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Who is the Mahdi and is that his actual name?

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Tip number seven

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So, what is this melody? What is the meaning of the word melody? And who is the melody? The melody is not his name, it is his title. It is not his proper name, it is a title and it is a description and it comes from the root Huda or header which means to guide the opposite of dadada. The melody means the one who is guided and also the one who will guide others. What is his name? The Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said,

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if there were only one day left of this world before the day of judgment, Allah subhana wa tada would make that day long you would stretch it out until Allah sends a person from my progeny from my Ll baits

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his name Shelby my name and his father's name, Shelby my father's name. Therefore, the name of the method will be

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Mohammed and his father's name will be Abdullah. So the melody will be Mohammed even Abdullah. His name will be my name and his father's name will be my father's name, he shall fill the earth with justice as it was filled with volume and injustice.

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Am Rahim Allah tala, the famous students have been a medium. He also said that most of the traditions mentioned that he shall be from the progeny of Al Hassan Ali and not from Hussein. And in this fact, this is him speaking, that he shall be for the progeny of an SM is a very beautiful hikma wisdom and that is that has an rhodiola hota and who gave up the healer for the sake of Allah. So Allah subhana wa tada will return the cadaver to his progeny and her saying though the Allahu tada and who desired the setup but he was keen on attaining that he left and it was not granted to him and Allah Subhana which Allah knows best. This is the code from ignorance am Rahim Allah Tada. So he

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is saying that this is a beautiful wisdom, that one hasn't rhodiola hood and who gave up the falafel It is only befitting that as the prophets are some said when you give up something for the sake of Allah, Allah will give you something better than that. So when he gave up the center of the Muslims, his progeny shall get something better than that which is the center of the entire world. The MADI show ruled the entire world, unlike the oma units, and even if present had been the believer of the law, and he would have ruled a small portion of the Earth at that time, the Muslim Empire was only two it often Syria and Egypt and that is it. It had not yet reached China or Spain this occurred in

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the Omega time. So it has another law Horner gave that up, and he shall allow that in his progeny, it shall return and it shall be the entire room. Another aspect of the Prophet system told us is that the melody shall have a certain physical characteristic. The process of sending a headache in the Masako will hack him and also the Buddha would that the melody shall have a large forehead, and he shall have an aquiline nose we call it an English a nose that is slightly pointed and long. It is in the Arab they considered it a sign of beauty and perfection. So these characteristics the prophets have told us them as they will look like and this is not how the prophets have looked just

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like a little the law one who said he shall resemble the proper system in manners and custom but not in looks. So the melody shall not look like the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam regarding his spiritual characteristics.

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The Prophet sallallahu Sallam said reporting as soon as they've imagined that the malady shall be from the afternoon Beit Allah subhanho wa Taala will rectify him in one night will make him good in one night. This is an interesting idea because it tells us that the malady in the younger portion of his life will not be as practicing of a Muslim as he should be. He will not be to the level that He is worthy of being, something will happen we don't know what and in one night, he shall repent, and he shall become basically the most pious person on earth. We also know that in the times that he will come the Prophet sallallahu wasallam clearly said that the time shall be of the worst of times

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that the entire Earth show

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Be filled with evil and injustice. And that is something that very rarely happens that the entire earth you see fitna and facade and you see Muslim blood being shed, and you see the Muslims being humiliated Everywhere you look, hardly ever has this occurred in the oma that when it does occur, that is one of the times that we can expect that there to come a MADI figure and the Prophet sallallahu. I send them said, from the beginning of times until the day of judgment, there is no fitna that is more severe to mankind than the dijet. We don't want to be alive when did the gel comes and when the melody comes in his lifetime that that jar will come. So we don't want to see

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that timing. And we seek Allah's refuge from being alive at that time. So don't sit there and say, oh, inshallah he's coming soon, because you don't want to be at that time when all of these fit and will occur. Only Allah knows when the Matthew will come. We don't know when he will come, but we do know where he will come from. Now, the location, the Hadees, mentioned in Eben magia. And also in the Masonic of Al Hakim that the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam said, This authentic hadith.

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three groups of people shall fight

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for your treasure.

