Yasir Qadhi – Towards Understanding Surah Yusuf – 05

Yasir Qadhi
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hamdulillah Isla is niram

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Al Hamdulillah Al Hamdulillah Camden County Ebony Allah Bullock

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Kareem, I said I'm walakum wa Rahmatullahi wa barakatuhu and welcome to another episode of towards understanding surah Yusuf, I am your host yes equality. In our last episode, we had described the dream of use of Allah His Salaam and the advice that his father gave him. In today's episode, we begin the story from where the brothers started to plot and plan against their younger brother use of it his solemn stay with us for today's episode, local do can we possibly need to leave only

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Salam Alaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuhu. In our previous episode, we had talked about the dream that Yusuf Alayhi Salam had seen of the 11 stars, and the sun and the moon, all of them prostrating to him. And he had told his father of the dream, and his father had said, don't tell your brothers because I'm worried that they will plot and plan against you. Now, it is possible that somehow the news leaked out to the brothers and it is possible that the dream was hidden. We are not given this information in the Koran, but what we do know is that something happened that they plotted and planned against him anyway. And this is the beginning of their tricks and they're plotting against

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their little brother use of Allah His setup. So today inshallah tada we will begin the story of the actual tactics and the actual attempts of the brothers to try to harm their little brother use of Allah His setup, and we began by reciting the next eight verses. And as advised in a previous episode, it would be great if you could take a copy of the Quran and have it with you so that you can read along with me and also read the translation and shallow data that will appear on your screens as well. We will recite today from verse seven all the way to verse 14

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Billahi min ash shaytani r rajim

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Bismillah Ar Rahman AR ma no mocking loco de Cana fi usofa he

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any eco la you sufu who have boo Isla Urbina mean, wanna know

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What a coup.

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Oh, see Luna watch me. Oh, yeah.

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hoonah ha coo coo, Bala in de la zanoni.

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knows better tune in, in his heart.

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So in these verses, we read that use of alayhis salam brothers, plotted and planned against him. And a lot begins this part of the sutra by saying that indeed in the story of use of and his brothers, and what happened between use of and his brothers are many signs are many miracles, for those who asked for they can be used for what what he is, here means points of benefit means miraculous matters means things that will increase your Eman and make you a better person and a better Muslim. Allah says anybody who wants to know about this sutra will find these signs to Lisa, even if you just ask, what is the story of use of and you hear it, you will benefit from it. Unlike in some

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verses, Allah says these are for those who think these are for those who ponder. These are for those who contemplate but for the story of use of Allah azza wa jal says, you will find benefits, all you need to do is to read it and ask in other words, the benefits just spout out at you. They are apparent to everybody who reads the surah. And Allah says, Remember, when use of said what remember when the brothers of use have said they're speaking amongst themselves, they said, Indeed, use of and his brother are more beloved to our fathers, despite the fact that we are more in quantity. So Allah azza wa jal is telling us how they feel. They said our Father loves use of and his brother

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more than us. Now, what is the story here? As we said, Yeah, Kobani has Salaam had a number of wives, according to some reports, up to four. And these women had given him various children. Now the mother of use of Allah has said it is seldom the mother of use of only gave birth to two, and that his use of and his younger brother, and his name was Binyamin use of and his younger brother who was named Ben yameen, or in English, we say, Benjamin, use of and his younger brother were the only children produced from this marriage. And then as we said, according to many earlier man, she passed away, or she didn't give birth to any more children. The rest of the brothers were not from

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this mother. So they said, why is it that yaku AlLahi Salaam loves these two more than all of us combined? And we are an rosebud, which means we are a large group, they were 10 and these were two they had 12 Brothers, 12 siblings 12 sons. So they say why is it that our Father loves these two, even though we are more in quantity? They said, in Adana, Laffy abahlali movie, surely there is no doubt they're emphasizing. There is no doubt that our Father is in manifest error. He's made a mistake, this is not right, this is not fair. Now, notice here, first and foremost, what did these 10 children desire, they desire the love of their father. So what they desire is a noble goal. Every

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human being wants his father to be proud of him. Every child wants the respect and love of their father, what they desired was permissible, but how they wanted to get it was impermissible. This is the problem. They weren't desiring how long In fact, what they desired is a noble desire, what human being is there except that he wants his father to love him and respect him. He wants his father to be proud of him. This is ingrained in every single son that they want their parents to be proud of them. So what they wanted was permissible, but they wanted to get it through impermissible means. They say our Father loves use of and his brother more than US notice. They didn't say our Father

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gives them more. They didn't say our father shows more sympathy, rather, they accused you of an emotional crime. And we know that emotionally. A man cannot control how much he loves a person. It is not a sin. To Love A Child more than another. What is a sin is to show that love in an outward action.

