Qada and Qadr – Basic Understanding of Predestination

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The speakers discuss the topic of " Freewill" and the concept of "immaculate" in Islam. They share stories about people from Basra and Afghanistan who discuss "immaculate" in a way that is not controlled. The speakers emphasize the importance of learning and working hard to achieve success and avoid regret, and stress the need to not regret past mistakes and work towards finding a way to make the best of their success. They also mention the upcoming Night of Decree and the importance of budgeting for the year.

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rajim Bismillah R Rahman Rahim al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil alameen wa Salatu was Salam O Allah shadowfell mursaleen Sayidina Muhammad wa ala early he was a Marine, my beloved brothers and sister in Islam Assalamualaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh

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or Praise to Allah subhana wa tada our Lord our sustainer the Creator, the Most Merciful, the most kind, La ilaha illa Allah I bear witness that none has the right to be worshipped but Allah subhanho wa Taala We ask Allah subhanaw taala to bless us in this walk of Juma to grant this Juma be a light a guidance for the week to come and forgiveness of the sins of last week. We ask Allah subhana wa Taala to grant us to see the month of Ramadan and experience the full benefit of it. We send our greetings our love our salutations to our beloved Nabina Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, to his family, his companions and all those who follow him soon until the end of time, may we be

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amongst them. Meanwhile, hamdulillah Al Hamdulillah sokola fade for the warm introduction. And it's always a pleasure to be admitted.

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As brother sutar mentioned, we will discuss one of the most difficult controversial and interesting topics which is destiny and freewill, Kabbalah and color one of the pillars of our Eman And if you were to turn take Sahih Muslim, the books or a Muslim and you go to Hadith number one chapter number one very first Hadith in in Sahih Muslim, you'd find this hadith we two students of the Sahaba, one by the name of yahia and the other by the name of homemade. They came from Iraq and the people of Iraq, Basra began discussing the issue of freewill and destiny. And they had certain views which were controversial. So they said Let us go to Makkah for Hajj and perhaps we'll find some of the

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remaining Sahaba still alive and discuss this issue with them. So they come to Mecca, yahia and homemade. radi Allahu Allah, and they meet none other than the live and Omar the son of Satan Ahmed, at this time, he's an old man, perhaps the most learned scholar on Earth. They meet him at the bottom of Mecca. And they said, Yeah, man, oh, man, we have come from Basra, from a people that recite the Quran and they study and they are knowledgeable. But they began talking about color and color freewill and destiny. And they have concluded one of them. One of the views is that there is no such thing as predestination, that Allah has not ordained the future. In fact, the future is

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unknown, even to Allah, because we must still enact it. So I believe and I'm one of the great Sahabi rhodiola who said, when you go back to Basra, tell them I am not from them and they are not from me. And my belief and a belief is not the same and that is who they should spend the weight of Mount Hood in gold and they will do such good deeds, Allah will not accept from them until they rectify the belief in Allah subhana wa tada and color and then he narrates a hadith. Then he says, Let me tell you a story that my father said no Omar told me that once the Sahaba were in the masjid like this, this is the famous Hadith that we all know Sahaba in the masjid 70 of them and in walks a

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stranger and the people of Medina they knew each other. And if a stranger comes into the masjid, he's either a traveler or a Bedouin or someone. So this stranger walks into the masjid shed even though his clothes are exceedingly white, immaculate, perfectly, beautiful clothing, and beautiful he he walks into the masjid, and the Sahaba around and Ibiza Salaam But this man he doesn't sit at the back of the masjid. He comes right in front of the prophets of Salaam, face to face with an abyssal Salaam. And he says yeah, Muhammad Sallallahu sallam, tell me what is Islam. And the prophet SAW sentences that Islam is to testify that none has the right to be worshipped but a law and that I

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am his messenger, to perform the Salah to pay the soccer, to force in Ramadan and to perform Hajj once in your life if you're able to do so. And this man says the stranger says Sadat, you've told the spoken the truth Sahaba were shocked. What kind of person asks the question and insists that a visa Salaam correct but the man continues, he says yeah, Muhammad Sallallahu sallam, tell me what is a man and the prophets of Salaam? As we know, said, a man needs to believe in Allah in His angels in his books, in his messengers, and in the last day, and to believe in the divine predestination, the color of a law, the good of it, and the bad they have. And then the stranger said once again saw

