Zahir Mahmood – PALESTINE The Ummah That Never Dies

Zahir Mahmood
AI: Summary © The Quran is essential for believers to bring back the message of Allah and strengthen believers, while also addressing conflict with other groups. The upcoming appeal to Congress for $4 billion for the war in Iraq is discussed, along with the history of Islam and its importance in the West. The speakers encourage others to trust Islam and make it their own legacy, while also emphasizing the need for people to have a focus and not overcome fear. The conversation also touches on the creation of a bus and the use of the Hoters in war.
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Bismillah R Rahman r Rahim.

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hamdulillah Hello bill I mean

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salatu salam ala Satan Masuri Maulana Muhammad wa ala Aly he was however he woman Surya cumbia Hassan in your Medina oh by the respective brothers elders sisters salam alaikum warahmatullah

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Have you ever

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thought about the stories in the app

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look at the stories in the Quran

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you have the story of Musa and estrutura and other ambient names Lazzara

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they know in generally in one place Have you ever thought why Musa story here why Musa story there why Musa story the why not just in one place finish class you want to get all the story regarding Musa neighs lotto in one place you got to loot the lace that's not one place you got it? Yeah, khubilai slots, one place, everything in one place. Why? What's the reason?

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Because see, the Quran is a book which uplifts a belief.

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It strengthens the Eman of a believer. So through a believers life, you have your highs and your lows and your ups and your downs.

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And you need to recourse back to the book of Allah to give you strength.

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Similarly, in the life of the messenger of allah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, there will be highs and lows, times of defeat times of victory, time to hope times over an element of despair.

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And then Allah would remind the message of Allah and the believers. Oh, finding a toast. Remember Musa what happened with him and her own? You will Quraysh

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remember the time of how Musa lay salatu salam had to deal with the Bani SR II. So this is why anytime a believer has difficulty in his life, he always has the Quran to go back to.

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And the Quran is always there to inspire a believer.

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And this is why Allah subhanaw taala never place the stories in one place. You place them in different different places in the different times in the life of the prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam and this is why brothers and sisters in times of despair in times of difficulty and every time the Quran is always there for us.

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Like he was there for the Sahaba it is there for us today. And this is why when you ever feel despondent in your life, you five find difficulty in your life, always recourse to the book of Allah because Allah speaking to you

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that's Allah speaking to you.

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See, when you see what is happening today in Gaza when you see what's happened before sometimes you think how long is this gonna last for

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you know, it looks like a time a coma that they may just fall apart. One Allah he's you look into history, and you will see that this is the Ummah which never dies.

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This Ummah always lives Am I have his highs and its lows and his ebbs and flows, but this Your man is dead.

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When the messenger of allah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam migrated from Mecca to Medina and we didn't take refuge if you take took refuge in a little cave.

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The Grace came behind him they had an expert tracker to find they came right up to the mouth of the cave. Right up to the mouth. Abu Bakr is looking up and he says message of ALLAH one of them looked down at their feet, they will say yes, game over.

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The Messenger of Allah said Ma that no cabanes name, Allah filelist Omar, sample Baka. What do you think about those two? When Allah is desert?

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What do you think? Do you think anybody can do anything to those to whom Allah is the third? Allah did not give them the Tofik to go and look in the mouth of the cave. Although the tracks show them right to the mouth of the cave.

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Because when Allah protects you remember, remember what Allah he remember, when a love or takes you when Allah is on your side. Nothing can harm you.

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Today Biden is going to appeal to the Congress for sympathy for

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$4 billion for Israel

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and Ukraine. Normally they give $4 billion of military aid to Israel every single day, every single year. Now $74 billion

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of aid to who to Israel and Ukraine.

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But when Allah is your third,

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your trillions will not help you. One llahi $2 trillion was spent. Were in Afghanistan. $2 trillion.

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You threw out the Afghanistan, the Taliban, you spent $2 trillion.

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After spending $2 trillion, you left Afghanistan the next day, the very same Taliban walked in.

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Maru amacher Allah Allahu Allah Karim. They plot and they plan and Allah plans

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and Allah is the best of planners.

