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Khutbah by Sh. Yassir Fazaga on July 1, 2011 at IIOC titled: “Hope in Allah”


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The Prophet peace be upon him is a message of comfort and guidance, and is given to individuals and families. It is emphasized that protecting one's freedom and being aware of one's own values is crucial, and that individuals and families should practice their own values and make sure they have the freedom to choose their actions. The history of the city and its religious aspect is also discussed, along with the importance of protecting one's privacy and being aware of one's own values. The segment ends with a call to action for people to be mindful of their surroundings and not to jeopardize their privacy. The upcoming summer class for teenagers on sex education is emphasized, along with a post about a woman named Tina Kuru.

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shape our dream smilla rahmanir rahim al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil alameen wa Salatu was Salam ala MV mursaleen Shafi Ahmed Nagy no hubiera amin Muhammad in Salawat huapi wa sallahu alayhi wa ala alihi wa sahbihi Nepal hearing in Alhamdulilah number one is 1301 a stock photo who want to study when not only billahi min sharara on fusina was a Lena Maja de la hufa Mobile Allah. Allah, Allah.

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Allah Allah Allah Allah, Allah, Allah wa Mohammedan sallallahu alayhi wa sallam Abu rasuluh Bolivar De La Jolla, Manitoba Sohail oma Baraka Allen Hagerty bibeau lado How can I hurry Holla Holla Holla America, nos da Cunha DC kita boleh hiral. Howdy, howdy Mohammad Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, In the Name of Allah, the Compassionate, The Most Merciful. All praise is due to a law. We bear witness that no one is worthy of worship but a law and we bear witness that Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam is indeed his final messenger. The best of speech is the book of law. And the best of guidance is the guidance of Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam.

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It was during a time like this, in the same here with the Prophet peace be upon him last to very close family members to him. This is happening in Mecca, in the midst of atrocities in the midst of torture and persecution against him personally salallahu alayhi wasallam and against his companions. However, during that time the Prophet peace be upon him, her two people protecting him. One was giving him protection in the outside, and one was giving him protection inside. the one giving him protection outside was his uncle obatala

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not a believer, but he loved Mohamed Salah Allah Allah wa sallam, he raised him and he made sure yes, the people were against him. sallallahu alayhi wasallam but nothing happens to the well being of Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wasallam he was that protected and all the elites of Mecca. They want to do something to him peace be upon him, but they can't because they know that obatala is there and Abu Talib is a very important figure. So he is providing this protection for him. Then he had his most beloved wife Khadija radi Allahu Allah May Allah Subhana Allah be pleased with her. She is the one that is comforting the Prophet peace be upon him outside was being called a liar, a sorcerer, a

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madman, a magician, and he's being maligned left and right. But when he comes to hadiya, may Allah subhanaw taala be pleased with her, she would provide him with that comfort and in the same yield of a pile of dice, and also hadiya dice those of us who have lost a loved one, somebody

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was very close to us. Maybe it was a very protective mother. Maybe it was a very caring father. Maybe it was a son, or a daughter, an uncle, a grandparent, an aunt, whatever the case is, a lot of people are able to relate to this. I love my mother so much, but she's gone now. My father, I loved him so much I look forward to him coming home, because I knew that with my father around, things were good, or my grandfather or grandmother, whatever the case is. So people who have that who have had that kind of a loss, can relate to this. And here is the Prophet peace be upon him to the most important people in his life, in one year, are gone. And once that happens, we become very

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vulnerable, easily exploited, especially the younger that you are. And that is why the Quran reminds us the believers take care of the orphan. Because at such a young age, they lose a parent or to who's there to take care of them, they can so easily be exploited and marginalized. So we are told, make sure that you take care of them, and hear the Prophet peace be upon him, loses both people. And there is really no replacement to them. The same way that there is no replacement for a mother or for a father or for a child, or for just a person, there is no replacement for them. And here is the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam feeling all lonely, never going to despair. But just that idea of

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how how sad it is. An Allah subhanho wa Taala takes care of the Prophet peace be upon him, saying, Oh Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wasallam if all of humanity decides to abandon you, then your Lord will not abandon you. And the Prophet peace be upon him is taken into this journey that is referred to as an extra one mirage. It was during a time like this, that the Prophet peace upon him in the same night is taken from Mecca to Medina at the same night. This is 1400 years ago, a trip that generally speaking took about a month, getting on your camel, and sometimes walking all the way from Mecca, all the way up to Jerusalem. The Prophet peace be upon him, was taken on that journey in the

