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Yasmin Mogahed
AI: Summary © The importance of fear and sadness in life is highlighted, as it is one of the tests of one's mental health. The natural progression of fear comes from focusing on the bad things that happen in the first place. The speakers emphasize the importance of finding a way to transform one's condition and finding a way to achieve their goals. The loss of wealth and power is also discussed, along with the need to be more aware of one's state and power to achieve their goals.
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Santa Monica

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out of La humanists shaytani r rajim Bismillah R Rahman r Rahim wa Salatu was Salam ala rasulillah wala le he was IV edge main rubbish right in Saudi Arabia Siddeley Omri Wyler, Dr. Melissa Annie of Gokhale.

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I was really moved by her introduction, I didn't expect it.

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You know, I think that there is no better time for that message. And that is a message that hamdulillah Dahlia shared, and I hope in sha Allah to continue with and that is exactly that. Yes. We go through hardships and yes right now.

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It feels like it's dark.

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But you see the thing is about darkness and the thing about hardships is that it is not to be surprising, it is not unexpected. Allah subhanaw taala has told us in the Quran and the prophets I sell them have told us and they have prepared us for for what we will face in life. Allah subhanaw taala tells us in nakoda en well in Abu and netcomm be Shea in mineral healthy, well joy, why not? Because in a minute, I'm Wiley will unfussy with thammarat why best should solve it in Allah subhanaw taala tells us, we will surely test you. You know, the thing is about a very, very caring parent, for example, when you really love your child, and your child is like getting, you know he's

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going to set out or she's going to set out to her first day at school. And you're really concerned about your child, you're going to want to prepare your child for what they will face.

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Allah subhanaw taala has more mercy for us than a mother to her child. And so Allah subhanaw taala and he is high above any analogy is preparing us for what we will face while at Blue and netcom. We will surely we will surely try you we will surely test you. And then he doesn't just tell us that he will test us. But he tells us how he will test us he tells us the different types of tests that we will face. Why is this important? The reason this is important is because when you are prepared for something, then you are in a much better position to succeed. When you are prepared. It's like you know that the the the power of an ambush is that it's unexpected, right? It just it comes at you and

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you're not prepared. You're not expecting it and then that's when you can be defeated more easily. But when you are prepared, when you are prepared, then you have a much better chance of being successful ally is preparing us as she said we are soldiers. We are warriors. And I'm not talking about the physical sense. I'm talking about the inner sense we are spiritual warriors. It is one of the honestly one of the most beautiful descriptions of what a believer has to be

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a spiritual warrior. What does that mean we are prepared well under blue and NACA we will surely try you one and a blue and Nick combi Shay in mental health, we will surely try you with some piece B shade something of so there's some portion of fear well, and a blue and Nicole B Shea in mental health, one of the things we will be tried with one of the things we will be tested with is fear. Dahlia spoke a lot about fear and the End The End The consequences of fear, fear, it's one of those things that we have to deal with in this life. It's one of the tests of his life. And if you actually study, for example, the types of of hardships that people face mentally mental disorders,

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you will find that they fall into two categories. Generally, and that is anxiety disorders and depressive disorders. There's two main things that that really test us in this life that the hardships of this life, and they are fear and sadness. Fear is one of the tests of this life. Many of us, especially in the in the climate that we live in right now, we live in fear.

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And if we allow it fear can consume us. That's the thing about fear too, is whatever you focus on grows, if you focus on your object, if you focus on what it is that you're afraid of, you will only become more and more afraid. You know, I use this analogy recently. And that is that once we started hearing, especially in the US, we started hearing about all these various types of SME phobic attacks, things happening to women with hijab, and so on, and people were talking about it and it was being like it was all over the news, your news feed and you know what I'm saying? And so what was happening was now there was this discussion about Okay, well, maybe I need to loosen my hijab a

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bit. You know, or

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Maybe I need to

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maybe wear a baseball cap instead. Or maybe, you know, let's maybe we move towards taken up, etc. But this is the natural progression that's going to happen when we're focused on the fear when we're focused on on the bad things that are happening, because they start to become bigger. And the analogy that I use is this. Anytime you get into a car, forget about airplanes for a second, we're all scared of it. Anytime you get into a car, there is a legitimate chance that you will get in a car accident. It's a real, it's a real fear. It's a real threat. Yeah.

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But you see, you and I, when we're talking, and when we Converse, and when we're having discussions, we don't talk incessantly about car accidents. We don't talk about what happened in that car, oh, you know that one person they got in a car accident, and this happened to them, and then they became paralyzed. And if we did, if we did speak that way, we would never want to get behind the wheel again. So what we do is we put our seatbelt on, we don't focus on the threat itself, but we keep moving. And we continue to take we continue to go in cars and we continue to move. Similarly, when it comes to the threats that we have around us. Yes, there are threats. And yes, there is that,

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that, you know, there is that

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danger in that sense. But if we unless we realize that we have to focus forward,

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otherwise, we won't be able to keep going. So when Allah subhanaw taala says, We will surely test you have something of fear. What is it let's say next one and a blue one a condition mineral healthy? Well, a joy one Narcos one minute and while you will unfussy with thammarat. And then he says something of hunger.

