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The Stories of The Prophets 10 – The Proofs of Prophethood

Yasir Qadhi


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humulus shavon Raji

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Bismillah lungu Rafi

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call them

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Santa Monica Morocco Mahabharata. We began by praising Allah subhanho wa Taala, the one and the unique, it is His blessings that we acquire and it is his prayer and it is his mouth filler that we seek, we ask Allah Subhana Allah to bless us in all that we do and to guide us and to guide others through us. Today we're continuing our discussion about the lives of the prophets. We're still in our introductory series of lectures and are pretty much winding down. In fact, this might even be our final introductory lecture, before we begin the actual lives of the prophets, and one of few topics are left. And I just wanted to cover them in shallow data before we dive into the actual

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profits one by one. And of these topics, which is very important regarding all of the prophets, is the topic of proofs of prophethood. The Arabic term is della Luna Buddha. And this is a concept and genre even of literature that so many of our scholars have written about great aroma, such as Mr. malbay, healthy, and such as a great number of Roma, including those other interpretations of Islam, such as the Martha's ILA, that they loved to concentrate on this chapter. And the chapter deals with how do you know a prophet is a prophet? How do you prove a prophet is a prophet and the reason why the mortician and others they love this topic is because one year debating and they love to debate

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when you're debating with people of other faith traditions, one of the main points that you need to prove is the prophethood of our Prophet Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam. And so the Morteza were well known to debate the advocate up, and you have people like George Gianni, and people like john Hill and others, that they would debate the philosophers, they would debate to the people of the book. And so in this debate, they began honing an ideology or a concept that was then taken by many other, you know, strands of Islam, and they all gave their interpretations about how do you prove a prophet is a prophet Alhamdulillah all the Muslim Ummah, affirmed the Prophet of the Prophet

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salallahu alayhi wa sallam, but then they kind of sort of, you know, different amongst themselves, what's the best way to prove it? It's a very trivial difference in the end of the day, not a big deal. hamdulillah The main thing is, you know, we believe that the profits or profits, but then the question arises, that when you're talking to a non Muslim, what should you prioritize? Like, how do you begin proving that our Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam is a prophet? What are the mechanisms that we need to discuss the veracity of profits? Because in the end of the day, everybody wants evidence? What's the evidence? How do we know this man who claims to be a messenger of Allah is

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actually a messenger of Allah. Now the Quran is very explicit, for a number of key points and we can derive other points as well. The Quran is very explicit that profits come with the Quranic term is a unit and also the Quranic term is a yet and a bayona is something that is self evident and an idea is a miracle or a sign and the both have really overlapping meanings. And Allah azza wa jal usually uses them interchangeably in the Koran, one of our center rusu Lana bill by unit we sent our profits with baby unit, and Allah as origin mentions as well that we gave ix to the prophets and the Bani Israel. So these are yet an IRA, as we said, is a sign or a miracle. And bayona is a clear

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indication. Later scholars they coined another term, the term is miracle. The Quran does not use the term miracle per se. The Quran uses as we said, a sign or a clear cut indication. But later scholars they said the concept is what we call an Arabic a mortgages or a miracle. And a mortgages up is a supernatural event for the Eros he defines it that a miracle must have three conditions. Number one, it breaks the natural order of things. It's something that is supernatural. Number two, the prophets come and mentioned that they're going to do the miracle, and the miracles cannot be imitated. Number three, the miracles cannot be imitated. And so the point is that the prophet will say that I'm going

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to show you a miracle. And the miracle will then take place and no one can imitate that miracle. So these are the three conditions that Fellini Raji gave for a miracle. And Allah subhanho wa Taala mentions the concept of Burjanadze and ayat with many, many prophets. For example, in Surah Al Baqarah, verse 92

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That will occur the Yakuza bill by unity Moosa came to you with the unit with the clear signs, and in my the verse 32, one of our arsenal musulman rusu Lana, Bill by unit, we sent our messengers with clear signs. So the Quran affirms but you not is a part and parcel of Russell. Anytime there are sooner than a B comes, then the beja not are there and this is very clear in the haoran Sutra tob over 70 Surah tober 70 I don't get a table to him never already in mo probably him. All Menuhin widen with a moody walk O'Meara Hema was highly Medina well, more tificate at home Russolo home bill Bay unit, haven't they seen the stories of those before them that people have no idea that people

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have add the people have moved the people around him that people have madeon the people have more to figure out or the overturn cities meaning Sodom and Gomorrah, their messengers came to them with signs, and a lot did not wrong them but it was they who wronged themselves. Their messengers came to them with signs attached home Russolo home built by unit. So Allah explicitly mentions that the prophets come with signs. In fact, signs are so clear that Allah azza wa jal mentions that the bunny is right, he took it for granted they took it as something that was the norm that Allah says in the Quran, that the that the bunny is right when the Prophet says same came to them that the bunny is

