Yasir Qadhi – Key Reflections From Surah Al-Muzzammil

Yasir Qadhi
AI: Summary © The Prophet system is recognized as the final act after which people will die, and training to improve one's health and productivity is crucial. Prayer in a spirit of de la, rather than just a reference to the Quran, is crucial for healthy lifestyles. The importance of praying before going to sleep, and not wake up at 3am, is emphasized. The importance of praying for Islam, along with forgiveness, is also emphasized. The importance of praying for the Prophet and not letting anyone do it is emphasized.
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Certain wisdom but as we're all aware is one of the earliest revelations actually, some people think that is the second revelation but it is actually not the second revelation. The second revelation is with death certain wisdom will comes after that maybe even by a few weeks or months so it's not immediate after the incident of odd Hara on the process and it comes back a short while after that, maybe even a few days after that Sudan with death becomes somewhat death it is what tells him to be a prophet on for ended. So this is what I'm what death, perhaps a few weeks a few months later, we're not sure exactly when then Surah Muzammil is revealed and certain was Zinman. It comes with a

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number of key commands and key concepts. The first and the most important Yeah, Johan Muzammil, or you who is wrapped up in your blanket. So it seems to indicate the Profit System was wrapped asleep or resting. So yeah, you are Muslim and you are comfortable. You are in a good position you're sleeping now, but that's not what I need from you. I need from you. Yeah, are you when was the middle homie Leila in Canada, you need to stand up and pray to her God at night, except for a small amount. It is as if Allah is saying the default Yeah, Rasulullah for you, you should not be sleeping you should be in tahajjud Himalayan stand the entire night that comes as the default then Allah says

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Illa kalila. Except for a little bit of it, you can keep for yourself NIS for who half the night stand in Salah nilsa, who, oh, in postman who kalila or you can less than half Oh, is it i They are more than a half, make it around a half or a little bit less, or a little bit more meaning from 1/3 to 2/3. So from 1/3, less than half up to 2/3 maximum. Now, if you do the math Halla half the night, that's like, you know, eight, nine hours is the night, half the night four hours of tahajjud, four and a half hours of tahajjud. And this is something that is almost inconceivable for us to imagine or think about. But biologically, we know that you can train your body actually to be healthy. And

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I'm not advising anybody to this. I'm saying there are people that I know people like this, I'm not one of them. Not saying that I know people like this, there's not me, there's other people, they have trained themselves to sleep to three hours. And they for they do it for productivity, they don't need to do it primarily for Dean, they do it for productivity, they want to spend most of their time awake for the dunya, whatever. So they've trained their body. So it is something that is well known documented that if you're able to train a smaller amount of time to maximize, it's actually not impossible to understand this at all. Plus for our Prophet system, these rules don't

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even apply. Allah blesses him with a different, you know, blessing that we can only imagine, as for the rest of us, even a third with or less than a third of its two and a half hours, which is actually not unreasonable. It's something that we can conceptually do. And many times we spend more than this, doing things we should not do watching movies, whatever it might be binge watching, whatever it might be, if you think about it, two thirds of the night is around five, six hours, and you can have a healthy lifestyle, sleeping five hours and praying to three hours. So yes, what Allah is saying sounds very difficult to do. But when you actually do the math, it is physically possible.

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And on the lower scale. It's actually imaginable for us 1/3 of the night right Holman Leila Illa kalila noosphere, who I went postman who Khalida owes it i they have is what your aim should be, or go a little bit less or go a little bit more. Our scholars say this depends on the time of the year, the longer nights you can pray longer. And it also depends on your energy. Sometimes you have more energy or not. Also, one point I always am perplexed about myself Subhanallah they operated in a system without any alarm clocks, right. I don't know how I would wake up without a federal alarm clock, they would wake up for the head job without an alarm clock, they would have the capacity.

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Now, again, lots of medical surveys have been done. You can train yourself to wake up at a certain time again, this is well documented. I don't have that training. So one of you does good for you. I need my iPhone next to me it has to go off exactly at the time then I will wake up but when Allah is telling you pray tahajjud at that timeframe, the people will put it in their minds. I'm going to wake up at 3am 4am I'm gonna pray tahajud and they will wake up and pray tahajud without any alarm without any mechanism. So I was at the water table for Anatel Tila pray half tonight, less than half a little bit more than the half and make sure you recite the Quran with good tea Dawa whare Tyrion

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Khurana Torah tila. Now this is a general commandment, but especially in tahajjud especially at night. But anytime the verse still applies when we recite the

