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Bismillah R Rahman r Rahim al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil alameen wa salatu salam ala rasulillah Hill carry about respecting brothers elders sisters salaamu alaykum wa Taala

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I thought we talked about a

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a topic which impacts all of us. And that is a

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inter reliance upon each other.

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And what does the dean say about us relying upon each other?

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every believer,

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every individual ultimately relies on the last panel, Darla Allah is the only one who is Samad, who is independent. We are all dependent firstly upon Allah subhanho wa Taala. But to a degree, we are also dependent upon each other.

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And therefore, a group of people who are selfish, lead to a selfish society, a group of people who will go out of their way for each other, will create a beautiful, harmonious community.

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Let me give you an example a day to day example.

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A staple diet is either rice, or flour.

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That rice simple thing is all is on your table. But how did that rice,

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or how did that flour actually reach your home?

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This whole process, sowing the seed, plowing the land, harvesting the crops, selling them to the marketplaces, and etc, etc. And that simple flower which we take for granted every single day, on our table, that rice that meet all those items relied upon a chain of workers who worked in harmony with each other for it to reach my table, and your tape.

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And this is similarly if not more important for the believers to have a harmonious community.

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See people, you can divide them into really four categories, four categories of people, you are the first group of people

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who will assist others.

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And they will ask others for assistance, as well as the vast majority of people or a great large proportion of the people, you have the second

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who don't help anybody else, but don't really ask anybody else for help either. So they don't go around asking other people for help. And they're kind of, you know, not the best of people you would, but Alhamdulillah at least they don't, you know asking others for help. You have the same group of people who

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will ask other people for help, but never be there for other people. Unless they have a vested interest. Some of them even if they have a vested interest, they still won't be there. You know, and these are the people who really

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break the harmony of communities. Why because they're selfish by nature, is the only what they will get in return. Otherwise, and I'm sure we all know a few of these individuals who are always they're asking for individual always asking for help, always, you know, but who very rarely, therefore anybody else. And you have the last category of people

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is that group of people who are very far and few between, who really never ever asked anybody else for help, even if they don't have anything they will be, you know, self sufficient, reliant, do Subbu but if anybody ever asked them, they will be there for that person.

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And these are the four categories of people. If you look into the title of the Sahaba of the Allah, the Messenger of Allah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam co created what was called more hot water hot was brotherhood. So all those Maha God who went to Medina, he created one from the MSR and one from the Mojave brotherhood from the one

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and a beautiful example of this.

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Although a

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is obviously you don't get example really like this today very rarely is the example of doorman evening Oh for the Allah I know one of the tender was guaranteed Jana and the Messenger of Allah made him a brother with Southern murabbi.

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And Sardinia Robbie was I'm sorry, he was a muhajir. and Saudi Arabia took him home and he said yo my brother

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and you see I have two wives,

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choose which one you want. And I will divorce that one and I will give it to you. You see my business, my homes,

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I will,

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you will have one share and I will keep that Reza.

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So, overall, the learners Kamala Hayden, for your offer, thank you very much. But I would rather prefer that you show me where the marketplace is, and I work.

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I work and I earn with my own hands. And this is what I did. So the here you have two categories of people, you have the first one who is ready to give whatever he has, without taking anything back, take my wife take my business.

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And I don't want anything in return my return is by Allah and ultimately Subhana Allah, no matter what good a believer does in this dunya he might not ask for anything in this dunya but ultimately, ultimately, your reward is by Allah subhanho wa Taala.

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And can you imagine that day,

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that you will wish that nobody ever done you a favor in return when you see your reward but Allah

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the Messenger of Allah said, a person makes a WA, either Allah accepts it there and then or Allah accepts it later. Or Allah removes a calamity, which was to before them because of that duar Oh, oh, he dies.

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He's resurrected on the Day of Judgment. And allow it say you see this reward that you got here. You know that duar that you made in the dunya This is your reward.

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So then he will make he will wish that Allah never accepted any of his diwas in the dunya.

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Nothing at all. So imagine that's what do Ah, imagine why what the reward is for that person who assister

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nother person

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and who is the enemy over the

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drachma hater, keep your wives keep your homes. I don't want anything from you. Let me be independent. Let me go to the marketplace.

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worked, became a business man passed away, left in his mirror off $21 million dollars,

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equivalent to today's money $21 million.

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But see, these are the people who make the community and we need to ask ourselves now.

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Which of these individuals

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are the four which ones are we? Are we the ones who ask other people and give to other people and hamdulillah?

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We the ones who don't help don't ask the Are we the ones which we don't want to be

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the we the ones who take but never give in return? And if we ever assist somebody in the back of our mind, it's not that Allah will reward me for my action know what's in it for me.