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that you have spoken the truth Mohammed, and then he went on to ask other questions. What is your son, but who is your son? What is your son What is perfection? And the prophets of Solomon said perfection. To be a perfect believer is to worship

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As if though you can see him see Allah and if you cannot see Allah then remember Allah sees you. And then he asked the man the stranger asked, tell me when is kiama going to come? Give me the date? The resources needed. I know you know when it's clear, this is what Allah but of the signs is when the slave girl will give birth to her master and the Bedouin Arabs will build tool, magnificent buildings. That's the science of glioma. And the stranger said, sadhak you've spoken the truth, and he got up and he left and then the Sahaba shocked they sitting here Who is this guy? So the prophets of Salaam ask the Sahaba Who is that? You know who that was? Sahaba said we don't know who is he now

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resource and said that was gibreel the angel in human form coming to teach you your deen and the point of the Hadith is that of the pillar pillars of Eman number six we know the belief in free will Acaba and called out of the pre destination or detainment of Allah subhanho wa Taala unless you find Hadith number one of a Muslim. So as I say this issue of free will and destiny of the most controversial issues in Islam, and in all religions. How do we understand this? And people have gone to two extremes. The extreme view that Allah ordains everything and we as insane as people, we have no say in the matter, we have no free will. This is called Jabara, that you are compelled, you are

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created with a destination of General jahannam and you have no say in the matter. That's one extreme. The other extreme is to say that Allah does not control anything that you have absolute Free Will your day futuristic, nothing is put out. Allah has given you complete freewill to the extent where Allah does not even know the future because it has not been determined. This is called there was a group called the Kataria

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as Muslims where do we fit in the spectrum? We believe that we have complete free will or Allah controls everything with us having no free will. Some say they nod their head yes some shake their head now somewhere in between. We're not sure. Right? Lucinda well Gemma our view our belief is we affirm both and Allah has complete control of everything. Yet we also have free will and let us look at some evidences for this from the Quran and the Sunnah.

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Let us look at some of the evidences for both sides. Allah subhanho wa Taala says, and if he had world, surely he would have given every person his guidance, because the will of Allah, every one of us would be guided. And Allah subhanho wa Taala mentions

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that he creates everything with other inequality Nakula shame because of that everything is created, preordained and predetermined. That everything happens with a decree of Allah, whatever masiva befalls you. It was written in a book before you were created. And in a hadith in Muslim, another heading for the prophet SAW Salam. He says, Allah has written the measurements, the quarter of the pre ordained moments, of all creatures of all things, your demons, or demons 50,000 years before he created the heavens and the earth. So when we look at these new shoes, these hoodies and these are yet it would appear that Allah has ordained everything. And we have no say in the matter.

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And Oliver further mentioned, that Allah knew the future, he knew everything that was is and will be, and everything that could be he knows it. And he wrote it in the low helmet foods before he created anything. And of all the possible occurrences he selected some to occur and some not to occur, and then he created it. So you may look at these if and feel well in ways my input if Allah has pre ordained what I would, how I would love what I would earn now with

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whatever wishes believe, then he can get belief and whoever wishes this belief, then that's for him as well. Lena Bella, welcome, Amara, that we teach you Who of you is based in actions. This affirms that we have belief, something which all of us find easy to believe we say, you know, our data is put out for us. Before we were born, a law already stipulated a day a time when we pass away, may Allah grant us to meet that that point in a very good manner. I mean, you to find the Hadith in Bukhari and Muslim when a piece of RNA was seldom says

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if you want to increase your IQ and you want to extend your life you want to actually prolong make it longer. Go beyond yourself by date. Once you do, maintain Family Ties Hadith in Bukhari and Muslim we choose you have power to even extend your life.

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So how do we reconcile these two we said our belief is yes, Nothing happens without the permission of Allah.

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And everything happens as Allah decided in the manner he decided as he decreed, long before He created us. Yet we also have the ability to influence decree and destiny. So how do we reconcile these two things? It appears contradictory.

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Point number one. This is a pillar of Eman

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and we call it a man because we don't have all the facts. The Pillars of Eman if you look at all six of them, we don't have all the details, we have some details and we try to get a picture. But understand that this these issues are above our pay grade. We do not mean to understand fully how Kava and powder works, we only have bits of information.

