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Irshaad Sedick
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Salam aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato.

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Yes, I have a surgeon. Oh, my two companions of the prison. Mr. Kuma as for one of the two of you, for St. Roberto hombre, he will be pouring wine and to his load meaning and to his king, because he was the capital of the king. But notice never use of doesn't say that the capital will be pouring wine for the king. He just says one of the two of you. Why to find out in a moment, well

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as for the other one, for use level for the Euro murase. As for the other one, he will be crucified and birds will thus be eating from his head. So obviously, the second interpretation is much more severe than the first one of them is going to be released and he's going to be pouring wine for the king. The other one is going to be crucified and birds are going to be eating from his he doesn't say to him, you are going to be fried and you will be crucified because that's of course difficult news to be. Then he continues and says OBL amarula, the fetus stuffed in the matter that you are seeking to be interpreted has now been decreed. In other words, it's done and dusted, there is no

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escape from the outcome. We are ahaadeeth One of which in particular is narrated by Mr. Ashman even Hamlet the prophets are the lightest and MC, that a dream is tied to the leg of a bird until it is interpreted and then it becomes reality. So metaphoric speech. What it basically means is that the dream could remain a dream, but if it is interpreted authentically interpreted that valid interpretation, then there is no escaping it, it will transpire. Nonetheless, they are then given the interpretations This is of course, after they were given the our binary use of La stilettos. He didn't answer the question immediately, he knew that there was something far more important. Even

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though this news is quite impactful on the lives. He felt that it was first and foremost a priority for them to learn about the one true God about these prophets about the afterlife about the dangers of COVID and about the the eternal life of Jana and Johanna Naboo, Yusuf alayhi salatu salam then continues.

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Well call Allah one Anna Onegin min Houma. He says to the one who he is pretty sure that that is the one who will be saved from the two of them, with good nearing the Arabic remember me by your master, Madam, another master is the king, the new authority, he used to live in the house of the minister, the Aziz, now he's speaking to a servant of the king. And he feels that this servant is the one who's going to be back into the service of the king, remember me by your master, and then fencer who shaytaan vichara be in shaytaan caused him to forget to mention his robbed his master. Now he's doing the interpretations of this, both of which makes perfect sense. The one is that the person who

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was released when forgot to mention to his monster about this man in the prison, who says, you know, that he's able to interpret dreams and so on and so forth. That's the one interpretation minimum of a zero inclined towards that one. The other one is also very plausible is that we use viruses to salami himself, forgot to mention Allah subhana wa tada and others to say, insha Allah, when he spoke to this particular person, and this is the plot of shaitaan shaitaan causes you causes you to forget certain things like this, as we saw happening to the prophets all along, it was setting them in Revelation of surah to calf which we dealt with last year Ramadan nights, maybe maybe Mohammed

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sauce and also forgot to say insha Allah and in Revelation was postponed for a while. So this could also be a similar type of scenario, although that will face the rune inclined to the first one philosophy CGT journey builder as seen in and as a consequence of either of the two number use of illicit Osama remain in prison be the icynene for some years. Now this would be the AR is trans is is interpreted as between three and nine years. That's a few years when the Quran uses this term, it means between three and nine years and the experts explain seven years right specific dw, so it's seven years now, to remain in prison for seven years. It's quite a long time, we don't know how much

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time before this has transpired as well. So now the use of is going through quite a journey really being put through the test. And we relate this back to when we look at the profits or some struggles that he was going through when this sutra was being revealed to him so that he could find concealment then you know, I might have been kicked out of Makkah for three years and we use have stayed in prison for seven years. Right and on top of it gotten into well, etc. So again we find that element of looking at the problems that other people with so that we can be more appreciative of the favors that if I was Ashworth now we move on to the palace. We move on to the palace.

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What country are we busy with here? Still Egypt still Egypt? That is interesting factor. Listen to what Allah says. While call Monaco. In me Arosa Baba karate, the king now speaks LS quoting the king.

