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AI: Summary © The speakers discuss the importance of addiction and shaping society to protect people's intellectual property. The Sharia's philosophy is to teach children the principles of shaping and protecting their intellectual property, and the Sharia's need for education and cultivating healthy eating habits is emphasized. The Sharia's history of drugs and its impact on society is also discussed, including the implementation of legislation to ban alcohol sales and the "has been" label on marijuana. The segment ends with a recap of the history of Islam, including the implementation of the third amendment and the 20th amendment.
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Our Prophet system called Hammer, the own Moodle. Hubba is the mother of all evils. Meaning once you start getting involved in intoxicants, there is no haram in heaven. Because when you lose your mind, well then you will do all the Haram in the book. And then when you become addicted to a substance, you're going to be willing to do what you would never have been willing to do before you were addicted. That is why he called Hummer omole haba if the source and the root of all evil woman then

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law, how

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many mean animals name me

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that much Allahu

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hamdu lillah wa salatu salam ala Rasulillah, who knew he was so happy he wanted to Allah Hammerberg

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the officer actually for those of you that were attending, made a very profound statement. And I don't even think he realized the profundity of what he said. He said, those people that are drug addicts, they have taken their heroin as their God.

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And that really struck a chord with me because that is exactly what Allah says in the Quran. With regards to those who are so

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incensed are so indulging with their passions, that they lose track of who they are.

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And Allah azza wa jal describes them following their desires, as having taken those passions and those pleasures as their gods besides Allah, this is in the Quran. For a 10 minute tell her the ILA who Hawa who? Have you not seen the one who has taken as his God, his own passions, his own desires? Now, it's a very profound verse because nobody worships himself, meaning that you know, prostrates and bows down and nobody makes dua to himself. That's not the meaning of worship here. That's not the meaning of riba here. That's not the meaning of taking as a god. What the officer said is exactly what the Quranic definition of a brother is, that he will do anything to please that fake

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god, he will sacrifice anything, his own children, his own mother, he will get rid of everything to get to the object of his desire, and that is that God. And the fact of the matter, therefore, is that this discussion about being addicted to the substance is about you know, the problems of society. The reality is they actually intertwine with theology, believe it or not, they intertwine without either any man. And again, one of the points that the officer said, again, a very profound point 30 years ago, 20 years ago, generally speaking, faith communities were isolated from these epidemics. He has this he said it himself, we never saw in the 80s faith communities where this was

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rampant. Unfortunately, last 234 or five years, things are changing. And we all know the reason why we don't like to say it, but that's because faith communities, unfortunately, are not so faithful anymore to their fates. That's just the reality that emaan itself, especially amongst our younger generation,

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it's not what it used to be. And so, what we learn from all of this is a very interesting point.

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One of the most effective mechanisms to insulate yourself against the dangers of this epidemic is in fact faith based. It is in fact Iman based now you know, typically standard lectures about drugs and about alcohol they will quote you the standard verses and Hadith and that's valid Of course, we need to remind ourselves of course we do I mean, I have to quote them myself in this lecture. Yeah, you will let the enamel enamel camera will may sit what ensemble Islam will reduce so mean Amma the shape on Oh you who believe Hamid Allah begins the list with hombre idols comes number four Hamid comes number one because idolatry the average Muslim is dead why would I want to worship something

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carved out of stone it's inherent in you does it make sense to me to bow down to something that I carved that's not my God does it make sense but hammer is not that easy to make something you know disgusting many people they like hammer so Allah begins the list with hammer. Oh you who believe hammer and hammer and the Arabic language everything that intoxicated so alcohol is common. And drugs are also a type of common. Allah says they are rigid. So minimalist shape on filth. Allah calls them filth. And if you saw the presentation, the slides you know the horror stories you've seen any documentary you can read