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So this ummah will never ever go away. This Omar never dies.

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We we haven't been faithful to the Palestinians. But let me tell you, we've been far more faithful than others. 22% of Palestine was Christian when Israel was created. Now it's a few few percent but the Muslims are still there. By the grace of Allah subhanaw taala because they believe so if you look throughout history, every moment they think Muslims finished and Muslims they finished. No Muslims are always there. You look at Brother 300 Sahaba Radi Allahu Anhu against 1000 Sahaba and sticks to horses, a few camels.

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And they were they and weapons, dead horses, they had sorted everything.

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Allah said that we'll look at NASA Comala button and we're honored to Mozilla. Allah assisted you a burden, or unto Mozilla has two meanings that you are small in number, or that in the eyes of your enemies, you will believe you are nobodies.

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And Allah says, Who has assisted you Allah says I assisted you

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that after all heard what happened? After our hearts 70 Sahaba passed away, Martin. Literally every single Sahabi was injured. There were 1000 of them. They said the Muslims will never ever stand again. The Muslim stood again, because they're Muslims don't go away. Because this is a relationship we have with Allah. We have a relationship with our human

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brothers understand, Allah put you on this earth for a reason. We're about to Jana. Well, inter alia baboon, you have been placed on this earth for a reason. Your greatest goal is to to worship Allah to please Allah to assist your brothers and sisters to have a connection with Allah subhanho wa taala. That's your Prophet Allah makes it clear.

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Allah did not put you on this earth for any other purpose. Every other thing is a means to this. If you work that work must be something which related to your worship to Allah subhanaw taala Wilma hello to Jinnah will insert

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this is the purpose of every single believer.

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Then came a heads up Allahu Akbar abou Sophia who was in charge of the Army, the Battle of the Confederates that all of them united against the Muslim to choose their Messiah key. All of them march on Medina you know what most of you and said my final battle. After today the Muslims will never ever stand then and tested.

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The Muslims were 3000 2000 true believers 1000 MODAF at the army was over 11,000 Can you imagine?

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They said this will be the final battle. The messenger the messenger of allah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam told the Sahaba to dig a trench.

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And then the rest of Allah told him when he broke the Boulder the rock that Allah would give you victory.

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And imagine this. This is today brothers, this is real. This is you and I today Wallahi.

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The Sahaba on the side of the church, the 11th house around the side of the trench. They're looking at them. There's tools out

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The true Muslims 1050. Now they're looking at the enemy.

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With AI, they're seeing exactly the same thing.

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And then Allah draws a picture.

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He says, We're not gonna 15 looked at the enemy, they looked at the numbers. They looked at their power, they looked at them might,

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they said, Is your cooler mafia owner one Levina V colubrid model than my Warden Allah was to look into hoorah. Last one, when we looked at the enemy, and those who are sick in their heart, those who would waiver, those who demand people whose demand was weak. They said, You know what Allah and His other suitors promises just now that we will be victorious. It's just a deception.

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There, don't you believe Allah is the Holic?

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That you believe Allah is the superpower.

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And then Allah says when the believers with their two eyes, looked at the very same thing, I'm watching this. They're looking at the very same thing. Allah says, Well, no, Mara and Mortmain xaba Carlu Hazama Walden, Allah what a voodoo was sort of Kulla what a sudo La Ilaha illa Allah, the believers, Allah says when the believers looked at this very same thing, the 11,000 on the other side of the church, they said, This is what Allah our school promises.

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This is what Allah Allah rasool Allah promises. And Allah Allah will soon has said, spoken the truth to brothers, sisters will lie. Yes, it hurts, but never become disappointed because this is an ummah which never dies.

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This is an ummah which never die, this OMA was revived itself. Throughout history. You will have your highs and your lows, that's natural. But trust in Allah. Make your connection with Allah.

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Don't just make dua when when you're in times of desperation to our older time. It says Allah to do everything, the Mercy of Allah and the Battle of Buddha, he could have gone out

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and fought and increase the numbers of the Muslim body they do. Most of the time. He sat in the tent, and he made dua to Allah. He made so much dua to Allah, he cried. He became unconscious. He cried so much, said Allah, handful of Muslims, they die Islam finishes

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until Allah Azza wa Taala showed him Jabra incoming.

