Zahir Mahmood – The Life of Abu Dharr Al-Ghifari (RA)-Part 2

Zahir Mahmood
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Bismillah R Rahman r Rahim hamdu Lillahi Rabbil alameen

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wa salatu salam ala rasulillah Karim. While early he was Herbie he woman Sylvia Humbert son Elijah Medina about their respective brothers, elders. Sisters salaam aleikum wa rahmatullah.

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Carrying on

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regarding the life of a Buddha about the Allahu anhu.

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In the virtue of Buddha,

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the Messenger of Allah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said that in this ummah in this oma, if you want to see the Zod, the abstinence from the dimia of Isa la salatu salam, then look at a Buddha.

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If you want to see a man who has no attachment with the dunya at all, it is a Buddha or the Allahu in this ummah.

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And we mentioned how the Prophet salallahu alaihe salam gave a Buddha the loves of him beautifulness he has, today I want to speak also about how a Buddha gave other people beautifulness he has. So a Buddha, the Lauren who

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went for Hajj.

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So when people found out a Buddha or the Allahu is at the height people came around is the companion of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam. And they surrounded him, and they asked about whether or the alarm, they said, Give us some advices

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you know, give us some advices which will benefit us.

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So, the alarm who gave them some advices and the first thing he said, he said, Make a pilgrimage to Macau for your dire needs.

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When you go to Mecca, you're in Makkah Hodge go there and make the duar from the inner. And this is a place where a lost palmata Allah will not turn you away.

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He said fast in the hottest days in contemplation of the horrific day when you will stand in front of Allah subhanaw taala.

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So fast in the hottest days

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way you can envisage how it will be on that day when the sun will be a mile distance.

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The flow will be made out of metal steel, and people will be drowning.

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Not because of mortar.

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But because of how much they will be sweating.

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That's how hot that day will be.

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Then the mystery will last that some people will be drowning to the ankles, some to the hips, others will be totally and utterly drowned some handle imagine is just just imagining that you will sweat according to how sinful you have been in this dunya you will sweat on that day, so much that you will drown in your own sweat La ilaha illa Allah protect us all.

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So he said fast in the hottest days. So to a degree you can realize what that was we can't really but you can feel in essence, slightly how we will be on the Day of Judgment.

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Said pray to rockets in the darkness of the night.

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contemplation of bewilderment, loneliness and the darkness of the grave. To turn off the lights when it is very dark. Pray to rakaats and imagine that you are in your grief.

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Imagine that you are in your grave. It is actually a very good practice.

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That at nighttime that you go over what you have done during the day to Maha Sabha.

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How and how you can improve the next day. But it's also a very good thing to do is that when the light is off,

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imagine that now you are lying like you're lying in your bed. But a day will come that you and I will be lying in our grave.

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No light,

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no switch.

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The only thing

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which will illuminate that grave is our actions.

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Our actions will be our switch on that day.

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Said either say something good or remain silent pondering on awesome age long standing in the grim silence of the Day of Resurrection.

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either say something worthwhile or remain quiet, just think about your archive,

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when one day will be equivalent to 500 500 years and not 500 years of this world, but 500 years of the hereafter spend your money in charity. So, perhaps you can escape its trials

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make this world a setting for two types of conferences. One to seek the benefit of the hair after and the other to seek what is permissible, should there be a third criteria of meeting they will be of harm and have no benefit to you? Finally.

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So, this dunya is for two things either for the Hereafter, or either to seek that which is permissible for you

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is a look to your money and divided into two categories. One their ham

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you spend on your family

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and the second their ham, you given the possible loss upon Burleigh and he said if you have a third deal ham, there's no good in it. And this was a

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message of Allah said if you want to see the abstinence

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of East LA salatu salam amongst this ummah, then look at a Buddha. And this was a Buddha, Allah who's fick on this issue.