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That is why the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam told us that if we give one son a gift, we have to give all of our children a gift. If we give one daughter, something, we should give all of our children something, he did not allow a father to give a present to one child and not the other. Outwardly, that love must be manifested in an equal way. However, inwardly, we cannot control our emotions. And it is only natural that a father or a mother will be attached to one child more than the other. But what that father or mother must do is to not show that love, outwardly in a way that hurts the other children. So yeah, overlay, his setup was not being accused of showing preferential

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treatment. Rather, what he was being accused of was to have that love in his heart. So they said, Our Father is in manifest error. This is a clear mistake. Now notice, they didn't accuse their father of being evil, they couldn't their father is a prophet. They're not saying that our father has committed a sin or a crime. Rather, what they're saying is that our father has done a mistake, a few borlodan will be what is the solution? What should be done, they thought of getting to this solution in an impermissible matter. They said, awkward to use, let us kill use of notice here, these are the brothers of use of they're not the full brothers, but they're still half brothers,

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they share the same father, they have different mothers, but they share the same father. So these are the half brothers of use of Allah, his Salaam, their level of animosity, their level of jealousy has reached to the state that they have lost thought of clear that they have lost their minds. They are saying they're going to kill this young child, they're going to get rid of murder their own flesh and blood. And this is in in this is a lesson for us about the depths of depravity that jealousy leads you to what a jealous person does, really and truly, sometimes can be downright evil. And this is because jealousy makes a person lose track of the reality. The brothers of use of words

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so enraged and angry, that they were even willing to kill their younger brother will go through the use of kill this child kill use of, or it's Allah who urban banish him to a faraway land, kidnap him, and take him away and throw him in a faraway land. Why? Yeah, Lola, would you be the face of your father will then be solely for you. He wouldn't have to worry about use of and the other brother, they will only be you to deal with what's a coup de Palma Sala hain. And after you do this dastardly an evil deed, do some good deeds to make up for this evil, be righteous, you've done a crime, you know it, you're going to do a crime. But then what is the tactic that shaytaan uses

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shaitaan comes in says, go ahead and do this crime. And then after you've done it, seek Allah's forgiveness and be righteous and good, Allah azza wa jal will forgive you. So they said, you do this deed, you do this evil. And after that, Allah azza wa jal will forgive you because you will become righteous. And this is a tactic of shape on anytime this thought comes to you, Oh, go ahead and do the sin. And then after that, do some good after it. realize this is exactly what the brothers have use of thought. And this is a plot of shape on also realize that shavon wants to try to make you into this frame of mind where you feel confident, while doing this, while you're doing this and

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while you're plotting the sin and you say Oh, Allah forgive me, no big deal. And that is not very righteous. Once you've done the sin, if you regret it and you feel confident of Allah's mercy, that is good, but while you're doing it, or before you do it, you should be scared, you should be fearful and shaytan came to them and made them neglect this element and they said, Oh, do this crime after you do it be righteous. And Allah subhana wa tada will forgive you. When you take a short break. As soon as we come back. We'll continue talking about the plot of the brothers of use of Stay with us. lafonda ganas de casa de Maria.

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De only

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la katakana fee.

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Welcome back. We were discussing the plot of the brothers of use of against their younger brother, Yusuf Ali his solemn and notice here as we said, the effects of jealousy and this is why the Prophet Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam forbade jealousy in the strictest of terms. The Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said

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that very rarely a disease has come to you from the other nations. The previous

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As nations, this disease is not new. It has been coming to you for many other generations before you. This is a disease that is found in other nations. What is this disease? He said the disease of jealousy. The Prophet sallallahu Sallam told us that I swear by him in whose hands is my soul, I swear by Allah, that jealousy shaves off your good deeds, just like a razor shaves off here. Jealousy shaves it off. You have so many good deeds, just like a shaver, just like a razor, it just gets rid of all of your hair. Similarly, jealousy does the same thing. In another Hadith the Prophet sallallahu Sallam said that jealousy eats up your good deeds, just like a fire eats up twigs and

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branches. So the Prophet system described jealousy like a fire, like a raging fire, it makes you lose track of reality, you began to think of things that are utterly ludicrous. You do things that are downright ridiculous, in fact, evil just like the brothers of use of it, because inside of you, there is a burning raging jealousy. What is jealousy? Jealousy is when you want a person's blessings to be stripped away from him, whether you want it yourself or not, is a separate issue. So you see somebody who has been blessed with money, and you say, why didn't he have money, I should have had this. You see somebody blessed with fame, with port fortune with power, and you and you feel to

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yourself, he doesn't deserve it. He should not have gotten that. That is jealousy. What jealousy does is challenged the wisdom of Allah. And that is why the true believer can never be jealous. The true believer can never be jealous, because what a jealous person is saying is that, Oh Allah, why did you give this person that I was more deserving of it? You're challenging the wisdom of Allah? And how do you know my dear Muslim brother and sister? How do you know? If you had been given that blessing? It would have become a curse for you. If you have been given that money, you might have been led