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So know something, anyone who missed a meal hope you enjoy, so something of hunger, and then loss. Allah is preparing us for the types of trials that we're going to go through.

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Now, after seeing all of that, Allah tells us that there will be loss, loss and wealth lost in souls and then lost in the fruits of our toil. I want to take a moment and talk about that.

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When we talk about, you know that this a is talking about fruits of our labor, but see, you don't have to be a farmer to understand the relevance of this because I don't think anyone in this room is a farmer, any any farmers.

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Surprisingly, there are no farmers in London. So does that mean this idea doesn't apply? Because I didn't go and put seeds in it, you know, and plant things. And so it doesn't apply to me? The answer is obviously it still applies. What is it talking about? It's talking about what Dahlia was saying, for example of saying that we're mailman. We Our job is not the outcome. Our job is to deliver is to deliver our job is to put the seed in the ground. Our job is not what comes out. Because that's up to Allah. Allah is telling us that one of the tests that we will face is a lost in the fruits of our toil, meaning that we may put in a lot of effort in our lives. And this applies to everyone whether

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it is politically or it's in your personal life. Or it's in your you know, maybe you stayed up all night studying for an exam and you still failed. Yeah, ever happened. You still did poorly on the exam. This is this is a loss in the fruits of our toil.

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This is part of the tests of this life. Why am I saying this? I'm saying this because we shouldn't be shaken by these tests. The reason we should not we should realize that these tests are are to be expected. And finally a lots of panatela says we're best should have sabreen Who are these people that Ally's giving glad tidings to glad tidings give glad tidings to the savuti in the patient ones.

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How do we be among these people that Allah is giving? How can we be successful in the darkness essentially, this is what this is what the this is what it's talking about. Allah is saying you will face dark times, you will face tests. It wouldn't be dunia. If you did it, it would not be dunia, it would be something else called Jenna and sha Allah. But this is dunya and we face these tests. How can we be successful in the darkness? Allah says how he says and Nabina Eva also that Tomasi button corlew in alila he were in LA he Rajon those who when the calamity of all sorts of all sorts, we're going to face all sorts of calamities,

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collectively and personally.

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locally and globally, we're gonna face all types of calamity when the calamity befalls them. They respond with in nalli la he were in there

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La Mirada own. In La La Hey, we're in LA, here's your own brothers and sisters is not just a statement that you say when someone dies

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in La la, he were in LA he Roger own is a paradigm, it's a way to see the world.

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And it begins and can only happen with the beginning part which is in that Illa what is in LLM, in, in nearly law means, indeed, We and everything belongs to a law.

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You cannot be among these people who Ally's giving glad tidings to

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these people who are termed as a sovereign, unless you you have this concept, and you have it strong. And that is in the law, that everything, everyone, all things belong to Allah.

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What does that even mean?

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It means that all power is with Allah. It means that no change happens except by Allah. It means everything that I have is from Allah. Everything that I lose, is going back to Allah. Allah as the owner, you know what La hawla wala quwata illa means, because today is a night of like, this is the this is the theme, right? Night of destiny night of power. It's a night of change. That's where power comes the ability to transform the ability to grow. But where does change come from? That how now what are called water 11 there is a very, very powerful statement. In fact, it's called one of the prophets I sell him said it's a it's a jewel, a treasure from the treasures of Jenna. Why?

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Because in it is is the secret in the secret La hawla wala quwata illa Billah? What is that how Lamine that how that literally means that there is no change in state, how law it how well means to change, that nothing is going to change, nothing is going to change in our condition. Nothing is going to change in your life, nothing is going to change in your relationships, nothing is going to change for us as a community or as an oma or anything.

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While our cola and there is no power or strength illa Billah.

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This is very powerful to understand this, that there is no change, and there is no power or strength except by Allah.

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That is the first part that is the first part of the criteria of being among those who have this glad tidings, why best should have slavery? How can you be among those people, you have to have that down? First, you have to understand where change comes from where change happens from, you have to understand where to put your dependence. I'll tell you something that I noticed recently, we were really, really happy. Few weeks ago, when the media was saying good stuff about us because of Mohammed Ali. We were really happy.

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understandably so. Yeah. But then we became really, really sad, because then the media switched, and was saying bad stuff about us, understandably so. But there is actually a subtle problem here. There's a subtle problem here.

