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burqa tiny, tiny but can tiny on them be women according to mean can be the term bollock at the verb it means to remain. That's what it means. So, the Arab say Baraka era, the camel has parked, the camel has sat down, because once the camel sits down it remains there for a long period of time. So, Baraka or the auto is also called a pool of water America, America is a large pool of water because the water remains there. So the bit of cut is the water that is there. So what has remaining got to do with our concept of Baraka? When we say something is Mobarak, when we say that may Allah give you a Baraka when we say that may Allah give you a Baraka in your wealth Baraka in your health Baraka in

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your life, may Allah give baraka in the food, we are asking that that object remains for a longer period than otherwise. We're asking that that item, that food that money, it has more benefit and it remains than otherwise if it didn't have the baraka. So, classic example of Baraka that we understand what his Baraka is the famous incident that occurred in the Battle of Hunter, the Battle of Isaac, when the people were cut off for food, and there was no food left and a Sahabi saw the prophecies and I'm starving. So he said to his wife, whatever we have, we're gonna give it so then he came to the problems yeah rasool Allah you and maybe five, six people come, they have food for

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you. You choose five, six will come. So the process I'm stood up in the Battle of hundreds, he said, Yeah, Allah can duck, you know, full on has made for and for all of you. So the man panicked, went home to his wife, his wife said, What have you done? I told you five people said, but it was not my fault. But he said to the man, do not open the pot till I come. Do not open the pot till I come. So the Prophet system came, and he gave his blessing it spit into it, the officers, some saliva has Baraka in it, he put that spit into that pot, and then the entire people of the hunt duck ate from that one pot or bowl, despite the fact they were maybe 500 people and it was meant for five people.

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And but when they finished it, what did the Sahaba say? It was as if nobody had touched it. This is the quintessential example of Baraka. This is what Baraka is, it just keeps on giving, giving, giving, giving, and it's still there. That's what Baraka is, and multiple times in the life of the prophet system. Small amounts of food sufficed a large group of people also in the incident of conduct one that glass of milk was given to the profit center and that glass of milk suffice an entire room and it was still brimming to the end. This is what Baraka is and if you want to translate it to Arabic Xia that will fail increase the utility increase the benefit of something

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that is what Baraka is

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