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And therefore the scholars have given some examples, some explanations how it is possible that Allah has supreme will yet you also have well and let me give you some of these examples. Number one, Allah subhanho wa Taala gave you ability. He gave you the ability to choose, yet he limited your choices A, B or C, you choose which one you want, but he sets the limits is like a multiple choice. You can only choose from the list I've given you and each path you take Ally's already put the destination in mind.

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So you can take any different doors, the destination Allah has put in front of you, you make the choice, but Allah has pre ordained the destination. That's one example of trying to explain it. The other example which I I enjoy, I say look at the clothing up your wedding today who chose it

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might be yourself. It might be your wife, it might be your mother. You chose it. And if I asked why aren't you wearing a snow jacket? You say no, because it's not snowing outside. If it was snowing, I would wait a snow jacket. So you made a choice as what to we but you based it on the weather outside and who controls the weather a lot. So the you made a choice, a free choice based on the will of Allah and this shows you you have a choice and unless decree and Allah influences you will decrease. Allah also mentioned in the Quran, Phantom azova azova localu, boom, there, once they turn away from Allah, Allah turn them further away. So what this means is when you make a choice, we make a choice

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for good or for bad. Allah then facilitates us, we make a good choice I want to do I want to go to the masjid, for example, instead of somewhere else, that Allah puts good things in your path. Things that were not in your control, you meet this brother, looking for a job, that brother is looking for an employee, you made a one positive choice and Allah decreed other good things along that path. Similarly, you make one bad choice, you choose the wrong friend. And if you follow that path further on, more and more mistakes occur.

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Allah mentions that you choose but then he facilitates you in that.

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Also many things we realize while we choose things happen, and we all know this, without our control, today, we get into an accident. Tomorrow, some reason came that we didn't anticipate. Things are constantly influencing us from when we can't anticipate. We do our best yet Allah will always put put bumps in the road, put turns in the road where you need to make the choices.

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Understanding how cobalt and quarter works freewill and destiny is not the objective. That's not the point. Our doesn't expect us to ask how does this work? The objective is how do you live by it? And they we have the Rasulullah sallallahu sallam. So let's take an example. We all say that our music our sustenance is put out by Allah. Yes, Allah decreed our sustenance, yet did Nagisa Salam sit back and say Allah provides we don't have to work No, your IQ is put out but you need to attain it you need to get to it. That this is measure is for you, you need to attain it. And even though Allah decreed an amount, Allah can even increase it. If you make dua and you do certain good things that

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you might be put out. So when you have an illness you don't say it doesn't matter whether I think the cure or not. Allah is going to my my defense put up before ready? No, you go for the kill you look at the NaVi salsa, lamb. You go and you take what we call the ASVAB. Allah created a pattern in this universe, that if you do a it will lead you to be you cannot achieve results without working. You cannot succeed in your exam. If you don't study. Don't just make dua and say Allah grant me to pass grant me to pass and you don't open the textbook. No. You need to do you need to do the effort and then put your faith and trust in Allah.

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So we live our life as if

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Though the data is in our hands, but we have full knowledge when the results come when the paycheck comes at the end of the month, when the test comes that spinal lights cancer, when the doctors say, there's nothing we can do, but I made my do, I've done all my precautions, then we make Islam then we submit this is the word of Allah. So before the result is known, we putting as much effort into it as we can, and we never give up. But once the result shows itself that this was the decision of Allah, we say Alhamdulillah, for good or for bad. If it's good, we don't say because of my brilliance I came first in the class said no, it was the decree of Allah not my hard work. And if I

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fail, we say that this is a test I need to do better, that Allah has put this in my way I accepted now I will do better. Now I will go forward. We also the belief in Kabbalah and other what is important is we don't

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live in regrets. Don't look at past opportunities, past mistakes and say, if only I did this, I did that. The point that you have come today was maintained ordained by Allah subhanho wa Taala. Your future is set out but your boss's house, all we can do is make Toba for the mistakes. Don't live in regret, don't live in the constant fear of what mistakes I've made. We are a people a lot of fear. And where people have optimism and hope that even when the doctor says it's impossible, even when the when the experts say it's impossible, we say impossible for you but not for Allah. But we work to the best of our ability and then we raise our hands into our and say that in the hands of Allah

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everything is still possible.

