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Salam Alaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuhu Welcome back to the channel.

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Where are your priorities, I wanted to give a small short reminder since we have entered into this space of mgL. And we got a lot of the youth coming to us and joining our Discord. And

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we want to make sure that we understand what priorities mean have discussed this in in the stream reminders as well as on our server. For those of you not in discord with us. The link is right here below in the description. Talking about priorities, we as Muslims need to make sure that we put our priorities in check. These things that we're doing here like gaming and car talk and tech talk and all these other things that will be on the channel these are hobbies, these are hobbies, and hobbies are on the bottom tier of the list when it comes to our priorities and we do them in our free time free time. The priorities need to be in a proper descending order in order for our lives to have

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blessing and in order for us to be rewarded. And the highest tier of that the very top, the pinnacle of our responsibilities have to be to Allah subhanho wa Taala Allah and His Messenger have to be the obedience to Allah generar under the servitude to Allah, the worship to Allah into obedience to His Messenger and everything falls after that your parents next your family next yourself in that order, your your family,

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your friends, schooling, job, work, and then hobbies come at the very bottom when you have your free time. You have to make sure brothers and sisters that we put things in those proper orders. The first and primary responsibility of every single believer is to Allah, Allah Allah and His messenger that comes at the top Allah Subhana Allah mahalo Georgina Wellington, so Lily Abu and I didn't create mankind engine but to worship me That is our top priority is to put a lot of panel data First, it doesn't matter what else is going on. That comes above all other priorities that comes about friend that comes from a family that comes from a parent schooling work, everything is the

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responsibilities, the rights that we have to give to Allah General Allen and there's something very beautiful the Prophet alayhi salaatu wa Salaam said that if we give Allah subhana wa Taala his right if we give Allah his right to worship Him, then Allah Subhana Allah will have we will have a right over Allah that He does not punish us that we will have a right over Allah Subhana Allah does not punish us if we fulfill his right to worship him and give him his proper place in our lives. subhanho wa Taala Luigi laddie well, Quran. So we have to make sure brothers, the sisters that we are putting that first I don't care what else you're doing. I don't care if you're in the middle of

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a term paper, I don't care if you're talking to friends, I don't care your family's there. I don't care if you're in the middle of a football match. And it's a close game and you're about to win I don't I don't care what else is going on. If it becomes time, for instance, to pray solo, and that time is about to expire. And you need to pray Stop it, drop it, leave it whatever else it is put Allah Subhana Allah to Allah, his priority in check, give him his right. And then you can carry on with whatever else it is that you were doing. That priority has to be in its place or you will find problems you will find problems. That is our honor. When I'm going live with her Barbara, the Allahu

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and went to Jerusalem, to take the keys of Jerusalem and turn it over to the believers again. He was walking because it was his time to walk and pull the animal that his servant was writing because they were taking turns on turns on the long journey. When I made it even genre the Allahu and saw him come in like this. He approached him and he said, These people are used to pomp and circumstance, you should present yourself a little bit better to them, so that they can see some respect in you. He actually hit everybody that was around on the chest. And he said if it were not for you, or beta if you were not who you were, I would have been much harsher with you. Let me tell

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you something. Allah subhanho wa Taala honored us favored us with Islam. If we seek that honor in favor and anything else Allah will humiliate us will humiliate us, we have to put those priorities in check brothers and sisters hobbies are in our free time. If you find that they are consuming you and overtaking responsibilities, leave them drop them, let them go, you would rather put that down to pick up your honor and Islam. Then to put the honor of Islam down to pick up these silly hobbies, they are hobbies, they are something that we're doing and hamdulillah we're trying to reach out to the youth and that is one of the reasons why I'm doing this. I've been involved at hamdulillah in

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the Dow for over 12 years and always are looking for opportunity to reach our youth better and I found a way through this mgL and we're using this the best of our ability but we're also going to use it to try to remind our youth our brothers and sisters to where to put their priorities. I want to tell you a very small short story because I want to be able to keep these videos quite short when I try to keep in 10 and 15 minutes or under inshallah

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This is a story I've said many times in my travels. And when I thought of this and it hit me the weight of this hit me spinal light changed how I perceive things.