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three groups of Muslims shall fight for your treasure. And each of these three leaders will be sons of a halifa. So three princes, if you'd like he didn't say for instance, a sense of hanifa will fight over your treasure. The scholars have had he said the treasure being referred to is the treasure buried underneath the cabin. There is a major treasure buried underneath the cabin. We don't know exactly where it is very to this day. It was buried by the tribe of Judah whom it was buried in the ancient times before the coming of the Prophet system by many, many, many years. It was buried when the tribe was being attacked by a neighboring tribe. And so they gathered all of

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their treasures, and they buried them in a location around the cabin. We don't know where and they also hid the world of Samsung. And you all know that after motive discovered there was I mean he rediscovered it. When this invading army was coming, they hid the well of Zamzam. And they buried all of their gold and all of the the money that they had they buried it there because they didn't want the enemy tribe to take it so that treasure. Three princes will fight over it inside of the huddle, there shall occur battle there inside of the huddle. And the prophets have said none of them shall win. They're not going to find this and none of them will win over the other two. Then he

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said, There shall come black flags from the east. And then a war shall ensue between the Muslims that the severity of the war no oma has ever undergone such a severe war. So he's saying black flags will come from the east, meaning the lands of Horus on another innovation in the Muslim man says when you see these black flags,

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realize that there will be the MADI so he didn't say with them he says they will be the malady. So when you see the black flags give back to the malady, even if you have to crawl on snow to get to him.

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Even if you have to crawl on snow, when you see these black flags, make sure you get to the melody and give your baby to him.

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The Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said, when a halifa dies sometime in the future, civil war will break out. And so a person from my family from the hallowed bait will leave Medina.

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So he mentioned that the melody shall come from Medina, running away from it to Makkah.

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And he shall reach the cap.

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And the people will force him out of his house and give him the barrier between the rochen and the macom.

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What is the rochen here it's not broken Yamani. neurocrine means the Blackstone. They shall give him the oath of allegiance between the Blackstone and the macom. What is the macom

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mahkamah we brought him. So you all know what the Blackstone is. You all know where the macom is between them is the space of let's say seven eight feet. That is it. The prophets are seldom said in this. This is authentic without a man shall come from Medina. From my descendants, he shall flee runaway, which means you will be scared. He's being targeted. He's being hunted down. This is what it means. He shall run to Makkah seeking protection in Mecca. And the people will take him out. Meaning he's in hiding. He doesn't want the people to know

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Who is the people will hunt him down and take him out and he doesn't want them to know. And they shall give him that they are between the rochen and the macom. So the mahadeo does not want to be the Amir, he doesn't want to be the halifa the people will take him from his house, they will force him into the Kaaba and give him the buyer. So this seems to be the correct opinion that that will happen simultaneously when this occurs.

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The other studies tell us that there's Civil War taking place, right? Three Sons of the halifa are fighting. So in the Civil War, the people turn to the MADI as the solution to the Civil War. So they gave him that they are when they give him the beta simultaneously, a group of Muslims from hora sand shall march towards the Kaaba, in order to help demand the and become his army, and they shall have black flags as their banners. Therefore, the Prophet says, who said when you see those black flags, that is the sign this is the scholars assumed and this is an opinion that the man has he will be amongst the black flags, it would make sense right? But this hadith tells us the malady shall be

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from Medina. So the correct opinion appears to be and this is the opinion I follow. The melody will come from Medina to Makkah, during this time of civil war, and there will be many people claiming to be the Khalifa the people will see the man the and recognize him to be the Maddy, and they will want him to be the halifa. So they will force him to take the beta. And when this occurs, the news will spread an army will march 4, and they will want to be the followers of the Monday. And when that army marches forth. That is the sign the profitsystem says when you see that army no this is the majesty give him that they are even if you have to crawl on snow to get there. And this hadith the

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Prophet sallallahu Sallam said that

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I saw in a dream something very strange that it is in Bukhari and Muslim.

