do not obey them.

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What but then was saw him who might have it dunya ma ruva. But remember,

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live with your parents in this dunya in a good manner. That same woman who wants you to become my enemy? I am telling you, you still remain good with her.

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Because she's your mother. And motherhood is special in the deen of Allah subhanho wa Taala A man came to the messenger of allah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam and he said O Messenger of Allah

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have sinned.

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I'm a big sinner. Is there any way I can attain Toba? The Messenger of Allah didn't tell him to go to the machine.

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They miss you. Allah asked him Halakha Amok Hala comb.

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Do you have a mother is a No Mercy of Allah my mother has passed away.

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He said Do you have an auntie a maternal Auntie mother sister said yes. To be good to her. That's your route in Toba?

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That your auntie not even your mother. The virtue of your mother is so high. They impact your auntie that if you're good with Auntie Allah subhanaw taala will forgive you. And this is why I'll finish where I started.

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The greatest

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the greatest profession on this dunya is motherhood

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because mothers create the future leaders of this ummah.

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Mothers create the tomorrow, mothers are the first mothers, if the mother is pious, if the mother is upright, if the mother is God fearing then inshallah she will create God fearing children.

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She will create those people who will be the future of our ummah.

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And this is why

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this is why the mother the virtue of the mother is great. Today you know honestly Wallahi

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housewife is almost a swear word.

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You're a housewife. What do you want to be a housewife for that you have a career?

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What greater create a generalized under your feet.

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What greater virtue in our province Allah Allah Allah wa sallam said that a woman

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looks after the house and the child What greater virtue was greater virtue? That your status because you are a mother is three times more than that of a man. But nah. This is what society tells us. Dunya dunya defines what is virtuous for us

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are you got a degree?

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You don't got need to find a profession. You find a profession, you hit 30 and you still looking for your profession. And then now you're looking for a man and the people he can't find a husband.

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And this is not an object we see this every single day.

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Vice versa with the provost as well. Yesterday if I when you still can't find a woman and as they find now you're looking for a woman

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you're expired

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be too late now.

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is the greatest profession. This is why the Hadith Allah Quran are replete with this. Everybody here knows the virtue of jihad.

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The Quran and Hadith to fool with the virtue of jihad, a man came to the messenger of allah sallallahu alayhi salam. And he said, O Messenger of Allah have written my name for jihad, I'm going for jihad. The Messenger of Allah said, let me ask you a question. Is your mother still alive? He said, Yes. So messenger of Allah

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is a stay with your mother.

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Stay with your mother is the virtue of your mother.

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Because Mother is linked to Mother hood.

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Research shows that 75% of new mothers would rather stay at home to go to work.

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But it's not regarded as trendy. You're a housewife? You're a mother, you got no future. What greater future is that? You're making the future of this ummah, you're making your akhira What greater virtue Can you have than that?

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But it's how you perceive reality. If your reality is perceived by what the dunya tells you what the dollar and a dime, yes, but if your reality is what the Allah and his results say, then will Allah he will be the most happiest person in the world because you will be fulfilling the right of your children, you will be fulfilling the right of the Ummah and you will be fulfilling the right of Allah.

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So may Allah subhanaw taala allow us to understand what is really virtuous.

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May Allah allow us to see Huck as hockey it is it is

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and follow it as well.

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May Allah Subhana Allah elevate the status of our mothers? May Allah grant them gender to for DOS, may Allah is one that allow us to the hidden power of our parents. May Allah subhanaw taala make you an eye it's also subcat Giardia for our parents. May Allah make our children a source of Sitka Giardia for us. May Allah keepers unite in the near reunited agenda for those Baraka

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