Ramadan Motivations 10 – The Sadaqah of Duha

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smilla sulamani Kumar hematoma marchetto

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smilla Haywood hamdulillah Salatu was Salam ala rasulillah he was early he was happy he was sending them hamdu Lillahi Rabbil alameen and how did he lay him then girthier on Thea been bara confy Salatu was Salam ala rasulillah. Mohammed, why they earn he or sabi was in them. We praise Him soprano with the IRA. We praise Him as He deserves to be praised. We praise Him beyond our praise beyond what we can say. Because only Allah xojo can praise himself adequately. And we asked him subhanho wa Taala to bless us. Ask him to strengthen us our Eman our resolve our intentions, when asked him subhana wa Taala to purify our intention so that we can continue to strive to go towards

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him to reach him subhana wa Taala to win his Jenna and escape is hellfire. And we send salanter number one is messenger sallallahu alayhi wa ala we're sending them in upon his companions and followers and their followers to the end of time. And we ask Allah as though just to make us of those who follow Him, follow his footsteps follow as soon as steam his teachings and join him in the highest brains of Jenna on the Day of Judgment mean.

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So the Hadith for today insha Allah

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is where the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam says used to be who I luckily had in my income.

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either side akula had me commander Cooley Sudan I mean, I had him income South Africa.

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He says that in the morning meaning every morning

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on each sudama sudama is a piece of bone or a joint. So each a joint or a piece of bone that we have or a joint

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there is a setup on us that we give that we have to give and when he says used to be whoa means that this is frequent. This is daily This is for every day.

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Now you may ask how many bones Do I have and how many joints do I have?

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He said some Hello it was in them Haleakala in Santa Ana said me it no city in Mississauga. He said a lot. He was in London, the human being is created with 360 joints.

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And that's how some of the scholars understood that word Sula. In the other Hadith meaning sudama is also a joint

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so if you think about it in the first Hadith, the Prophet sallallahu wasallam is saying that

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on each one of us on each joint that we have is a sonata that we have to give every single day and then the other Hadees he says 360

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so 360 sadaqa that we have to give every day on behalf of our body on behalf of the bones of our body.

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Then he continues Salalah hottie he was sending them and he says for could you do this via heightened sadaqa every Subhan Allah is a sought after

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every meter is a Salah every and hamdulillah is a sadaqa every day The heilala is a sadaqa every Allah C'mon is Asada

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he says in another heavy

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and what you moto together and he said but he said if you remove harm from people's path is a South Africa. If you assist someone is a South Africa, if you're intimate with your wife, or with your husband,

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with a proper intention is a setup. Feeding your children with a proper intention is a setup. In that first honey that we continued I'm recovering my roof, when you can no longer commanding good and forbidding evil is a sadhaka. So all these things are said of course.

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So it means here according to the prophets of Allah Azza wa sallam that we owe Allah azza wa jal Asana for every single day when we wake up on behalf of our bodies, on behalf of our joints on behalf of our bones, and that every small or big, good deed then we do is a certificate that we give that give count towards our

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what our bodies incense in gratitude

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for what Allah has given us, and also in a sense to guarantee that they continue to be healthy, that they continue to be pleasing to Allah xojo because when you give sadaqa Allah azza wa jal blesses what you give so when you

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Give sadaqa out of money what is allows you to do to the remainder of that money that you have Allah as of Jun blesses it and protects it from harm. So in the same way that when you get the subtle call on behalf of your body, Allah azza wa jal blesses your body and protects us from harm. And you're also our thinking Allah as for the snare, Ma, the name of the body that you have, that you have done, and I have done nothing to deserve an urn.

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So Pamela, a lot of times, we think that health is a rite of ours, but we do not do anything to earn that health, Allah sigil is a pure gift from Allah Subhan, Allah created us and that's a pure gift from him, we did not do anything to deserve that. And Allah makes this body of ours healthy as a pure gift from him, we do not do anything to deserve it. Simply Allah gives it to us without asking anything from us. So if it happens, then we have less of it. Don't think that we deserve to be healthy is absolutely a gift from Allah as origin. So all these small things, and big things are sort of that we do on behalf of our body. And there's 360 of that every single day. So in what

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Hadeeth polyphaga, in the Sahaba. To start along with Daddy, he says the Sahaba or some of us have a thought that this was a lot. So who can actually do a 360 sadaqa every single day, or you can manage to do it one day, the second day, the third day, but consistently to be able to do it right.