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A Buddha who believed that if you had a penny over your basic needs, you must give it in the path of a lost bombala. So by the end of the day, if you got any extra money, you fed yourself you fed your family. If you are anything extra, you need to give it in the path of Allah subhanho wa Taala. And where he got this from, was that when he was with the Messenger of Allah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, and the Messenger of Allah said, Oh Buddha, if I had equivalent to the mountain of ohana the mountain goes on for miles and miles and miles. I will do this with it. And I would do this with it. And I will do this with it indicated with his hands, meaning I would give it in the path of Allah,

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what by a day or two, I would have nothing left.

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So a boozer embodied this. So when Islam began to spread, and is and the riches of the other countries came to the Muslims, a Buddha was in Damascus. So Damascus was the outpost. So Mecca, Medina actually became very small compared to the outpost because they grew, everybody went there, all the wealth came to those places. So he's there. So the governor of Damascus is more aware of the alarm. So now a Buddha because that's his opinion, you can't keep anything extra. He would go around and especially to all the leaders he would say, look, this big house, given the path of Allah, this extra money you got given the price of Allah subhanho wa Taala until him in Mojave or the alarm who

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had a debate, and he would go into the offices and he would make, you know, he would pull them up and he would say that what you have extra you need to give him the path of Allah subhanho wa Taala.

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And he had his opinion we need to get it from. See this verse, which I'm going to read now for the vast majority of the scholars they say it's regarding Zipcar. This is regarding the car, but a Buddha said no, no, it's not regarding the Garth is regarding any penny that you have access. You have extra you need to give in the past of the last month or so Allah subhanaw taala says in the Quran, Allah Dena amanu in Mecca serum in a barrier of money. Leah coluna wala na Sybil Bastille? We also do not answer be Lila will Latina yekini una vaca will feel better. When are you in favor akuna feasable Allah for Bashir?

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He would say oh you believe Allah in the Quran? Oh, you believe indeed many of the bar, the preachers, the priests and and this can encompass the Jewish and the Christians were rough man and the monks they eat the wealth of the people bill Barton faucet

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and they stop people from the path of Allah subhanaw taala and then Allah say what Medina Yeah, can you do that and those who hold gold and silver and do not spend in the path of Allah for Bashir home the other bit, give them glad tidings and as kind of a glad tidings not really glad tidings.

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Give them glad tidings, Allah will punish them on the day of doom and then Allah goes to mention how that low and punish them now, according to the vast majority of them have a serene modesty indorama this is regarding zakat. Buddha said no, no, no, no. This is regarding any Penny you have extra. You need to give in a part of Allah subhanho wa Taala. So when you read this verse, tomorrow we are on the line and why is it Oh no, no, you misunderstood this. Allah here is saying in the case even middle man, Allah is not speaking about the Muslims, Allah speaking about the Jews and the Christians and the monks, etc. Not about the Muslims. Buddha said, Yes, the verse speaks about the

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bar and the man. But how does it last started? Yeah, you alladhina amanu inner Kathy Rahman Al Abadi workman, oh, you who believe many of the bar and the rock band do this.

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So although he's informing you about the Jews and the Christian, but in reality, Allah is speaking to the believers.

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So these debates took place between him and why are we here and the others until Mojave got tired now this is in the time of Manuel de la. So he sent a letter to a man who was in Medina and he said look, you know, a Buddha is giving us a difficult time.

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Call him

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so smarter. The learner wrote a letter back to what he said send him to Medina, but make sure you honor Him because He is a great companion of the message of London's beloved to the message of Allah. So he comes to

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Medina and he men of man have a discussion him and Omar obviously he had a great amount of respect for Manuel de alarma. We love this man with the learner. So smarter the man who speaks to him

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and he said okay, I will listen, but I will not stay in Medina. If you want me to remain quiet, I cannot stay in Medina.

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He said, Why? He said, because the Messenger of Allah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said, Oh Buddha, when you see people building on the mountain of sin or mountain of sin is the mountain in Medina and it's the mountain way around the way the profits and loss on the Battle of hubdoc he kept his tent. So he said when you see people building on the mountain of Silla, that leave Medina, he said buildings are already erected there.

