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Jumuah Khutbah

The death of the Imam and his assistant in New York and many more victims of Senseless Killing is the topic of discussion in the sermon.

August 19, 2016

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shaffir admirals Navy

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in the

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another plane, ticket alpha law, what

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In the name of a loving, compassionate, the Most Merciful. All praise is due to Allah. We bear witness that no one is worthy of worship but Allah and we've been witness that Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam indeed his final messenger, the best speech.

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The best guidance is the guidance of Mohammed Salah, lahardee seller, may Allah Subhana Allah make us amongst those who listen to the best of speech, the Book of Allah unfolds commandment. And may Allah Subhan Allah amongst those who come to know the best ways, the wave of Mohammed

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and make this amongst his followers, you have

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had enough.

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The inbox of the email as

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soon as the

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first number 27 loves panda with Allah tells commands the prophets article says every site upon them in truth, the story of the two sons of Adam, when both of them resisted an offering to Allah subhanho wa Taala. The opening was accepted from one, but he often would

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have been

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the one who have rejected that to the ones who had his offering accepted up to London, I'll surely kill you.

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And the brother did, what all of us would do, you shook your shoulders, and you look at them as a full one in Nevada upon local minima,

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except of those who are conscious of how to handle more data, but for your own information, just to let you know that important.

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If you stretch or raise out, you have to kill me.

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I will not try to raise my hand against you, to kill you. Why am I taking the mindset in the

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world who is the Lord of the woods.

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And then he said,

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he said, a nearby, you shall go ahead and bear the burden of my sin as well as your sin.

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And you shall be one of the brothers of this fight what to call me, and this is the right recompense of all the room tours. And then the tough part is for

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both his own

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make acceptable that we killed his own father. So he killed him, for us for having a coffee. And indeed he became one of the losers or one amongst the losers. This story may be old, but the story gets repeated all the time. And unfortunately in the world that we live in today, it gets defeated almost every single day senseless killing opportunity.

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The same way the destroyer of atoms that there is but what about you what are you kidding me for what is my client in the

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only accept of those who are conscious of him? If you are very polite to people then when he shows me

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but I will not behave the way that you do. It is unfortunate.

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listening to the news especially recently, young man by the name of Allah Jabbar in Oklahoma, live next for Muslims.

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Erickson, everybody keeps giving his neighbor a hard time. He in fact attempted to kill his work. This person just burned and he just hate these people attempted to kill the mother. Keep in mind College is a Christian, but he's an Arab as well.

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Major burden made a bite of gum college, one of the police Listen, man, my name is giving me a hard time it's attempted this before. And I just point out that he has a gun, the man bought a gun the police has, there is nothing that we can do about it a few minutes later, rather than made this goes until college

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would reason just

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we've all witnessed what happened in New York, the immigrant who is assisted.

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A lot of

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times there's a lot of the message somebody from behind. Both of them is killing them in just cold blood.

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What in the world is going on? Why so much senseless killing, we've seen the neatest images coming up this season boy

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has done nothing to go through the kind of disaster that he just went through, image comes out the voice taken out because there was a bomb that hit his house, the whole entire building collapses. And

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he's not even looking at the good stuff. What just took place.

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To him young men were there is a tourist visiting from Australia, from Australia. And he's just jogging, gets up in the morning wants to keep up and he's jogging. And two young men, they killed him. And when they were caught, and they were asked, Why did you kill this man, I think that we were born.

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We were born.

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We were born is actually the reason they gave why

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we weren't born so much.

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That you know what, towards the end of time, you have

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to pay up to just go to three. So somebody inquires a prophet of Allah, what do you mean by this

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leg, it

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so bad, that the person committing the murder does not really know why you're committing the murder, and the one who's being killed does not even know why they have been

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truly senseless.

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But he

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simply does not take place like genocide, it does not just take place, there are steps that are taken prior to making it okay to do so if you study sociology, they've got the eight days to genocide, the 10 stages of genocide, not to just really, for the sake of simplicity, it goes through about five steps.

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The first step is naming, naming, shame, blame rate, and then you know, these are the basic steps of genocide, named, what you do is you give people a label, give them give them, you classify them, there is nothing wrong with classification. We as social species, we have classification, men or women younger, or Richard put these classifications in themselves, they don't necessarily lead to genocide, but what happens as a result of that makes a big difference. The same way being black or white is just a biological fact, the meaning that you attribute to be white or black is what is the problem.

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So, you begin by maybe you give them a name,

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call the

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call the

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call the

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call the job just give them any name, sometimes the the quota cap,

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but that is not just the classification, the name is the head because it makes the second step acceptable, you name so that you go to the second step and that is shaved. So you will name and then you say you hold them responsible.