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right, he said that Allah has commanded us Allah Miller soudan Hector yet Tina Corbin itakura, who now colocado Jacques Cousteau makaveli Bill bayona, it will be lady Colton, that the Benny Israel said that we have a sign. And until we see that sign, we're not going to believe in the profits. And that sign is that the the prophet will come and He will give a gathering he will give an offering he will give, let's say, some offering which is, let's say sacrificed animal, he will place it towards the direction of the Qibla. And in front of everybody's eyes, a lightning or Thunder or fire will come down and consume it and it will not be there anymore. So when the people see this sign, they

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know that this is a prophet now. The Prophet Muhammad says him came to them. They said the money is right. He said hey, we have a we have a condition in our books. And that condition is that we have to see this miracle. Now the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam did not show them this miracle. Why? Because he was not of the same genre of profits of bunnies, right in his breaking away from that tradition. So he cannot show them that miracle. It's not befitting because that is a miracle that shows the continuity of the children of Israel profits, and he's not of the children of Israel profits. And so the Quran says that, look, these prophets before you they have come with exactly

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what you wanted. And yet you know what you rejected them as well. It's not as if you believed in them. So the journey is, that miracle was not given to them. But the point is that Allah is saying that the Rasul came with a unit, the prophets came with the unit and with this sign that you yourselves demanded. So, what is the B unit what is a unit beta, as we said, is a very clear cut sign is an obvious sign, it is something that you cannot negate. And of course, the the other the most simple examples is the she camel of the people of Saudi that Allah says, Dana thermodyne. Now pata mobile sera attend, and we gave the people of the mood, the she Campbell, the now call mobile

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Sera, it was clearly visible, interesting choice of adjectives, the miracles are not hidden. The miracles are not ambiguous. You really cannot deny a miracle unless you deny what you're seeing, or you have arrogance in your heart. The miracle is simply too great to be denied. And that is why in the prophetic sooner we learn that when such miracles were demonstrated in front of the people, then a lot of xojo did not give choices to them. Either they believed or the punishment would come. Because once that self evident miracle comes and they reject it, then they have no choice of ignorance. That miracle, it automatically negates the ignorance excuse that might happen if they

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heard about a prophet in a faraway land and the teachings came to them in the incorrect form, they might have an excuse but to see the miracle, and you examine that miracle and then you turn your backs and you go away there is no hope for forgiveness after that. So Allah mentions that the miracles are Moodle, Sarah clearly visible and of course we all know some of the miracles of the prophets. I mean, Jesus or is it his Salaam? Allah says in the Quran, that with Allah we are Isa that Allah will say or is a URI seminarium or Jesus that are married, or the coordinate Metallica why now Why did Attica recall the favors and the blessings I gave you on your mother, how I

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supported you with the Holy Spirit, how you spoke to people in your infancy and when you were an adult?

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I taught you how to the Torah, in the NGO, I taught you the wisdom and the Hikmah. And the Torah and the NGO, the gospel, how you molded a bird from clay by my will, and you breathe into it and it became a real bird by my will, how you healed the blind, how you healed the leper by will, how you brought back the dead to life by my will, how I prevented the children of Israel from harming you, when you came to them with clear proofs, it will pay you not once again the term but you know is used and the disbelievers for amongst them said this is nothing but pure magic. So once again, we have the prophets coming with the unit. And this is something that every prophet was sent with. We

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learn this from a hesitancy, Bahati in which our Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said that mominul ambia II that mominul ambia. I mean, they've been ill, for the order to mean a yachtie mommy through Armand ID, Hill Bashar, no prophet has ever come, except that he has been given yet science through which and because of which mankind believed in him or should believe in him. The point being is that my mystery who I am, and it is special, that the average person, the average human, if he were to see that sign, he would accept this is what the Hadith is saying, every prophet is coming with an idea or ayat, such that these ayat, if they were to be seen by mankind, with open minds,

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they would believe in them. And then the prophets of love, while he was selling them said, and what Allah has given me is the revelation that he has inspired to me. And I hope, therefore, that I shall have the largest number of followers on the Day of Judgment. Now, here, of course, comes a discussion, what constitutes an iron or a bayona? What is the definition of a miracle? And our theologians go into a lot of pages of discussions. And the reality is that if you ask me that a miracle does not need to be defined in technical language, if you try to define a miracle, that defeats the purpose, a miracle is self evident. We don't need to go down pages and pages of what is

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the technical definition of a miracle. However, what our scholars wanted to do was to differentiate between other types of things that might be supernatural or appear to be supernatural. So for example, obviously, people who are you know, the tricksters or the magicians that we watch on television are ones that are, you know, doing their tricks in front of the children, you know, they think that they're pulling a rabbit out of a hat to is this some type of, of miracle, we also have, of course, actual magic that takes place that takes place. So we differentiate between the magic of entertainers, which is not actual, you know, magic, meaning the black magic, we call it the sale.