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We understand why Allah calls it a fill from shape on SubhanAllah. If he had just said it is from shape on, it would be disgusting enough. Allah said it is the filth of shape on. It is the I don't want to be too explicit, but you get the point here. Yeah, and it is shaped lawns remnants. That's what a hammer is really the villa. If Allah had said Hamid is from Shaytaan, we would have said it would disgusting, but Allah is saying it is the filth coming from Shavon or with a Buddha. And just imagine when you see the problems of drugs, the problems of what happens for those who are taking it, their families are destroyed, their lives are destroyed, they lose all sense of what is right

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and wrong. And of course, we all know as well. Our profit system has so many a hadith about hammer and drugs and it is important to know them our profit system called Hammer, the own Moodle. Hubba is the mother of all evils. Meaning once you start getting involved in intoxicants, there is no haram in heaven, everything becomes harder for you. Because when you lose your mind, well then you will do all the Haram in the book. And then when you become addicted to a substance, you're going to be willing to do what you would never have been willing to do before you were addicted. That is why he called Hummer omole. Hubba is the source and the root of all evil. Once a person is addicted, they

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will do the despicable in order to satisfy their cravings and they will do things it's not even befitting for us to talk about in a masjid or in a family environment. But if you know you know it's something that truly makes a person disgusted. Why would you get involved in something that leads you down this way? But before we even talk about Quran and Hadith and as usual, time is limited. I want to take a step back. And I want to explain a little bit of the philosophy of the rules of Islam. A fact of the matter is, we teach our children that haram haram haram haram and once we then tell them oh drugs, haram

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the first thing that comes to the mind well everything that is fun is haram anyway, now you're just telling me drugs are held on anyway. What we fail to do is to teach our children the philosophy of the Sharia. why has Allah made something haram? Allah has made the Shetty completely around that which is of benefit to us. Whatever is beneficial is halal. Whatever is harmful is haram. Whatever is detrimental is haram. And that is why our scholars have said you mama Shockley and others they codified these things that the *ty art has come to preserve five fundamentals of society. They are the author of the the goals of Sharia, preserving five things I want everybody to memorize this

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to write it down memorize it, number one to preserve the religion, the Sharia has come to make you spiritual to make you righteous to make you pious. Number two to preserve life. The Sharia has come to protect life the sanctity of life. Number three the Sharia has come to preserve the intellect to think rationally. The *ty AI does not want you to think like a fool that shady does not want you to destroy your intellect. Number four the shady AI has come to protect family innocent and children that's why marriage is legislative Xena is made out on and number five the Sharia has come to protect your personal wealth people should not be devouring wealth or with unjust causes stealing

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and plundering and pillaging and other things of this nature interest. All of these have been made out on number three in the list out of the five prohibitions is the Shetty eye has come to protect the alcohol or the mind. Allah has blessed us with something that he hasn't given to the animals. This is what makes us different than the animals what are the Karana Bani Adam we have honored the Children of Adam we have lifted them above that of animals and how do we know that the the cream of Allah the blessing of Allah is the blessing of the intellect because ALLAH SubhanA wa Tada mentions that those people who do not think what are they called in the Quran? In whom illogical and they are

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like cattle

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beldholm Although they are worse than cattle. So Allah describes those who don't have intellect those who don't think Allah says you're just animals then I didn't make you animals I made you human.

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Earth might have been a fun said that a person of wisdom would give his wealth to make himself wiser. How can anybody give his wealth to destroy his own intellect, meaning drugs and alcohol? A wise person will spend a fortune to become wiser. If you understand what wisdom does what intelligence does, you know, we go to school why why do we go to school? Because we want to learn we want to study when and use the brain. We go to college, we educate ourselves. We take courses, right when we get high grades on the exam. All of this is done for what reason? Because we understand what we

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Wisdom does we understand what knowledge does we understand the power of the blessing of this intellect that Allah has given us. And so our entire societies are based on cultivating the intellect. Why is it that some societies such as the one we live in are so much more advanced in terms of GDP in terms of technology that other societies it is because they have utilized the intellect as simple as that they've taken advantage of the resources and they thought and they planned and they've engineered and they've done all of that. And so they are leading global civilization. As you all know, once upon a time we led global civilization 2000 years ago, right?

