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Shaykh Yasir Qadhi discusses verses 92 to 98 of Surah Yusuf where we gather information on how Yusuf AS is finally reunited with his parents.

Yusuf AS informs his brothers that no blame is on them in order to avoid hurting them which depicts the solid character of Yusuf AS. This brings the Shaykh to shed light on the two types of sins that man commits. Patience and perseverance will give us the rewards of Allah.

Yusuf AS gives his shirt to the brothers and tells them to throw this shirt on their father which he promises will give his eyesight back. The shirt that caused his father immense grief and misery is the one that will eventually cure him. 

When the shirt is brought to Yaqub AS, he smells the scent of Prophet Yusuf AS and is elated at the prospect of his son coming back to him. But his sons attribute his smelling of Yusuf AS to senility and trivialise his stature owing to senility.

The brothers seek forgiveness from their father Yaqub AS, their brother Yusuf AS and most important of all, Allah SWT. But their father delayed the forgiveness of the brothers. Why was this done? Listen intently.


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be the most global Kareem. I set out why they come to LA Hey, what about our kachikwu I welcome you to another episode of our fascinating and exciting series towards understanding pseudo Youssef. This is your host So, Callie. In our previous episode, we had reached the point where the Prophet Yusuf Alayhi Salaam revealed himself to his brothers and the brothers are astonished and shocked that the very minister that they have been dealing with for so many years turns out to be their long lost brother. In today's episode we will see how the profit use of it histogram is finally reunited with his parents stay with us law ponder canopy

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Assalamu alaykum warahmatullahi wabarakatuhu and welcome to another episode of our fascinating and exciting series towards understanding surah Yusuf, we are reaching almost a climax in terms of the the story content now we have just talked about the point in time where the Prophet Yusuf Alayhi Salam revealed his identity to his brothers and his brothers are absolutely astonished and shocked in today's episode inshallah hotel that we will continue along and talk about the reunion of use of it his setup with his parents, and as is our custom, we will begin with a recitation of the relevant verses. So today we will recite inshallah with data from verse number 92, to verse number 98. And I

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would encourage our viewers to listen and follow along with the Quran in their hands.

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Our humaneness shining upon him watching him, this means Bismillah Alhamdulillah

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Allah Allah just Riba Allah

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So, in this passage, use of it his system

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informs them all the largest Riva de como yo codelattice Reba chameleon, he said, no blame is on you today. Notice the phrasing here.

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He didn't even say I am not blaming you rather in try and try to make it even less personal, try to make his brothers not feel so singled out. He didn't say after all that you have done to me, I still forgive you. rather he keeps it as we say in the in the neutral. He doesn't mention where the blame will come from. He keeps it anonymous, as he says latter three by the common yom. There shall be no blame on you. And he does this in order not to hurt his brother's feelings. Look at the the perfection in the character of use of it his setup. After all that his brothers have done to him, he still does not want to hurt his brothers even in the slightest. And he says there shall be no blame

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not that I am angry or I have forgiven, not even the slightest hint there shall be no blame on you today. Young Pharaoh Allahu Allah, Allah will forgive you. Now how could you survive he said, I'm say Allah will forgive you. When he doesn't know what a level do. The response is the because they made their mistake to use of because they did injustice to use of, then if use of Allah His solemn forgives his right, then the right of Allah subhanho wa Taala will be forgiven if they repent. In other words, to take a step back and to clarify what we're talking about. We can say that any type of sin can be categorized into one of two categories. Any sin that you do is one of two types. The

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first type of sin is a sin that is done between you and Allah only. Allah subhanho wa Taala knows of this and no one else is affected by it, you have not done anything against another human being. So this is between you and Allah subhanho wa Taala. So for example, if you saw something you should not have seen if your eyes did something that you should not have done. This is a private sin between you and Allah. In order to have this sin forgiven. You need to repent to Allah and when you repent, the sin is forgiven. The second category of sin involves a sin that is between you and another person, you steal somebody's money, you say something bad about him. So it involves you add another

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person, and what it involves you and another person. In this case, you need to seek forgiveness not just from Allah, but also from the person whom you have wronged. So if you have stolen somebody's money, you must ask him forgiveness and ask a lot because you have transgressed to rights, the rights of Allah because you stole them that goes against all those commands, and the rights of this person, the rights of the person, you need to ask him directly.