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This is just entertainment. This is just tricksters where they use, you know, the the tricks of the trade, they use optical illusions. They have, you know, special props that they use, that's not actual miracles, or magic or something that is supernatural. It's just something that sleight of hand, you know, they put the ball here and they don't really see it, they pull it out. It's not something that is actually real. Of course, we also have to worry about or not worry about here, but define, if you like, say her or magic? And how are we can differentiate between the miracle of the profits and the magic of the magicians because one of the things that concerned our theologians is

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that what if a non Muslim says and again, once upon a time, everybody believed in magic these days, a lot of people don't believe in black magic. And that's a separate category. I've given many lectures about this. We do believe in the world of the jinn, we do believe that the world of the jinn is beyond our realm and eyesight and the world of the jinn can do certain things that

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it does appear supernatural to us, but it is not actually supernatural. It's only supernatural because we don't see the jinn, if we could see the jinn. If we could see the jinn it would be 100% natural so agenne can lift this up and take it in the air and we might see it in the air on the magician is going to be telling the jinn what to do and so it's going somewhere or the magician himself might be picked up. And the magician is, you know, allegedly flying in the air, he's not flying is simply a jinn, picking him up and walking with Him. If you could see the jinn, it would literally be just like a strong man picking a child up and walking How is that a miracle? But

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because we cannot see the Djinn it seems like a miracle to us or it seems like you know supernatural to so our scholars, obviously there that's the job of scholars and theologians that they have to differentiate you know the reality of the profits from these other charlatans and these other tricksters and the worst category which is actual magicians or sorcerers, and we can see the reality of the difference in what the prophets do and in their character.

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And in their and in their head that is called the head the means that they're going to claim that what they're about to do is a miracle. And that will be from Allah subhanho wa Tada. So what we have over here is that the miracles of the prophets are self evident breaks of nature, they are supernatural. And they are things that when you see them, you understand or realize that no other person can do these things. It is in a category of its own. As for the magic of the magicians, it is pretty much standard run of the mill, the same 1015 things that are done from the beginning of time it is done up until our times. So the magic of the magicians typically typically affects an

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individual, or it gives an illusion that you think something is happening but it is not actually happening. And Allah mentions this in the Quran, that the magic of the magicians have found that one day through their stabs when they threw their sticks that you hire to lay him in surgery him and the artist. The illusion came that the sticks were waving, that the sticks were wiggling away. This was an illusion, okay. At one, Moosa threw his stuff. And this is the simplest example of the difference between a miracle of a profit and the magic of the magicians. The magic of the magicians was utterly trivial. It made the illusion the optical illusion that the the stars are wiggling. And so it seems

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as if it's like a stick, it did not become a snake, it did not look like a snake even it was simply wiggling. And it wasn't even actually doing that it simply made it appear to be so. And Allah zoa just says that when Moosa threw his staff, it became an actual snake, an actual living creature. So Allah created life out of that stuff. And Allah azza wa jal made this entire staff into a serpent, and the serpent then swallowed up these fake entities that were wiggling, awake. And that is why the magicians instantaneously understood, this is not magic. There is no ambiguity between what is magic and what is a miracle. There's simply no ambiguity. And that is why the magicians who are the worst

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of the worst and they are worshipers of devils, quite literally, that when the magician saw this reality of Moosa, they understood immediately and instantaneously, that this has nothing to do with magic. Magic cannot create life. Magic cannot go back to Risa resurrect the dead. Magic cannot heal the one born blind. Magic cannot cure the leper, as once upon a time, leprosy was incurable. And even in our times, we have medicine, which is not magic, we understand how it works, you know, to hold somebody even today, by the way, no doctor can just hold the leper and say be healed and he's going to be healed. That doesn't work that way. Nobody can do this right. It's impossible to do for

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human beings. But recently he said I'm did it because Allah azza wa jal gave him that, that reality. So the mind is another example. That's really man it his Salaam control the genes, and the genes built for him massive structures, can you imagine mankind is looking at in front of their eyes, buildings are being made, massive blocks are being lifted in the air and take into a location. You know, this is what the Jin would do, saw it, he said, that he by the will of Allah allows that rock to become a camel, literally the people of Saudi, they said to him, that you need to show us a sign, he needs to show us a sign. And so silently, his Salah he made to our to Allah, and in front of

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their eyes, the rock transformed into a camel. So all of this is very, very clear that the miracles of the prophets are in a category of their own, there is no ambiguity, the miraculous nature of what they do, it boggles the mind, it cannot occur from any other entity or human being. And one scholar mentions, our scholars mentioned an interesting point here as well. And that is that the miracles of the prophets are typically of the genre or of the genus of the societies that they live in, such that people would appreciate that miracle, according to the culture of their own society. And so for example, the people of Somalia, the people of the mood, what were they known for? The ancient people