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Well, we love it that way. Others took it over now they're leading the global civilization. The whole society we live in understands the importance of knowledge and wisdom, and that is why it is mandatory to go to school it is mandatory to pass these classes and grades and people are rewarded based on their intellect. Drugs are the antithesis to wisdom. They come along, and they are intended for you to destroy the intellect. That's why the Sahaba were like how can anybody spend money to destroy the very precious thing that Allah has given them doesn't even make rational sense much less religious sense. It is true the Quran and Sunnah is full of threats and prohibitions and curses to

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those who take alcohol. But you see, the problem comes those threats and provisions and curses will only impact the one who already has the Eman. If you don't have the man, Quran and Sunnah falls on deaf ears. That's the problem. If you don't fear a law, how can I put the fear of Allah in you through the Quran and Sunnah when it doesn't even have the impact that it should have? Right? And that's why I speak to the parents here. The primary way to battle the epidemic of drugs is not by telling them haram haram haram that is secondary it needs to be there. The primary way is to make our children understand the sweetness of iman.

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Once a child loves Allah, and a child understands how beautiful this faith is, makes them feel good to pray to come close to Allah, then it will automatically come they appreciate the intellect they hear the Quran when the Prophet salallahu alayhi salam says that Allah has learner is on the one who takes combo that's a big deal. Allah's Lana is the worst it is even worse than I have of Allah because Allah Allah Allah means you have no Rama from Allah. When the Prophet says Adam has told us that whoever is addicted to hammer and hammer includes drugs, whoever is addicted to drugs and to alcohol and dies in that state shall be prohibited forever from drinking of the fruits and the wines

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of Jana. You are going to be made haram the beauty of Jana you will not get to taste the real hammer that Allah has made halal in Jana. Right, because there is 100 in Jana, there are rivers of Homer in Jana, and that Hamid is a different type of Halal laffy hell Hold on one of them and how you endzone there is no intoxication in the Hummer of Jana, they will not lose their minds when they drink the Hummer of Jana. Notice the beautiful Hummer of Jana. What makes it beautiful is that it doesn't intoxicate it doesn't cause you to lose your mind, you will enjoy the sweetness, you will enjoy the taste and it won't affect your mind. That's when humbled becomes hallelujah. But that hunger doesn't

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exist in this world that doesn't exist in this world. So whoever is patient, at the temptations of the hunger of this world shall be blessed with the real hunger of the hero. And whoever gets them all with to come out of this world. The Profit System said Allah has promised the one meaning its promise of Allah that the one who takes the hammer out of this world does not repent, he shall taste the villa with the villa, the pious and the sweat of the people of jahannam. You see, the Quran and Sunnah has come with prohibitions about hunger. And it has come with promises as well like good good news for those who do it. But as I said, All of this will only impact the heart that already cares

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about Allah that already wants Jana. And if the heart doesn't have it, well then these Ayatollah Hadith are not going to impact in which case we have two things we need to do. First and foremost is to cultivate Iman in our children's hearts, to make them understand and appreciate the beauty of Islam. Islam is more than just a long list of haram haram haram haram. Right. And again, I know we're having a course today on the dangers of drugs, but it is imperative that as parents we understand the psychology of children and the psychology of Islam, you cannot start with prohibitions. You have to start with love. You have to start with teaching Iman prohibitions will

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come later on. And this is based on the hadith of auditions. I Bahati and it's a psychological reality that I really need parents to understand. My dear parents I am a parent like you I have four children as well. Three of them teenagers. I am a

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As well living in this society, this is also a danger for me as it is for you. So please don't misunderstand my bluntness and frankness. I care about your children as much as I care about my own. We all are together in this. But I need to say this frankly, you cannot start the therapy of your children at the age of 17. When you're worried about their marijuana and their cocaine and their drugs, it's too late. You cannot come to me or start by jury mom, the demons say she asked my son is on drugs. He's 18 years old, you've never once brought him to the masjid. You've never once taught him Who is Allah? You never once introduced the sweetness of the Quran? How do you expect any shift