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And 360 every single day. So who will be able to do this every single day. So he says in the Hadith, the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, what are you to do, and then he got an attorney or government in Santa Minato ha, he says that what takes the place of all of this have to recognize that you pray at the time of Buddha, which is sada to Doha,

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which is Salah to Doha. And that tells you and speaks a lot to the virtue of South Africa. Meaning that I may not have the time sometimes or the attention, or sometimes the will to be able to muster 360 silica every single day.

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And this is something that the prophets, a lot of you are sitting him says, It's upon us every day that we wake up. So what is a simple thing that I and you can do, that can take place that can take the place of all of these things, and grant us a lot of reward from Allah zildjian, it is to workers that we pray at the time of Buddha, that's the minimum to recognize that we pray at the time of to help. If we do this, then we have paid the dues of our bodies, we had paid $360 on behalf of our joints, and we have our bones, just by those two. Alright, guys. And that's why I said that the scholars have said that this is two workers that you should never miss.

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If they're not an obligation. But in terms of asuna terms of voluntary solar, they rank right up there right after winter, right after winter, it's Ryan ranch right after the right at the top, because of what it does, and because of that reward that is in it. Now let's talk a little bit about Salah to her, then I want to go back to that Hadith and extract a couple of benefits from it so that

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the prophet SAW Allah while he was in them also called it so that was our being the prayer of our being those who returned to Allah xuejun those who remember Allah.

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And he said, so that will be in a henna thermography. So I'll get the best time for this. So that is when it gets hot.

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So what is the beginning of the time of sadaqa? When is the end and what is the best time to pray it. So the beginning of the time of praying so that is when the sun rises, and you wait about 15 minutes after sunrise. So the sun rises, you can check on your apps online, what is the sunrise in your locality, it tells you for instance, let's say at 630 you add 15 minutes to that so at 645 at least that is the beginning when you can pray

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and extends all the way till 10 minutes before sauna to before

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10 minutes before so not to code because this is when the sun rises to its highest. When the Sun reaches that level in the sky. You should seize any voluntary signer. Whenever it moves from that position then that's a lot of dough.

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So if you take before soda to pour right from the sun just moves from its zenith the highest point you move 10 minutes before that that's the last time when you can pray. So 15 minutes after sunrise till 10 minutes before the war at then

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That is the term for the HA, the best time to fray is when it gets hot.

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So when is that maybe around nine o'clock 10 o'clock, that is the best 11 o'clock that's the best time Allahu Allah. Right when the sun gets hot when the earth gets hot, even though it may not be hot outside, but typically that's the time when it would get hot haina tomography solid when baby camels find it's hot to sit on the ground.

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When the ground becomes too hard for them and they stand because of that they seek shade, that's the best time to pre select

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how many rock has

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the minimum of praying solo to baja is to rock as soon as as simple as as as it gets hamdulillah to rock as the maximum some scholars have said, there is no maximum to it, you can play as many records as you want some set eight. But some said no, there is no actually lateral limits on it from the sunette you can pray 810 12 as many 40 as many as you want, but the minimum is two so you can pray to and then say Salaam and then another two and say Salaam and then our two and say Salah, or you can simply just do to like us. And if we want to develop this into a habit insha Allah think about linking this to something throughout your day. So maybe Subhan Allah, if the best that you can

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manage is right after sunrise and 15 minutes and you pray to other guys and you head out to work or you'd cut it to college, then you do this, because you develop it as a habit. Or you have a break through your day, and you manage insha Allah to go back and there's a masala or a place where you could

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pray and you take advantage of before I take my tea before I take my coffee, I go and pray to her and then I do this. So link it to something fixed in your day, when I wake up if you wake up late in Ramadan, let's say.

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And when you wake up you to get used to I will wake up I'll make will do and then I'll pray to her and then I will start my day. So we get to something that is constant, something that is fixed, so that this also becomes a habit. And it's a beautiful habit to have.

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Because with this simple act, then Alhamdulillah you will pay 360 sadaqa and everything else, everything else that you do becomes extra, every test every meet every this every that becomes extra.

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Now I want to go back to the initial study that we mentioned and extract a couple of benefits from it.