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Have you watched? Have you been following? What's been happening in Gaza?

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Have you heard them saying, Say Wallahi? It seems like Allah nostra is descending from the heavens. Have you seen the doctor when he smells a person that Shaheed

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is as one might have ever smelt a fragrance like this in my life?

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Have you seen them they were they were saying that we my end

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that we are we are confident that our hearts have solace in them. Why? Because when Allah gives you solace, nobody can defeat you Allah He and you think this is something abstract?

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Did I miss it? Didn't Allah mentioned the Sakina that he descended upon the heart of the Sahaba when they were scared? Allah says I pray Sakina upon the hearts so much Sakina that is standing in front of the enemy, they fall asleep.

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Because that's what come from Allah subhanho wa Taala so do not ever Obama he become despondent.

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trust in Allah subhanho wa taala.

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Allah subhanaw taala has his time. And when that time is there, Allah subhanaw taala will give the believers victory but Allah says that it's right upon us that we help and give victory to the believers. But Allah has his time. Allah is Allah we are the slave. You are not Allah. Allah does not have to listen to you and I.

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Allah has his time. Look after the Prophet sallallahu alayhi salam passed away. Imagine this, let me draw this picture to see you if you've never heard it before. Let me draw this picture. The Messenger of Allah has passed away. His body is in machina we in the house I showed the Allah

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groups of the ups and downs of beyond the largest tribes are marching on to Medina to take Medina, the Ansara saying that we're going to choose a deed from ourselves. Literally literally

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The entirety of those who have embraced Islam one way or the other have rebelled besides one place in Yemen three places in the hedgehog dive Makkah and Medina that's it.

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Abu Bakr says, I will wage war with every single one. They came to almost came to the Sahaba skin so you for real.

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We were rebellious at the mercy of Allah passed away. We got people to attack him, Medina and you aren't saying you got to wage war everybody.

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Abu Bakr said, if I have to fight them all by myself, I will fight them all myself.

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He said el caso de la Anaheim.

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Can the Dean be reduced with the Messenger of Allah bought an Abu Bakr, his closest companion is alive? Never.

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So imagine this, the world is against you. The world is against you. But one man changed the landscape of history.

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One man ought to say if it wasn't for Abu Bakr, we wouldn't be we would have been destroyed. Alice Rosie Allah Allah says, After the demise of the Prophet salallahu Alaihe Salam, we became like foxes. And then Abu Bakr turned us into lions again.

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So never become despondent upon what is happening around you because Allah has his prescribed time.

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The Mercy of Allah within his lifetime

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sent to the Sahaba of the Allah Han who left of the handle custom tinea for naval Amin, amin Doha were named Jason Danika. Jace, he told us a harbor that you will surely conquer Constantinople that best me will be that Amin and that will be the best of armies. So many of the Sahaba participated in battle to conquer it because they want to be to be those people who you will hear the alarm is buried in this that and Opal. It was over at his old

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Allah has his time when he was at Concord 800 years after the Messenger of Allah said

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800 years when a kebab Radi Allahu Bilal and all the other Sahaba came to the Mercy of Allah salAllahu alayhi wa sallam, and they said obviously if Allah we can't take any more persecution is unbearable.

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The problem is Allah Allah Allah Islam was sitting against a company, he sat up

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and he said, you know those who came before you? It was an instant, it didn't happen right away.

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They will be placed, the ditch will be dug and they will replace in that ditch and then they will be sold in half. The skins will be removed from their body is an integral component to start you since you imagine is telling Bilal

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is telling her Bobby's telegram bar. He's telling the most persecuted of the Sahaba

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rest chill out Wait, Allah has His time Don't worry in a concurrent with a star delude you are a group of people who haste.

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Don't haste because Allah has his time. And when Allah subhanaw taala time comes, then you will see the change. You think, use the machine laksa as Salah Hadid was created out of a vacuum. No Do you actually believe that? Do you think Santa olien just woke up one morning and said look, I'm gonna go and conquer Islam. I'm gonna go and conquer machu laksa. No, no Rudy created Sara Hadid. They say every day was a new routine there will be no sallahu de novo to the merchant if nobody was turd. So now he was Kurdish but they had one fickle finger of the ummah.