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to snap his fingers and solve the problem of 18 years when you haven't done anything in your house? I have to be blunt here because sometimes in done bluntness. It'll make you understand for the sake of your children, your deen, your dunya, your akhira you need to get your act, I need to get my act together. And then in our household, we need to make sure our children have the Toby of Islam, I cannot solve problems, nor can any chef when you come running to us and say, Oh, my son is now on drugs, and he's in High School tell you okay, what was the religious environment of the household? If you haven't started there, then don't expect anybody to help you when it's too late. Now, the

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second point is sometimes it is true. Obviously, religion is a very major, major cure, but it's not always going to help in the sense that sometimes religious households as well are afflicted with this epidemic. It will affect everybody as Allah says in the Quran. What's up Oh, fitna Allah to see when the inevitable Nico hos they will come trials and tribulations, not only the sinful and those who have done voting will be afflicted everybody will be afflicted. We live in a land in a society where there is a drug epidemic we live in a land and society where marijuana used to be like when we were growing up the cigarettes were back in the 80s These days the irony of ironies most of our

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teenagers are disgusted at nicotine, but they don't see a problem with marijuana. The irony of ironies right when I was growing up in the 80s, if you really want it to be you know, doing cross the red line, you go behind the school that smoke a cigarette nicotine, right? These days, nicotine is considered to be taboo, oh, that's gonna hurt your lungs, that's gonna, that's gonna cause cancer, but our children are brainwashed to thinking marijuana is cool. It's legit. It's you know, it's you know, there are they quote, these statistics that are being pushed by the drug overlords, you know, fewer people die from marijuana than die from, you know, alcohol, et cetera, et cetera.

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And the illusion is given that marijuana is a safe drug. But we all know it's a stepping stone.

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There are some valid arguments to me that marijuana is less dangerous than alcohol, but since when does our *ty take its rulings from what is less dangerous than alcohol? Alcohol is haram anyway, okay. So why do we care there are less deaths from marijuana than there are from alcohol in our *ty marijuana and alcohol are in the same category that is Hummer and by the way, I want to be very explicit here. I know there's a rumor or legend going on, especially on street teenagers or whatnot that yes, some are gonna have said that marijuana is halal. And those that say It's haram, they don't know what it is. No, this is a false lie. No, them in the world. And if you know anybody

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come to me with a name, no on in the world, as far as I am aware, reputable Schiff and Adam has said that inhaling marijuana is Helen. In fact, the fifth Council in North America, you should be aware that the fifth Council is the oldest field Council North America goes back to the 70s. I'm a member of the fifth Council. We have issued a fatwa it will be made public within two three weeks, but the photo has been crafted. I have a draft copy of it in front of me here, the fifth Council of North America which consists of many of the aroma of this land. They have a very, very explicit strict fatwa that goes into detail and the summary of it is that marijuana, even if you you know, inhale it

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or whatever methodology you use to take it into your system. It is classified as an intoxicant. It is a type of intoxicant, and because it is an intoxicant, then it is going to be given the same ruling as that upcoming now, footnote here, the whole issue of medical marijuana there it is also discussed in the fatwa and perhaps perhaps certain exceptions might be made in very genuine cases. That's a separate issue. However, somebody has a headache that's not medical marijuana. Okay. We all know that people are abusing the notion of medical marijuana there are very, very specific thing epilepsy for example, right, very specific cases where perhaps marijuana is the lesser of two evils.

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Okay. And the field Council has said in those areas, if there is a reputable doctor who understands the prohibition of a Muslim Doctor, why Muslim doctor because we need somebody who knows that marijuana is haram in our religion

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And this leads to a deeper issue that sometimes certain non Hummer substances may be ingested for, for medicine. So, for example, if somebody needs a heart transplant, and there was a case in my community, the membrane had to come from a pig or something like this nature, they came to me, I said, look, the child is going to die if you don't have this transplant, and the member is going to come. Yes, the pig is not just Yes, it is. But the life of the child is more important than then adjuster of the pig, the Shetty, I will say, in this case, in llamo, to whoever is forced, as Allah says, so in some very exceptional circumstances, right, perhaps, but let's be real here. That's not

