Zahir Mahmood – Find The Messenger Pbuh In These 3 Places

Zahir Mahmood
AI: Summary © The speaker discusses the importance of memorizing the scale and names of believers during the Day of Justice. They give examples of names like Abraham Lincoln, Barbara Joe, and Barbara Joe Leatherwood. The speaker also mentions the meaning of "the" and "the" in Arabic language and the potential outcomes of actions during the Day of Justice.
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So the messenger of Allah in the Hadith says a Serato. Note, the vast majority of scholars say the CRR will actually come at the latter end. So find me at the Surat if you don't find me and the surrounding the MISA, the scale, and if you do not find me at this scale, then find me and the how they both of these three places every single believer should memorize because that day yo maya federal Moromi nahi he will only he nobody's gonna look at you.

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Nobody's gonna look at you. So it is important for the believers to know where the messenger of allah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam is, so he can intercede for you on that day. So now I want you to imagine

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I want you to now really to think and imagine about this. Imagine you are now standing on the Day of Judgment.

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It's not abstract, you are standing there.

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And the entirety of humanities

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And subhanAllah you have no worldly thing which nothing to save. And you are standing there the message of allah sallallahu alayhi wa salam said that you would, the humanity will stand in front of Allah, Nick, they will stand there naked. The first person who will be given clothes on the Day of Judgment is Abraham and salah. And your name is called out.

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So and So Khalid bin so when your name is called out,

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the message of Allah said three places

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where one person will not look at a another purse.

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He won't care you know that verse, yo, Maya, federal Mermin Aki, me wherever you are sorry, buddy, that you won't give a damn about anybody else.

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Three places you won't care what anybody else.

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will be know when your book is going to be given.

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And you'll be waiting. Where is your book going to be given to you your right hand or your left hand. And at that moment, you will be so self engrossed,

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that you don't care about anything around you.

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nothing, the Messenger of Allah said, the first when the book is being handed out. The second is when everybody will stand by the scales

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and they're waiting for the name to be called out. And then the hisab guitar is done.

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And the third is the Shirat.

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When you will go over the bridge and the Messenger of Allah defined the bridge as more narrow than a hair more sharper than a sword.

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So imagine

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you're standing there and your name is called out.

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And when your name is called out now you go to the scale

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and your actions are placed in the scale.

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Allah say me Yeah, mille

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Miyama Mr. Salazar within

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me Maryam and Miss Carla rotten. Whoever doesn't action, the equivalent of Zumba the word Zara has two possible meanings. Arabic language, the MRA is the smallest insect that you can get. Or Avella is those particles which fly in the air. There's dust particles, meaning to the Arabs. The smallest action,

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the smallest action

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whatever you do Allah say myth Carlo della hailing Yara

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is good. If it's equivalent to a myth call of the raw. You will see it on the Day of Judgment

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