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The fact that use of Allah His serum is the one who has been wronged. When use of forgives them, then all that is left is the right of Allah and the rights of Allah is always forgiven if you truly repent. And they themselves said we were mistaken. We made a mistake in Kona halter in we weren't people who were in error. So they admitted their guilt and their mistake and they realized that they did something wrong and they are going to repent. So that is why use of allihies salaam can be so confident and say young fit Allahu Allah, Allah will forgive you because Yusuf has forgiven and they have repented. And when that is the case, then there is no question that they will be forgiven. Well

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who are out of Hamra Haman and He is the Most Merciful of all those who show mercy. So he is our hammer. Rohini means that even though some people have Rama, even though some people have mercy, no one can compare to Allah Subhana Allah to Allah, the mercy that Allah subhana wa Ida has. Allah is our hamoed Rahim. Allah is the most merciful and the most compassionate of all those who have mercy and compassion. Now, what is significant about this verse is that it's so it's very a stark reminder of the realities of the revelation of the sutra. Remember why this sutra was revealed? It was revealed to consult our Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, to tell him that if you think your

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people have rejected you, how about the Prophet Yusuf, whose own brothers rejected him physically, they threw him out. If you think that you have suffered hardship, you are not the first one use of Allah His name was only six, seven years old when the hardships began. So it is a consolation to the prophets of Allah who it send them and it is also an indication that patience and perseverance will give you the rewards of Allah, like the Prophet Yusuf Alayhi Salam was patient and persevered. Now, remember, this sorta was revealed at the low height of the Sierra if you like the low depths of the theater where it was the most traumatic time for the Prophet salallahu idea he was setting them yet,

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when does he use this verse? Amazingly, he uses this very verse at the pinnacle of the incidence of this hero, call Elijah three of the Komodo Pharaoh local Warhammer Rahimi, the exact same verse that use of uses at the end of this surah our Prophet Muhammad Sallallahu wasallam used it at the pinnacle.

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of his prophethood. And when was that? that occurred when the Prophet salallahu alaihe salam re conquered Mecca, when he returned to Mecca as a conquer the very city that had expelled him, the very city that had persecuted him, the very city that had caused him so much harm and grief and hassle. Now he comes back in the eighth year of the hijra, and he comes back leading an army of 1000s of Muslims. And he comes back as a conqueror, as a victor, as a as a person who now controls the entire city. And all the people of Makkah are scared, they are terrified. What will this band do to him to them after all they have done to him, they deserve to be executed one after another. They

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deserve that they are punished the severest punishment for all that they have done, not just for the last 10 for the last 20 years, the persecution that they have done. So they all come huddled, cowering, scared, terrified around the Kaaba, and the Prophet sallallahu Sallam is standing high up, and he says, matter noona and Nephilim become, what do you think? Or perhaps, what is the real thing I should do to you? What is the verdict that you deserve? What do you think I should do to you? So obviously, in that terrified state, in that scared state, all they could do is beg and plead in the best way. And they say, you are noble relative, and the son of a noble relative. In other words,

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we're all related. We're all family. So they remind him after all that they have done, after the persecution and torture, after the assassination attempts against him, what can come out of their mouth, oh, we are all family. We are all one group. We are all from the chorus, we all have the same ancestors. You are our cousin, you are relative, and your parents were also our relatives. So when they said this, and of course the Prophet says I've had no intention to punish them. He said the same verse that use of Allah His Salaam said, God, Allah, Allah communion, there is no blame on you today, Yellowfin Allahu Allah, Allah will forgive you. Well, who are humble Rahimi, and He is the

