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In a very ill condition, and one day I receive another one buying flower after like December 2018. Just to remind me what the dyeing fell. What does it symbolize? What does it mean? They want the rose, you know that the rose? I mean, the emoji, the emoji, what does it What does it mean that if you get a dying flower, what does that indicate? Some I mean, the Chinese government touched my family members. Okay. Okay, the emoji

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maybe meaning they arrested them? Yes. I mean, of course, only their thing is arrested by the Chinese government you got the point on Actually, I don't want to tell what they call that spirituality part. Actually. Everything I saw in my dream also, I don't want to tell this part because I don't want to pay no, no, I think we need to hear this one Brother, please. Yeah, actually, just one day before my Father is like from the high and he's the falling down. Then I like you know, even there was just now this is my dream in no actually just now. Also I my dream I shot it in just now. I when I come to the Malaysia when I told you just now when I out from Malaysia, in

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my dream also someone ordered me out from Malaysia before Saturday. So in my dream Subhanallah Yes, yes. So Allah gave me actually, you know, this is what happened. I mean, end of 2017 my flight is on Sunday, but someone ordered me in my dream very clearly. You have the art from Malaysia before Saturday. Allah

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Akbar, Allah. Allah Allah. Yes. How Allah unbelievable. Yes. Unbelievable. So unbelievable. Yes, yes, actually, they are the I want to add something here, you know that the Prophet Mohammed Salah suddenly told us that you can have an actual dream, which indicates the future, you know, and this is the element of Islam, they've divided dreams into different types of one of them is that all your sodic are the actual true dream that tells you about the truth, the future.

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And this is unbelievable. What you're saying to me right now is phenomenal. Like, you know how Allah that shows you that Allah subhanho wa Taala he has given you Subhana Allah a mission in life. You have been chosen for this mission, bro. Yes, yes, yes. Yes, that is exactly what I'm thinking, you know, Brother, why Allah save me, you know? Because I have to answer to Allah. When your nation actually I tell you later on, all the mosque in my village is being demolished. I tell you after this, this one, you know, so I got everything. So meaning that, you know, if I don't do anything, I will questionable or I have to answer to to Allah, what I did when I save you from this a direct

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evils, you know, so actually, that's why I don't want to make it very spiritual. But I know this part is very touchy part as well. So anyway, when it comes to my father, in my dream, my father is falling down forever from very high, then is he's just like struggling in my dream. Then I just like, you know, again, I got some message to someone, then. And he told me one time flower, emoji. Okay, emoji, so meaning that they arrested my father as well. Then, when I contacted with that Chinese officials, they already like delisted me in the WeChat. Because I cannot send him the message anymore. Then I purchased international call, then I call him again. Then I told him now you

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arrested my father. You have to release them. Actually, don't underestimate my power as well. I'm very popular in Malaysia. And also, I mean, what the call is not. So you're telling me you're telling me Sorry, doctor? Sorry. Let me just say something here. And this is so important for us. Okay. Yes, yes. You're telling me that with your influence, your highest academic

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has access to the media was able to get the Chinese government direct to release your family members with that kind of threat? Yes, yes. Yes, yes. But then then you've given us a key here. You have given us a key. Yes, this is exactly the shows, you know, this shows you doctor so just to because there's

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no problem. It shows us the extent to which the Chinese government are fragile. Yes. And it shows us how much impact is possibly had. Exactly. Exactly as watching this right now.

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If we come together and use our social media influence, just Yes, yes. Yes. I mean, if you did it and you could get

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Three people out of prison at different times. Imagine if all did it.

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Yes, yes, yes. Yes, yes. Yes. Because China's government nature like this, if you are like, scared from them, they want to bully you. But if you're strong enough, then they step back in or something like that. So this is the nature of this life. This is life. Yes, this is the life. Yes. Then after that, you know, my life is in struggle, then they released me, my father. And after that, I mean, I got a national award from in December 2018. I got the national award from Turkey. And it is presented by President of Turkey Roger Piper Braun as well. So I mean, that is.

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So this picture, Is this you? Yes, yes. Yes. Yes. Right there. Yes. Right. Yes. Yes. Yes. So, meaning that after that, I think they didn't touch my parents. They didn't touch my sister. They didn't touch my

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brother as well, because I have the one younger brother as well. So meaning that are starting from them. But I mean, my sister is disappear for a few months, I think they did. And they arrested him. They arrested her again, then I think but it's disappeared, like 4444 or five months. Then after that the pressure of international community. I think they release some people from the concentration camp, then that time, I think they release my sister as well. So meaning that in order to save my sister again, so I continued my journey actually. So meaning that because you know, then I'm asking myself, okay, it's not about my father is not not about my father, actually, in order to

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save people, my people are in order to save the Islam instruct Stan, then I'm willing to sacrifice my father, or my mother, you know, this is I mean, in order to I mean, then, I mean, I know actually, now they're at home. To be honest, I'm 100% sure they're at home. Now, right now. But you know, the problem is now, more than the issue is more than my family right now, actually. Because what I have to say, I am completely taken aback by your story. I, you, I rarely ever use a word like this. But you have.