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First of all, a lot of times when we think about South Africa, we only think of money and of course the setup of money is highly important. A lot of people need our help. A lot of projects need our support and that support really rests or continues or falls based on our donations. So circle of money is fundamental and it's important and I want to remind you in sha Allah and myself in Ramadan of you're sicker and sicker to fit in particular but also other types of setup because Allah azzawajal multiplies good deeds in good times and places so sada in Ramadan, remember it and Sega in Ramadan and Zakat will fit in Ramadan. I'll remind you inshallah, of that later on. So only thinks

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in terms of sort of in terms of money, but no, it's not only in terms of money, every Vicar of Allah is a sadhaka. So in Ramadan if you want to give sadaqa every single day and maybe you have money or maybe you do not.

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It does not matter. As long as you are remembering Allah that is a sadaqa

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as long as you do in a Scylla to Rahim, it's a setup. As long as you're earning money and feeding your children or cooking for them or earning money to provide for them that is sadaqa but bring the proper intention of undoing this also for the sake of Allah, not only because it's expected or only because they're hungry, Allah loves this. I'm doing it. commanding good and forbidding evil

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is a sadaqa

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not harming your neighbor and being kind to them is a set of being kind to strangers is a sadaqa. So everything that Allah loves is a sadaqa soapstone pan Allah, Allah Zota had opened the gates of sadaqa. So every one of us, young and old, rich and poor can give sadaqa in the month of Ramadan. So think about what type of setup Can you give. And there's nothing easier than the setup of what the vicar of Allah xuejun to continuously be remembering Allah. So the Prophet said, your tisby so pantalon hamdulillah Illa Allah, Allah Allahu Akbar, all of this sadaqa so we keep giving sadaqa in the month of Ramadan, and also remember, monetary sadaqa,

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monetary sort of

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Contact your local charity your local Masjid or online and donate and maybes of how Allah tried to make it a habit of donating to more than one agency or more than one area in Ramadan. Perhaps also Pamela, your donation can save lives can satisfy people's needs can you know, satisfy their hunger? Allah sigil would bless you, as long as you help others Allah will continue to help you. There's another also benefit in the Hadith that we quoted in addition to that of South Africa. He said so Allah hottie was sitting him in that Hadith in the one narration of the head is the one who pays this 360 sadaqa on behalf of his bones and joints for called zesa Hanif. So what I know, he had

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removed himself, or saved himself from hellfire. It says that, and it's rated by a man Muslim, or him a whole lot.

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The one who pays the 360 Son of God every single day. What does he do to himself for her, that's enough so and enough, he had removed himself from hellfire.

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So this is the benefit of knowing this Hadeeth and the benefit of praying so that the Buddha and the benefit of getting set up every single day.

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The benefit of praying to her every single day is that you bring yourself closer to Jenna. And you save yourself from Hellfire, because you have paid for this simple and easy act 360 sadaqa. And why so that in particular, because with a soda, you're moving your entire body, in the worship of Allah xojo your tongue is moving.

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Every single bone is moving in the worship of Allah. And that's why you pay the 360. So if you continue to do it every single day, and this was part of our sia, from the messenger sallallahu alayhi wa sallam to the one I also have the Sahaba Do not forget to pray so that every single day, so if you continue to create to read every single day, and it is the saga of those who come back to Allah, it will leave an impact on you. And it will actually may lead to saving us from hellfire. I mean, so remember this Salah, and it's something that is so simple to add to our lives, to add to our routine.

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So this is something that is beautiful about it. The other thing that is beautiful about this Hadeeth in general is that count everything that you do as a sidecar and plan your day in terms of I want to help others by giving them sadaqa if there's nothing else that you can do, is at least holding back your harm. thinking of it as a sadhaka I will not insult someone so alone be angry with someone so I will not insult him back I will not harm him back. As far as because I want this to be a setup on behalf of myself that I will find with Allah as a virgin, I may not have a lot of money if I do, let me give but I may not have a lot of money. But if hamdulillah Allah has given me a ton

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that is able to speak a lot have given me a body that is able to do Allah has given me an intention. And that intention could also be a sadaqa I intend to help people. If Allah azza wa jal allows me that intent of yours is a good deed that Allah is right for you and me. So the doors of setup are open for all of us. And so now the Buddha is open for all of us. And Allah azza wa jal wants your body to be blessed. And that's why he taught Muhammad Sallallahu How do you send them this valuable information? So if you want your body to be blessed, your body to be healthy, your body to have Baraka in it to be protected from harm, pay the support of your body every single day and pray