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assembled, if you look at the nabateans, they are the descendants of the people of the moon. If you go to Petra, for example, right in Jordan, or if you go to that Insider, for example, you know, these are the same civilizations, you know, not necessarily maybe

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Same peoples, but the same civilizations that are from the people have assembled. And they did amazing things. They built houses into the mountains, how they did it to this day, you know, people, they're trying to figure out what utensils they use to how did they do that, you know, we're not 100% sure how they did that. But they built houses and magnificent structures in the very desert dwellings and in the very caves and the mountains that they lived in, and they are still available to this day, you can visit them you can go timber that inside, you can go to Petra, and you can see yourself how these dwellings look. And they are miracles for us meaning when I say miracles, I mean,

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in the generic sense, not in the divine sense. Like we're like wow, how did that happen? How could they have done this? So the people have saw the the mood, they thought they had mastered a discipline that nobody else can master? So Allah azza wa jal says to them metaphorically, basically that, hey, you think you can carve rocks and stones and build houses, I can create life out of those stones. So in front of their eyes, what happens in front of their eyes, they see a she camel inaka being formed. And the prophet SAW that he says you wanted to sign here is the sign Hi, the Hinako to aloha shearable Welcome shoo, shoo borjomi married on y la tema su have a su In fact, who is either

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one of them that this is the Napa you asked about. And it will drink one day, and you will drink one day, and you had better not harm it. Or if you harm it, then you will be destroyed. So a massive huge beast is formed in front of their eyes. And they know this is not something that comes from nowhere. This is from Allah, only the Creator of the heavens and earth can create a she camel out of stone. That's what you call a mortgage is a miracle. But they still ended up rejecting their prophet. So this is one example of a miracle. Another example and again, it shows us that there are people understood the miracle. Another example is Jesus being sent to the Bani Israel during a time

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when the Romans prided themselves on their medical discoveries. So I mean, again, it looks a little bit anachronistic for us to look at the Romans as somehow being reaching the pinnacle of medicine, but in their timeframe, they felt that they had discovered medicinal secrets that nobody else had discovered. And perhaps they were right for their timeframe. And so Jesus comes along and says, You think you guys know your medicine here, the leper, I put my hand on him, he's cured, the blind, who was born blind as a baby, he's born blind. And I put my hand on him make Dora and he's cured. Lazarus being resurrected from the dead, can you resurrect the dead, nobody can resurrect the dead

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other than Allah subhana wa Tada. So these genre of miracles dealt with medicine, because the people in the time of Jesus thought that they had mastered medicine, Moses is sent upon the, the the people of Egypt and the people of Egypt, they felt that they had, you know, mastered the Dark Arts, they felt that they were experts in black magic, black magic was rampant across Egypt, the worship of you know, these entities and whatnot. And so Musa alayhis salam comes, and he shows them, the genus of miracles, that is on the same types of things that you know, the light coming out of the hand, the staff becoming the snake, and yet it is an a whole different category and level, that the genus is

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the same, the category if you like, or the concept is the same, but the level that the miracles come to, is far exceeding anything that humans can do. And the same goes for the miracle of our Prophet salallahu idea. He was setting them that the Arabs prided themselves mostly on their poetry, on their poetry, and that's why they will compete who is the best poet and their poetry is indeed very, very amazing and interesting. And the Arabic language itself is a very interesting language. I've given another lecture you can see it online It is called the, the Arabic language and the language of the electoral board is a unique lecture for the Arabic language. And the Arabs prided themselves

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in their eloquence. So the Quran comes down challenging their eloquence, destroying their eloquence, superseding their eloquence, and Allah azza wa jal says, Look, this is from me, try to bring something elegant, more eloquent than this, and you shall not do so. So the out of appreciated language and the Koran comes down, breaking all previous, you know, barriers that existed to eloquence. So the point being, that generally speaking, the bayonet and the ayat of the prophets are in accordance with their cultural understandings of what would be most suited and well suited for that civilization. Now, an interesting point here that needs to be mentioned is that we can also do

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Divide the miracles of the prophets into two basic categories. The first of them are, if you like the major miracles, and these are the miracles that are meant to affirm the truth of the prophets, they're meant to legitimize the message of the prophets there are a different category, okay? And the second are that which they do, which is miraculous, no doubt about it, but it is not meant to prove to the non Muslims that they are prophets. So let me give you a simple example. For example, the Prophet Musa alayhis salaam, how many miracles was he given lots but Allah mentions there's nine that are extra special. What are the Athena Musa, this is Tim but you know, We gave Moosa nine clear

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IR tin but you notice that both words are used ayat and bayona. We gave Moosa nine clear signs. What are these nine clear signs? They are mentioned in the Quran very explicitly, there are mentioned the nine clear signs are the hand coming in and coming out bright. It is the stuff