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Professor, you have a heroic story, you have an absolutely heroic story. And it's amazing. And it's a privilege for me to hear this. I mean, I genuinely read about stories like this in history books. I rarely ever get a chance to speak to someone who's been through what you've been through and done, what you've done. And you've given us so much hope, actually, I want you to know that you have given us so much hope. And you've given us their weak points.

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That you can do this. Yeah, we a lot of social media influence. Yeah, we will. And this is the message I know the Chinese government. I know the Chinese government is watching this. Yes, yeah. unconditionally, for all of the prisoners to be taken out of the Chinese prisons, and that if you don't, we will start a movement which will become so powerful. Yes. Exactly what China is doing that, Believe you me, it will not just be written in the history books, it will be written everywhere, that the Chinese government is the most brutal and barbaric and megalo maniacal, diabolical government that has ever, you know, dealt with a minority group and is everyday doing so

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now. And believe you, me, you know, with your support, it will not just be in sha Allah with the will of Allah, your parents and your sister in your family, who will be assured safety in East Turkestan, but it will be the entire Muslim population. And this is become our struggle now. Your longer your struggle. I want to let you know Dr. Burnham, thank you so much. Yes, every single person who is watching this stream now is already a front line worker.

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Every single one of us now are with you. I don't want you to feel for a second that you are alone. Thank you so much, brother. Thank you so much, single person that's watching the stream and the 1000s that are gonna watch it after it's done. We are all with you. And we will do whatever is needed. And whatever is required through the legal systems. And yes, necessary. Yes, yes. legal means necessary. Yes. required to free the people of East Pakistan. Thank you. Thank you so much.

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Media activism make a difference? Is it important for people to do? Of course, definitely. Every time there is what they call is like very strong voice from international community. I mean, I mean, this Chinese government is really lawyer, you know, if they say there is no that what they call their mosque, Masjid is being the cloth. And they just tried to show one or two, the mosque. I mean, as open, they just tried to tell them that most is being open. And also we say, I mean, they tried to synthesising our people, and the next day they were showing, okay, some weaker people singing the song, you know, so meaning that, of course, this is the pressure of international community. So

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meaning that if we do something in the social media, of course, we can influenced by the Chinese government as well. So that's why even some people is protesting in what they call ended in front of Chinese embassy. And the Chinese government called them don't go to the protests, we will let you to do your you can talk to your with your parents, you know, this has happened to many family members as well, actually, actually, they want to stop me as well, by showing my father and my mother. I told them, you know, now is you can stop me anymore. Okay. My father already, like 70 years old, my father, my mother already 60 plus. Okay, now, they live Enough already. Okay. I mean, actually, by

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this way, okay. Put me this way, brother. They want to, I mean, they don't want to let the people to talk this issue. They don't want to let not not that they're not allowed us to advocate

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for a home? Yes, you are making such a sacrifice by being an activist. And there's so many of us that we don't have to make any sacrifice,

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and will be activists. Thank you. Thank you. The Muslim community actually, to be honest. It's a shame on the Muslim is the biggest Where are the scholars? Yes. Yes. Why are they talking about wiping over the sock? And who is an innovator? Well, now, people are dying. these so called Muslim scholars and speakers, and there are people with huge reaches, he is absolutely yes. Huge. You're telling us you've said today that you've threatened the Chinese government, with with with the international media, and they released your family. No one is threatening our family members. We can do it free of charge without danger, living in the West.

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It's unbelievable that the Muslim community is so caught up in and prioritize things that we cannot even see that there was a Holocaust, that genocide

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and infiltration. They're wiping away, a population a demographic destroying mosques. 50 mosques, you said there were 50 mosques in your village. Just imagine it's just in my village. So you can imagine in the whole Eastern star, comedy mosque being the demolish, that is that something is unbelievable.

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We really have a job to do believe we are your comrades, we are your brothers and faith, we will help you. We will do as much as we can. Yeah, we know we will go to account as well also have the ability to while choosing to be prioritize this issue for all of the other issues. It's

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it's, it's for anybody that calls themself an influencer in the Muslim world, or in fact, anyone who cares about human life?

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Yes, yes. The priorities list?

