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Shaykh Yasir Qadhi discusses the next story in the Surah where the brothers start to plot and plan to kill their brother, Prophet Yusuf AS. He will also recite Surah Yusuf from Verse 7 to Verse 14.

In what happened between his brothers and Yusuf AS, are many signs that will benefit and profit mankind.

  • The brothers believed that their father loved Yusuf AS more than any of the remaining 11 sons. The brothers desired the love of their father which was permissible but the way in which they wanted to get it was impermissible. 
  • The depths of jealousy leads you to lose track of reality as is demonstrated in the plan of the brothers of committing the dastardly track of killing Yusuf AS.

A brief lecture on jealousy and its implications is also given for us to comprehend our actions appropriately. 

The plot of the brothers of Yusuf AS was a heinous one. Listen intently to discover the details and make Dua to save ourselves from the evil of jealousy.

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