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astray or misguided? How do you know what Allah azza wa jal wisdom is? Therefore, put your trust in Allah and realize that what Allah has decreed is what is best? Allah is Allah Hakeem, he knows who deserves what. But in one Hadith, the prophet system allowed one type of jealousy, only one type, and that is religious jealousy, when you're jealous for an Islamic reason, for a good reason, the Prophet sallallahu wasallam said, law has said that he left with nothing, you are not allowed to be jealous, except for one of two reasons. This is the only two cases where your is permissible to want to be like somebody else, to want to be blessed with some with another blessing. And those two

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blessings or religious blessings. What are they? He said, The first category is a person who has been given money, but not just that, and he then spends that money for the sake of Allah. He is rich, and he blesses the Muslim community. He builds messages, he builds charitable projects, he helps the orphans he gives to the poor, the prophets have said, if you're jealous of him, and that jealousy means I want to be like him. That's good. And the second jealousy, the man who has been given knowledge or an understanding of the religion, and he teaches and preaches to the people, so you see this person and you feel in your heart, I want to be like him, not anger, not a hatred, not

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why has he been given but rather, I want to be like him. That type of jealousy is not just permissible, it is encouraged. You should take pious role models, you should take righteous people, good people and say I want to be like them. That is the only scenario where you're allowed to be jealous. All other types of jealousy are forbidden. The Prophet sallallahu Sallam said, believers are brothers to one another. They don't have an enmity, animosity. They don't break each other's trust. They don't have jealousy for one another. They don't have jealousy for one another. Because jealousy eats up your good deeds. So we should remember that jealousy leads to other crimes. It's

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only the beginning. When you feel jealous when you do feel jealous. You should seek refuge in Allah and extinguish that jealousy by saying, law, how would our whoa what's the elaborate law? There is no change or power except by Allah. Accept the decree of Allah. Be content with what Allah has given you, and enjoy what Allah has given you. And ask Allah for more. Don't take your jealousy out on men, because Allah is the one who decides who gets what, if you want more, turn to the one who gives and say, oh, Allah blessed me with this and then make me righteous and pious. So the brothers of use of alayhis salaam feel this jealousy and they say, why don't we get rid of use of exile him banish

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him to the land and then we will be righteous people

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call a call no minimum. One of them said, most likely it was the oldest one now remember the brothers of use of pretty much all older than him.

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Some of them are already young men use the valley is still seven years old. So one of them said call the call Edelman one of them said probably the oldest one, not talk to you. So don't kill him. Don't kill him. Rather what Elko who feels like Yeah, but it should be throw him into the depths of a well yell Taco Bell car, a caravan will come along, and they will find him at least he'll be alive. In couldn't tune in, if you're going to do something, if you must do something here, we noticed that the oldest brother sees that the other brothers are adamant their firm we are going to harm you. So he minimizes the damage. He says, if you're going to do it, then at least don't kill him, put him in

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this well throw him into a deep well, and there must have been a Well, that was well known to them far away. And they said, he said, somebody will pick him up and he will be taken care of as a boy, they will take him as a servant, they will take care of him just don't kill him. And this is indeed a wise choice if they were going to kill him that he minimizes the damage. Our religion teaches us that when there are two evils, and you're one of the two evils must be done, then we must choose the lesser of the two evils. Now this is only if there are only two choices, perhaps the older brother did not have the power to stop them. Allah knows best. But if there are two choices, and only two,

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and you must do them, and one of the two is more evil than the other, the shediac requires that you choose the lesser of the two evils. And this is what we find that the older brother is advising, that if you're going to do something, then do this. Notice here that the older brother senses that there animosity, that there's hatred, he knows that they are looking at the evils that they're doing. They're trying to break the ties of kinship, they are transgressing the rights of their younger brother, this is their younger brother, they're breaking his own rights as well. They're not showing any mercy for a small child. And the Prophet says Adam said, Whoever does not show mercy to

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our young group, and respect to our elders is not of us. And they have no mercy for this young child. They're ignoring the rights of their own father, because they know that their father loves us to value his setup. They ignore the status of their father. And they say, We don't care about this, we're going to get rid of this. And they ignore. Also, the fact that they're trying to do a crime in order to get a righteous end result. The means was wrong, and they ignored this in our shediac. The means has to be right and the goal. The goal was pious, what was their goal, their goal was so that their fathers loved them. That's a good goal. But our religion tells us the ends do not justify the

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means. They don't. If the ends are righteous and pious, then the means to get to those ends must also be righteous and pious, the path must be good. And the end, the final destination must be good. We don't rob from the rich and give to the poor, this is not permissible. It's not permissible. What did the rich do that they just chose to be robbed from know if their earnings are higher than they are entitled to that rather, the path must be pure, and the end result must be pure. Also notice their intention was so that their father loves them more.

