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hamdulillah wa Salatu was Salam ala rasulillah whether it was a hobby I mean, I'm Abaddon. Yes. At everyone in Serbia. If they complain, they complain

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Welcome to our very first Muslim gamers league live stream over here on

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YouTube. For those of you who have come over from Twitch, welcome, we're glad to have you with us. For those of you who were here for the first time, or you're going to be watching the replay of this welcome as well.

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We are going to try to insha Allah explain the point of this project the point of why we are over here and what it is that we are trying to accomplish with Muslim gamers league. For those who are already on Twitch unfortunately, you're going to have to hopefully hear this again, it's always a good reminder in sha Allah as to what we're trying to accomplish over here. But for people who have only known the YouTube videos that have come over here might you know not know what this new project is. It's not new. We've been doing this for quite some time now over on Twitch.

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But twitch has become a mess lately. There's a lot of things going on over there where I didn't feel as appropriate to keep funneling people over to twitch and bring it over to YouTube and this is why all right, Miss Mila The reason behind a Muslim gamers leak The reason behind

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Muslim gamers league and insha Allah your your comments and questions I'll answer them as soon as we get through this part because we're recording

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the reason behind Muslim gamers league I was sitting around you know I've always I grew up in in gaming as a kid in the 80s playing first Atari for those of you who are old enough to remember Atari then Nintendo Super Nintendo Sega GameCube then the PlayStation 1234 and now five

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but it's something I've done as you know, kind of a side hobby when I had free time and all of my kids are into gaming all of them haven't have a gamer in them but you know we we

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do it in our free time and I did not have much free time over the past few years because I was constantly constantly traveling always on the go always on the road. So being able to

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have time to do any gaming was not there was not there but now during lockdown since I've not traveled since March you know I got back into gaming as a hobby with myself and my kids.

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My my daughter games with us a lot Mikko My son is sitting right over here he games with us. So you know I was

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thinking about how is it that we can because when you go into gaming and I play with some brothers on the internet and things of that nature on console, how is it that we can create an environment for people who are gamers or people who are gaming? How is it that we can create an environment that is the most halal as possible? If you're here and you believe that gaming is haram then it's haram for you. That is your thing. I did not hold that opinion. That's just just just the way I see it.

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Some of them are hot I'm 100% some games are hot on but how can we play games that are not like that? And keep the environment as healthy as possible? Because when you go online into the gaming industry, you're subjected to all kinds of craziness you know your internet chat rooms and there's music blaring in this you know, people cursing and people saying all kinds of crazy nonsense you know and my kids How could I have

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I don't know if I added discord to it yet Meadow I need to I need to go and fix all of that for night. But I don't I don't think I've added discord yet. You might pop the link up there.

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How can I create a halaal environment for my kids? And then I know there are so many Muslim youth out there that are gaming, you know, adults that are out there doing gaming I saw it started popping up with among us, you know, people playing among us things of that nature. So how is it that we can create an environment that that that makes this a more halal environment and cater to our youth? Because I have parents reach out to me you know that our kids or are gaming in their, you know, cursing online and I feel like they're getting addicted to it. How can I? And my question response a lot of time is that, you know, would you want your children to be out in the streets involved in who

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knows what or in your home in an environment where you can monitor what they're doing and kind of have some control over that. Let's try to find some way to do this in moderation. This is where the idea from Muslim gamers league

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started this is the boy idea where Muslim gamers league as you see our logo here logo on the back Muslim gamers league started. I decided talking to a brother named Dinka May Allah bless him because he is one of the founders of mgL who got me in touch with Brother Mohammed Meadow who is our moderator over here is our admin on discord we decided to create a Discord server. So we created a Discord server for Muslim gamers league to bring in gamers from all over the world into this one space that is highly regulated, highly regulated. Anybody who's on our Discord server will tell you it is highly regulated I Palouse space so that people can come together people who are involved in

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you know, gaming, tech,

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coding, all kinds of things regarding the tech industry. I've always been a techie growing up, I'm not a coder, and none of that thing but I've always been a techie at heart, how can we create a Hello environment for all of them to come together? Also give reminders, you know, spread the dour, etc. So we created Muslim gamers League, Discord server, which is now up to how many members we got cars, tech gaming, Islam and a lot more. Yes, it's a very Islamic environment, we are at 1135 members on our server in less than what is it? Three months now? Less than three months.

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So we've grown quite exponentially what hamdulillah from people all over the world, and creating a very hostile environment. For brothers and sisters, we have an entire sister section. Yes. And that sister section is highly regulated, you have to be assisted to get into the sister section.