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Most Merciful of all those who show mercy, then use of it instead of says it will be coming. So he had to take the shirt of mine, and throw it on the face of my father, he shall return back to seeing and bring your families back to me here in Egypt. So he gives him the shirt. He gives him the shirt that he was wearing, and tells the brothers go back to your father and throw the shirt in his face. When it touches his face, his eyesight will get back to normal. Here we see the the motif of the shirt again, the shirt is what the brothers took off of use of the shirt is the evidence they gave to their father. The shirt is the very evidence that their father realized Yousuf is alive because

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it wasn't torn into bits. And then the shirt was was torn from use of when the woman tried to seduce him, the wife of Aziz, and the shirt proved his innocence there. And now the theme of the shirt returns at the end, and he tells them take this dummies take this garment, ensure divine and throw it in my father's face, the very shirt that caused him blindness in the beginning, because of the grief. Now the shirts will come back and bring his sight back. And this is because the it This is because the cure of any disease is always the the the opposite of that disease. So the shirt that caused him to go blind. Now another shirt of use of his sternum will bring him back to his site. And

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obviously we know that the clothes of all of the profits anything that is connected to their bodies, it has an intrinsic blessing to it. Anything that the profits are more anything that he touched, and he wants it that comes from his hands, all of this would become blessing. And so use of it his Sam gave this shirt which must have now been a blessing shirt, but this is only for the prophets of Allah. No pious person can say that I am exuding blessings or blessings come from my shirt. No, only only the prophets of Allah are so holy, that their very bodies become items that are blessing and so anything that they wear becomes blessing as well. And so he told he told them take the shirt and go

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throw it on the face of my father and he shall return to his state of seeing. We need to take a short break now. I know all of you will stay with me. We'll see you in a bit. lavado ganas de casa de Maria

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lafonda Ghana fee

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So use of Islam gives them his shirt and says Go back to your father and throw this shirt in his face and he'll return to his site that he used to see

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Allah says in the Quran what am fossati you then when the caravan departed from Egypt, when the caravan default departed from Egypt audioboom their father said, in need of a god,

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I am sure I can smell you. I am sure I can smell use of the scent of use of I can smell it, Lola and to finally do were it not for the fact that you would think that I am now senile and old, I would have said even more. In other words, I am sure I smell the scent of use of. But I know that when I say this, all that you're going to think is that I am an old man who has lost his mind. So all the way from Egypt when the caravan sets forth, the prophet Jehovah his sternum is blessed with the sense and perception Something is happening I smell my son again. And of course all of this was from Allah subhana wa tada that Allah subhanho wa Taala blessed him with this blessing and this, this

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bushrod is good news. That use of Allah Hassan is about to return, you're about to see him and things are going to change. Of course when he said this, what do you think his relative said hit now these are his grandchildren because all the sons are in Egypt, the grandchildren and great grandchildren. They replied back that auto indicative call it's a law hit in the coffee bar, they call them, they said we swear by Allah, you are still in your old ways of misguidance misguidance. Here, again is not a spiritual misguidance it is a an error. That is an intellectual error. It's not an error, that is a religious error. Remember, they are all Yeah, who is a prophet. So they cannot

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accuse this prophet of being misguided in a religious sense. Rather they think that he is mistaken and when he thinks that use of Allah His setup is returning, and this shows us that Indeed Allah subhanho wa Taala blesses certain people with things that he does not bless others with and especially the prophets, obviously, they are blessed with matters that the other people are not blessed with. So they they dismiss this and they say, You are indeed in your arable ways, you cannot you cannot possibly be smelling use of Allah He said them rather just like all of these years, all you can do is think of use of use of use of now once again you're saying the same thing, but now