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are on we are supposed to do our best to recite it in a way that gives it's right and it's do Alladhina RT now Holman keytab yet Luna who haka Tilawat teehee those who have given the book they recite the book The Way It deserves to be recited, and our Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said, ze you know Al Khurana Bill Swati can beautify the Quran with your voices as much as you can. So we are expected to do tilava Somebody says, but I'm not calling Abdul Basit. I cannot imitate my showy. I cannot, you know, do sheltered and whatnot. We say Allah is not asking you to be you know, machinery, Russia FRC, Allah saying in your own life, you give your effort, you make your own

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effort. And that's all that is required. And by the way, anybody who tries you will be able to at least master the rules of Tajweed everybody can perfect the rules of Jesuit and it is the easiest Islamic science. So if you haven't learned Tajweed really the Quran is telling you learn that the Jewish and at least recite the Quran in a manner that is that is useful and that is what I tell parameter theta, recite the Quran with 13. What is 1313 is to give every single word every single letter, its proper enunciation, and to beautify to the best of your capability. As for pronunciation, everybody can do ask for beautification. You do as much as you can. What until

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Khurana tell Tila now, this also shows us that when we are reciting alone, it is sunnah to recite the Quran in a semi audible voice semi audible. You don't recite loudly, but you recite in a way that at least you can hear and your Tilawat in the tahajjud should also be with a proper tilava a proper enunciation. It is sunnah if you don't do this nothing wrong with this you can recite it a whisper and whatnot. Nothing wrong with this but it is the Sunnah is you recite in a semi audible voice what are the parameters de la in Sanofi I think colon tequila, why am I telling you to do the Seattle surah Allah, you're getting a heavy message. The message will be very heavy. You need to be

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prepared. There's going to be a lot of trials, there's going to be a lot of issues in your life. So what I'm telling you to do spiritual training to prepare yourself for the message and for the repercussions of that message. In salutely. I think a colon Satilla we're going to send down a heavy responsibility. This is not just a reference to the Quran. This is a reference to the sila itself. We're going to empower you. We're going to give you the burden of being on a stool, that burden is heavy. How are you going to manage it? You better pray half the night. This shows us praying tahajud is actually a fortification for our routine. It is something that will help us overcome the stress

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the trials the anxiety of this dunya in Sonic iPhoto Takeda in sheer utter Laylee he ushered the water and we're Akosombo kala international utterly Nazjatar lane to wake up after having slept in Nanashi utter lane. So tahajjud can be prayed anytime after Isha. A lot of people don't know this. If you pray tahajjud before you go to sleep, it will still count as the 100 but it is the least rewarding but it is still rewarding. tahajjud has skills and the least rewarding and it is still greatly rewarding and it is infinitely better than no tahajjud is you pray to her Jude right before you go to sleep. Abu Huraira the Allahu and that was his sunnah he would not wake up at late at

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night. He would pray to her Jude before going to sleep hadith is in Makati. And he goes the Prophet system commanded me or advise me Oh Sonica ideally the process and commanded me or advise me three things one of them that I pray my tahajjud before I go to Abu Huraira he was a deep sleeper he couldn't wake up you know they didn't have alarm clocks, they couldn't wake up so he would delay his sleep as much as he could. And then he would pray to hydrate and then go to sleep. And this is John is an it is good. And you will get a lot of reward. And it is also a halaal trick for me and you who cannot wake up at 3am Okay, we pray to her at 10 3011 Before we go to sleep, we're very 200 that is

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John is but our profit system. He doesn't need just minimal he needs the highest of the high what is the highest of the high in Shiota lane to wake up after you have been asleep? That's Nasha to lay right. And this is the best type of tahajjud and Allah azza wa jal praises the people in the Quran to Jaffa Judo boom I didn't mold Algeria. You had the ruler of boho fun well toma that they are having to battle you know in their beds to wake up they have that sleep they have to get

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out of bed that battling is the highest level one of the highest levels of jihad to wake up in the middle of the night the comfort and wisdom mill you're in your bed your whatnot and to go and make will do in the cold water and then to pray tahajjud in Nana she Elaine praying tahajjud after you wake up in the middle of the night right he a shed the water and wha como que la that will be the ultimate fortification a shed do what and that's going to fortify you that's going to make your heart strong that's what's going to give you courage strength a shot do what on the strongest strength is going to come from that tahajjud well I'll put one more key that it's also going to be