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So we created this environment for people of like mindedness to come together. So then now streaming, yes only been like two, two and a half months, we're nearly 1200 people in the server would hamdulillah. So now streaming, I saw an article back in April, I saw an article back in April, that the streaming industry, especially when it came to like gaming streaming, because I know that all my kids watch streamers, all my kids, my daughter watches streamers, my son's watch streamers, they watch gaming streamers. But a lot of time when you watch gaming streamers, you have to watch a lot of nonsense that goes along with it. My son will tell you a lot of time there's cursing, there's

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crazy music going on to screaming and that, you know, it's just it's It's madness. But it is one of the fastest growing entertainment industry sections on planet Earth, one of the fastest growing entertainment industry sections on planet Earth. I saw this article in April. And then I decided to go on and look at the streaming world and see Is there any representation for Muslims? Is there any representation for Islam? Is there any representation for that? And guess what? There wasn't, there was some there are some brothers over on Twitch who have twitch channels who stream lectures, you know, stream lectures, they they they stream lectures and talks. And there's brother here there's

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brothers here on

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you know that there's bloods here on YouTube that stream lectures and things of that nature. But that's not reaching into this streaming platform. That's that's not that's not the niche of the streaming platform. The niche of the streaming platform is gaming and tech. So my question is, how can we get the data out there in a halal way, most high level is we can we have you know, we're going to make mistakes, we're gonna have flaws. Sometimes things are gonna pop across that, you know, are not on the up and up, you know, we might log into a game and automatic music plays and we got to go and turn it off. But as much as we can control it created this halaal environment so that

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Muslims who want to watch gaming streamers can come watch our stream, come watch our content creators, we've already created three content creators three content creators, we have our brother Ben if gotta who's well known in the Dow was seen in the UK was speaker corner Darwin, and effin something dalawa and he also has a twitch stream.

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He also has plenty of YouTube videos here. He is linked on the homepage right here on YouTube. You can go down and see official NGO content creator, we have our Brother Mohammed meadow, who's making videos and streaming right here on YouTube. We have our brother Dean Tripathi, I need to add him who is also an official content creator for mgL. So what we're doing is we're creating a league of Muslim content creators, streamers, that stream all kinds of things stream all kinds of help games, that stream coding, I think, but the metal does some coding and stuff like that as well. So that we can take our presence as Muslims and our indirect Tao are indirect that I work on to that industry

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that is growing to be one of the largest entertainment industries on planet Earth, especially in this lockdown era. So here we are, and this is something that I like to do anyway, I like gaming. But you know, at the same time, I don't like to do it too much because I feel like if I spent three hours in front of the computer, maybe maybe it'd be could can can be considered wasting time but

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Now, we're able to do this as well as give this home for Muslims give this home for Muslims to come to NC Hillel streams, as well as get this out into the larger streaming platform, so that when non Muslims Come on, they can see that there are Muslims here, who, you know, are not hiding in some cave in Afghanistan threat, you know, trying to destroy the world, though we're actual, you know, we're actual real people who have similar interests to the rest of humanity. But our Islam is always on the forefront. Our religion is always on the forefront. So we're able to give that our and anybody who's been in our Twitch streams, anybody who's been in our Twitch streams by the Mohammed

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Meadow can tell you, we have non Muslims stopping by every stream, we have non Muslims coming by every stream, and seeing Muslims, you know, you know, in this space, we've even had no theory, we're not talking to you, we've had non Muslims come to the stream, and even say, Look, I'm not a Muslim, but I like what you guys are doing, and I'm happy to be here. So they automatically will get the doubt, they will automatically get the doubt and we always do a reminder before every stream, we would always do a quick short reminder, reminding each other of Allah subhanho wa Taala reminding each other of a short reminder that before we start gaming. So this is the reason behind this

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platform. This is the reason behind Muslim gamers league to step into this industry to step into this industry. And, and, and, and Siri doesn't like the devil, you know, and over the spring and summer, you know, we built a gaming PC, so that we could do this the right way. Because if you're going to enter into this platform, if you enter, if you're going to enter into this platform, you need to do it right. Anybody who knows me and knows my that hour and knows my lifestyle, when it comes to cars and sneakers and all that I don't do things halfway, I don't try to do anything halfway, if we're going to go at it, we're gonna go big, we're gonna go home, we're gonna go

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professional, or we're not gonna do it at all.