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So I will not stay in Medina. I will go out so he went to a place called Rama. Rama is about 16 miles outside Medina.

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Now I honestly marveled at these narrations. Because Allah, Allah alayhi wa sallam said to a Buddha, if you see people building on the mountain of Silla, then don't say Medina is better you move out to Medina. I imagine if the message of Allah came back today.

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And he went to the haramain Sharifi

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and soon as you walk and Abramowitz Allah Allah someone's a humble biller, the Illa Lama saw Judo were unbelievable Villa de la jolla swaha, the most beloved places to Allah Masjid in the most despised places, other marketplaces and out of the most beloved Masjid, the Herman Sharifi and soon as you walk out of the Haram al Sharif a What do you see? Mashallah. KFC, McDonald's?

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You know, Rado, all the latest brands? And the longest queue? Oh, yeah, the UK guys and the Westerners, longest queues in KFC long. And imagine this is the most beloved place and what do you see, you know, the, the most advanced kind of forms of hegemony, Western hegemony in a place which capitalism

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in the most Mubarak phrase that there is

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so abuser of the Allahu anhu. Now he leaves Medina, and he goes to stay in the lava.

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And abusers house in Ramallah was very simple, because the Buddha was a Buddha. So one man but one person came to a Buddha or the alarm when he saw his house and he said, said a Buddha,

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with all your goods

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in a ways all your furniture is very simple.

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He said, I have another house. The guy said, you have another house? He said, Yes, he said, and all my possessions I've sent forward said where's that

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He said that houses in the UK

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is a nice house in the UK and I've said everything there and he said, You know the owner of this house is not gonna allow me to stay here for very long, but the owner of that house will allow me to stay there for eternity. And you know what life will be back to the heartbeat of the message of Allah Allah Allah Allah was on when

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he came into the house of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam and he looked around and it's hardly anything there there's a few water skins

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and there's a few other things in the message of Allah is lying down and Omar looks around and Omar keys up

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and the Messenger of Allah said, Omar What's wrong? And the problem and Omar the Allahu said, O Messenger of Allah, look at the case law and the case law, the leader of the Romans and the Persians. Look at the lifestyle look at their lifestyle. Look at the lavish nature in which they live in message of Allah you are the Beloved of Allah. And look what you have.

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The Ella hi Lola Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam was sitting down, and he sat up.

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And the math that he was lying on was so rough, that he left an imprint on the side of the Messenger of Allah. And he said, Oh, God, even you

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owe me.

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Even you don't understand. My example is like a traveler who rests under retreat for a little while, and then he moves on to his eternal abode. When I read this narration, oh, Buddha

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said, Gee, people at the message of Allah created the Sahaba were generally Zohan they were generally people who lived a life of abstinence, but there was on a different level.

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A Buddha was the same Sahabi

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who called Bilal Yamuna. So de

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he has got into an argument with above or below the line when he said Yamuna soda he said oh you son of a black woman.

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So below the line got offended and he went to the message of a line is no mystery you will love. This man. Arab thinks he's better than I am. And he insults me through my mother.

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And the message of Allah didn't say, oh, Buddha, the man who bought you know, the entirety of the gift far embrace. They all embraced Islam, the entirety of the bunny Islam, that one of the leaders of his tribe, the Messenger of Allah summoned him.

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And he said, Oh, Bizarro, he's a Yaba in a camera on fecal jaha Oh, bizarre. You know, that trait of yours has nothing to do with Islam is generally a treat.

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And what was a boozer like so Pamela, everybody makes mistakes. But the man is he who realized he's made a mistake.

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And the alarm went out.

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And he lie down on the floor and he said, I will not stand up from here until below, comes and places his foot on my chest. Meaning he insults me, he degrades me

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when below the law came below, forced him up with his hands.

