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Why does Allah test us with really difficult traumatizing situations? Why can't he just make you know things easy and draws closer to him?

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First point brothers and sisters,

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there is no problem asking difficult questions, but we must have the right attitude when we ask the difficult questions. The question is not problematic if it is coming from a correct knee and it is problematic if it's not coming from a correct near what is the correct near what is the incorrect near the correct intention when you ask these difficult questions, is trying to understand the wisdom of Allah and submitting to Allah subhanho wa taala. That is permissible. The incorrect intention would be to try to challenge the wisdom of Allah.

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The same question can be totally positive. And it can be potentially very dangerous from an al Qaeda from a theological perspective. Why? Because it is not befitting for a creative being to challenge the wisdom of the Creator.

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Who did this a bliss a bliss did this? A belief said why are you doing this? Oh Allah, I'm better than Adam I deserve I deserve what Adam does. I know you don't mean conducted Manawa craft documentary. So anybody who challenges the wisdom of Allah from a sense of entitlement, from a sense of arrogance, from a sense of wanting to think that he knows better is following exactly the path of beliefs.

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Law use a maya file, Allah says in the Quran, none have the right to question what Allah does. Who am I? And who are you to challenge Allah's wisdom as if we know better?

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But the same question if it comes from genuine humility, seeking to understand, wanting to know and you are humble, then it's no problem.

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The angels themselves asked Allah Yara Why would you create mankind? Why would you do this? Attach alluvia man you've seen the videos frequently man Why not notice that because they want to put this here Why are you creating this new creation and here we are mashallah all pure and holy worshipping you constantly and these people are going to be civil war bloodshed famine, hunger, killing one another pillaging Why would you do this? But there why was not the wife bliss.

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There Why was the wife of Eman wanting to understand and if they don't understand no problem. As for the why of the bliss, it was the why of ticket board and arrogance. You understand this point? You're right. So I just want to be clear that when you ask such questions, no problem. But ask with eemaan and the slim ask, seeking to understand and recognizing if I don't understand I must still submit

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while Santa crochet. Allah says some things you might not like them, but they're good for you.

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If you don't like them, then not liking them is not good for as long as you submit and you force yourself. Some things you don't like. It's difficult to wake up for Fudger was at 3am for you guys in the summertime right now in the summertime. Yeah, 3am Allahumma Stein Allah gear I don't know how you guys do it in London. I find it difficult enough in Dallas, we wake up at four o'clock. I liked how difficult that you guys have doing a bit two or three. Allah was that it's difficult who likes to do that? But not liking it but still doing it is the essence of human correct this name. So that's the setting up the parameter for the question now. Very good question. Why does Allah test us

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the response? Allah has told us in the Quran, this is how his Nirvana his system is. A lady Hunter called moto will hire Tata Lea Balu welcome.

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He has created the cycle of life and death. In order to test you, the purpose of life is to be tested.

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The purpose of life is empty law and empty law. Nobody likes exams and tests. But exams and tests are a necessary part of our dunya and they're a necessary part of our deen our dunya we would not know who's qualified and who isn't. If it weren't for exams and tests. Every one of you has to undergo exams and test to get their qualification and to see what they're good at to see what they're responsible for. This is the way we work our life. Well what Allah had method allow to Allah belongs the even more perfect example. And Allah azza wa jal has chosen has chosen the system that we have in front of us which is a system that does make sense this person the sister, this brother

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is asking why can't we be stress free? Why can't we we without without any tests, why can't we be in a world of calm

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cleeton Utter peace, no pain, no suffering, no anguish, and we respond. This world is a real world of peace. It's a world that is called TAO to salaam, the abode of peace it actually exists. It exists right now. There is no pain in that world. There is no suffering in that world. There is no sickness in that world. There is no death in that world. But that world is Darussalam the next world

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it is the abode of eternal salaam peace. And Allah will give you this world that you want you say, why can't we have peace? Allah will give you that world, it's yours for the taking. But you must pass the test.