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that the staff of Moosa becoming the serpent, it is also a specific type of famine and a specific type of shortage, shortage of crops that they saw. And Allah mentions in the product for our son Adam will tofana will Gerardo kumanovo father our dumb, we sent upon them floods and locusts and lice and frogs and blood. We're going to talk about these nine signs when we get to the story of Musa all of them clear signs, Allah says in the Quran now these are nine. Okay, let me ask you, are they the only miracles of Musa we learned from the Quran? That many other things happened to Moosa. For example, did he not split the Red Sea? Did he not split the Red Sea? Did he not as well cause

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water to gush out from rocks for when the when the bunnies stray? were thirsty, did he not make dua to Allah and then men and salwaar came down from the heavens, yet those are not mentioned in these nine. Why? Because just like with our Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, how many miracles was he given 1000s upon 1000s so many times when he was there and shortage of food happened, the food became more for the people. In fact, once in the Battle of the book, water became coming from the fingers of the professor's like a tap water began coming, and people were doing will do from the fingers of the Prophet salallahu it he was selling, how many other miracles that the Sahaba saw. And

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yet, when he was asked, he said, the miracle that I have been given is the Koran. So the miracles that are meant to prove the prophethood of the Prophet is a higher category, and that's a separate category. And these are the Quranic bayonet, and ayat, these are the actual by United yet profits also do lots and lots of supernatural things. But they are not to the level of those bayona. Are they miraculous? Of course they are. Our Prophet salla, Selim once took a tree and pulled it and the tree literally walked in the ground and came to him, I will process and spoke to a camel, I will process and could hear that the spirit of the stones, all of these are no doubt miracles, but

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they're not the type of miracles that were used to prove the prophethood of the prophet to outsiders. And that is because if you try to open this door, and you say, hey, our Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, you know, he spoke to camels, our Prophet salallahu, Allah, he was sending water came from his fingers, those were outside the faith will say, We don't believe this. That's something coming from your tradition. But if you say to him, Hey, the miracle that we have is the Quran, they can examine the Koran, they can see the Quran, it is a different category, different level of miracle. And so when we talk about the miracles of the prophets, we have to categorize

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them, let's say there's an external miracle to prove the prophethood to those outside the faith. And then there are internal miracles that happen lots and lots of times that the followers can see and appreciate and the demand goes up. But in and of itself, it is not used to prove the profit or to those outside of the faith. So we said, the miracles of the prophets are in a category of their own. They have nothing to do with the fake tricks of the charlatans, which is literally, you know, side tricks of entertainment. And they have nothing to do with the magic of the magicians. They're in a separate category all together. Now, one other thing does need to be said before we move on. And

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that is that, how about miracles that happened to the righteous people? Do we believe in them?

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Do we believe in mini miracles? Do we believe that nonprofits can have interesting things that happened to them? And their responses that yes, we believe that sometimes a mini miracle let's call it a mini miracle, something supernatural, it might happen to a righteous person. And the technical term for this is Karl Marx.

00:29:53--> 00:29:59

Karl Marx and Olia. Now this chapter is a very detailed one. And there are various ways

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to approach this topic, and no doubt Some people go to quite a lot of exaggeration in this and others want to deny it altogether. But you know from our tradition, it is very clear that sometimes a righteous person is blessed with something that is supernatural. And there are many examples for this for example, so I Bahati it is mentioned that two Sahaba were walking in the art complete darkness and they were worried about getting lost, and a light came down and showed them the way. And when they had to split to go home, the lights lit up. And each one is following the light till they go home, for example, or whatever the hubbub is giving a hotel bar, and all of a sudden, he can

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see the battle taking place in bladder Sham, and he is speaking to the commander in Medina, and he is speaking to the commander telling the commander do this or do that and climb up the mountain and be careful of this. And the Sahaba are looking at armor on the member. And this is something that is taking place as a supernatural event. This is called karma, karma to Olia or the mini miracles, if you like of the righteous people. Now, what does a karma show? Our karma is very different from mortgages for multiple reasons. Obviously, first and foremost, a Corolla is given to a righteous man or more Jesus given to a prophet. But more than this, generally speaking, and this is the key point

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here. cut offs that are nowhere close to the level of miracles that are given to the profits are totally different genres. So a light coming down is okay, very nice and interesting. You can't compare that to resurrecting the dead, can you? It's a completely different category. There's no comparison between parting the red seat that Moosa given or the I should say the the she camel of Sonic, for example, there is no comparison with that versus you know, a Karama that might have been to a volley. Another key difference or point here is that the Koran much of the earlier they do not take place at the will and whim of the person. The person cannot just snap his fingers and say, hey,

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I want to light coming from the heavens doesn't work that way. Whereas the prophets, their miracles happen when Allah tells it and it does happen, when they announced is going to happen. And so Allah says to Moosa, throw your staff and something's going to happen, so a lot tells and announces that there's going to be a miracle. Whereas the Karama is unannounced, it just happens. No person can predict a Karama. No person announces a Karama. Frankly, if a person's announcing semi spiritual or supernatural events, in all likelihood, it actually no not in all likelihood that if a person has a habit of constantly saying things that are going to happen, that seem to be supernatural, actually,

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this is not a positive sign. It is a sign that this person is either a trickster, a fraud, or wilayah Davila, a type of magician using the Jin's actual Olia do not know when the miracles will happen to them. And they thank Allah when it happens, and they don't boast or flaunted.