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Excuse? Yes, yes. So yeah. So that's why maybe what you can do just now Brazil subrace are asking also, maybe also, I request you if you do if you can do actually you can organize protests in from Chinese Embassy as well. Their civil society? Yeah. civil society in Turkey. Also joining our protests, actually. So meaning that actually Yes, maybe, of course, now the thanks for Canada, thanks for the Netherlands as well. So then declared as a genocide, so now is a Chinese government's like, I mean, under pressure as well. So meaning that we ask you also, maybe someone in Germany or someone in other parts of the Europe, actually, our people already started, like, long, much of the

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protests in the different embassies in what we have, and we want to raise awareness for this. We have an organization now it's called the week

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A freedom organization

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with more than 100 links to universities across the world.

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This is our message. Exactly. Our legal threat to the Chinese.

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I know that

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Yes. You should be quaking, you should be shaking. Because we expose you. We are gonna expose

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Germany. Yes, you know, that is the Chinese Communist Party will be the new Nazi Party, we have the ability to make that be the case. The only demand we have is now the state of East Pakistan become an independent state. We don't share anything else.

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For our business is

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the dustbins of history, the Chinese government, I am threatening you with the most legal and the most influential of ways people are going to see, we are going to expose you we are going to humiliate you, we are going to discombobulate you we are going a bit dazzle the Chinese people and the Muslim soldiers here already. And I mean that in the metaphorical sense, the soldiers, the comrades, all of those people that are on this track, we are with you hand in hand, Dr. Baron

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much to the left to the right in front, we will be as a group, inshallah.

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And you are a hero, your story,

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heroic story, thank you your struggles. And your story. It will be a catalyst, it will be an absolute catalyst for what we will do as the Muslim community. And as I say, it's no longer an option. I'm saying this to every single person with influence. It's especially in my own community, the Muslim community, listen carefully, it is no longer an option for you to stay silent on these issues. And for you to not utilize your platforms, and future not mobilize and join the struggle, where messages are being destroyed 15 questions in a small town with 10,000 people, we're hearing it live with a primary source example. It's no longer an option, and we will not tolerate it anymore.

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And we are with 100%. So use us like I'm gonna like this how I used to say,

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I'm gonna be lost. He said we are your We are your bro, we are your arrow.

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We are your arrow. So shoot us in the direction that you want. We will be shocked. And the Chinese government now you have only one option, you have only one option is to go back to 1933 agreements. And to make this Eastern Pakistan which constitutes a sixth of the landmass of China into a state of its own. Yes, that's the only thing we're going to accept. And in fact, you know where else, you better release every single prisoner and stop sterilizing 87% of women in that area. Because you can try and sterilize us, you can try and change our language, you can even try and stop us speaking and within the Quran. But you cannot destroy the Eman the faith that we have in our heart. And this,

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this book to build on who Allah sent dreams to, to tell him to show him the way. This is an amazing calama that Allah has sent to this man to tell him that his father, something is going to happen to him to make a move. This is no coincidence, that dream was no joke. That dream turned out to be true. And today you're here telling us and believe you me the people are hearing and there will be the biggest snowball effect that you can ever imagine. There's a lot of impassioned people like me, who will take this initiative and drive it forward to the next of the Chinese government's to the next of the Chinese governments and they will listen and we will crush them intellectually and

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through any propaganda means there is no more playing around the Muslims and the West who are the most influential in this have now stood up and we are all going

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As much forward

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and create huge change and whatever is in our legal abilities to do, we are willing to sacrifice anything, money and anything in order to advance our course. Absolutely. Absolutely. Thank you so much, Ron. And as you can see, the week of freedom organization with you inshallah, in fact, I'm actually thinking, Wonder lockdowns over me and Muhammad hijab, we can come down to Turkey we can meet you we can. Thank you so much, brother. You know, I just my last word, I want to say to my brother Muhammad, you know, just now, there is a story of the Prophet during the Prophet sallallahu wasallam. One person beating his wife, you know, always beat the wife, then, I mean, he he came to

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complain. I mean, I mean, they're beating their wife always they beat their wives, you know, then Professor Lazarus told them, just tell the neighborhood, okay, here's a big thing to life. So meaning that after that, you know, that man is stopping his wife or because of I mean, the neighbors you know, you know, so this is exactly we can apply to the Chinese government actually. So meaning that they're beating the bigger people if we keep silent, they're a bit more and more actually. So.

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I mean, absolutely Jazakallah her for joining us Dr. Mohan in so much appreciate that. May Allah bless you just love her. For her job for your words. Definitely inspirational. And inshallah one day we will pray in eaglemoss insha Allah and when we will see a free East Turkistan, we will know the promise of Allah is indeed true. JazakAllah hair. Thank you so much. Most brothers. I appreciate that. Thank you, brother.