I used to live for Music

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The speaker describes their experience with music and how they use it to remind them of their memories. They also talk about their struggles with the feeling of the music and how it is affecting their memories. The speaker describes their experience with the music and how it is affecting their memories.

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You know, I used to live for music

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I select music. Not one moment of the day used to go by when I did not have my Walkman you remember back in the days I mean talking, like I'm old. I mentioned I had to have the music on to fill the void because the soul had not been fed. I'm listening to music every day from the shopping malls. When I open my phone there's music

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over the

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random this guy's got music and that one's got that everything they're shopping mouth that every single place you go to music going on, right? Am I right? Is there a place you can go with is not music, even when you're in the masjid the person phone did during the day comes back. It was me struggling to understand the faith and get connected with a lion. This music is still in my soul.

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Years and years I've been listening to it. I've been playing it me going to concerts.

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I used to play the cello badly.

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Thank God it was bad because otherwise I'd probably be still playing it now. Crazy. It's just it's like the vibration of the stringed instruments. It goes into the body into the soul into the hearts and it stays with you for days and days and days. You know, I did something told me here. He said if I want my soul back

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I grabbed all of my music. I free up the door to you know even the sheets.

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I was in Sydney and an event some of the brothers I know very well I love them for the sake of Allah. You know, they were coming they were singing these duets and

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two days later they're still going through my heads. Sit rather I do not need that.

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It might be good for some people. Yeah. I'm not going to be judgmental.

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But what happened to me in the Salah was really really really was a message from God. Direct. You want your soul? You want it back?

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Get rid of the music.

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Allahu Akbar. This minute, man

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are handling

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now music

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The conscious soul returned