Rewarded With Hajj Without Performing Hajj

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Similar men are Rahim al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil alameen wa salatu salam ala rasulillah carry wahdat promise eldor salaam aleikum wa Taala.

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I wanted to speak about

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those actions, which by remaining here in the UK, because obviously many of us had intended to go for hygiene and circumstances are such that we are unable to go for Hajj. But by remaining even here, we will get their award for performing hajj. Now this is Rama from Allah subhanaw taala. Today's Rama for us Why? Because

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we intended to go for Hajj. Many people intended to go for hikes many people have been saving for years to go for Hajj. But it happened such that we can't go for Hajj. And the irony of this is that there was a time where if you wanted to go for Hajj, you would travel for a year, possibly more than a year when you would go and perform how much you may stay there in that area for a few years. And then you would decide to come back home. And many people would never ever come back home again.

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Today we live in an era where it takes us six hours to do the same journey that it would take people used to do, but we are unable to go for Hajj.

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And one of the reasons that Allah subhanaw taala allow the believers to get the same reward

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for staying at home but the same reward for Hodge was that there are many people who have never ever been able to perform much they will never be able to perform hard why circumstances

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don't have the money. So Allah subhanaw taala to console these individuals.

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Allah subhanaw taala allow them to stay where they were

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and get the same reward for Hajj for those who can perform Hajj.

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Now you must understand this that we are here speaking about reward for hedge. This does not negate the for either and the obligation for hygena you listen to this token of this. Okay, I'll do these actions and I don't need to go for hedge I get the reward for hedge no hype is a follow up. It is one of the pillars of Islam. And if you are able to go for Hajj, it is an obligation for you to go for Hajj.

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So let me start with the first thing which is upon Allah, which you and I can attain this reward five times a day, the reward for hudge What is that?

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The Messenger of Allah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said

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a person who performed purity at home. So he does mobile at home. And then he goes for the father of Allah, He will get the reward of a Haji the reward of Hajj.

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So you do Google at home everybody's at home today. you're forced to do at home today. And then you come for the Salah, the for salah and you perform the fourth Allah by doing this action you get their award for the in for a Hajj. Subhana Allah imagine this. Now, we understand from this narration one thing that to do Hulu at home is better than to Moodle at the masjid. And the Hadith also mentions that he gets the Hajj of a person who is in the State of Iraq. So a person who's going for Hajj and he's in the state of Iran. Obviously when you're in a state of alarm, your reward is greater. Why? Because when you do whoo from home, it is like you like whoo is an obligation for your

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Salah to be fulfilled. That Haram is an obligation for your Hajj to be fulfilled. And this is why the Anima equate the two that you do whoo from home. You are like a Haji who is wearing his or her arm and going for Hajj.

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In another generation the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said

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that person who goes for the for your Salah to the masjid

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and after performing his photo Salah he sits down and he does the vicar of Allah subhanho wa Taala until the time of Iraq

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and then he prays to God

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He will get the reward of a person performing Hutch

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and so some may think you know that's quite easy.

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The role is Allah Salaam said just to remove the doubt. Tama Tom dama dama three times. Full Hodge

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full Hodge full Hutch

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look so Pamela, and this is the old one like the Lamb of Allah subhanaw taala many people will never be able to go for Hajj and they will have the desire to perform Hajj. So Allah subhanaw taala makes it easy for these people that by staying at home and performing these actions, they will get the entirety for the reward of Hajj.

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Now, what does it mean during the vicar of Allah subhanaw taala. To say that you don't really speak unless you need to speak. If you got Aurora to speak, then you speak.

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The Vicar of Allah means that you can sit there do this V.

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Then you can read the Quran that you can read a book that you can even listen to a lecture you will fall in the dhikr of Allah XLB Allah so after praying your for your Salah, you stayed all the way to Iraq. When it comes time you pray to the gods, you get the reward of a hydrogen dama dama dama three times, full, full, full Hutch.

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Another action.

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With a province Allah Allah alayhi wa sallam said

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to a person he was advising them about being good to his mother.

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And the Messenger of Allah said, Be good to your mother. And if you are good to your mother, the Messenger of Allah said anta Hodge one more Tommy one major hit. If you are a person who's good to his mother, not only do you get the reward of a Haji, not only are you getting the reward of a Haji of person who's performing the Amara. But

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imagine so Pamela, the reward that a person gets for being good to their parents. Sometimes that often you know, our parents are alive, our mothers are alive. We take it for granted.