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Getting a miracle mini miracle having a kurama is a blessing from Allah. And every blessing that a person has. You don't flaunt it in front of others. Anybody who goes around boasting of his miracles is not of the Odia of Allah. It is not of the Olia of Allah. Rather, such a person is a trickster or fraudster or we seek Allah's refuge. This person is a type of magician, so the point being that these supernatural things that take place to the righteous of Allah xojo we believe in them, we affirm them. But we say that you know, these things that happen they are gifts that Allah gives to some people once in a while, and no human being has inherent supernatural powers. This is a key

00:33:46--> 00:34:26

point. No human being can walk on the water at will can fly in the air at will. can it possibly happen that once in a while Allah azza wa jal blesses somebody that instead of drowning, he'll just walk on the water to the shore. Yes, indeed, it's possible and we affirm that it is possible. But no human being is intrinsically given supernatural powers, no one, the prophets of Allah have certain gifts and privileges that we do not I have no doubt about that. But other than them, US average humans, none of us can snap our fingers and fly in the air because we snapped our fingers. It just doesn't work that way. And anybody who stops his fingers and produces something supernatural, either

00:34:26--> 00:34:59

this is a trickster or fraudster or this person is calling the jinn and you think it is supernatural, and it is not really supernatural. So once again, this entire genre of evidences of mortgages that is something that we all understand because it is self evident, it is obvious, when you see a miracle. You know, this is something that no human being can do. Only the creator of human beings can do. So the miracles are the most obvious evidence of prophethood and every prophet has a miracle. Okay, so I hope this point is clear.

00:35:00--> 00:35:27

Free prophet comes with something that is so mind boggling that nobody with an open mind can reject it. And that is why anybody who rejects a prophet in the flesh and blood, and anybody who rejects the miracle in the flesh in the blood, there is simply no hope whatsoever. Our Prophet sallallahu it he was selling was giving Dawa and the courage said, If you transform the mountain of

00:35:29--> 00:36:15

the mountain of maca into gold, if you transform suffer, I should say, the mountain of suffer into gold in front of our eyes, we shall believe in you. So the promises are made to our to Allah, God came down. God said to him, listen to this, if you want, we can transform into gold in front of their eyes. But we have a rule. If they then reject, there shall be no hope for them. That's it. You don't get double chances with Allah azza wa jal in this regard. And if you want, we will let them be and we give them a chance, multiple chances to accept or not. So the profitsystem said no, if that is the case, I would rather we give them multiple chances and in reality, those multiple chances,

00:36:15--> 00:36:56

cause them to convert in the long run, if they had rejected that point in time out suffer, right then in there, the punishment will come and there will be nominal koresh. But in the wisdom of the Prophet system, he understood that you know, what happens and this is in the Koran that have the courage say that we want a miracle. We want to see, you know, the, the the the book come down, we want to see the angels. Allah says, If I showed you this, you would say he has bewitched our eyes, you wouldn't believe it, even if you saw it. And so in Allah's mercy, you know, the prophets have some understood that I don't want to put them in that situation either. Or, if they don't accept

00:36:56--> 00:37:29

destruction, right then in there, so the point being, the miracles of the prophets are self evident, and they are signs that anybody who sees them will with an open heart will know this is coming from Allah subhanho wa Taala. Now, let's move on. Is this the only way to prove a prophet? How do you prove a prophet? We said, that's the question for today? Is this the only way to prove a prophet? No, there are other things as well, the miracle is the most obvious why because it's supernatural, because it's a miracle. I mean, it's like you don't need to have a lot of knowledge of anything like the peasant to the intellectual you see the miracle and you know, that hey, this is you know, from

00:37:29--> 00:38:05

the Lord of the heavens and earth, but there are other things as well some which is not as evident as others. So point number two, point number two, how do you know a prophet is a prophet, that prophets all of them have knowledge that we do not have from Allah subhana wa Tada, knowledge of what might be impossible for other people to have. And this is demonstrated in the lives of the prophets so many times and the Quran mentions his research says that I shall tell you what you're hiding in your houses, right? He is in the Quran. He says said that won't a bill come I'm going to tell you what you are hiding in your houses and our profits a lot. Why'd you send them multiple