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And in the story, we will realize their father does not end up loving them more Rather, he does not forget use of he never forgets use of decades go by. And he still remembers use of this shows us brothers and sisters, when you attempt to do something good through an impermissible means you're not going to arrive at that good. The brothers of use have wanted the love of their father, but they went through it through heroin. And because they went through how long? They were deprived of it, I suppose perhaps theoretically, if they had increased their good deeds, and increase their love of their father, maybe their father would have shown them more love. If they had done what is

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permissible. Maybe they would have arrived at the means. But by going through the harem, they were deprived of the Hello. So the oldest brother says don't kill yourself, throw him into a Well, perhaps others will find him and take him so if you have to do something, we noticed that he's not too enthused the oldest brother and this is a recurring theme that the oldest brother is it seems to be the most righteous of them after use of and his younger brother now by the use of the younger brother Binyamin was a small child at this time, so they didn't concentrate their animosity against Binyamin Yusuf was older, he was six, seven years old, and he was the most favorite of all of the

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siblings. So even though Yusuf and his brother were Beloved, their anger primarily was directed at one of them and that was use of Astro Binyamin. He was still a very small boy. So they agreed that this is what they would do. Now the question is how are they going to get use of all Yeah, abana they go to their their fault and they say, oh, our dear father, they address them in the best terms. Yeah. abana our dear father, mother cannot men either use what is your problem? Why

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Is it that you are not willing to trust us with users? So they know there's a problem. They know that their father does not trust them with use of and look, what a good decision that he had done, not to trust them with you. So they realize that their father is not willing to give up use of because of their own needs. And so they expose their own cells by saying, why don't you give us use of Why are you so scared of giving us use of what in the who, then acetone? We are sincere to him, and they're emphasizing this. We are assurity people who want his own good out of silica Anna harden, send him with us tomorrow, your attack while he will eat and he will play. We're in LA who

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have you been? There is an extra emphasis during the Arabic three emphasis which Arabic language gives us here we don't have time for the translation. But indeed of assurity, there is no doubt that we will protect him. So they say indeed over surety, there's no doubt we are well wishers now soon. And then they say indeed of a surety, there's no doubt we will protect him. So they try to basically allay the fears of their father and to say to their father, we are his brothers, we are His well wishers, we will protect him. So they want to go on a picnic. Basically, they want to go out as a family, just the brothers and they say, let us let us take him out of our way. In under another

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recitation of the Quran also from the process of them, not attacking one another all of us will eat and all of us will basically be married. And this shows us that the concept of enjoyment is permissible in Islam. Some people make Islam too harsh. These children were the children of a prophet. And they come and they ask their father, we want to go and have a picnic want to go and play want to live, they say literally no, which means to play, and not which means to eat. So want to have a picnic, we want to take our food with us, and we want to enjoy and amuse ourselves. These are the children of a prophet. And some of them like use of becomes a prophet. And yet Yaqoob allows

00:27:04 --> 00:27:49

them to do this. And this shows that religion is not that strict. It is completely permissible to enjoy ourselves in a halal way. We are allowed to go and have picnics and enjoy family time, just like the children of Yaqoob wanted to do. So they say tomorrow we're going out. And of course this was all a plot from them a plan from them. They say tomorrow we're going out on a picnic, and we want our younger brother to come with us so that he can enjoy with us. Yeah, kobs response was called in Nila Yasuni untestable be I am grieved if you take him away, it hurts me that he is away from me. Okay, and I am scared that the wolf will eat him while you are unaware. So Yaqoob gives a

00:27:49 --> 00:28:01

basic response and here this brings us to the conclusion of our first episode about this particular topic. inshallah, in our next episode, we'll continue talking about Yahoo's response and what the brothers did. I hope to see you then until next time,

Shaykh Yasir Qadhi discusses the next story in the Surah where the brothers start to plot and plan to kill their brother, Prophet Yusuf AS. He will also recite Surah Yusuf from Verse 7 to Verse 14.

In what happened between his brothers and Yusuf AS, are many signs that will benefit and profit mankind.

  • The brothers believed that their father loved Yusuf AS more than any of the remaining 11 sons. The brothers desired the love of their father which was permissible but the way in which they wanted to get it was impermissible. 
  • The depths of jealousy leads you to lose track of reality as is demonstrated in the plan of the brothers of committing the dastardly track of killing Yusuf AS.

A brief lecture on jealousy and its implications is also given for us to comprehend our actions appropriately. 

The plot of the brothers of Yusuf AS was a heinous one. Listen intently to discover the details and make Dua to save ourselves from the evil of jealousy.

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