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He created him, he merchant him their mission was to conquer mashallah laksa liberate the Muslims. No Rudy and had a pulpit created that the day that we come come up with Aqsa, the Imam will give khutbah on this pulpit. No will be passed away. But that's it. That's what you call a legacy. He created Nomura. He created Salahuddin when sallahu Deen conquered it.

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The first Joomla hotbar was done on the pulpit of nurudeen Rahmatullah.

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So nothing is made in a vacuum. You want greatness of this ummah, I'm telling you now,

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then you crew, create people in the rituals, create children over connection with Allah

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create your

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one I have a family member who's on jury service now listen to this. She's on jury service. She goes I go there half the names for the court, the defendants half of whom are Muslim, Euro 50% of Birmingham. So this shows what you and I have created so far. We created garbage because they knew our garbage

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we have no creating a future for our OMA no o'clock no man has no connection with Allah, no concern, just a bunch of rude boys.

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And that that's the reality. So brothers, listen, do not become despondent of what you see on your media Wallahi let me tell you something.

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I am tell you Allah is with the people of Gaza. I be to Gaza. You don't want the people to have pre through for 16 years. They bricks the solid.

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Allah chooses a group of people for a period of time.

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Allah gives them the HEMA

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he gives them the power. Bow let me ask you, what are you and I are going to do now?

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What can we do? What assistance can we give? Listen, firstly, make Duan solid dua to Allah that you trust that Allah is the Maalik, the one that has given them sukoon and Chris Wallace where they are now see you compare nothing I'm telling you straight, we live in the dunya we get attached to the dunya The problem is Allah Salam said When will the OMA become weak? He said Cara hater Mote, who put the Neo Akira here to vote, that they will love the to me and if it's if you love the money or you don't want to leave it, so he said, Good, I hate to know, he said, and they will dislike death. But let me tell you what Allah He the martyrs in Gaza, half of them children 2000 so far are all

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people who are going to

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Jannah shahada, the rest of them does the 2000 shahada defending their land that jihad in itself

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dying or process jihad in itself. You can't compare as Omar said on the battle of Ohio to abuse of yarn Cynthia Amaya dead but you comparing your debt with our debt, your debt and Johanna Ortega and Jana, what you comparing it with

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So brothers,

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what can you and I do?

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We nurture children who Allah he will nurture our children tomorrow, invest in your children, make them strong believers. Make them to your legacy, make them your Salah, howdy, make them your Imam make them somebody who will be your Sitka Jharia. And for that you have to spend some time you have to have a focus. Give us a bit of the Tamiya for your brothers and sisters. bombs are falling on people that gone little children are gone.

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Also, what else can you do?

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My question to you is what are you doing? Ask yourself? What have you done?

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Everybody I believe I believe everybody here is concerned I represent everybody is concerned. But there's your action surpass your Flickr, or is it just flicker? Because your action should surpass your figure?

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If you are sitting there worried if you are concerned, then your action must be more than you're worried

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because that's why we are believers are like people are those who believe that you could actions.

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So now you have this group of people. Okay. Oh, protests, walk good protests. We are a million people a lot.

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Heavy me Are you doing something more than that? If you're not then keep your kick out shut to do something. You're making other people despondent? You know, let me say

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you don't people in Gaza, people in Palestine, they're not connected with anybody.

00:24:21 --> 00:24:28

They don't have the outside world. No thing goes in. Nothing goes out with the express permission of the

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But what they do see is a million people marching for them, their brothers and sisters in London. And they say well, okay, we're not alone. They see this ask anybody who's been there? They see in America they see in in Morocco, which is normalizing relationships, and it gives them hope that the world is with us. And let me tell you what Allah, the world is with the Palestinians. Allah is with the Huck

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So don't make me Don't make excuses. You do nothing and you put other people

00:25:05 --> 00:25:13

make other people despondent. Mercy of allah sallallahu sallam said, malerkotla Chanukkah wa la calm. Whoever says

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the cream will have been destroyed. He's the one who destroyed them. You know what I means? The one who says if people are doing something, are you wasting your time? Don't go it's not worth it. Let me see what Allah said. He's the one who's destroyed the people because he's created despondency. So

00:25:34 --> 00:25:55

we have a protest tomorrow in London. We have a coach going from sofa brothers, please please register goes you're taking your own cup go show the Palestinians. They're the people of the UK are with them, they will see the images they will see you and I and I say it you again. Your actions must surpass

00:25:57 --> 00:25:58

your Ficker.