00:38:05--> 00:38:49

times? multiple times, things would happen? And he would tell the people and nobody would know how did you know this except Allah subhana wa Tada. It's a ibises conversion, the uncle of the Prophet says my boss, converted to Islam. In the Macan phase, they say, and he was taken as a prisoner, by the way, that bottle of butter, and abus was taken as a prisoner, the uncle of the processor, and the Prophet system said, we need to give ransom for you. And abus said that I don't have any money. Look, you can go and check, ask, you know, your aunt, because I bought was the process uncle, ask your aunt. So the profitsystem said, and where is that hoard of gold, that you said to my father,

00:38:49--> 00:39:26

your wife, that I'm going to hide it behind such and such a mountain, and make sure nobody knows about it. So he described exactly that conversation. And at that point, I bust rhodiola one who said, By Allah, no one could have told you have that conversation other than Allah subhana wa Tada. Like, that was just me and my wife in the middle of the night we're planning where to hide the treasure. No one could have told you other than Allah subhana wa tada that causes conversion to panela that caused his conversion, to recognize that the Prophet system had knowledge that nobody else had. So another way to prove a prophet is a prophet is by the special knowledge that he has. A

00:39:26--> 00:39:59

third way to prove a profit as a prophet is by the characters and the manners and the overall laugh and conduct the respect and love that they generate. The all that their followers have of them, the exemplary Lifestyles of the prophets, and this is again, something that is a miracle. So Allah says in the Quran, in Salinas, verse 16, that if Allah had wanted, I would not have recited the Quran to you and you would not have known of it. I have lived my whole life amongst you for the robots to feed

00:40:00--> 00:40:43

kumerow moron mill, probably, I have lived my whole life amongst you don't you understand? This is an interesting verse here. Why is the Prophet sallallahu? Why do you sell them saying to the people, I have lived my whole life amongst you, because they knew him inside out thoroughly. They knew him and his manners, they knew him and his flock, they knew him and his truthfulness. He was the saw that he was the mean. And the same goes for all the prophets. Their characters are so noble, that in and of itself, they become miracles for people and mankind. And by the way, this doesn't mean that, you know, they cannot enjoy this world funnyman was a king. But the enjoyment of this world does not

00:40:43--> 00:41:23

become a priority. It does not corrupt them. Our Prophet sallallahu it said him if somebody gifted him good food, he would eat it, but he would never go out of his way for the pleasures of this world. If they came he somebody gifted him a fancy dress he word, but he never it had nothing. It occupied no place in his heart. And even in the end of his life, so Laura said, and he had wealth, but he lived a very frugal and simple life. He barely had as a mother, he said, he never ate two meals to his foot in any day, he never had refined to bread. See that level of morality, that level of consistency, that level of genuine sacrifice, along with being a perfect role model, along with

00:41:23--> 00:42:07

humility and forgiveness, along with generating so much love amongst the people around him. that's the sign of a true leader. So the of the miracles of the prophets is their lifestyles, and their luck, and their gentleness and their compassion, and their overall exemplary manners of living. This is point number three, point number four of the miracles of the prophets, is the message and the content of the message. What exactly do the prophets come with the teachings of the prophets themselves, the theology, the ethics, the laws, the content of the prophets, the fact that the prophets are teaching a perfect monotheism and a perfect belief. And if you contrast the religion of

00:42:07--> 00:42:47

the prophets with false ideologies, you will find loopholes, you will find loopholes in those ideologies, you will find internal contradictions, you will find things that don't make any sense, contrast Islam with any other way of life. And you will find that Islam makes sense. And this is of the miracles of the proves that the prophets are indeed from Allah, sent by Allah subhanho wa Taala. And this is especially the case when it comes to theology. By the way, our strength and when it comes to proving Islam is belief in a lot and belief in the day of judgment and belief in the Hereafter, and belief in the prophets. This is where we, our forte lies, we prove our religion by

00:42:47--> 00:43:29

teaching the theology of our religion. No other religion has this simple concept of one perfect God, sending down prophets and laws worshipping that God having a judgment day to decide our life, everything makes complete sense. And so the fact that the teachings of the prophets are so pure and simple, is a miracle from a law that indicates the prophets are sent by Allah. This is point number four, point number five of proving that the profits or profits is that and this is not for all profits by those who point number five is not so 1234 for all the profits, no exception, point number five, and one can even say six now is that this is not for all the profits only for some

00:43:29--> 00:43:39

profits. Point number five is that some profits, most profits, the default of the profits, and especially our profits a little off while he was selling them and others as well.