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You must pass the test. And Allah azza wa jal says in the Quran, those who reject Him, those who don't believe in Him, they desire to be given Jana for free,

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um, has implemented Hello, Jen, you think you're going to intergender for free? There is a level of arrogance that some of these who reject God have that oh god because you created me, I am entitled to perpetual happiness. If there is no perpetual happiness, I am not going to worship and believe in you as if their worship is needed by Allah. You know, that's the attitude of the agnostic, right? But Subhanallah we say to this person, oh brother in humanity, sister in humanity, what you want is there for the taking. Your goal is real. And your goal is legit. And your goal is human. You want happiness we want happiness. You want perpetual bliss we wanted the only difference between us and

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you is that we actually believe such a world is in existence. You're denying it exists. We know it's for the taking. But Allah has chosen to the Amis Allah will beat them and Allah will sift the beautiful from the ugly. Allah will sift Lea blue.

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Test to amongst you does the best of all deeds and our deeds don't earn Jana Jana is too costly for a few measly Riccarton. Such this to earn Jana is priceless. And our few hours of worship a day that will not even total 234 years income in complete all our activity by the all our minimal percentages of charity are not precious enough to earn Jana rather, ALLAH SubhanA wa Tada will allow us to enter agenda by first and foremost absolving us of our sins because every one of us our sins, our disobedience is our transgressions are so much that if Allah made a Sabbath them we would never enter Jen. So the first thing Allah has to forgive our sins, then Allah subhana wa Tada has to

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whatever meager products we have whatever meager goodies we have, Allah has to magnify. Allah has to make much more than they really are. He has to give us just like the processing and pit paid, you know, a job that much more than the worth of the camel. Allah will pay us infinitely more worth than what we have actually done. And this is why when the people of Jana enter Jana, what will they say? This whole question is answered by one verse in the Quran.

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Allah says the first dua of the people of Genesis in the Quran will call on hamdulillah higgledy hubba under heaven in Robina love of food unshackled.

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They will say Alhamdulillah finally, nothing to worry about. Our sister is saying, Why is there worry and anxiety and Allah says, When you enter Jannah there will be no worry and anxiety. Your final abode of eliminating stress will not be here.

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It will not be in this dunya it's going to be over there. And as soon as you enter Jannah Alhamdulillah no more stress. Our Lord is afford and shockula. Notice why these two names. What did I just say? Nobody can enter agenda without two things happening. Number one forgiveness of sins and out of another hoorah. Number two, making our good deeds much bigger shellcode shellcode means He rewards us more than we deserve. The people of Jana use these two names, because they understand there is no way for us to get to Jana. Without Allah's forgiveness, and then Allah's increase of rewards. So, bottom line,

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Allah tests you to raise your ranks higher and higher.

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Allah tests you because He loves you and he wants to give you what is more precious than this world.

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And the more one is tested in this world, the higher ones potentially in the next world. You know, it is a Christian philosophy to believe that if I am in pain and suffering then God is not happy with me that

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It's not Islamic theology, Islamic theology we have what is called a personal vision, positive thoughts of Allah. We need to eliminate from our minds this notion if I'm going through a stress or sickness or child or disease bankruptcy, oh Allah is angry with me we need to eliminate this from our minds. Rather we say, Allah subhana wa Tada is cleansing me of some mistakes in order to cause me to rise up even higher.

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Ma dakara Booker WOMMA Allah your Lord has neither abandoned you, nor does he despise you. This is of the earliest revelations to our Prophet system. Don't ever think your Lord has abandoned you don't ever think your Lord despises you. So this is an answer to this question and I have given much longer topics about this but in Charlotte a nutshell that does the job in Shell

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either call

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me Mr. Heaton doll Seanie when she

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told me what to feed

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to me, Jenny Tansa down to

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the zoo.