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It's an indication that we're attached to something other than Allah subhanaw taala for our change, for the change of our condition. And that's what the people are saying. You see what I'm saying? So there was a subtle, there was a subtle indication in the fact that we lost hope. That soon as the media was saying good stuff, we had hope. Oh, my God are saying good stuff about us. Yes, right. But then as soon as Oh my god, they're saying bad stuff about us. We lost hope. And we began to despair. That's an indication that we are attached to the means. Make sense? It's an indication that we believe somewhere inside that our condition is going to change by what the media is saying about us.

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By what the media, if the media likes us, then we have hope. And if the media doesn't like us, we lose hope and we become despairing. That's a problem. Because you see, the means comes and goes the mean flips. These are just tools. These are tools change doesn't come from what the media says or what the media doesn't say, change comes from Allah. And here's Most importantly, victory in nanase. Right, the Nos. The victory does not come from the creation. It doesn't come from what sky or Fox or

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it doesn't come from what they say. It comes from Allah

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Only from Allah and until we can understand that nothing is going to really change.

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We have to be very, very careful where we're putting our dependence. And if our dependence is on Allah for that change, and for that victory,

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that victory that only comes from Allah,

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then we won't be going up and down in our hope and our despair one day, we're full of hope. And then the next day, 24 hours later, we're full of despair.

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You see, Allah subhanaw taala doesn't go up and down. Allah has promised victory doesn't come and go, it's stable. And if our hope is in Allah, and that we realize a lot promises true, right? If we realize that Allah has promised is true, and he never breaks his promise, then our own inner state isn't going to be so. So up and down, right? shaken so easily shaken, right? We go this way with the media says, we go this way the media says we go that way. The prophets I send them called us. He said that we will be there will be a time when the amount will be like the froth on the ocean. Yeah, the froth in the ocean just goes whichever way the tide takes it. That's how we've become we need to

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be like the tree. You know, the tree that Allah subhanaw taala talks about instead of the Brahim, who has sabbat will forever have a summit that its foundation is, is is is solid, its roots are solid. And then the branches can reach the sky. We can't be like the froth on the ocean that goes this way goes that way with the tide. Today, we're in fashion tomorrow we're not so we just go with the flow. Know, the solid tree that has solid roots. It doesn't just go with the flow. It's solid, regardless of the wind that comes regardless of the rain that comes it stays solid. Yes, trials will come someday they're going to like us someday they're not going to like us. We don't bend this way.

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And that way based on what public opinion says about us that particular day, or based on who gets elected into office, we can't be that flimsy. We can't just fall into despair and just want to fall down and die because Trump gets elected. You know what I'm saying? Yeah, if if we're gonna have these storms, he's gonna say don't let Muslims, okay. Okay, these are storms. These are storms, but we can be so flimsy. We just fall into despair because the storm came. We have to be more solid, and you can only be solid. If your foundation is solid. That's the only way if your foundation is not solid, you will never be solid. So we have to put our hope in Allah subhanaw taala and realize

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experientially not just in, in in, you know lip service, that Lahaina y La quwata illa Billah, there is no change. There is no change in our state, in any state in anything, while our Koba and no power or strength in labella, except by Allah. And that, that that that victory will only come from Allah, the change in our state will only come from Allah in alila. And then finally, we're in LA he Roger, and indeed we will return to Allah. Those are the people who Allah gives the glad tidings to the people who can respond when calamity hits them.

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And they can realize that we everything belongs to Allah, we all came from Allah and to Allah we return. They are the ones who realize a law is in charge. Not who's in office, not the referendum, not this law, not that law, not what the media is saying, are they for us? Or are they against us? A law is still in charge, regardless of who's in office, regardless of what's voted or not voted. A law is still in charge. This is no hate. This is the real to hate in action. It's not just that ilaha illAllah that we say when we're praying. This is no hate in action to realize that Allah is in charge. Finally, I want to remind you and myself what Allah subhanaw taala says in the Quran,

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and has symptom and that whole agenda while Amma Tikka Masala Latina Holloman publikum Do you believe Do you think that you will enter Paradise without experiencing what those who came before you experienced my settlement that said what the law was on Zillow.

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They experienced adversity, hardships, calamities, and they were shaken. Was Zulu.

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Was Zulu. Zulu. hatay akula Rasulullah Vina M and Omar who met nosotros

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And they were shaking so much tell even the messengers and those with the messengers asked, When will the help of Allah come? metta Nostromo? And then Allah subhanaw taala tells us, Allah in natural law here corrib indeed the help and victory of Allah is near a clinically Heather was tough for a lot he will come in our phone Rahim subhanak Allah we hand deck a shadow en la Ilaha Lanza stock Federico tubo Lake wa salam o aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato.

Yasmin Mogahed delivers a lecture/talk at the Night Of Destiny conference in London.

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