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99.9999% of the cases. So any rumor going around amongst the youngsters here that oh, the chef's don't know what they're talking about? In the field Council, we have medical doctors. In our last meeting, we invited a specialist explaining everything to us about these issues. Okay. And those who claim that the shoot their own, I don't know what marijuana is, look, you don't need to smoke it to know what it is. Okay? You don't it's otherwise you don't know what crime is until you commit a crime. You don't know what murder is until you come in to murder don't follow that is a logical fallacy. It doesn't make sense that way. Allah azza wa jal has declared anything that alters the

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mind to be a type of Hummer and our Prophet sallallahu sallam said Kulu, musket in Haram, anything that intoxicates it is going to be made haram. So therefore there is pretty much unanimous consensus amongst the scholarly class, that marijuana is a type of Hummer, and it is going to be classified therefore as haram. Now, that's marijuana, which is well known to be the least really of the problematic drugs, but it is still a drug. One of the major problems and marijuana is a gateway drug. Once you become addicted to this, you won't need a higher buzz, you need to increase. And that's another major problem that happens. And this is palpable. You can speak to any specialist,

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they'll tell you that most of the time, it doesn't stop there, it'll go much worse than this. The bottom line brothers and sisters, I know it's time for adulthood as well.

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There is no easy solution to this epidemic that is rampant in our societies. Unfortunately, statistics are not positive, even in the Muslim community. Surveys have been done where unfortunately, college kids on campuses of a Muslim background, they're engaging in these vices, almost at par with non Muslim children. That's a very depressing statistic surveys have been done. PhD student or graduate students in Canada did an extensive survey of college Muslims across North America, hundreds were, you know, interviewed and whatnot. And unfortunately, it's not positive news that these vices are prevalent. What this means is that we as a community, and what makes it worse,

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obviously, is because many of the states are making it permissible. They're making it legal, as you know. And it's only I think, a matter of time before every state in the country has basically made it legal. So we will now face the double problem where the stigma of marijuana has been lifted, the ease of access has been lifted as well. Everything is now there for you. And it's going to be just like alcohol where everybody has access to it. We're going to have to change our game we're going to have to be more on our guard and understand that it is our duty first and foremost to protect our children. The Masjid cannot help you when you yourself have failed. No shame. No Imam can do

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anything when the parents themselves haven't started the Tata BIA. So all of us in this room, we need to realize it is our father dying in responsibilities to protect our families. Yeah, it would have been I'm going to go and full circle. Lee come now. It's our responsibility Save yourselves and your families from the fire of help. And we begin by as I said, inculcating the love of Allah. I'll finish with this hadith I had referenced in the beginning. And that is the famous hadith of Israel of the Allahu aina. And I want every parent to understand this hadith, I shall the Allahu Allah has said, the first revelations of the Quran that came down,

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were about Allah and about heaven and hell.

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Then, once Iman had been written in the hearts of the Sahaba Allah then revealed give up Hummer

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and give up Xena.

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If Allah had revealed this, this is your speaking, there's still Aisha. If Allah had revealed in the beginning. Don't do Hummer. The Sahaba themselves would have said Wallah, he will never give it up.

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And if Allah had revealed first don't do Zina the Sahaba themselves or they will they will never give it up. This hadith is in Behati it's an asset of Aisha. How did a

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I begin the revelations Iman Rouhani yet tarbiyah spirituality Love of Allah telling them Who is Allah the names and attributes of Allah, the CEO of the Prophet system is known to them Heaven and Hell basically you inculcate faith in their hearts, when they have faith. Then they hear, Allah has said, You want my Janna, you give up the hammer of this world. You want the hammer of the Ark era you can't have the hammer of this dunya once Iman is in the heart, then Allah reveals in the third year of Medina, this is the third year Bundeena Allah revealed in the Quran. Yeah, it would have been in the middle Humberto and Mason will ensemble does not reduce swim in amateur shape. 100 is