00:43:40--> 00:44:23

They have a divine protection from Allah, that their lives will be protected. Now, as I said, this is not for all the prophets. Some of the prophets were killed by their followers, and this is in the Koran, right? What's up Daniel ambia, that you kill the prophets, some of the prophets were killed. However, some prophets were divinely protected and allies origin mentions in the Koran that he is going to protect the life of the Prophet says and now notice, Allah vowed to protect the life, the process and was injured in the Battle of Orford, he was injured in thought if he was injured, he was physically hurt when he was doing stitches in front of the cab and Abuja had and others they

00:44:23--> 00:45:00

engineered what they engineered, he was hurt, our profit system was mocked, but no one could actually cause his death that Allah protected him. And that is why multiple times when people try to physically kill him so long, why do you sell them and the most obvious example is the night of the hedgerow 50 people gathered to kill him, and it was impossible to do so. So Allah says in the Quran, will law who similkameen and us Allah shall protect you from mankind. So we have over here the concept of divine protection, not just to him but

00:45:00--> 00:45:39

To his message as well, and to the success of that message as well, the spread of Islam is a miracle. And the fact that our prophets followers, the Lord sent him in the first two generations, three generations, that they, by the mercy of Allah were able to spread this faith from China, all the way to Europe, all the way to Spain, in one generation, or one century, I should say, Islam was was practiced from border to border from east to west. And that is a miracle from Allah subhana wa Tada, that indicates the truth of our Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam. And the final point that we'll mention, and again, this is a partial list, but it is a shala enough to get our juices

00:45:39--> 00:46:22

flowing, as they say the mind to start thinking, the final point that we're going to mention and time is up. Now inshallah that is that all of the profits, sorry, some of the profits, not all some of the profits. They were foretold by previous prophets. And that's a miracle that you know, that the Prophet is coming. So we have foretelling, we have predictions, we have some prophets predicting that there's going to be people that are going to come, and this shall be their characteristic, and they shall say this and that, and then that exact same thing happens. And especially when it comes to our own Prophet Muhammad Sallallahu. It he was Selim, we have plenty of evidences. And I've

00:46:22--> 00:47:03

mentioned this when I did the zero almost a decade ago, I think, the second or third lecture, I went over the predictions of the prophet in the previous omas of the Old Testament, the New Testament, you know, what did the previous prophets say, in predicting the coming of our Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam. And there are references to this day of this genre. For example, you can open up the Old Testament, Deuteronomy 1818, simple reference Deuteronomy 1818, that in the Old Testament, it says, that, that I shall raise them up a prophet from among their brethren, not from among the children, or from among their brethren, meaning the children of Israel, like unto see likened to

00:47:03--> 00:47:46

Moses, and I will put my words in his mouth, and he shall speak unto them all that I shall command him to do. So clearly, Deuteronomy 1818 is predicting the coming of a prophet from the children of Israel, and that prophet shall resemble the Prophet Musa alayhis salam. For us. This is self evident. I mean, there is no other prophet in history that is closer to Mousavi Salaam than our Prophet Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wasallam. And that's why again, the Quran mentions the story of Musa so many times and the Prophet Jesus, we know that he predicted an entity coming now, the Christians interpret that entity to be the Holy Spirit, right? That's their interpretation. We

00:47:46--> 00:48:24

firmly believe the Koran tells us that the researcher predicted the coming of a hemorrhoid, which is one of the names of our profitsystem Mohammed Mohammed is predicted the coming of the praised one. And the term the praise one is found in the Song of Solomon as well that the praised one shall come. So we firmly believe that surely man, the Torah, the Injeel, as a rule, they all predicted the coming of the Prophet salallahu alayhi wasallam. It's mentioned in our books, and we still have corrupted references in their books. And there's no doubt that this too, is a type of miracle that indicates the truth of the prophets of Allah subhanho wa Taala. So to summarize, how do we know the

00:48:24--> 00:49:03

profits or profits, many things can be said first and foremost, and the most obvious, the miracles and the signs given to the prophets call them karma, call them more Jesus, or the Quranic term is a united IR. And secondly, the knowledge that prophets have that others do not have. Thirdly, the character of the Prophets, and the fact that they live exemplary lifestyles, they're not corrupted, that they they exude that sense of nobility, and they inspire their followers with a love and a piety that only prophets can do. Fourthly, the teachings of the prophets, what do they come with the content of their teachings? What do they say about God? What do they say about morality? What do

00:49:03--> 00:49:41

they say about heaven and hell, the teachings of the Prophet make complete sense. And this is an indication that there are from Allah subhanho wa Taala fifthly. For some profits, not all, Allah xojo protects divinely and that divine protection is manifested not just in the life of the Prophet, but also in the teachings after him. The success of Islam is a miracle from Allah if you study Islamic history, and you study how Islam spread. And you study how deep Eman goes into hearts of Islamic civilizations. It is nothing short of a miracle. And it is an indication that this faith is divine, and that the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam is a prophet from a lot. And the final

00:49:41--> 00:49:59

point, as we said, is the predictions of the previous prophets that have come before and with this inshallah to Allah we conclude in today's lecture, we'll continue shall actually I said to deal with the last one, we have still some few odds and ends so we'll have one more lecture and shallow data about overall the concept of profits and profit and then inshallah We will do our

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Individual profits one by one. Until then good luck will often sit on one or two lucky

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