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same night, referred to as an extra journey at night. But then something even more beautiful takes place. And that is the Prophet peace be upon him is ascended into heaven, where he went beyond, beyond no other being has been including gibreel alayhis salam, and there Allah subhanho wa Taala and the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam a meeting takes place, but not really to go into the details of what happened there. But the lessons that the lessons that we learn,

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see in our daily lives, we will have will social beings, we will have people that we are close to. And some people that we are close to may either deport us because of death because they travel because they relocate because they change or because we change. So they said that makes sure that our utmost hope our absolute hope is only in Allah subhanho wa Taala the word work we put on people, the more we are prone to being disappointed. The more work you put in Allah subhanho wa Taala you know, the more comfortable we will be. So our hope is in Allah subhanho wa Tada. So put your hope in Allah subhanaw taala do not put your hope in people you will be disappointed. The same way that if

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you will consider Islam to be great because of the people that are around you will law he will be disappointed. And I tell you, I will disappoint you. Other people will disappoint you. Because the goodness of anything is not to be measured by who is committed to it. But rather it should be able to stand on its own. And as such, we're not disappointed, either when they leave because of death because they depart because they change because they relocate. So that is lesson number one, then more hope we have a lot less hope we have on people then least likely that we will be disappointed. And then the other thing is, this is this is where it gets to be a bit sensitive

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of how important Jerusalem is to the Muslims.

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The Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam at the very beginning, you know we're doing our daily prayers. And initially the Prophet peace be upon him is commanded by Allah subhanho wa Taala where do you need to be aiming is towards Jerusalem. That is the place one of the oldest cities

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In the world, and these history of the cities always religious. This is where Abraham and Luke migrated. David Solomon, Jesus, this is where they were born, a Moses, Jacob and Isaac, this is where they are buried. Muhammad Sallallahu wasallam. This is where they are taken this way he is taken on that night journey. So Jerusalem is very dear and near to the heart of a of a believer. And sadly, what is happening to this holy city nowadays, is anything but holy. There is nothing holy that is taking place in Jerusalem, nowadays. I will come back to this topic. You know how Subhanallah in few days, they will be celebrating the Fourth of July, the idea of independence,

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freedom, part of the British Empire, people felt that they were being taxed without representation, taxation without representation. Somehow, all the goods are going to the king or the queen. And nothing is really left here to the people. And people revolted against that, that this is not what we bargained for. This is not what we pay our taxes for. And they fought. And it was a beautiful fight, because it was fight for freedom and for justice. And rightly so that is commemorated every fourth of July, where people are reminded of this precious gift of freedom. But see, brothers and sisters, many times we have this idea about freedom. Freedom is when I go to the market, and I buy

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whatever I want, that does not make you free. That just makes you a consumer. And many times the foolish consumer as well said you know what, it's so free, you go up there, and there is just so much varieties of coffee and tea and toothpaste and detergents and soap. And you know, I go that and it's up to me to choose. It's my freedom. That is not what is meant by freedom. And what we have done is that we have confined freedom to just that little, and we forgot our freedom and where it really needs to be practiced. And humbler today I see a lot, a lot of young people and it's always beautiful to see young people in the masjid. Because that's really where we want our young people to

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be belonging in a Masjid. And as such a reminder of what freedom is all about. Freedom is truly practicing that given gift of freedom in choosing your values. C values are things that we choose. And we make a big mistake when we let somebody else choose our values for us. So it's your freedom to choose what kind of values you want to live life by. So make sure that you choose the right values. And most important, make sure that it is you who is doing the choosing, we have the right to choose our values as a freedom, practice it.

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We have the right to choose our friends, who are the people that I hang around with. Four of self respect, young people listen to this part of self respect is that I choose who are going to be my companions, who is the kind of company that I am going to keep around me, there is a freedom. But it's pointless if you don't choose it. And if you don't practice it, so that is another freedom. Make sure that you choose and make sure that you do a wise choice. We have the freedom to choose our actions, make sure that you choose right actions. But then again, brothers and sisters, we cannot be celebrating our freedom. When we are oppressing somebody else. We cannot truly be celebrating our

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freedom and, and feel secure in our freedom so low that we actively participate in the oppression of other people and suppressing their own given gifts and write of freedom. That is the most pathetic way of trivializing and jeopardizing our own freedom. So as we want to protect our freedom, the best way to protect our freedom is to make sure that we protect the freedom of those who are around us. Let me give you an example. People know what's happening in the