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the best for your speech now what does it mean up one will pay them some have said to understand the Quran at the middle of the night will be best that is valid. Others have said it will give you the courage to speak the truth during the day and this is also valid all of these are valid interpretations right when you pray to HUD you that night it's gonna make you stronger to speak the truth will acquire more kala your speech is going to be absolutely correct meaning you will have the responsibility of a prophet fulfilled better and you're going to be able to express yourself and you're going to have the courage and even the eloquence if you pray to her God. All of this

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indicates that Allah azza wa jal is telling him this action of worship to prepare him for his responsibility in the nationality Lady He assured the watchman who are como Kala, in the lack of in a hurry subhanho wa taala. During the day, you're going to be occupied going here and there Subhan here means walking back and forth. So, so Allah azza wa jal says in the Quran that Coolen FIFA can yes by own the planets are yes by own yes bone here means they're going here and there. So Subhan here in the lack of in the house during the day, you're going to be busy, you can't worship the way you kind of Dwight at night. So in the day, you're going to be busy, we are all busy in the day

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we're going to work we're driving, we're busy in the dunya we have to take care of our chores go shopping, when will we have time so make sure at night when everybody's asleep give time to Allah subhanho wa Taala then during the day when you are busy that night routine will help you in the lack of in a hurry. Saba Hunter Wheeler was good is smarter, bigger, whatever teletype dealer but even during the day Don't forget to mention the name of your Lord and don't forget to dedicate time to him as well. Every few hours we pause everything drop what we're doing face to face, and pray five times a day even during the day, no matter how busy we are with Cody Smarak bigger constantly do

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advocate of Allah subhanho wa Taala and dedicate time whatever today he Deborah Tila in the lack of in a hurry. subhanho wa Taala where the code is robic automatically Tabitha or bull mushiya Kolmogorov Illa Illa Akela. I'm going to skip over the middle section the middle section, ALLAH SubhanA wa Tada is telling our Prophet system very briefly that ignore what they are saying. Don't bother what they are saying with and leave it to Allah subhana wa to Allah wa Jerome Hassan Jamila, don't respond with their filth in their type of similar manner. Turn away from them. Be patient with Allah, Allah is threatening to punish them like seven verses about punishments and you can go over

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them that Allah azza wa jal finishes with the last verse that Allah subhanho wa Taala says that in the Hadith Cara from inshallah da da da da da Robbie's Aveda in Rob Baca Yeah, and Mo uneca Como, Edina Minnesota de la now this is, it obviously came down after a period of time from the beginning of the surah. There is a disconnect in timeframe. The Quran, as you know, the sutras very rarely were revealed in their entirety, no large Surah came down completely at once, rather, verses came down, and then later on other verses than later on other verses, and our profit system would tell the Sahaba put this verse here, put that verse here. So our Prophet system explicitly instructed

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where to put each verse, and here we can clearly see the last verse is talking about a habit that has already been established. And the first verses is telling the process of to start to have it. The two verses are not the same timeframe, the last verse, Allah knows in the Rebecca Yeah, Adam, that you are praying so much of tahajjud you and the people with you in the Rebecca Yeah, I

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didn't mean to say Layli. When is for who ortho? Allah knows you're praying a little bit less than two thirds of the night, and sometimes half and sometimes 1/3. So Allah is saying, I see you doing this, whereas the first verse you must do, it means there was a timeframe. When Allah told him to do it, he did it. Then Allah azza wa jal revealed the last verse of the sudo and the process and told the Sahaba to edit here in this last verse. What is Allah saying, Allah is praising the prophets of Salaam and then Allah is saying, well, if a terminal Adina ma

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And a group that is with you, meaning, this is a very interesting point. If you wish to be in the elite company of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, you should pray tahajjud Allah describes the people of tahajjud as being with the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam right? So if you want to get to that level, then this is your number one mechanism to get there. Well thought if a two minute Latina mark, these are the people that are with you, your rasool Allah, the highest of the high they are doing what you are doing, well Allah he will put the relator when the heart Allah is in control of the times of the night and date that it will learn to sue Fatah but I they come here

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this is according to the majority of interpreters. This idea came to abrogate the command to pray tahajjud

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Allah azza wa jal initially made tahajjud obligatory for a period of time, then Allah azza wa jal said it's not obligatory. This is the mainstream interpretation. And there are other interpretation, we don't I don't have time for the others. But there's nothing wrong with this interpretation and it seems to match up. Allah says, I know you will never be able to do justice. So I have forgiven you forgiven you from what tab is a coma, let it go, what the obligation to pray that you come in later is a command you must pray to her. And I shall have the Allahu Ana said in the beginning to help Jude was made obligatory.