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So that is why we're here. So we built this gaming PC. And we were gaming and streaming off of this for a while, but it didn't, didn't really work for some of the high level games that we were trying to do, it makes you made a lot of things very difficult. So what we did then is we also created we also built this streaming PC later on, in the fall, we built this streaming PC. So now this is the gaming PC. This is just running the stream. So everything runs smoothly, what hamdulillah so we did it right. And we are here. And we were making inroads on Twitch, what hamdulillah we were like what I think 1000 1000 followers on Twitch

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and and regular people joining. But the point the point is that the reason why we've decided to come over to YouTube is when I'm taking people over to twitch, there is not a lot of other places for them to go in that ecosystem. When I bring brothers and sisters over to twitch, if they leave my stream, there's no really any other high level place to go in that ecosystem. They're just going over to other streamers who are doing all the stuff that we're trying to keep our

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kids away from in the first place. Yeah, we hit 1000. City, yes. All right, we're done over there.

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But when I bring them over to this ecosystem, when I bring people over to this ecosystem, there are other Hillel places for them to go. There are other Hallo places for them to go. There's going to be recommended videos for you to watch. Maybe my recommended videos are going to come up when in regards to data. On my homepage, there'll be a section for when non Muslims come to look at our gaming stream, they will be able to see some

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curated videos curated videos for them to understand the message of Islam. Hopefully we get some shadows over here. When people leave. They also will be suggested other Islamic videos because of the way you can tag things over here and the and the way discoverability happens in the algorithm. I've been thinking about that for quite some time now. So we are now over here on YouTube on yoosh Evans on YouTube and this will be our dedicated gaming stream home for myself. As the head of Muslim gamers league Muslim gamers league also has their own. We also have a channel for Muslim gamers league I need to add to the homepage as well. It's just been super busy. We were just doing a two

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hour stream for Newcastle FM and SC Tao literally 20 minutes before I came over here. So this is what this is for all the purely Islamic content as far as the podcasts the the Tuesdays and Thursdays live stream on dusky and Toby and our q&a is our dour q&a, our do's and don'ts and q&a all of that happens over on path to peace. All of that happens over on path to peace. And that's that's theory we are not talking to you today. We need to mute theory

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all that's happening over on path to peace. So you can go to the homepage as well for you should Evans and you'll see fall

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path to peace. That's where all of the

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straightforward all the straightforward Islamic content will go over there in sha Allah. So that is the point to bring mgL into the gaming sphere here on YouTube, to show the Dow

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to the gaming industry, to the streaming industry, that is the point that is the goal behind this, that is the goal behind this is to take the data to the streaming industry, and I believe that is more accomplishable is accomplishable. Even word. Yeah, that is more accomplishable on YouTube than I believe it is ever going to be on Twitch, as well as I don't have to take people into an ecosystem, that there is no other hallel place for them to go when they leave my stream and still stay in that ecosystem. If that makes sense. Yes, this is a steering wheel that we use for Forza. We were going to play some for the day. But I think we're going to start fresh next week with with the

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gaming because I wanted to just make sure we explain

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what's going on here today for why we went over from you why we went over from twitch to YouTube.

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So that's where we are going to start doing this. So make sure you follow the channel, click subscribe, turn on the bell notification make those little parentheses go around the bill so they'd be notified when we go live or when videos are posted. That will be gaming and our related. And very soon. Once we hit monetization again, once we're able to access partner because this channel has been dead for years, I've literally posted nothing on here for years, once we hit 4000 watch hours, and we can apply for partnership and then we will be able to turn on members and things of that nature. We you know, because we're not able to monetize over here yet we on Twitch, we were able to

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monetize and I gave that up because the greater I see the greater good of coming over here. And as soon as we're able to do that in sha Allah, we will add that back over but the memberships will be cheaper than they were on Twitch. Twitch, I think the cheapest one

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was around 499 499 is the cheapest one on Twitch, we're going to make it 299 299 will be the lowest level 599. And I think 1099 will be the highest level that we will add on memberships and there will be perks for each reward. And we're going to bring over all of the emotes from twitch over here, we're going to bring all over the badges from twitch to over here, all of that is going to stay the same as soon as we're able to monetize. So if you want to help us do that, just go watch a video on the channel we need we need 2000 more watch hours. So even if you're not even if you're not watching it, just go play a video, put it on mute and give us a watch our go watch the long videos so we can

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get those 4000 watch hours in sha Allah, then we can add memberships and things of that nature. So you'll be able to do that. And we will also be giving rewards for people who you know, stick around with it for a while we start adding mods to the channel, etc. so on and so forth. But that is the goal. So make sure you subscribe, hit that notification bell, turn it on, so that we can inshallah hutan to take this take this to the streaming industry and take the streaming industry by storm bigger than we were going to be able to on Twitch inshallah. So your support will be paramount for that and inshallah so make sure you check it out. We are streaming live Monday, Wednesday, Fridays

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Monday 1pm Eastern Time 6pm GMT UK time, Wednesday 1pm Eastern Time. 6pm GMT UK time Fridays 4pm or no excuse me 5pm Eastern Standard Time 10pm UK time make sure you check us