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1.5 million people, a blockade is being happening against them. The status of all the people who are imposing the blockade, they themselves have been the victims of similar blockades only 50 years back. The Holocaust is not ancient history is still today, we have got survivors of the Holocaust. And these people know what it meant and what it is like to go through a holocaust. what it feels like to live in a ghetto. Did you know that Jews in Europe were literally placed in a ghetto the word ghetto is a word that was

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invented in Italy, and in Europe, in England and Italy, specifically, where Jews were placed in a ghetto because the Christians in that part did not want Jews to defile the city with their filth or so we are told. So Jews were, were forced into these ghettos, and they will not allow to come out of it. This was their prison, their confinement solely on the basis that they are Jewish people. They're kept in that place. And 100 Allah, Allah subhanaw taala. No gave them the freedom of the being just selected, selected to be slaughtered on the face on the basis that they are Jews. These people are now saved, the same way that they were saved by Moses alayhis salaam. And you would think

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that of all people, these would be the last people to practice anything like that, because they have been victimized by it. They would not want to be repeating history where now they are the perpetrators of that evil and of that wickedness. But Subhanallah This is precisely what we see nowadays. Those who were forced into the ghettos are now forcing gazelles into the ghettos, those who are imprisoned, or they themselves now who are imprisoning the people of Russia. So here's what's happening. A group of people, people of conscience, they said, You know what, we don't approve of this. This is not right. What we're going to do is that we are going to defy this

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blockade that is taking place, we are going to break the siege against the people of Gaza. Everybody get on a boat, we are taking a lot of human aid, and we're just going to hersa. So they came up with the Audacity of Hope flotilla, a group of ships, beautifully, the name the Audacity of Hope. There is actually the book a best seller, written by our President Barack Obama Audacity of Hope. So they said, That's such a beautiful title, we are going to adopt it. And we are going to make an adult City of Hope by this trip that we are taking what is beautiful about the people who are participating. This was an American group. These were not Muslims. amongst the people who are on

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both of the ships are Holocaust survivors. One of them is an 82 year old Holocaust survivor said, I have been to the Holocaust. And what a shame it is that my people who have been the victims of the Holocaust are no the ones who are practicing this, I am going to make a statement there. Some of the people that are on the Holocaust today are some of the Israeli soldiers that were actually attacking previous fuller tell us before and now this soldier I was listening to him yesterday on the radio saying that that was wrong. And I'm here by inviting my fellow soldiers not to obey orders. So you see that these are the people who are getting engaged in this. But Subhanallah like what is

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happening in the Arab world, your people are just massive, demonstrating against the dictatorship, wicked dictatorships, and that is why we commend the people of the commandment people of Tunisia, the people of Tunis, and insha Allah very soon we will be commending the people of Libya. And in sha Allah, very soon we will be commending the people of Yemen and inshallah we will be commending the people of Syria as well. Because people see this, say, wait a minute, enough is enough. This is pointless. This is senseless. You just cannot go oppressing people for so long. And nobody says anything. But tactics have changed at this point. So Pamela, when you come to a title was bullets

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and guns. Usually the title is better equipped. They have bigger guns, and they have got more bullets than the masses. But at this time, the masses said, You know what, we're not firing bullets. We're just coming there to just peacefully demonstrate. And let's see you doing something about that. So Pamela, see, the tyrant is weakest when you peacefully demonstrate against them. But the minute you fire a bullet against them, it gives them all the needed justification, they fire at us, and that is why we're fighting back against them. a hoot Barak is now the defense minister of Israel. He said Palestinians are changing their weights. He said they're no longer becoming the

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suicide bombers. And they no longer using terrorism. They are using peaceful means. And then he said and that is going to be difficult for us. Wait a minute. That doesn't make sense. Let me say that again. He said Palestinians are choosing undertake changing their tactics. We're no longer using bullets. They no longer using suicide bombing. They are no longer using terrorism. They are using peaceful means and that is going to be difficult for us. What do you mean it's going to be difficult? What do you do to peaceful

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demonstrators were up to people who just coming saying, Look, man, let me just live. Let me just survive. Let me just be the same way that the dictator in Egypt became very impotent. The dictator of Tunisia became impotent, when the masses came down, and they said, Enough is enough. And at this point, we are all saying, no, what are you going to do to that?

