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Yasmin Mogahed
AI: Summary © The importance of mental health for older generations is discussed, along with the need for individuals to understand themselves and become strong in their fields. Find mentors and coaches are suggested, along with avoiding bias and the impact of negative comments on one's psyche and mind. The speaker emphasizes the importance of finding one's own unique knowledge to pursue interests and make minor decisions, and reminds individuals to use their own unique knowledge to promote their work and encourage others to use it for minor decisions.
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So our first question,

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can you talk more about people with mental health? Some older generations don't believe in it and believe that praying cures it. And here's it. So can you just elaborate on this?

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Yeah, I'm sorry. So the question is, can you talk more about people with mental health? Or talk more? Yeah, talk more about that.

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Thank you. Can you talk more about people with mental health, some older generations don't believe in it. And they believe that praying cures it?

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That's a really, really big question. And for that reason, we have an entire session about it tomorrow. inshallah, I will be one of the speakers in that session. So please come to that session. It's not something that we can just answer in one minute. It's a very complicated question. It's not a black and white. But to just kind of give a very, very summarized answer. It isn't a black and white cookie cutter answer, there are some situations where medical intervention is necessary as needed. And it doesn't mean that one has low demand. First, to keep medical health, there are some situations where a different type of intervention is necessary. So it really depends on the

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situation. And one thing I will say is that regardless of whatever health situation you have, diabetes, cancer, mental health, any any situation to arrive at sulla, will always help regardless, so it's not one or the other, we need to stop thinking and very black and white. You know, it's either this or it's that, but they're not mutually exclusive. So it just shala we'll talk more about that tomorrow.

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Okay, I'm gonna move on to the next question.

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So the next question is, I feel that often we are told to be ambitious at such a young age where we do not know what we want to do yet, or we are ambitious about too many things. And in the end, we lose ourselves. So what do you recommend to those of us who do not know where to direct this ambition and make practical use of it?

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So excellent question.

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She's just like, she

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says, Yes, me. There's, there's really a lot of resources out. In our world, we do not live in a universe that because without with a lot of information, we have, we are getting the greatest time in history, or at connect to things, concepts, formats, people that can aid us in everything. And it's interesting to the offset, to listen to the Hitman, or any wisdom in the universe, it is alright to go and achieve. So I encourage people to go to either life coaching or people there's so many references online, and there's so many people out there that do it a lot better than myself, or, you know, there's a lot of answers out there. But I feel that ambition is something that comes

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from two things. Number one, understanding and knowing yourself. So you can be ambitious to be LeBron, and you can dribble basketball, those are dreams, they're not ambitious, anybody that stands up in front of you, or that little, you know, little, you know, Instagram video with a nice clothes on the bottom, and you can do anything, that person is a liar and unfollow that person. Because you cannot do anything in life, you have to understand yourself. And we usually do not understand ourselves. So we don't put ourselves in a position to public speak, I work in teams do karate draw by art, you know, we have this extremely cookie cutter system of determining who we are, and really

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allow people to flourish outside of that system. So you have to understand yourself. So that includes volunteering, shopping, people, you know, it's you cannot memorize. And if you're a person that loves to work with people, and you hate them, study alone, and sit in a library for 10 hours and study. You know, med school might not be the best thing for you. It wasn't for me, I realized that. I went to medical field and they're a big eater. Because you have to understand yourself. understand and analyze or push yourself, you know, try new things, shallow people engage with different people and find out what you're good at outside what people tell you. And then number two

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is really that you need strong mentors and people that can guide people that can help you understand which direction to go and then you can at least choose a field or a direction, then hopefully a lot of people

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If you're in college early on somebody that's early college, late college, mid career and the career, you get perspectives from multiple people at multiple times in your field, and then you need a good assessment is this for me long term or not?

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There's other techniques that are things that you can do, but really,

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really good YouTube videos.

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So, the next question is, when you work hard on something towards when you work hard on something towards your passion, how do you accept that the results are not good enough to continue the journey.

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You observe, basically, where you stop and the goal of this objective. In general, there are many different factors that come into play. The first is, is to show seeking counsel from others, as was mentioned already, seeking counsel from others is very important. And it's not just random people to go to first sharp, there has to be somebody who either is an expert in that area, or proficient in that field, or somebody who also knows you and your strengths and weaknesses will tell you honestly, for example, you say, I want to do it. Let's say somebody wants to be NBA star, right? You tell yourself, I can do it, I can do anything. I'm the greatest I can dog and so on and so forth. And

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then you ask somebody who gives you an honest answer, they're like, No, you really suck at it. Don't do that. Don't waste your time with that. Now, some people, some people might perhaps give you things in a really terrible manner. But in general, try to remove the benefit from the message. If somebody gives you like bias in a negative manner, don't allow the advantage and the way that it was to affect the message. The second thing is praise the product. And this is one of the most powerful tools for the believers, a lot of people pursue different goals in life and different decisions in life. And they don't emphasize enough the dependence and reliance upon the Last

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Crusade, take advantage of sources in order if you don't know how much access to learning, honestly, I would never ever tell anyone to google it just google it really so often is, every single one of us should be utilizing it for major and minor decisions. So how to utilize it for minor things, let alone something major, like a career, or a major decision like Saudi something that you think may or may not work out. And then ultimately you have to assess the situation from multiple angles, go through different decision making processes, and so on and so forth. But try to bring in people who understand people are more wiser, and can provide you to show off some insight that will help you

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whether you should continue or not. And of course, as was emphasized as history has been made a lot of drama made so much drama, and no little thing for us to realize all of the decisions that we make alone.

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So our next question

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is how exactly do you

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go specially in interviews?

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Oh, about Facebook. Okay.

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So there's this thing that's really amazing. And Facebook called unfollow.

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And no one asked to know.

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I say I give that a like, buy him a big light bulb for that comment, this do that. Really, really eliminate, eliminate the things assistant, as you mentioned, eliminate the things in your life that affects you just a small study. Exactly. This is just me refer to a beautifully, you know, so subconscious. There was a study of young people, I think it was college students, they gave them very British to understand how powerful the mind control is. They gave a group of young people, they gave them a hot cup of coffee, and have them read a passage in a book. And the passage was analyzing a character and, and they gave the same story to other groups of people and they gave them a cold

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cup of coffee. And then they asked them later on about what they understood what how they felt about the character. The people that were holding the hot cup of coffee, they mentioned that the main character was warm, loving and caring.

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The people with the cold cup of coffee they mentioned that the character was cold, distant and kind of mean

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is so subconscious the way the world affects our psyche and our mind. So you really have to be careful what you let into the front door that you know you're you're conscious it can it can have tremendous impact.

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Even though we don't realize it so I like button for the comment about unfollowing

Yasmin Mogahed, Suleiman Hani & Rami Kawas |Q&A| MAS Youth Talks II: Mind Over Matter | 16th MAS-ICNA Convention

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