00:26:00 --> 00:26:11

Also, listen long term long term, even our long term. We need to up our game. The major two things I don't have time to do a few other things I would like to mention, but two things.

00:26:12 --> 00:26:25

Contact your MPs contact your counselors. Why do you think Sunak Cadiz people buy into this because you have the Zionist lobby? Why did he Biden and these people got they grew up with a Zionist lobby

00:26:27 --> 00:26:35

we knew nothing we don't speak to anybody you're on the big God counselor rubbish counter rubbish MP Have you ever asked the MP

00:26:37 --> 00:26:48

Have you ever gone up to the to your local counters? Okay, start your labor stuff. I said this against international law. What do you say as a Muslim? I gave you my votes. He feels no heat.

00:26:50 --> 00:27:09

You see anybody speak about Israel Wallah he that the Zionist lobby come on him like a ton of bricks. All my life I've been speaking about Iraq, Afghanistan, nothing ever happened to me. The day I started speaking about Israel, bang you should have seen you know all the media outlets.

00:27:11 --> 00:27:16

Why are you the Abu Bakr of this ummah? Or are you the fox of this Oma?

00:27:18 --> 00:27:21

So go to your MPs? Speak to them?

00:27:24 --> 00:27:28

And, and thirdly, listen, you know, let me tell you straight.

00:27:31 --> 00:27:33

You know, I've been giving these talks for many years, everybody knows.

00:27:35 --> 00:27:38

Nobody ever comes to you. And say it's not the law shake.

00:27:39 --> 00:27:53

That will have you spoken the truth for us. You know, you give us him a nobody. And I don't want you to come to me, I don't care. But what I'm telling you is, you know, when you see somebody do something positive and MP, accountant, go on, thank you.

00:27:54 --> 00:28:05

Slowly, because the others would condemn him. You don't even stand that person. When you go cast, listen, when you go past a statement, and it's a positive statement

00:28:06 --> 00:28:12

on your social media for a positive comment there. Because that's how algorithms work.

00:28:13 --> 00:28:16

That's what what you see, what do you think you see what you see?

00:28:17 --> 00:28:34

Because you watch that? So if you engage, then it said to yourself and people like you now you may think you may think this means nothing. That's utterly why you think nothing, because you've never been involved in mania. I've never been involved in any advocacy.

00:28:36 --> 00:28:42

So for you for and I believe Allah I believe everybody here is pleading for God, I believe that.

00:28:44 --> 00:28:59

But you can't just plead and do nothing. Allah expects you to do something, at least within the sphere of your capacity law. You can live alone of Summit, La Ilaha. Allah doesn't expect you now to liberate a blank speech to do something where you hear

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what you're doing. So guys, long term long term. What are your one final thing one final thing. I say this as an advocate of a Madonna Safa machine.

00:29:11 --> 00:29:24

Some of your money now needs to go to those organizations which defend the Muslim corner. If you want to live in this country. You need to spend some money over there with all the organization and plenty of them.

00:29:25 --> 00:29:28

Now you need to conquer money not in a minaret.

00:29:29 --> 00:29:59

minarets never gave anybody guidance a different than anybody in people who will defend your corner. Doc Mala Hallo May Allah subhanaw taala liberate our brothers and sisters? May Allah subhanaw taala grant our shahada, Jana to for DOS, may Allah Subhana Allah liberate Majid Aqsa, may Allah give victory to the Palestinians. May Allah subhanaw taala allow us you and I to create men like Salah who did who had a concern for the Ummah, may Allah keepers united, reunited deletable required to love you can put them on a quota for life.

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