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Some lunatics will do things, such as the lunatic in Egypt, or the lunatic in Libya, or also what we see are the torture and the atrocities that are taking place in Syria. And may Allah subhanaw taala be with the people of Syria? I mean, you just see some of the most wicked vicious atrocities. Now, I'm not sure if this has been mentioned to you or not from before, hands on copy. Just 13 year old kid goes to them with his dad. And he's a peaceful demonstration, just going down on the street saying, you know what, from now on, we're just sick and tired of this. No Lord, Father misses his son, son is nowhere to be found. A week goes by Hamza handler is back, but he's back dead. Not only

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is he dead, he comes back broken bones, broken neck, markers of culture all over him, and suddenly of all his private pot was also cut. See, what kind of a human being carried something like this out. You have to be a beast to do something like that.

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But against the power law, please remember this brother and sisters. See these dictators will lie, they will die. early summer that we pray that they die in our lifetime Yaro bellami they will die. But as soon as they die,

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their methods, they come to an end with them. But as soon as the martyrs die, it is the rule or of the mortar that starts living at that at that point. So we see the flotilla people are both on the tele and they saying, look, we cannot be part of this. our tax dollars. These are my tax dollars and your tax dollars. They are supporting the blockade that is taking place. It is weapons that are made in this country that are destroying the buildings in the desert. And some people said this cannot be it. Congress people have said that dennis kucinich has said that so these people demonstrate it. And they said no. Well, here is the sad part. These are American citizens. And you know, America takes

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care of its people. If you are a US citizen, you hold that passport, America will be there for you. So these people, gentlemen and women, they make the decision that we are going to be boarding the flotilla and Israel response back, we will do our best not to harm you. But if we need to, we will do it. State Department comes out. And you would expect to say Look, do not jeopardize you have do not jeopardize the safety of American citizens. They come out and they say whoever is going on the flotilla they are irresponsible.

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You've got to be kidding me.

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I am going there. And now I'm saying look, I'm just going to help out the people hand out humanitarian aid, medicine, food, and you're calling me irresponsible. What is what in the world is going on? But see, that's what the prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam taught us that towards the end of time, there is a shift in what is moral and what is immoral. Yet, the nurse is a man who you have

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in our home, he saw that.

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He said that autonomy is going to come when honest people are going to be called liars. liars are going to be called honest. And you do not see this beautifully manifested as much as you see in this in this arena in this area right here. So these people go there and they say, Look, man, we're just helping people say no, no, no, you're wrong. So the same thing that happened last year, they were so careful that they did not they took plastic knives and forks with them so that nobody can accuse them of having any weapons on board with them. Despite that, nine people were killed May Allah subhanaw taala accept them as martyrs.

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So here we have. And the last update I read before I came here that should keep you updated because that is so beautiful, that people are going there risking their lives knowing that nine people were killed last year, they're still doing it. That is very admirable. There is a lot of courage that is out there. So these people go out there and they say we're going and again, no grease and what is happening was their troubles. They said that the ship cannot really take over

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Although it's not seaworthy, it is not very safe. Some people have been talking about people coming in and intentionally intentionally ruining the ship, it took off. And now it's being brought back by, you know, Coast Guards from the Greece, government and talk is that they have been pressured not to allow the ship to go there. Because it will be very embarrassing. If anything happens to the people. And see brothers and sisters from Hannah law Change is inevitable. Change is coming. Like that story of

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the people that you think that you lose hope but then somehow the law something just inspiring comes in the case of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam, it was a loss of hand without saying that, don't worry, if all of humanity is going to abandon you a loss of 100 Allah is not going to abandon you. And here in the case of the people of Gaza, as you know, all the Arab around them, you know, the protocols and the bureaucracy and them being just busy keeping their seats at this point, lose hope in the Arab leaders, but do not worry Allah Subhana Allah will facilitate by people of conscience and the people of conscience today the people who are truly heroes are the people have

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the audacity of hope, the flotilla so now we are reminded of hope, brothers and sisters, a Muslim never loses hope. The Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam taught us and fretless Mahalo to be an optimist is the best of character

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and to be a pessimist, that is the worst of character. So we remember

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we do not forget about Jerusalem, but when we do so, we do so and we are all hopeful please inshallah move forward to make room for those who are coming in like Apollo Holly. Hi, Holly welcome. First of all a photo

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wa Salatu was Salam ala rasulillah Mustafa