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I'm helping so and so you know why? Because he's a person of status. Because he's got money because in return he will help me tomorrow I will ring him up and he will help me. If there is our nature then we are in a sorry state. And this is a huge problem. Why? Because you will never have a community a flourishing community unless you go the extra mile.

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And this one the deen of Allah subhanho wa Taala teaches us the Messenger of Allah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said the believers are like one building believers alike. One building so all those believers who are all believers in this community, all the believers in Israel

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Tree all the oma but let's start with this. So here we are like one body. Sorry one building some of that building strength things the other part of the building. See you are a strong brick here strong brick here strong brick, a strong brick here, strong brick here, and you got a rather weak bricks.

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These two are weak bricks. So all the good work

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is weakened by the weak links. That's what we are like, if next time

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you will only help those who are powerful. Oh, you will never help but you are a person who likes to be helped. Then look at you look at your character compared to the teaching of the Messenger of Allah sallallahu alayhi salam

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Are you a person who will go the extra mile for his family? Are you a person who will go the extra mile for his parents? Are you the person who will go the extra mile for his neighbors? Are you the person who will go the extra mile for his colleagues at work or other people I sees or you see somebody on the floor lying down? You know, I just walk past not my problem is

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you see somebody else in trouble. It's not my problem. Lane B has not the quality of a believer. The Messenger of Allah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said that the best of believers. He said the best of believers are those who are the most beneficial to other people.

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He didn't even say the best of believers are those who are beneficial to other believers. The best of believers, the most beloved of believers are those who are beneficial to other people. Because some harmala and then MSE, Allah said that the best action Listen to this.

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The best action that a believer can do is to enter happiness in the heart of another Muslim, La ilaha illa Allah

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how beautiful

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the best action that you can do is enter make somebody else happy.

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Happiness is of many very forms. A smile can make another believer happy. A bit of assistance can make another believer happy. A phone call to the Uncle and Auntie that you've never rang for me a long time can make the Uncle and Auntie happy. A phone call to your parents, your brother can make a believer can make that person happy. Am I better sadaqa for that person who is in need can make happy.

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You know, last time I was abroad,

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I was distributing some, some goods, you know, some food packs which Mashallah with the kindness of the brothers and sisters from this country, not my own money, your money. And I was distributing this to some very poor people. And you know, the Auntie's were coming to me. And they were making me giving me a was in their own language. It was a thing. Oh my son, may Allah make your life long. Allah. May Allah put Baraka in your health, your wealth, your children.

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You know, I came back and I said to my students, I said, I've been teaching you guys for some of you for eight and nine years. I've never ever heard was like that, coming up to your mouth, with the same sincerity,

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the same depth, the same, you know, the sincerity, the concern.

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Then the mercy of Allah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said that to remove a difficulty from another believer, to fulfill the the debt of another believer to remove a person's hunger.

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Then the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said, listen to this, he said, to walk with another person to fulfill his need is more beloved to me than doing a takeoff for an entire month in this Masjid must be the number he sallallahu alayhi wa sallam to walk, to go out of my way to assist another person,

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another person

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to assist another person, just to walk with Him and to assist him is more beloved to me than doing a takeoff here for an entire month.

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And you know why? One of the reasons that we don't help other people often because we are of a very suspicious nature

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And that's the truth. We can somehow justify it not helping other people. Oh, it's his fault. You know, let me tell you the see. And this is why they say never judge a book by its cover, honestly.

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We were at the airport in Turkey.

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And the guy comes to us, a Pakistani guy comes to us.

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And he says, Oh, I missed my flight. And, you know, for those who have been for hygiene, ombre, you know, unfortunately, many, many people that we encounter after Pakistanis, you know, lost my ticket, miss my flight, my wallet has nothing. So he's saying to this, at least three of us sitting there, we're thinking, Okay, here's the punch line. He goes, I want your help. As we're thinking to ourselves, all of us are thinking the same punch line, you know, to me, because he's hovering around, he's gonna say to us, oh, brothers, please, for the sake of Allah. Give me 400 pounds. I need to buy a ticket to Italy. We're waiting for the punchline.

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Yeah, he's hovering around

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after a while after about 20 minutes a lapse.

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So hold on. Maybe there is some reality to the ask for money yet.

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So I took him with a flight within about 45 minutes. So I said, Look, I quickly took him to the desk only speak or do he's going Italy. So I took him to the desk and reality was that he did miss his flight.

