Yasir Qadhi – Why Allah’s Messengers Are Perfect

Yasir Qadhi
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And realize that it is the son of Allah. It is the custom of Allah, that Allah subhana wa tada sends prophets and messengers with the most perfect characteristics, inner and outer. And the reason he does so is so that mankind has no reason to reject this messenger, and also perfect images as well. So the prophets as a general rule, are all handsome in nature, and they are all with beautiful characteristics, ambivalent, later on would say that there was nothing that was more sweeter to me more beloved to me, then to stare at the face of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam. Now, I want you to pause here.

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This is not how a man talks, usually, right? There was nothing more beloved to me than to stare at the face of another person. It's not our man talks. But the beauty of the Prophet system is so overpowering. His German is known as so great, that I'm also saying, there was nothing that I got more peace from, more serenity from more, was knows nothing sweeter than to simply look at the face of the Prophet salallahu alaihe was sending him and yet, and he says, and he said, and I could never get enough of looking at him, I never got tired. There was no minute I never got tired of looking at him. And yet, were you to ask me how he looked. I couldn't describe him.

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Are you to ask me how he looked. I couldn't describe him. Why? He said, Because along with this desire to stare at him, there was also this all this reverence that I had, that couldn't allow me to just stare directly at him, and I'd have to lower my face. In other words, there are two emotions, if you like there's two powers, if you like, I don't like being metaphysical. But there's two types of powers emanating from the Prophet system. The first of them is attracting ominous vision to him. And the second is that all that that overpowering this, that amble cannot steer directly, this is sort of pseudo law. So I sent him and so understand, Malik has given us one of the most explicit

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descriptions of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam. And this is found in the Shema elevated media unnecessarily Malik says that the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam was neither very tall such that he stood above the crowd, nor was he short such that he would be ignored. He was in the middle. He was of a medium stature. And the Prophet system was neither extremely white. And nor was he a roadie Brown. Generally speaking, when the Arabs used the word white, it is a lightish Brown. This is their what they call White is a lightish. Brown. It's not the white that we consider Caucasian white. Okay, that's why they called us for which there was it's not really white, it's

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yellowish to them. That's how they considered Okay, so the prophets Allah sent them was a very lightish color of brown. So the Prophet system had a lightish, brownish color. So unless an American saying neither was he purely on that side, nor was he ready Brown, nor was he the rusty brown color, he was in the middle, the Profit System, his hair, was not in curls, nor was it straight, it was firm hair, like most men's hair is, and NSW Malik said that I never felt any velvet or silk, softer than the hand of the Prophet salallahu. It he was seldom, his hand was very soft, softer than velvet and silk. And he said, nor did I smell a must, or a perfume, more fragrant, fragrant than the sweat

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of the Prophet salallahu. It he was so in other words, his natural odor that would emanate from him, the natural odor that would emanate from him. And as soon as Malik said, I never smelled any fragrance more sweeter than this smell. We continue with Andy's statement that

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whoever unexpectedly saw him would stand in awe of him. In other words, just if you weren't expecting to see him, you saw Him you will just stop for a millisecond. So much reverence from his body emanating to stand in all of him and whoever accompanied him and got to know him.

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Would love him? Once you got to know him, you would get to love him. And those who described him would always say, Now Ali is saying, This is what everybody else says. And this is exactly what everybody else says, What did he say? I have never seen anyone before him or after him who was like him. This is exactly what he is saying the other people say, and this is what already saying, but I've said this, and Roberto said this, and so on. So all of the cyber saying the same thing. I've never seen anyone before him or after him, like him. And this really shows us that Allah had given the prophecies and I'm not just these physical, but these spiritual characteristics that is just

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emanating from him. And one of the best examples of this is the fact that many people accepted Islam, just by seeing his face. The most famous convert, like this is the Chief Rabbi of the Jews of Medina. And his name was Abdullah bin Salaam, Abdullah bin Salman was the Chief Rabbi of the Jews, and he was the most respected of the hood. And he heard this man coming claiming to be a prophet. So he said, Let's meet and this was the first day that the Prophet system came to Medina the first day.

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So he said, let me go see now he wants to go see what his messages right. Notice now he's describing in the first person that is in Bahati, he said, as soon as I saw him, have to watch who laser beam. He got it as soon as I saw him, I knew that this face that he has, cannot be the face of a liar.

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This talk contains an easy brief  description of what our beloved prophet s.a.w. looked like. References are given. 

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