Tom Facchine – Born Muslim-Don’t Take It For Granted

Tom Facchine
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Muslims take guidance for granted. They take hidayah for granted. Because and this is the meaning of Omar statement, I'm not in the football who said that whoever doesn't know Jay Lee doesn't know this now.

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Because for a Muslim,

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and we were meaning somebody who's born into a Muslim family,

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you have this intergenerational heritage.

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In the back of your mind, you always know, no matter how bad you get, if you want it to change your life, and turn it around, you know what to do? Right? You pick up your prayer beads, and you head to the mosque, and you know, you become one of those old men in the front row. And you know, that it's very well established, that's always there for you. Right? There's a core at the core, and you do these sorts of things. Right?

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For somebody who's not a Muslim,

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they can be enmeshed in sin and waywardness, and they can be lost, and they have no idea what to do, even if they want to be guided.

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Right? Is alcohol. Bad?

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Is it good?

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Is it something that is spiritually helpful or harmful? What about other substances? There's a lot of people these days,

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thankfully, not in the Muslim community, but outside the Muslim community that think that substances unleash a hidden spiritual realm, I can get high and then I'll have the real mystical experience, the real religious experience, what kind of nonsense is that?

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There's no guidance, there's no proof, there's no revelation that establishes the sorts of thing, right? That such a person is not able to distinguish between the desire of the ego and guidance from the divine source the Creator, right? They don't have that clear instruction to fall back on. If they want to get right. They're not sure how.

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And we can go down the list with other things. How do you treat your parents? When do you? What relationships do you nurture? And which ones do you let go? Especially even romantic relationships, right? In Western modern culture, the romantic relationship is something that is almost divine in the way that it's spoken about in the way that it's written about. In media and television and music, Stevie Wonder said, Now I was meant to love her worship and adore her. Right? This is something that it's become it's become a religion in and of itself, love.

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You know, if you're somebody who doesn't have this kind of genuine, authentic guidance from the Creator about how to live your life, and how to put everything in the proper place, and give everything the proper amount of emphasis and not fall into either extreme of completely neglecting it, nor of giving it too much importance, if you don't have that guidance, how are you going to figure that out by yourself?

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You're going to mess it up. You're going to give either you're going to go too far extreme to the one end, you're going to say that, you know, reject all of it or you're going to go too far extreme to the other end and you're going to put too much importance on it.

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So that's definitely, you know, Muslims that are born into a Muslim family. That's the big thing that they take for granted.

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And some of them realize it but but most of them don't

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