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vaccines, you know, in swamp, would have run out by time he Italy so they would have sent him back. And fortunately, I could speak English. And I managed to resolve the situation to a degree and then the guy from America missed his flight. And he said, Don't worry, I'll help him. I've been here since yesterday.

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But see, this is the thing.

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We judge people

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we justify, this was just, you know, week and a half ago. And somehow we justify to ourself that we are not going to help this individual.

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Move the Shafi Rahmatullah Ali was on a train once

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and move the turkey who is mostly Taqi Usmani if anybody knows was Turkish, Allah, you know, is regarded as now the most influential Muslim in the world, he can talk.

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He says, I was a young boy, I was studying my hair, and my mother saw, and a beggar came on to the train. And his father moved out of Pakistan. So the beggar comes, he said, he gives him.

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So movies helps as I was rereading fic books at that time that you shouldn't give the car to this kind of person. You shouldn't give the car to this kind of person. So I said to my dad, I said, you know, that guy could be a professional beggar you just gave the money to

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say, says, My father said, You're right, my son.

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He could have been a professional beggar who might not have been a professional Baker. But if Allah only gave to those who deserved, then you and I should get nothing.

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You and I should get nothing at all.

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And therefore if you know 100%, that person the corner is a different thing. But don't be so judgmental, that Allah always deprive you from giving or assisting. You can make an excuse.

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And then the Messenger of Allah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said in another Hadith, he said, some Palmilla.

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He said, Sonata,

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listen to this. And then this is such a strong Hadith remember this, especially the last part. He said, sons of God is wajib upon every person, meaning if you can give some kind, some say there's a cloth here, if you can give it give it. So the Sahaba said, O Messenger of Allah, O Messenger of Allah, what if we don't have enough money to give sadaqa then the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said, if you don't have enough money to give some data, then work and with your own hands, and then give some.

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So there was just a hobby, you heard this. So what he did is that all day, he worked and he took out water from the well all day.

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And at the end of the day,

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what he did

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is that he took some sadaqa out and kept him for himself. And he gave that Southern kind to Mercy of Allah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, and the Manasa T was sitting there and they said, look at this. Look at this guy. Allah is the nie Allah is rich. Okay, simple guys next lesson

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said that South Africa is beloved to Allah subhanaw taala that South Africa is beloved to Allah subhanho wa Taala what

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If we can't work

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and we can't earn then the mercy of Allah say take a person who is in need

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harsh tamale hoof, who is in need a great need, take him to somebody else who can assist them. You can't assist them. But maybe Zaid can assistant take him to Zaid.

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Subhan Allah, then the mercy of Allah Subhan Allah and they said, O Messenger of Allah, what if we can't even we don't know anybody we can take him to listen, Subhana Allah, let's see if Allah said them look, at least tell people to do good things. You can do that, can't you?

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You can't give sadaqa you can't work. You don't know nobody who can help somebody else, then at least say good things do good things. They said obviously, if Allah if we are not in their capacity, to even join, join good, then what? This is so powerful.

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Then the message of Allah said, If you can't do any of the above, then at least at least save people from your own evil, all love.

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If you can't do any good, then check your track.

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Keep your code shut.

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Keep a list, you can't do any good, then at least safeguard the people from your own fitna.

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The Messenger of Allah said in another narration, he said, he said believers is a believers are the keys for good believers are the keys for good and the locks for evil.

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That's what a believer is, you and I are the keys were good keys, open passwords good.

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And we are the locks.

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We set out evil, we shut out evil.

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Therefore my brothers or sisters.

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As I said, as I mentioned at the beginning, people are four types. That first person who

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assist other people and ask the system for other people valuable hamdulillah. Second is the one who doesn't ask for anybody else assistance but doesn't really assist anybody else. The third person is that person who

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takes assistance, but is never there for anybody else. May Allah safeguarded from being from this group of people.

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And, and the best person and the best is that person who's always there for other people,

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is always there for other people.

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Even though he will never ask anybody else voice assistance. And you know, we live in such such silly and sick times, unfortunately,

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that if you are there to help other people,

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because many of us come here many of us are sick hearted, but many of us come from a culture which will take advantage of people if we can.

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If there is a person who's always there to assist you. Our nature is often that we will abuse his good nature.

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Instead of thinking, you know, this guy's unique. This guy has the qualities of the Sahaba This is like you know what the mission of the Lord taught us? No, we will abuse it, and we will abuse him until that person often gets tied himself. And then we'll turn around and say

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why are they no good people in our community?

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Because we left no good people in our community. My last month our lawmakers those people who are unique, who are good for our beloved will last $1 who care about our community my last $1 united hearts in this dunya and re Unitas all in gender for those Baraka love you from Santa Monica.