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Should we keep talking about hope and how important it is to have hope. That is part of what we call we call put your trust in Allah subhanho wa Taala. This concept of tawakkol now putting your trust in a law, putting your trust in people, unfortunately, history tells us that we disappoint one another. So if you don't want to be disappointed, put your trust in your Creator in Allah subhanho wa Taala to Allah Wa, I put my trust all of it into Allah subhanho wa Taala. We become hopeful. We pray for hope. But see, again, brothers and sisters hope is not about just a great feeling. That is not hope as a delusion. That's not what we're talking about. Hope means that what I do may seem to

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be very little, but I am going to do it. So hope is about taking action. It's not about inaction and waiting. It is rather about doing and hoping insha Allah, the little that we do is going to flourish, that one day it will count, we may not reap the results of it. But we know that one day in sha Allah, it will turn out to be something that is good. The value that we see young people here today, we are hopeful that this is one little step that one day in sha Allah, we will see them to be great leaders good citizens in this beautiful in this beautiful country. Okay, like to remind my elders here. This is summertime. Please, please brothers and sisters, this is the time to take care

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of our children have reminded this before and I'm sorry if I'm sounding redundant. The month of June and July are the most dangerous times for teenagers in this country. That is when most of them get into car accidents. That is when most of them pick on bad habits. Because we have got the recipe for disaster. Three things make the month of June, July and August a recipe for disaster. A lot of free time for these kids. There is no school. A lot of free time, freedom, boredom and lack of supervision. Parents are working. You know, it used to be from eight to three and then there's unsupervised for about two hours. But now it's all day long. What are these kids doing watching TV

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getting bored and they're free and they're not supervised? teenagers they say that during this time, they seek to be thrilled. They want to be adventurous, even if it means that they do things that are illegal or immoral. That is when most teenagers pick up on smoking marijuana it is during this time. So please value the fact that this is going to be an awesome challenge for you

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We have children and make sure that please please that we provide, you know, some anti anti recipe disaster for the freedom and the boredom and the lack of supervision. Now, the masjid is inviting to please take part in the activities at the masjid, they there is no place that will protect our children like this religious identity, and that has only be nourished in a Masjid. Please make sure that you participate. They've got an intensive program summer program that is coming up. It's on Wednesdays, and it is on tafsir. beginning this Wednesday, and going on for for a while. So please make sure that you come yourself and make it a family a family event, we go to the masjid to attend

00:30:48--> 00:31:26

the class, they have summer camps for kids, make sure that you put your kids in the summer in the summer camps. And yes, sometimes they may be costly. But that is the price that we have to pay. If we want to make sure that our children good values are instilled in them, there is a price to be paid brothers and sisters, nothing here takes place for free. We've got facilities to take care of and what have you. So please make sure that you participate in this and also look into the different agencies in the area. You know what they deliver different services be different massage, or our own agency at Access California, and I think I've told you this before a class that is delivered every

00:31:26--> 00:32:10

Wednesday on sex education for teenagers, people from 13 to 18. Or is the reality is this a very sexualized society culture that we're living in? These kids are bombarded with sexual images from such an early age. How do you contend with that? They've been told about sex left and right. The media tells that the music tells friends tell it, everything around them is sexualized, how do they contend with it? So what we have is a sex education class held on Wednesdays for these teenagers so please make sure that you participate in this and most of all, finally, please appreciate the people on the flotilla. Please appreciate them. These are people who paid their own money. These are people

00:32:10--> 00:32:49

who are risking their own lives. These are the people who are taking the risk of going to a place where people will not think twice of killing you. So are these people may Allah Subhana Allah bless them Aeroflot me And may Allah subhanaw taala protect them You, me and May Allah subhanho wa Taala grant them success in this mission of Raphael alameen these are beautiful group of people and we're law You're lucky we pray for them. Be the Christians, Jews, Muslims, atheists, we pray for them and we pray that Allah Subhana Allah blesses them guides them and we pray that Allah subhanaw taala grants them success Yara bellami along with volume enough with volume in your volume enough with

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volume in a long narrow room as well I mean, I mean, original maintainer it himself I mean, there are magic I mean, a long metal before a German I mean, one of his Karbala Praveen what the day nine in Medina in Montana was femur bone okaasan talana Boston bisol

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Ramadan was open he he saw

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me in robina Tina Fey jr has written

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about the law in

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a certain way. Either way. We'll move

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on to the Kuru Kuru life was Kuru Allah. Allah. Allah Akbar. Allahu Allah does not own up in the Salah.