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And this had such an impact on a mover that the duration is him because he was when he was walking with one of his sleeves, and their sleeve with exactly the same clothes as a Buddha.

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And they said, opposer your slave seems to be better dressed than you do.

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And opposer of the olana said I insulted a man through his mother.

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I insulted a man through his mother.

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And the brothers Allah Allah wa sallam said, Oh brother, you are a man of Jamelia. And then the Messenger of Allah said, me Muhammad, I am equally the son of a black woman as I am a white woman because I'm a man who breastfed the message of Allah was black.

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He said that had an everlasting impact on me. And he said, the Messenger of Allah said to me, one Oh, come home look.

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Your brothers or your husbands. Normally in the Arabic language, you would say one or come a whole lukumi one come, your whoredoms your servants are your brothers. That's how you would normally say it. But if you want to emphasize then you turn it around, you put one brothers first. So your brothers are your husbands.

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And this had an ever lasting effect on our booth or the alarm and who, you know, you know, Jim thing about this? What did he say to him? He said Yamuna soda. You said of a black woman, what was his mother his mother was black.

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He stated a fact.

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But just by you stating a fact when you insult other people,

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when you upset other people, even that is not permissible. You know where people say, bro, you know me, what you see is what you get. I'm direct. Like, like, now you have a license to say exactly what you want. It's not a good quality. What you see bro me, black and white.

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I say it like it is

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what so you are licensed to tell people.

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You are licensed to embarrass people won't believe what a Buddha said. Yeah, Vanessa was a fact. His mother was black.

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But the Messenger of Allah still said Emre in Mecca in brown fecal geranium, and you are a person who has the traits of jargony, which

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abuser lived his life in rubber.

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When a Buddha roseola was passing away,

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his wife said, Oh, she said, Oh, my husband,

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I don't have enough kerferd

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to bury you. What am I gonna do when you die? It's only his wife. That's all nobody else with him.

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Say, don't worry, Allah will provide

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an abuser of the law and who passes away.

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And his wife is now looking for somebody to dig the graves of men to dig the grave to bury her husband. The corpse is like she doesn't have enough covered. So she's running around looking for somebody.

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If the bodies lived there for too long.

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It will rot. It's hot. So she's running around and then she sees a group of men.

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And they're riding towards goofer from Medina. And she says to them, would you like to perform the janazah of a companion or the Messenger of Allah, the leader of this group of people, Abdullah bin Maputo.

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And I'm done living with Susan, of course, she said, Who is it? She said, a Buddha.

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And the narration is mentioned that he began to cry uncontrollably.

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And then after a while, when he stopped crying, he began to smile.

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And they asked him, Why are you smiling for he said, because I heard the message of a loss a mother, a group of Muslims will pray your janazah.

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So the message of Allah said regarding those people who would pray the generals of Abu Dhabi, that they will be Muslims.

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And Abdullah bin Masuda La Jolla to lead the janazah abuser of the new demand regarding the who the prophets Allah Salam said, if you want to see the absence of each of the Miriam in this coma, then look at a Buddha with the alarm.

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And he stood on the janazah Then he began to cry.

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And he said indeed, what the Messenger of Allah said was truth.

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Yeah, bizarre. them she was,

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what was what?

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I heard the Messenger of Allah say, a Buddha, in this world, you will walk alone

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abuser, you will die alone.

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And on the Day of Judgment, Allah will resurrect you all by yourself.

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The truth what the Messenger of Allah said, regarding a Buddha, Allah, may Allah subhanho wa Taala elevate the status of a Buddha. May Allah subhanaw taala make him a source of inspiration for us. May Allah subhanaw taala makers among those who understand the reality of the dunya and the Akira, may Allah subhanaw taala elevate the Messenger of Allah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam Allah reward the Messenger of Allah the Sahaba of the land and for the inspiration for us Baraka Luffy comes up from LA hidden salaam aleikum wa rahmatullah.

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