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What's wrong with us. So in the main, you also label them you bring into them the shame so now there must have been the potential we need to scrutinize them, we need to put breakfast on them. We need a unit to them. And you cannot believe so the statements that are coming out nowadays. They sell for like I said that the statements they usually make the genocide later on.

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Because people don't just wake up one day and they decide that we are going to get rid of these people, there are things that take place. So you name and then once you name you shame. So when somebody says that we've got to interview all the Muslims, and find out who believes in one, two, and three, and those who we accept Chelsea, and those won't be there, be rejected, they'll be there. They'll be imprisoned. Whatever it is that we say about the Muslims, you can say about any other minority that has been targeted in the past that's being targeted now that will be targeted in the future. human behavior, brothers and sisters does not change. In fact, a lot in the philosophy of

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history. They say that the philosophy of history is resisted in the

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history is not linear, history rather is secular, just tend to repeat, all you need to do is change the name, the places automatically makes the mistake, everything remains to be the same. So in our history is circular. We keep repeating the same mistakes, may blame chain. And what you do in that process is you dehumanize that individual dehumanizing simply means that this person is not as human as the rest of us.

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And superpower law. In every step, the app keeps up with us humans to say, don't be guilty of this, namely, our average Latin average

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Latin American, when you are not supposed to be calling each other's names, because that is the first step in dehumanizing the other groups.

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Don't do them

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with the value and understand

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what I'm saying to them. The Prophet sallallahu wasallam said, a belief that is not indecent in what they say they don't use profanity available for people, that is not have a belief that is these are not the type of words that come out from

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the numerous people, Allah, Allah sees what

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we have, indeed on all the children of

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nobody, regardless of what they do, every single human being is a holder of human dignity and integrity, no matter what they do, that is never taken away from them. Every single person is a voter of human dignity at one time, and you may not be part of this passing by when we saw a Muslim having a quarrel somebody else and he that the person was just too rough on the other question. So say that when said you're in Davao,

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I said, My quality protection, even if this man is not like you, but he is your equal as far as humanity is concerned. He's your equal as far as humanity is concerned.

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So don't ever

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be human on somebody else. So what happens is that you did demonize the person.

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And so Pamela, what dehumanization does, is that it takes away from us, then we put against

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a normal human being would find it very tough to kill somebody. And that is why the statement is the Quran is such a beautiful statement.

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And they say that means to imply and usually that is a word that is used, when somebody is bending it out, what have you done the great part of difficulty. And

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this man had to go through so many filters, model filters, but towards the end, the hatred, the human nature, all the way the revulsion that we have against men. So you name you blame, you dehumanize, then you say, that just becomes so difficult. You know what? We have this against blacks, we have this against whites, we have this against Latinos, we have this against as we pick people that we dehumanize and we blame them and we shame them for just being the way that Allah subhanho wa Taala has created them.

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And then you read and then it becomes okay to do whatever it is that you want to do to these people. And then finally after you do it you denied and how do you deny they deserve it? They voted upon themselves. It was just natural. Amazing.

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story about the

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meaning the story about the mom. And then after the story, you read the comments. This is an innocent

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hate crime that you were just walking, when he was targeted because he was a Muslim or not, not the point. story says that there were some Muslims who beat another Latino, and this man came in revenge to just kill Muslims do something. He was not the person that did. He wasn't the person that beat up on your fellow, regardless of whether the story's true or not. But even if the story is told, the story is true. How is this person responsible? Oh, it's an iPhone and

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such a proven way of understanding what a loss of time without it is the eye of the perpetrator, or the eye of the victim, not the eye of anybody moving close to that group. As soon as I got an eye, and the whole,

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the whole world would go blind, if this is the kind of mentality that we have.

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So we are not necessarily the only minority that is targeted as people with challenges. You know, what, being a black person with pulled over by the police is not easy. We're not saying that police are bad. That will not that's not what we say. But there are many people out there who get picked on simply because they are different, unfortunately, sometimes misuse them able to label other people as being different. And in the name of a month, they also carry out heinous crimes, kill them, because they can't kill them because they kill them because they kill them. Because there

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was never a green light to do something wrong to somebody else. Our immediate concern is at this point, people have a problem with us and we in the Muslim community have an image.

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Because the image that has been presented about us is not a healthy image, and is not a good brothers and sisters, let me put it in simple language. This is what we call ABC of human sociology.

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If people don't know you,

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they can trust.

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And if people don't trust you,

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they won't accept.

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And if people don't know you don't trust you don't accept you, they own a lot. That is just how we as human beings, that is how we operate, you know, people, you trust them, you trust them, you accept them, you accept them, you can potentially love them. But it all begins with the very first point. And that is you must get to people. So what is the emphasis of your time? Yeah.