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But the interesting point is not what the king is about to say we'll get to that. It is the fact that he's being referred to in the Quran as the King. What are the leaders of Egypt? Or do we know historically? What are the leaders of Egypt called Pharaoh? Now, throughout the Old Testament, and even the New Testament, any reference to the leaders of Egypt in those times is Pharaoh, the or am comes along, uses fear around for the time of an abuse of an IV Moosa rsfsr. But now, in the period of the abuse of all of a sudden, the leader of Egypt is called a king. And in recent times, when I say recent has been in the past 100 or so years, historians have actually discovered that before the

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Pharaonic age before the time of the pharaohs, there was a period in which Egypt had kings. But knowing that the Scripture is this mentioned, the Quran just uses it. So by the way, no emphasis on it no elaboration, but this is how accurate the information was. And yet, we still find that some people are under the impression that the prophets are wireless setup copied these information from the people of the book before him. There's two problems with that. Number one, the stories are not the same, they are very different. They are critically different in certain areas. And number two, he seemed to have not copied any of the inconsistencies and only copy that which is 100% accurate.

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And that of course, is again one of the miracles of the Quran, just to let our hearts once again feel that flame of the love of God and that this is be only the word of Allah subhanho wa Taala. So now for the King's dream. This is now the fourth dream we've come across in this story. The first one is that of an abusive. The second one was that of the the prisoner one prisoner. Then we had the other prisoner now we have the king. This is of course one of the main themes as well. He says in the Arosa Baba karate in *. I have seen in my dream seven fat cows yaku NASA on a Jeff and they will be in consumed by seven lean cows whatsoever as some bullet in hood green, or Ohara yaiza and

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I've also seen seven, dry seven

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green stalks of corn, and I saw others meaning another seven dry stalks of corn. Yeah, he will mana Oh, my advisors, right, the advisors of the king. Oh, my advisors, he says to me for you bi give me a fatwa with regards to my dream. In other words, give me a ruling with regards to what this means in contumely Rukia taboo, if you truly claim to be able to interpret dreams, and of course, we know that time there was a lot of mysticism, you know, people claiming that they had powers and magic and so on. And they didn't respond callooh avasarala response was, this is mixed up dreams. And by the way, this is dreams as the stream has no meaning. Right? We said right at the beginning, dreams have

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three kinds. You have the nightmares that's from shaitan don't relate that to anyone as soon as with regards to what do you do if you have a nightmare? Number two,

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mixed up dreams, dreams about things that you've seen and then it's just all jumbled up because it gets played around in the mind. You can ignore that doesn't really have any meaning. The number three is Allah righteous, pious dreams that truly has a meaning. So they claim that this is the author of Allah, why am I not gonna be Darwinian Allah may be animated and we don't have knowledge of how to interpret mixed up dreams they said now the Kabira who was released from prison spend time in the south and abuse of Allah setosa now he is of course overhearing this conversation and it's going to click in his mind and wait interpretation of dreams. I can connect you with somebody I've

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got the connection, right I've got the connection. So he says call a Latina German whom as one was saved from the two of them what Decker ah para de Houma. facies and he remembers after a boom so after all long period has gone by now all of a sudden remembers this is another one a bit Oh, come on beta v. I will tell you its interpretation for RC loon send me in other words I need to go some way out sorted out for you I'll organize

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now it comes to never use a virus with a Santa seven years later. Imagine you told somebody listen sewed me out may come back seven years later when we may need a favor. So he comes back he says you sue for eight years C D is used to my friend literally recently was using my dear friend of Tina Fey saga karate Nina is the dream. Please give us a photo and interpretation of the seven fat cows. Yeah coluna savani Jeff being consumed by seven lean cows whatsoever. So not including seven green stalks of

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code for obesity and seven dry arogya illness so that I may go back to the people that I love him yeah and mo so that they may know because he now knows who is going to give him a good interpretation. So what does w say to find out tomorrow night in Charlotte Juana de la mirada banana

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