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it's a twist. And the twist is you think you can smell use of so they dismiss this, this, this prophets sayings as being that of an old man ranting away, they don't appreciate the fact that this is the Prophet jacoba his center and the knowledge that Allah has given him. So they trivialize the status of Yaqub simply because he is their father and grandfather, although it's a law in Nicola fee, but article khadim selama and Al Bashir then when the bus she came, and there but she had here refers to one of the brothers and Allah calls him but she's not that his name was Bashir, but it's a description. It means the one who bought the good tidings, the one who came with the good news, and

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that is why even the Prophet sallallahu Sallam is called a bedsheet in the Quran, because he gives us good news of Allah's mercy. He gives us good news of Allah's pleasure, he gives us good news of the hereafter. So even the prophets that listed them is called Bashir. Some of the scholars say that the very brother who was the most evil of them before, and the one who has the most sinister in wanting to kill us have in the beginning of the story, that brother turned over completely and realize the error of his ways. And he insisted on bringing the shirt back to his father. And this is something that inshallah Allah is not far from the truth because all of the brothers repented from

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what they had done. So the one that was the worst of them in terms of the plotting and planning, he became the most repentant and he was the one who came and he insisted to bring the shirt to their father because of all of the crimes that he had done. And he threw the shirt in the face of jacoba his setup and miraculously by the pleasure and the mercy and the will of Allah subhanho wa Taala the eyesight of Yahoo was restored because I such of Yahoo had gone blind because of the excessive crying that he had done for the Prophet use of Allah His setup. And at this point, he said odd Aquila come in the eye level Meena law, he made it.

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He said, didn't I tell you that I know from Allah, what you don't know. He is a prophet of Allah. He is a prophet and they don't did not appreciate that. Not that they didn't realize it. No, of course they believe in him. But they did not appreciate the depth of knowledge that he had, that he knew that Yousuf was alive for all of these years, he never gave up hope in Allah, He put his trust in Allah that my son is still alive. And when the news comes back and use of Allah, he said, Our story is told, remember, all the brothers would have told him now What happened? He said, didn't I tell you that? I know from Allah, what you do not know. And this also shows us that all knowledge that a

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person has it comes from Allah, not from any person himself. And there are those people now who believe that

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certain human beings possess knowledge of everything. And this is something that the Quran clearly denies. Rather it is the prophets who possess more knowledge but not even ultimate knowledge. Because the Prophet Yaqoob did not know where Yusuf was the Prophet jackal didn't know the details. All he knew his son is alive and he put his trust in Allah in that the point I'm trying to stress here, if the Prophet Yahoo and he is such a great Prophet did not know the knowledge of the unseen all of it, then how could any other human being in our times claim? How could any scholar or any person who believes that he has knowledge other than what is found in the Quran and Sunnah claim he

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has knowledge of the unseen these are things that we as Muslims do not believe. True, orthodox Islam does not make Gods out of men, only Allah Subhana Allah knows in my life, anybody who claims that he knows in my life is simply lying. No one knows anything other than Allah subhanho wa Taala. So prophet Jakob tells them I knew from Allah things that you didn't know. And of the things I knew the product use of his life. How do you abandon they said, Oh, our Father is still Filipina is lubaina. seek Allah's forgiveness for us is still for Lana drobeta in Kona Hata, in we were of those who made a mistake, we admit our mistake. So they all beg and plead their father for forgiveness. And they

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also ask him to ask Allah for forgiveness. So they realize the error of their ways. They realize the big mistake that they had committed, and they have to ask forgiveness from use of from the for their father, and from Allah subhanho wa Taala. So because their father was a prophet, they go to their father and they say, oh, our father asked a lot to forgive us a stone for that little banner in the corner, hotter in and the reply is on a sofa stone for Lacombe. He says so far after a while, after some time, I will seek forgiveness from Allah for your sins. In never will have a photo Rahim He is the one who is the most forgiving and the Most Merciful. Now why did he delay the seeking of

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What was the reason for delaying it?