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We don't really bother with them, we are busy with other things. But look at the reward. Not only will you get the reward of a Haji, not only will you become a Haji in reward, not only will you get the reward of a person who would perform aamra but you will also become a mature hit. By what buying being good to your parents. And this is why brothers and sisters never take for granted what you have with your parents one life.

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There are door to Jenna, the Messenger of Allah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said Your father is a door to Jenna. As long as your father is alive, that door remains open for you to get to Jenna.

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Jenna is under the feet of your mother.

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The day your mother leaves this dunya

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that second door of gender closes

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and it is the easiest way to gender.

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It is the easiest way to gender because naturally you love your parents. It's easy to be good to your parents as the things are difficult.

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And therefore brothers do not take for granted your parents or brothers Alomar it was seldom said if you're good to your parents, you're good to your mother,

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Hydra award

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Omar Award and the reward of jihad. And I know

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that none of us are going to really do jihad.

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Jihad on the dinner table Yes, with us as far as as far as it goes.

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The other another action a person can do and get the rewards

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of performing hajj and remaining at home, as hasn't bacillary Rahmatullah Allah said, he said, I prefer that a person assist another person. This is more beloved to me for a person to do hatch after hatch. So he's already done his fourth hatch. It is more beloved to me that he he does this the assist another person, then rather to hug after hug hasn't personally lived where he lived in Basel II. He didn't live in Makkah Medina he's talking about if a person traveled all the way from Barcelona to go to Macau to perform hajj, which was a real sacrifice.

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Even then it is more beloved to him that a person

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stay at home and assist other people as long as he's filled, fulfilled his fourth Salah for

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as long as he's done his father Haji, this is more beloved to him. And you have one law you have the son of who would actually act upon this. Abdullah bin Mubarak Ramadan La La Abdullah bin Mubarak lived where Abdullah bin Mubarak lived in Central Asia, Turkmenistan, every other year he would do Hajj. The veneration mentioned He's going for Hajj.

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And he's traveled for a period of time. No Saudi airlines no british airways. He's traveled for a long period of time. And they come to this village and they're resting in his village and Abdullah bin worker amatola la haze the crying of some girls. And a boy living in war Chronicle la sends one of his students has gone find out what's happening.

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So his student goes to find out what's happening. And he comes back and he says she

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is crying have two girls. They're at an age, their parents can't afford to marry them off.

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And that's why the girls were crying that they're going to spend the rest of their life in their house of their parents. Abdullah bin Mubarak Rama de la la the famous Abdullah bin Mubarak. This scholar the Muhammad is the Zahid the majority and unparalleled in history. Abdullah bin Mubarak Rahmatullah LA, emptied his purse. He gave every penny that he had to this family, he turned on his heels, and he went back to Merv

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because the son of believed to help another person, the reward of helping another person is better than Hodge after Hutch. Imagine.

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Imagine, you're in a time of difficulty.

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Who would you like to help you the most in your time of difficulty?

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Your father, your mother, your brother, the hero?

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Who would you like the most? You would like Allah subhanaw taala obviously,

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nobody can help you as much as Allah can help you.

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That Allah puts a condition down, that Allah will help you in your moments of difficulty, as long as you fulfill one condition. In the life you only have to he mme and only as long as you're assisting other people.

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Allah will remain in your assistance.

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If you want, in your time of difficulty, allowed to come to your assistance, then assist other people.

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And if you never ever assist other people, then do not be upset. And you're running around hoping for help. But if allies out of the equation there is no help for you.

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When would you like

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the greatest assistant when when would you like this the greatest assistance.

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The greatest assistance we all would like is on the Day of Judgment. So he

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when your parents will leave your side, when your wife and your children will leave your side everybody will run and br will be saying enough's enough see

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the barbarism Allah alayhi wa sallam said, Who ever removed the difficulty from his brother in this dunya

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that Allah will remove his difficulties on the Day of Judgment.

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If you assist your brothers

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in this dunya

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Allah will help you and I when we need assistance the most.

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And also in this dunya according to the south, if you've performed your height, it is better to help other people that do nothing had

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action. So upon the law and law of these actions that you get the reward for hajah it related to Salah.

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Another action.

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Is that after Salah you reject us B

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you read your test b 34 times a locomotive 33 times Angela 33 times Alhamdulillah you will get the reward of a person doing Hutch

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and the time of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam

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A group of Sahaba want to live in came to the message of Allah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam worried concerned, and they said O Messenger of Allah.

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You know the rich people, they pray Salah, like we pray Salah, they fast like we fast, but because of their wealth

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they do hij they do omura they do jihad, they give sadaqa we can't do that. And look how beautiful this narration is. Because these were the Sahaba is one of mine. None of them came to complain to the province of Omar they also loved that they were poor.