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So a lot of times, we understand the classification we create from a single pair of male and female, and we made you into nations and tribes. So classification is good, celebrate your diversity. But then what do you do? How do you celebrate that diversity, lead?

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so that you may know, one. And the minute you get to know one another, you trust

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brothers and sisters, the most important element in any healthy human relationship is trust.

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The most important element in any healthy human relationship is trust. If I don't trust you, there's nothing else impactful.

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So what happens, we have got to make sure that we know

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we have got to make ourselves known to those who are around the interest rates.

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And when people are afraid, people become very, very irrational. And some people they benefit from the seeds that they instill in people. Sometimes people know that to be low, yet they do because the

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story says that this very rich woman comes to the doctor's office and she suspect that she has cancer. The doctor told him, you know, examinations and tests and find out that the woman really does not have cancer, but she is inclined to accepting the fact that she has cancer. So he decides to tell her, she has won. And for 20 years he has

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made so much money. He says his own child

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His own stuff to medical school, the stuff that comes into

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joining his father,

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the father takes a vacation. Now the son is running the clinic that overcomes

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all these papers and the father is gone in 10 days, he convinces the woman that she has no cancer. Father comes about how it goes. And he said, Dad, you won't believe this, you know, that patient of yours. She was, you know, I just told her that she has no cancer and the father.

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He was there, he said, Son, you start practicing medicine old the old way. It was that cancer that was how it was decanted that took you to medical school, it was, it was that cancer that never existed, but because it was to his benefit. He decided that this is how it works. And some people out there, especially politicians, they no longer own to be more, but just tend to be promoted, simply because it benefits.

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When you live in a society like this. You don't know

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what to do with this. I don't like his narrative. I don't like the way that ISIS was presenting my knee. So what do you do, I am going to convey to you a different way. And that's not the responsibility of the man only. That's not the responsibility that we all become ambassadors and representatives of Islam and of Mohamed Salah.

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And the minute we do this, we don't have any way other than people who just look at us, they'll let me say, you know what we really don't believe because we have met because we know because we actually have friends because we have co workers who are Muslim, and they don't believe they don't promote. They don't impair any of this notice that you have saved me a lot of peace and understanding of

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for salatu salam.

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He brothers and sisters, when we see the images, we have the Imam and his assistant mela.

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We have humanity calling tomorrow May Allah, Allah give lots and lots of places to his family. But I believe TB images that have been built and run and other more people will never make it on TV. The more you see this,

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love the teachings of Allah and Mohammed de la vida sin the beautiful

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conviction. What brothers and sisters teachings that don't get implemented are not important.

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It is amazing teaching. But if they are not implemented, did not potent. And that's why they say if what you believe in this not kept up how you behave, then what you believe that is not important. You can say all the things that you want to say. You can be eloquent as you want to be. But it's what you believe in does not impact how you behave, then what you believe in is not important. We can really be against people calling us names, but we ourselves with our own family members we use.

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We can really stand up for justice. But we in our own families in our own homes, we will not just willy nilly be against oppression and oppressors. But we oppress those who are closest to us. As they say, begin with our own families we create the type of role of world that we want to see out. But the emphasis inshallah today, please remember this. If people don't know us, they cannot trust us. Keep also in mind, people may trust you or not accept and that is perfectly fine. People may know you, they may trust you. They may accept you, or they don't love you. And that's perfectly fine. Because we human beings are not necessarily going to accept every question out there simply

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because they know as well we know that we are not going to love everybody out there simply because we know them. We trust them and we accept them. That's not how we operate. But remember, the most important element in any healthy human relationship is trust. The minute I trust my will upon the going to work in the morning becomes easy. Why is that? Because I

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can imagine if we did not trust our neighborhoods, what would happen? I mean, the answer is all they won't tell you know your wife, your wife, and your children and your children and your children and you can know what happened to because we don't believe

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There are.

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So the process of why we want to know and be known by others is for the sake of bringing about trust, the minute we do so, then we can go for a healthy human relationship. May Allah Subhana Allah guide us to do the

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necessarily the best of circumstances for a new amount to come in a community and be talking about an event like this. But this is really about being real, and making our presence wherever we are as relevant as possible. It is a great honor to be part of this community and inshallah we hope and we pray for lots of panels Allah, that Together, we can make an impact in our own community and also the community that is around and the best way to do this is get to know one another, and then make ourselves known for those who are around the smell of polio. A lot

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of the data that you need to

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get started outside pocket

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has never

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happened and what

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about the loss of love a little bit as to what extent when he died when

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he was little while and what it will look like

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