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the filth of shape on what happened. The same people who might Isha said, if that had been the first verse, they would have sworn by Allah will never give up Hummer, that same people with the cup in their hands. They're raising the glass to their mouths. They are loving Hummer. But they love Allah more than they love coming. So when Allah says give up Hummer, if you want to be successful, as they raise it to their mouths and the crier goes out, Oh, you who believe Allah has made Hamid haram and this is the verse And they recite it right then and there from their mouths. They pour it outside of the window right then and there. They go to their jugs of Hummer and they destroy them and they

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throw it all outside of the window. So much so that the books of Hadith mentioned for three days. You could smell the impact of the Hummer flowing of Medina, you could still smell it, because everybody got rid of their Hummer. How did that happen? Eman was in their hearts. When there is no emotion in the heart. Then you can pass the 19th amendment 100 years ago 1919. And you can make prohibition amongst your country as this country did. Many of us Muslims. We don't. We don't know this reality of history. Those of us who came from other lands realize this country attempted to bland ban alcohol 100 years ago, it was one of the most dismal failures in American history. They

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attempted to ban the sale of alcohol they attempted to prohibit its transportation, basically, you know the process and said 10 Things are cursed about alcohol. You know that famous I did? It's as if I make a joke. It's as if the framers of that bill read the Hadith. And then they implemented it in the bill. The sale is how long the transportation is haram. The drinking is haram. I'm a kid you not like the 10 categories mentioned. I think six of them are explicitly mentioned in the prohibition the 19th amendment that took place right. So they attempted to make Hamid haram in this land why? Prohibited and so on. Why because they knew how evil it is. But it was a dismal failure. Because of

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the bootlegging operations because of people like Al Capone and others they rose to notoriety and fame. They could not enforce a ban on their own peoples. And when Allah revealed the Quran, there was no prohibition police. There was no secret, you know, funeral the Bureau of drug and alcohol there was no no, the people police themselves. Why? Because they had Iman in their hearts. So my dear parents understand the simple reality nothing will be as effective as a man and the man has to be inculcated in the household first and foremost from your own examples. The children will absorb values from you, first and foremost before they observe them anybody else. And in the households as

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well. The tarbiyah the Quran, the vicar coming to the massage, this has to be a part and parcel. And then even if insha Allah to Allah, maybe a slip occurs, at least there will be a man to bring the child back, at least they would have had some image so that we can now help them at that stage. But if there is no iman at all, what kind of person do at the age of 18 they're legally adult, they can do whatever they want no shaking? No, I don't nobody can do anything. So begin from the beginning. Begin when the children are young, begin with yourself. And last point, and with this, I conclude, never, ever, ever underestimate the power of DUA and never stopped making dua for your children. The

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true loving parent makes to offer his or her child as pretty much in every sign up in every slamming what is more precious to us than our children. Will Allah He what is the value of money if our children are not good Muslims, if they leave the faith? What is this whole dunya to us then if our children are not going to love us and respect us? What is more precious than our children? So make dua because our Prophet sallallahu wasallam said the dua of the parent for the child is never rejected. Are you making dua for your children? Are you making dua that oh Allah protect myself and my children like Ibrahim is making to protect myself and my children from worshipping false gods

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make myself and my children of those who established the salah make me righteous amongst the children, us literally feed the reality so many two hours from the prophet in the Quran regarding their children. So

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Many tours and the Quran commands us are a bit anemic. The Quran command says that Robin Hebden and as far as you know, with the reality in which Adam would subpoena Imam, so constantly make dua to Allah subhanho wa Taala constantly ask Allah for your hidayah and the highlight of your children and that Allah subhanho wa Taala protects you and your children from all types of evil of this world and the next May Allah subhana wa Tada grant us all to Faith and Philosophy and so that may Allah subhanho wa Taala make us all righteous role models for our children or for the people around us. May Allah subhanaw taala protect us and our loved ones from the dangers and the diseases of drugs

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and alcohol and a Hummer and Zina May Allah make us of the Saudi Hainan Saudi hat, which is Aqua Mala who had on a cinematic and rahmatullahi wa barakato