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And as I said, we might be motivated to pray it, but consistency consistency might be the problem. How do I ensure insha Allah after asking Allah zildjian How do I ensure that I will continue to pray it? As I said, link it to something in your day, that is a fixture? When I wake up, then I'll do this before I may I take my nap, I will do this before I drink my tea. I mean, after I'm alone, of course, before I drink my tea and coffee, I'll do this. And then I'll drink my tea and coffee or when I take my break at work, then I'll go and pray and then I will take my lunch, slink it insha Allah is something that you do every single day because it is easy to attach it to a fixture of your

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day and then the Salah itself becomes a fixture. May Allah azza wa jal allow us to practice this sooner and make it a habit and May Allah sort of give us the reward of giving that much set up every single day and inspires to get keep giving sadaqa in the month of Ramadan.

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So a question here that said

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It is upon me to invite people to Islam who know I am Muslim at work school but never asked me questions about Islam? Or is it enough for me to just invite them through my actions is of course I mean, it's it's wonderful in sha Allah, if

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if we consider inviting Islam as our own individual inviting people to Islam, our own individual mission and responsibility, it's beautiful. If we do this, right now, you don't have to go to every single person that you see, because this would be too much of a burden on you and me, every person that you see every person that you encounter, and invite them to Islam, and talk to them about Islam.

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But if you manage in sha Allah, to look visibly Muslim,

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and to show the best actions that reflect Islam and Muslims, that is the best invitation. Then if you find through that interaction of yours, daily interaction of yours that some has the appetite, the willingness, the potential of accepting Islam, then you can start having that conversation with them. So no, you don't have to go and talk to every person and say, do you want to be Muslim? We can say that that's recommended, as far as obligations are concerned, no, it's not an obligation, can say that's recommended. Do you know about Islam? Do you know about Allah? Do you know about his messenger? sallallahu wasallam? Because this is what the prophet sallallahu wasallam did, when the

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people were interested in this lab or not, he presented that message to them. The prophets of Allah, whether the person was interested, had that potential or was not interested was you know, absent minded was busy with his life, they still knocked on their door and still presented Islam to them. But so that that is recommended. Right?

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But what is it obligation honest, is to exhibit the best of behavior

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is to live this Islam.

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Right, it's for them, when they see it, they see that this is a Muslim, and I like what they do. And they like who they are. So as to live the kind of life that reflects Islam. So if we invite people to your actions, and deeds and behavior, good character, and you see potential, and then then you start out opening the conversation and shall align environment Islam, right. Hello, and

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now, and if they don't ask, leave it alone. It depends, right? You can see potential in someone. You can see the potential in someone and you can see Subhan Allah and then ask Allah zildjian if you're not sure, yeah, why should I talk to him about it? Praise to Haha, how should I talk to him about especially if you've never done this before? How do I open this subject? How do I start this conversation? Especially if you're someone who had accepted Islam had reverted to Islam, your impact is great, right, because they don't see you as foreign.

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As someone who had migrated or who looks foreign, right? They may think always slam is foreign. And so it's not for me, but if you're someone who had reverted to Islam, you have the same experience as people who are around you. See, if you invite them to Islam, it has that much more impact and meaning.

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So, any may be any, let's say, and it's unfair to do this, but maybe there's more of a burden on you and I don't that's how you say a burden, but more of a

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potential, you have more of a potential to invite people to Islam than other people, perhaps. Allah knows. And it's enough Subhan Allah to know that if one person accepts Islam, because of you, that is better than this entire earth and what is on it, if just one person, if Allah sort of just grants you that, and then everything else that you do if you're the person who had caused them to enter into Islam, if you were the person who had it, who is this cause, everything that they do, is also yours. There's so now they're a band that there had to there for and also is yours as well.

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So that that is how,

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how valuable that effort is. So May Allah is the devil, you know, allow us

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to be of those who invite people to Islam. So look at it as an opportunity in sha Allah. And if you see a potential as someone, even if they don't ask, do pursue them and just see how you just can start the conversation but start the conversation who knows right lowen as regarded as a sin if we perform ads, which are what is it? Where is it?

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acts which are not based on sooner? What depends on what this act is? Is it sinful? If we pay a fee to ads that are not based on sooner? What is this app if it's in a bad, then yes. But you know, give me an example so that I understand fully what you're talking about in a

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The worship you only want to do things that are in the Quran and the Sunnah you don't want to bring things on your own

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but if if it's something else that it's not a bad it's not worship no this no it doesn't have to be based on sooner you can eat any food that you like as long as Tyler doesn't have to be food in this soon, but just explained to me in shallow do you mean by that question if we have time, or for tomorrow in Sharla

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handler, Okay, that's good.

00:25:29--> 00:25:32

Can we perform for record to have with one Salaam at the

00:25:33--> 00:25:45

at the second broadcast, we get up without sitting for the Shahada. It's preferable in sha Allah I wouldn't say that it is wrong. It's ultimately sooner. But there's a Hadith of the prophets a lot he was saying them about

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waiting better. So the Hadith of the prophets Allah audio said that says so that you know how he was selected and how they were laid method the method the prayer of morning and night is to to

00:25:58--> 00:26:01

Okay, the prayer of morning and night is to to

00:26:02--> 00:26:42

Okay, there might be an exception. So for Salah to call for the sooner you can pray to or you can pray for possible but the common practice is to to so for Salah to to heart the recommendation and Sharla is to pray to her husband Salaam and then to rock Asan and then Salaam and so on. That should be the common practice and at night that should be the common practice. There are exceptions of course right there are exceptions and so that there are some times at night prayer with the prophets a lot even send them a pre five records together and sell them at the end or seven records or nine records. That's possible but most of the time it's too too. So for Salatu Heaven's sake Torah Kazdin

00:26:42--> 00:27:09

sedan Ventura gesunden cinema and so on. In sharp so back to your question insha Allah in Nam in a bada in a bada you don't do things from your own? You don't invent a side out you don't invent a do any do it is okay as long as there's nothing wrong with it but the best do is enter the messenger sallallahu Sena but you don't invent a Salah you don't invent a virtue to assume

00:27:11--> 00:27:31

you don't say all recite this particular surah at this particular time on your own there will be be there so yeah, you stick to what is in the Quran and stick to what is in this one and now if you have a particular insha Allah example in mind that's why you're asking this insha Allah bring it the order now on sha Allah may be probably tomorrow inshallah.

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So have they are behind me in your knee. In summary, we said that our talk was about Salah to Doha, so we asked a lot of but I mean a hammer Rahimi to allow us to pray the center and make it a habit in our lives and the habits and lives of our families, who has a lot of Bell alanine to allow us to give sadaqa every single day in the month of Ramadan, so that in terms of money and setup in terms of a better setup than what pleases Him subpoena with the adder, we asked him Subhana Allah to accept our good deeds in the month of Ramadan. To forgive us the bad things that we may do or have done in the month of Ramadan, we ask Allah azza wa jal as that first third of them are Ramadan has

00:28:10--> 00:28:51

passed, although ask Allah to accept them the three days that have passed from us and to allow us to continue to worship in the patent last two thirds of Ramadan injected a lot of alameen energy in our body and spirits that we can continue to worship you with energy in the month of Ramadan with enthusiasm in it allow us to read more of the Quran. Allow us to do more to accept our diet from us allow us to do more of the decor in the month of Ramadan, allow us to open aladeen just to rise to higher levels of a better higher levels of devotions and higher level of Asia as well as your belt I mean that we that you allow us to worship you as if we see you. Allow us help us out I mean to

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worship you as if you are seeing us allow us a little bit I mean to worship you with SM and to worship you according to the sin of your messengers of Allah. Why do you send them and accept the better from us increase our pathway out of beta alanine allow us to realize new levels of taqwa in the month of Ramadan and beyond just alchemilla higher for listening, we realize oh I didn't forgive all of our sins and the sins of our families and the sins of the oma Muhammad Sallallahu it was in them May Allah purify our intention and strengthen our body to do the good and distances for metallic what displeases him Subhana Allah insha Allah we'll see you tomorrow at the same time.

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subhanak Alomar will be handing a shadow in the end stuff euro kawakubo they haven't been nothing. I've been an amine, a Santa Monica wahama to LA he Obara character