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Some scholars say that he wanted to delay it until the last third of the night. And the last third of the night is the time which is the most blessing and the most opportune time to have your daughter accepted. The Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam told us that Allah subhana wa Allah Himself descends into the lowest heavens, he comes down himself into the lowest heavens. And he asks, Who is there that is praying to me, that I may accept that prayer? Who is there that is making that me give him what he wants? Who is there that is requesting something that I may fulfill his requests? So this occurs in the last third of the night, that Allah subhanho wa Taala comes down

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himself, and he asks, Who is there that's praying to me? We're talking about the night prayer, that the hybrid prayer so they say that the Prophet jackalberry He said, I wanted to delay asking for their forgiveness up until the last third of the night. And he says in the huella, for Rahim, Verily, Allah subhana wa tada is a food add a Rahim, Allah for means the one who covers up the sin, the one who conceals it, and protects you from the consequences of this and this is the meaning of a form that the protector or the cover of the sin, so that the consequences of the sin do not return back to you. This is the actual meaning of food, not just for giving us a bit vague, but the actual

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meaning of food, you have a sin and Allah protects you from the consequences of your own sin. And a Rahim means that Allah has mercy and compassion. So Allah subhana wa tada combines between these two her photo Rahim in many, many verses in the Quran, to show you that the reason why he protects these sins and covers them up is because he is compassionate and merciful. Now, before we conclude today's episode, I want to talk about a little bit of a tangent. And that is the concept of asking someone to ask Allah subhana wa tada because they say over here, or our father asked Allah to forgive us. So they themselves obviously have asked Allah for forgiveness. And they have asked use of and their

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fathers for direct forgiveness for the crimes they have done against them. But here they ask yah, yah hoo. They say, oh, our father asked a lot for forgiveness. This leads us into a theological tangent. Can you go through intermediaries to get to Allah? And the response to this is no, you can

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You are not allowed to go through intermediaries to get to Allah, but you are allowed only one thing. And that is, you may ask another living person who is alive who is in front of you who is physically present, you may ask that person to make the art for you to seek forgiveness for you. But you cannot ask a living or a dead person to forgive a sin between you and Allah, or to give you life or child or health or wealth. You cannot ask a living person for the law that only Allah subhana wa tada is worthy of asking, nor can you ask a dead person, you cannot ask a saint or an intermediary. You cannot go to the grave of a pious person and say, Oh, so and so make dua to Allah for Forgive

00:25:42--> 00:26:29

me, or much worse. Oh, so and so forgive me. Oh, so and so give me a child to do this is blatant ship, to ask a dead person for something that only Allah can give you? This is blatant should you are making this person into a god besides Allah, rather what the children of Yaqoob did. They asked him to ask Allah for forgiveness. And they're allowed to do this, especially because Jaco is a prophet. And even in our times, if you find a person that you believe, is more righteous and pious than you, then along with your own, and along with your own efforts, if you go to this person, and you say, Oh, sure, so and so. Oh, mmm. so and so? Can you make dua to Allah to forgive me or to give

00:26:29--> 00:27:03

me a child or this and that this is permissible, because you have asked him as a living healthy person who can hear you who knows what you're saying, to raise his hands and say, oh, Allah, forgive this man, oh, Allah give him what he wants. And the Sahaba used to do this, the companions of the Prophet system used to do this with the Prophet. So instead of while he was alive, but after the prophets are sent and passed away, they never went to his grave. They never talked to him, as he's in the grave. And they said, Yeah, Rasulullah do this and do that. Because they realize that he is now alive in the life of the Buddha, not the life of this world. The Prophet system is alive,

00:27:03--> 00:27:39

nobody's denying that. But the life that he has, is not the life that we have. It is a different type of life. So this is a theological point that I wanted to emphasize because of this verse where they go to their fathers and they say, oh, our father asked Allah to forgive us. This is permissible only for a living person and shallow to add on our next episode, we will talk about the family reunion that occurred in Egypt with the Prophet Yusuf and the brothers and the parents. inshallah, I hope to see you then, until next time, Assalamu alaykum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh loco ganas de casa de Maria