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A group of people of my own meaning Muslims, a group of Muslims will intend to attack the Kaaba,

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very strange. An army will intend to attack the Kaaba. Why? Because a man from my descendants from the kurush has sought refuge in it. He has turned to the Kaaba. He has sought refuge in it, and he was running away from this army. So an army will come to attack this person and as they are camped outside of Mecca, at a place called VEDA to this day outside of Mecca there's a suburb called VEDA, the same name. When they are camped at beta. Allah subhanho wa Taala will cause the earth to open up and swallow the entire army. There's Hadith in Bukhari Muslim there's no doubt about it.

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It does not mention the melody by name. But it says a man from the Quran a man from Apogee, meaning the man, he asked Yasuda Allah, there are people in the army who are not intending to attack meaning. There are people who are just traveling along the prophet SAW said him said, all of them shall be destroyed. And on the Day of Judgment, Allah will see what their Neo was beautiful Hadith because when this time happens, there will be many Muslims in the army who don't understand the realization of what is happening. There are sincere Muslims. All of this isn't the will of Allah, that I should ask this question. And so it'd be recorded for us as well. There will be people who

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are forced to go, if they don't go they're going to be killed or threatened. If any soldier doesn't do what he's told. He is court martialed and thrown into jail and in some countries tortured and whatnot. So I made an exception for these people, that that time will come when there will be a group of Muslims, but not all of them are evil.

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Another benefit that we have of God is that he shall be the leader of the entire Muslim oma

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is going to unite the oma after they were divided. The mahadevi shall come at a time of civil war right there will be many people claiming to be the Khalifa. The Prophet system said none of them shall be successful. Then the Matthew will come and the entire oma shall be gathered under him. And we also know that he shall enjoy the greatest philosopher ever known to the Muslims better than the oma. He is better than the abbot is better than the Ottomans better than all of the other calibers that we've had. The Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said that there will be come a time when the Matthew will come, he shall give money to everybody. And not fear of poverty, not even counting. And

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he said, the fruit shall grow and the crops shall produce and everybody shall live in security and peace. This is after the melody spreads justice after the injustice. We also know that the melody shall rule for seven years. The profitsystem said and I had eaten Buddha would that yummly kusa, I seen him, he shall rule for seven years so that

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time period of the melody is not very long. There will be fitna and turmoil, the beta will be given to him he will become the halifa. After he becomes the sunniva, seven years of perfect justice, seven years with the earth shall be the best seven years of the time of the Muslims have ever enjoyed. But then something will happen, then something will happen. And that is, the job will come. The job will come. When the melody is alive. The melody will be alive and in charge of the affairs of the oma and he shall battle the forces of the judge. He shall be fighting the forces of the jungle, fully knowing that they'll never defeat them. And that is very depressing, but he will have

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to do it. He knows he cannot kill the torture he knows it. Because the prophets have said receptor volume is the one who will kill the gel. But what else are you going to do you have to defend yourself? So the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said that

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the time will come when the malady he didn't say the word Matthew, He said a leader amongst you. And in this case, it is the malady will be leading you in demisch in Damascus, and he will be fighting basically the forces of the job and he will stand up to lead the fudger prayer next to the white menorah. The white minaret. He even said the white minaret, the scholars say this is now the oma we must should the Umayyad mosque, which is one of the most ancient mysteries that is still a functioning measure the Muslim world built over 1200 years ago. It has a huge white mirror. Most of the Romans say that the references to this Masjid, so he shall be leading the Muslims in damage and

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Damascus. And the call for fudger shall be given the Azhar will be given for fudger. When they stand up to pray, the professor said when the karma is given before the melody says Allahu Akbar before he says that again. He said the meridian will come down in front of them.

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So the melody will be leading the Muslims. And before he starts to prayer with further prayer, a 70 million will come down as they're watching they see in the sky at a certain volume is coming down and he shall be on the wings of two angels. Okay. He will be holding on to two angels like this. And he's coming down in front of the Muslims. The melody will say this is your prayer to eat. Read the prayer for us. So the Matthew will ask he said memoriam, to lead the fudger prayer. The process of the law has said as a Muslim, he said

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he said and Imodium will say no. It was called for you the karma was given for you. So you lead the prayer. This is a headache as a sign of respect to this oma there is some new millennium we'll pray behind one of the descendants of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam. This is the last mention of the Mati. We don't know anything more about

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what will happen to the Maddy allaahu item