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Assalamu alaikum Malaysia This is your spin Mujahid. And it has been a long time. Of course due to the lockdown and you know the the global pandemic that we're all experiencing, I have not had the opportunity to visit my second home. But I do have good news for you. And hamdulillah what we have been able to do is we have been able to provide my most comprehensive class so far, you know, many of the classes that I have taught in Malaysia and around the world have been seminars that are you know, about two to three hours long. This is my most comprehensive class, it's actually the content of an entire weekend, and within this class called transformed principles of spiritual development.

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Within this class, I have the opportunity to discuss many, many more themes, in depth themes about attachments, about love about, you know how to heal from heartbreak, how to learn to forgive and let go of our past, how to balance our dunya and our Deen how to better you know, strengthen our relationship with the creator and also through strengthening our relationship with the Creator, strengthen our relationship with the creation, I talk about topics that range from parenting, to, to love to pain, to healing, to emotional intelligence, as well as talking about some of the struggles that many of us go through, like depression and anxiety. I give a lot of practical examples and a

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lot of practical solutions and shala which I hope can be life changing in sha Allah. This is a transformative class because it is transformative content that I take from the the the the horror and from the Sunnah and from the psychological research as well and I really really hope that until we can meet again in person you can join me online just from low height on was cinnamal A como Rahmatullah your bucket