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It wasn't their poverty that they complained about it was the fact that they couldn't do good actions.

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That was their concern.

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So the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam said to them,

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he said if you after for Salah, after you finish your Salah, read 34 times a low of 33 times some harmala 33 times Alhamdulillah you will get the same reward as those who with their wealth, perform the Hajj, their alma de Jihad and gives us the kind of possible loss of hamata.

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And in one narration, that was Allah Sallam said actually you will get a greater reward than they will.

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And this is why poor people will go into Jenna what 500 years before rich people

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Because they don't have the same accountability as you and I do.

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They don't have the same amount of wealth as you and I do. And therefore they will go into jedna 500 gs 500 gs What? Not of this dunya

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not of this dimia 500 Js of the era

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and this is why the province of Muslim would make dua aloha My name is Keenan, what a mitre. Myskina will surely be Zuma till Misaki in Yokohama. Allah as long as you keep me alive, then keep me alive in poverty.

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When the Messenger of Allah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam passed away,

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I shadow the alarm ha says then, before he passed away, he only had six Durham's in his possession. Imagine this six Durham's and he said to me, Ayesha, how much do I have in my possession? I said six dyrham say give me the possible law.

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The word is Allah La La wa sallam, within his lifetime Listen to this.

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within his lifetime equivalent to today's money spent $21 million in the path of Allah

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$21 million for a man whose wife say some time for two months, the stove will not be lit in our house.

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I hear the alarm ha says since the day we came to Medina, no two days did we consecutively have barley roti,

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roti chappati

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$21 million.

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Allah Allah ye Messina, what a mutiny Myskina

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Allah when you give me death and give me death with the poor people

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and Allah when you resurrect me on the Day of Judgment, you know those people who are going genda first the poor people

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resurrect me with them.

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The Alomar say, what a virtue for the poor people. The Messenger of Allah never said what Allah resurrect the poor people would mean to resurrect me with the poor people.

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Get the reward for silica for Jihad for Hajj, who by doing what does be after Salah 34 times olarak but 33 times Allah hamdulillah 33 times Superman

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and there are other rewards. If you perform them you get the reward of Hajj and ombre.

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And therefore brothers, you know we can get great reward here. It is the ROM of Allah subhanaw taala that sitting here, we can go for Hajj.

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This year, nobody can go for Hajj.

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But we can get the same reward for those who are performing hajj.

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Honestly, there are many people will la who go for Hajj

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whose hearts Earth was sitting in front of the cup

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But their hearts are not connected with the last panel.

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They've been for Haji Amara so many times is more of a shopping spree. It's more of a holiday. And I've seen this many times.

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And there are many people who are 1000s of miles away.

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Who will most likely never do her job in their life because they can't afford it. But their hearts are connected to the Kaaba, their hearts are connected with lust pantalla because the reality is, Allah doesn't look at your body, the journey of your body, a lot looks at this journey of your soul.

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And there will be people who are never ever

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never ever been for Hajj. never performed for Hajj, but they hatch is kaboom in the light accepted by last panel adalah I was reading the story of a lady who came from one of the the South Asian areas.

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She descended from the plane and she fell into such that she was so happy and she cried and she cried and she cried.

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The porters saw her crying they didn't want to move or they don't want to disturb her.

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Eventually she stopped crying. They left her ancestor for a while. And then eventually they said come on over lady Get up. It's time to go.

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The lady had passed away.

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They went to check the story of this lady and they say for years this lady was saving money to go for Hajj four years.

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elated, happy

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and she makes it there

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and she passes away before she performed the Hajj.

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But as it may Tamia Rahim Allah says that person makes and near to do an action of hate and he started but he's unable to finish it. But Allah give them the reward of finishing it. I have seen in my own eyes, I'm sure some of you have seen the videos I've seen with my own eyes. When the Chinese they leave

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and they do their final walk around the Kaaba, they leave and they walk backwards. They walk backwards, they don't want to face their back towards the garba because they know that this is their first time and last time they will ever come to this place.

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And you have many guys going for the west to go every single year and then just chillin.

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bodies are there but hearts are not there.

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So May Allah subhanaw taala make is amongst those who do actions which are pleasing to Allah subhanaw taala

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May Allah subhanaw taala give us to do Tofig to do actions with that we are sitting here but we get the action and the reward for hygiene obrah May Allah subhanaw taala give us a trophy to praise Allah with Yama to do his Vicar to be good with our parents. May Allah subhanaw taala keep our hearts united dunya and reunited all in general for those Baraka freecom. salaam aleikum wa rahmatullah.