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And by the way, five prayers were not obligatory. So in those early stages of Islam, the five daily Salawat were not yet routine that came in distorted miraj that came towards the end of the makan era. In the beginning, you had to pray generically and tahajjud. Then Allah azza wa jal says, I know you will never be able to do justice. So I have let it go for taba Alikum you don't have to pray if you do. It's good, but it's not obligatory. But for Cara Omata Yes, sir Amina Quran even if you don't pray tahajjud make sure you read the Quran as much as you can fuck her Omata Yes sir. I'm Al Quran. Then Allah says I know some amongst you are going to be sick you cannot pray to hurt you. I

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know others are going to be traveling for business traveling to get this dunya you cannot pray to HUD you I know others are going to be fighting in the way of Allah you cannot pray tahajjud so don't worry, it's not obligatory, but still fuck Roma to Yes sir. I mean, who make sure you read the Quran as much as you can. So this is therefore a command to all of us who are not praying tahajjud that if you're not able to pray to HUD, you would make it up by reading the Quran as much as you can. And if you do so, you might get some of the rewards that are given to those who are praying tahajjud fucka Oh Mateus Sarah comes twice in this last ayah twice Allah is saying I know you cannot do it if you

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cannot do it. Read the Quran. I know some will be sick I know some will be traveling I know some will be doing jihad still read as much as you can have the Quran for chroma to Solomon and even if you do pray 200 Oh don't pray tahajjud do every other good deed for chroma Simon welcome mo salata. Make sure you pray the other prayers were our Tuesday carta give your Zakah will output it Allah Cadogan Hasina, give sadaqa as much as you can, and Allah will pay it back to you. Corgan Hasina means a loan that is guaranteed to be given swiftly and with more than what you have given imagine somebody said, Can you lend me $1,000 And you know, this person has a habit the next day he'll pay

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it back and I'll give you a halal gift you know, it's halal to give a gift on alone. You cannot make a condition but if he gives it this is Coghlan, Hassan, Allah is saying you give me sadaqa for the sake of the Quran, I will give it back to you immediately in more than what you have given me. So Allah is saying whatever good you do,

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Father has no one I talk about the proposal hiding whatever good you do, whether it is sada whether it is port on whether it is solid, whether it is cm, that you do who are in the law, you're going to find it with ALLAH SubhanA wa Tada who are hired on what are Obama ajira What you will get back from Allah is more than what you would have given was still federal law and throughout all of your good deeds, continue to ask Allah's forgiveness. Don't let your rituals cause your ego to be inflated that I've reached a high level know, even as you do your rituals, recognize your sins, ask Allah's forgiveness. And from this if I had been above others, they said, after every act of worship, you

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should do a stop for Allah. Because Allah is saying, whatever good you do, you will find it with Allah then and ask Allah's forgiveness. And it is the Sunnah of the Prophet system even after Salah what would he say? Soon as he will say that the same what would you say? Stop for Allah stuff for Allah stuff for Allah after doing a ritual Why do we say a stop for Allah Ibaka em says one of the reasons to

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cleanse our own ego that we feel we have done something good remind ourselves of our sins. Another reason to ask Allah's forgiveness for a shortcoming within the deed, we do Hajj we do.

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We do CRM, we do salah, what if we don't do it properly? What if there is a mistake stop for Allah for those mistakes. So what's the federal law? Then Allah azza wa jal says in the law of four Rahim Allah is indeed forgiving and merciful. This is a short summary of some of the key themes of Surah Al Muzammil May Allah azza wa jal make it easy for us to be of those who prayed tahajjud if not regularly, at least semi regularly as I keep on reminding myself and all of you if you cannot pray 200 Every night, pray it as much as you can. May Allah azza wa jal calls the Quran to be a baraka for us a source of reserve for us may Allah cleanse our hearts of any evil allow the Quran to be our

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light and our nor May Allah cause the Quran to be our Shaffir and Chef chef on the Day of Judgment will throw down hamdulillah but I mean or solo law who was sending them about a part of the Mohammedan who it was like major Marine

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in Ireland mostly me now mostly man do you want meaning well Mina the one quantity now I don't need the most law DP now saw the Bondi one saw DD know a Slavia rod the one before she you know wonderful she

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wouldn't call she I mean I want to call she I think one downside BP now one downside the party was all Amy now was all in

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one heavy Lena photo gentleman one half year warranty was good enough. Guess

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what's going on? I don't know who

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will enjoy one Eileen

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