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That a miracle can happen with Allah subhanho wa Taala tomorrow that even though the weatherman says there's no rain, we can make do and the rain will fall. We believe in these things. This is part of Java and other.

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The point I want to also conclude on is that the Night of Decree is coming. Allah speaks in the Quran in surah. Han that these are special nights with a decrease of a law are made no no. What is this, as we know, we call it later to call that it's not the 15th of Siobhan. It's later to call.

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What happens on that night. Allah subhanaw taala has decreed the decrees and the originating low health food before He created us. The angels do not know what the decrees are. So every year the angels get a budget. Angel of Death gets a list. These are the names of the Ottawa you're going to pull. It's given to him on the Night of Decree, the Angel of rain, this is a list of all the lands will get rain, who won't get rain, who will get flooding, the Angel of earthquakes, the Angel of music, each and every one of us, our names will be on one of those lists for good or for bad.

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But you and I have an opportunity before that night occurs to make dua

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that you and I have an opportunity, knowing that Allah is going to put out my music, my life, my death, my salvation. Allah is giving us the opportunity to influence that budget with da

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you don't know and I don't know what is decreed. In fact, the last year's budget last Laila to quarter that came, it might be that our names on the list of malakian mote. We don't know if this Ramadan will get the but we still have the power of law. In the Hadith, the Prophet Solomon says, nothing changed in the decrees of Allah except da. So make dua whatever you want, think about it. Your budget for the year is going to be put out in the next few days, or the next month or so. That night is coming. Whatever you want in your life of good. You raise your hands, Allah can decreed for you before he gives it to the angel. He puts it in the you want that wife, you want that husband you

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want those kids, we don't believe that impossibility with Allah subhanho wa Taala. Everything is possible Allah through to our. And our job is to remain steadfast we do our part results with Allah, we do our part we make dua, and we put our faith in Allah. And when the result comes, for good or for bad, we accept and that's what it means to be a Muslim. When we look at our society, our situation that we're in, we don't become hopeless. We don't say, well, what's the point? We're so far behind? We so backwards, what's the point in even trying no point is not the result the results are with Allah. But the effort is from us. So that Allah can reward us for efforts. And that night

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as I sit up later to father, it could be the first of Ramadan, or the last of Ramadan. And if we get that night into our and Eva that, who knows. Whatever it is that you want, whatever your heart is that it desires, whatever problems in your life can disappear through the law.

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So in sha Allah, we ask Allah subhana wa Taala to bless us

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What remains of Siobhan and that Allah grants us to achieve Ramadan and that Allah only decrees what is best for us unlimited other

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on that night also remember the Hadith mentions whoever makes Sora doesn't say the entire night just two records one record with Emma and was through email and belief and hope with Allah and you catch a little harder to solder with Iman coincides with a night of laser cutter in Ramadan. The reward is all your past sins are forgiven. So you have this special light which removes the negativity of the past and opens the doors of the future one night it's coming

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doesn't say you make the whole night in Sala just one or two hours five minutes of Sala with a man and and hope for the reward who fear Allah Kumar Takata madam all sins are forgiven. So when we begin this Ramadan the Nia begins now and that every night ensure that you perform at least one or two Raka Salah every single night. In that way you will catch later to others in salah and strive and I speak to myself first to do good every single night. Some nights Yes we do. We try to make obviously thoroughly every single night. But if it's a bit difficult, at least stand to rockers alone and make salah and do that night could be led to

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the beat. It could be the first of Ramadan or the 30th of Ramadan point is that night which removes the baggage of the past and opens the doors of the future lies ahead of us. The opportunity is with us from Allah grant us to seize this opportunity to the best we make to offer the highest of ourselves, our family, our alma mater Allah keep us safe from Allah remove the calamities that we see may next year be beaten in this year. May the rain come May the goodness come we put our faith in Allah and we are pleased with whatever Allah has decreed. Until the end we are pleased with you Allah, wa salam ala Sayyidina Muhammad wa ala alihi wa sahbihi wa Salaam mousseline and hamdulillah

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alameen Assalamualaikum warahmatullah wabarakatuh