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If you are a Muslim

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You are chosen by Allah, favored by Allah, on and by Allah with faith with Amen. That is something that cannot be repaid that is a that is a gift and a wealth you cannot imagine, I want you to think about something really quick as we in this for the rest of the day, just try to think about this. The very first thing that Allah subhanho wa Taala created was the pin. And then he told that pin octobe right. And that pin asked my Lord, what should I write? Allah Subhana Allah said right, everything that would ever happen at any time at any place throughout existence. And so the pin wrote at all. And that book is with Allah subhanho wa Taala. And that book is the book The total was

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revealed from the NGO the Quran every year when the other comes down in the month of Ramadan. It comes from this, this this massive book that Allah subhanho wa Taala had written about all existence, want you to think about something.

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Somewhere in that book, somewhere in that book, Allah subhanho wa Taala told that pen to write your name, to write your name. And then in writing the story of your life. Allah jello earlier told that pin to write that you would be guided, that you would be a Muslim, that you would be favored, that you would be honored that you would be chosen to be a part of this nation. SubhanAllah I have no idea how we can we repay our Lord for that favor. Somewhere in my story. Allah jello either wrote in 1998. In that year on that month, on this day, at this moment, I am going to open his heart, I am going to open his breast and guide him to my way, guide him to my path guide him to the truth. Even

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if Allah gave you a million lifetimes you could not repay that debt of guidance of the favor that Allah chose to give you in guiding you to Islam. This is why we place a loss of Hanna with Allah is the priority first. This is why I traveled for 12 years, giving the Dow and trying to help other people understand the message of Islam and trying to help bring our youth and others closer to the practicing of the religion and giving a law subpoena with Allah his rights because we owe it to him in the smallest way that we can to give Allah subhana wa Taala his right to place him in the pinnacle of importance in our life. And then everything else in a descending fashion to make our

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life have Baraka have blessing. So make sure brothers and sisters, you are putting your priorities First, make sure they're in check. Make sure that nothing else extends above those priorities even if you have to write them down. Allah Subhana Allah to Allah, his worship in his obedience, His Messenger, his obedience, my parents, the love for them that in obedience to them, my family the way I must take care of them myself, the rights that are owed to myself and then schoolwork, friends, work hobbies in that descending order. If something comes out of place, take a moment reflect check yourself and fix it. Make sure these things don't overtake anything else. Make sure they don't

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become addictions make sure that the priorities are in check insha Allah who to Anna and that is what the type of things we're going to continue to put forward on this channel. We're going to do some car video build video and talk about the cars that I built. You see a couple of them back here. We're going to talk about tag we're going to talk about martial arts and fitness etc. A lot of different things here. And then over on my second channel for those of you don't know I run a second channel and that channel is dedicated to Islamic only content. I don't want people to think that we're over here just we've gone off into the gaming sea. No, we have another channel path to pieces

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linked in the description path the number two piece on Tuesdays and Thursdays we stream over there on Tuesdays we're doing the devil's deception by

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even Josie Rahim Allah to Allah. On Thursdays we do our do's and don'ts and open q&a session. And then on Saturdays, we have members only live chat sessions chatting to sessions, where our members can call in inshallah. So please give us Subscribe over there and check us out on Tuesdays and Thursdays and the content loop is over. That's where the reflections podcast happens as well. This content will be my personal page for my personal content for things that I feel a personal

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favor to want to talk about gaming. We're going to talk about NGO, this is the home NGO, we're going to talk about car bills when talking about tech. We've talked about anything talk about life. This is my personal page for my personal self. Now that I have the time to delve into these ventures so please like give a like and subscribe the video and inshallah who to Anna pass this on to someone you think you may benefit to do. And we'll see you on the next one and Joe unless you're bringing your brother you Chevron's telling you a Salaam Alaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh