Isha Khatira – Getting full reward for good intention

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Carla Juan Abdullah Javin Abdullah alongside of the Allahu Anhu Maka, Khanna Mandeville Salah Salem Viva Furqan enable Medina Tillery Jalan masseur to Mercy Iran wala kata to Mahajan, il Colonel Malcolm habits are humble model of yoga Illa Shara cuckoo villager or or Bukhari Odin and Alison Cara Jana minutos, Rosewater, Bookman Nabi SallAllahu Sallam for call in Guam and Khalifa Anna Bill Medina de massa Rachna Sherborn Walla WA, ala hermana have us a homily order. In this hadith the messenger of allah sallallahu Sallam speaker about you getting the full reward, getting the full reward for an action that you don't even need. You don't even do something good that you did not

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even do and you will still get the full reward for it. How is that? How's that possible? And this hadith hijab, Abdullah Abdullah Allah, the Messenger of Allah Azza wa sallam, he said, actually we accompany the prophets of Allah salaam, in an expedition when he said, there are some some men in El Medina, who are we who are with you, wherever you march, and wherever whichever valley that you cross, they have not joined you in person because of their illness. In other narration, the prophets Allah Sam explained that even further, or unassisted, actually, when we returned back from the battle of the book, the long journey from the book to Medina, so when we were coming back from the

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battle of the book with the Prophet Salla, sudden he remarked, there are people whom you left behind in El Medina, who accompanied us in spirit in every pass and every valley we crossed, they remained behind for a valid reason or excuse. What did that mean? The professor's and speaking here about

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when he called the community to march with him to the book, it was a very dark situation, very difficult circumstances. It was in the summer, when the fruits are ripening people need to start harvesting, but still they were called to go and recruit as many people as possible to face the army of the Romans allies from the north to kind of dispel them before they even marched down south or the Medina. And it was not an easy and easy task. It was difficult, but Allah Subhana Allah documented this the story in Surah Tober. But then he said Salah Salem, whoever is capable of right on the back of the camera should drive us like he left no excuse to anybody.

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So wherever we're at, was able to do that. They left with the Prophet sallallahu sallam. Now on the way on the way, some people they will kind of like acting weird, like some hypocrites who didn't want to take the journey. So they wait for the army to pass to go and then they just kind of like start slowing down until they disappear and they go back again to their homes.

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Other people they wanted to be with the Prophet salsa, but were unable to do that.

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Like some people, they came to the Prophet, Thalia Rasul Allah, could you please find me right? I don't have a right. Like they were poor. They were poor. They could not secure right for themselves. You could not have a camera strong enough to get them to the desert. So they said, Yeah, so could you please have someone you know, to carry carry with them. And the professor says, I don't have anything.

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I don't have anything. And they cry their eyes out. Because of that. And as they were going back home, and Allah documented that in the Quran, about these people.

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The funeral home in a demo, they will cry because they were unable to find or secure right, with the prophets of Allah Salah. So these people, some of them were ill, some of them were old, some of them did not have a right to go with the Prophet Salah Salem, in their hearts and their intention. They wanted to go and they tried everything possible to be with the Prophet Sarzana. But they couldn't. So the Prophet says, I'm speaking about these people whom their heart their hearts were confirmed on that, like their intention was absolute about going with the Prophet sallallahu Sallam to be with him on that battle. But they're circumcised and allow them to get there with the prophets or what

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Allah said, Amara, these are the people Rasul Allah Azza wa sallam said, Look, we left behind some people in Medina. So we left them in Medina physically. However, we didn't go through any Valley. We didn't pass through any there's any place, but they share that award with you.

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They get equal reward like you do. Ma have a song, a little monologue. They were detained there, they couldn't come out because they were ill, or because they had an excuse. So what does that mean? And the Prophet saw some explain that and we're going to come to them later and show this hadith afterwards. He said, Salawat Allah ceremony that in regards to how people get the reward for things they don't even do, like what he said that some people, some people, they don't have the money. They see their brothers and sisters who have the wealth given in charity, and they have in their heart

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Art the intention that if Allah subhanaw taala will will for them to be rich enough like these brothers and sisters they will give equally and the Prophet says something harmful edgy Resava there they get the reward equally

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even though they're not spend the penny but they're sincere intention that if they had they will give it got them the reward for that as if they have given done that. Another Hadith the prophet speaks about the people who had the handler established good, good tradition and good actually scheduled for themselves like what? Working for the head dude working out for Fudger on time making the vicar train of Doha train the Sunnah NFL making the art curricula throughout the day reading Quran and so on. Like they get the reward for all that work, right? But then they had to travel. And when you travel, traveling to disrupts all that order. So you're unable to play your Fajr in the

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masjid, you're unable to pray the hedge it. You cannot. Maybe Doha also never like many of that get disrupted. You're unable to fast Mondays and Thursdays because you're traveling right now. Or because you're ill because now you fall ill so I'm unable to fulfill all these obligations right now all the sudden, the prophets of Assam says Allah subhanho wa Taala will write the edger for this individual will write the Agile for them.

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As if they were actually there performing it.

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Even though you're not doing any of that. Now you told me

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what kind of kind of Rama is this?

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What kind of what kind of mercy is that? Other than the Mercy of Allah subhanaw taala what are the Most Merciful? That's a Divine Mercy. Who on earth will reward you like this for something you haven't done? Or had the intention to make the world for you but I couldn't I was sick. I was gonna Are you gonna pay them?

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You'd have to finish it first. Right? But he will Allah subhanho wa Taala just for sincere intention. What's in your heart would matter much more than what you do? So make sure to intend well and do well may Allah subhanho wa Taala make us amadores orientation all of us to do good Europe anatomy wala Hana and in question Gemma.

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Sir, swamped Allah

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can we get the reward on behalf of the people of Gaza? Like if we were there to help them and support them and so on? I hope so. I mean, I don't I don't see what's in the hearts. Allah is the one who says that. So if a person has in their heart, if I was there, I would help them out I will support them. I will give them our you know, try my best to donate for them. And so, all these good deeds that you intend, I hope you're sincere. Allah subhana will write them for you as if you are actually doing them. Allah Allah

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Subhana Allah Muhammad as Shadow Allah Allah Azza wa Salaam Alaikum