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Yaser Birjas
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theertham Mama bad May Allah subhanho wa Taala make you all from the people of radost Allah Allah, Allah Allah. May Allah subhanaw taala give us an opportunity to gather in the market of a Jana there will be regarding this dunya and the measurable house of ALLAH SubhanA wa Tala Hadith number 1889 And the other side of Haney my manouvre mo Allah Tala good one another set of the Allahu Anhu under Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam McCall in Neville, Jannetty Sukan tuna Kula Juma? The Messenger of Allah says in paradise in Jana, there is a marketplace to which the people will come every Friday.

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Every Friday, which means what? On the weekend? Hmm, where do people usually go to buy stuff to the mall? Right? You want to if you want to look for some novelties, where would you go? The Flea Market? You're gonna find something that's interesting, right? Sometimes people go shopping, or actually go to these marketplaces not to buy anything, what did they go there for?

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Just kind of browsing and just kind of like chilling and see what's interesting. And they're kind of like spending some time, maybe just to see people see the wonders of the world. What happens there in these places, many, many, many things. But by the time you're done with this marketplace, and you go home, how do you feel?

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Exhausted, even if you bought nothing? Why is that? Because you've seen so much that your hearts are aching that Oh, I wish I got this one. Oh Subhanallah was it was a good bargain. You know what I should go actually get that to have all these thoughts in your mind that stresses you out. An agenda is different agenda. It's different. People don't go there to get stressed out. They go there for a purpose. So it was not mentioned. I'm going to read the Hadith first and then I shall explain when the last call in FL Jannetty Sukanya. Tuna Kula Juma every Friday, which means in Jannah seems that time has a specific cycle to it. Every Friday means Friday is repetitive there. But how is that? Is

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that 24 hours is that besides if it's 24 hours, how are you going to mark the time if there is no day or night?

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There is no sun there is no night so how they're gonna mark that then Allahu Ana, but he the professor says, Every Friday, people will gather in that marketplace and that bizarre call fester who bully Hashem and he says that the northern wind will blow why he did he say the northern wind edema.

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One of the southern wind Why not the eastern and the western why they say the northern wind anyone knows.

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In the Arabian Peninsula, those are Mecca and Medina. The northern one brings what? Cold breeze. It's coming from a sham from the North. If you're going to have the sudden wind blow and what you're gonna get with it. Fire on Hiroshima. The western wind is gonna bring good moisture, humidity, and the essence most likely dust and sand. So the northern one usually brings cool breeze. So the prophesy Sam says for the hug the hobo fisherman, the northern wind, similar to what they used to enjoy in this dunya they will feel that breeze coming from the north, called fantastical few will do him with the Albion face they do not first Nevada Mala says that one will blow and shower fragments

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on their faces and clothes and consequently when they enhance their beauty and the loveliness like their charm and their beauty is enhanced multiple false if the sisters in the back can make the little girls in the back there quietly so they can listen shallow Donna Zach Monica

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so the prophets Allah Sam says for Tata refugium so now they become more beautiful, they smell even better and better different from bazaars and markets of the dunya if you go to the markets with dunya and you come back home How do you smell

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sweaty BBQ

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Smoke and cigarettes probably god knows what else right so many other stuff. But the agenda is different Gemma you go there you come back even nicer and you look even more beautiful. You shine even more beautiful you don't look exhausted, like the markets of dunya you could have been actually nicer which means every Friday probably right we're going to send you back to the marketplace inshallah done right here and dunya you don't want to go to the marketplace. But in Jana, you would love to go and purchase you would say hey, why don't you go there

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and call fer Jonah either earlier than they returned to their families. They returned to their wives con first workout his dad who has no Jurmala they go back again to the wives who will also have increase in their beauty and their loveliness for Kula home a new home so their family their wives that tell them when they come back call. Wala halacha says that personnel with MRI says We swear by Allah, that you have been increased in beauty and loveliness since leaving us and they will turn them over and

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Tamala G and YouTube Wallah halacha is destiny is that by then our first number Jurmala We swear by Allah that you have also been increased in beauty and loveliness since we left you Raja who Muslim

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What do you guys learn from this

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what is that? What do you what do you understand from this hadith here? How long are people going to live in gymnasium man?

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How long forever eternity and if that experience happens every single week what does that mean? How far you booty gonna go as a man

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What's the limit for it

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when it comes to Allah subhanaw taala how far this beauty is going to be besides what's the point of every week you look more beautiful

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because what happens here in this dunya Gemma people they look at that when they will look for marriage for example, what did they look for? The image right mostly our first thing the image everybody says no, I want some religious Okay, no, no, tell me the truth. What are you looking for?

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Someone beautiful, someone handsome and then religious, right? But we look for the image because that for us that sense of perfection sense of excellence. That's what it means. So but after you get married, the moment you matter, this handsome guy or this beautiful lady what happens after a few months, few weeks.

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Someone else more beautiful shows on the market.

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more handsome than they are right. So they're in Jannah, ALLAH SubhanA. Giving us always, always gives you the first experience over and over again over and over again over and over again.

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That by the time you get used to their beauty, it doesn't decrease. What happens though, is increases even though we don't age, but increases so that nothing in Jannah is the same. Everything is is is changing to better and better and better. Can you imagine the amount of reward that a person can get with that in that kind of environment in your mind. And either a waste all of this eternity for some long standing miserable gain of this world.

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Fighting for crumbs in this dunya when you can have all of this in the akhira.

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Now what is the significance of this marketplace? The Allama they say this marketplace usually is the more like the larvae of Jana. You know because agenda has different categories in different different grades. We mentioned some of them live in tent, beautiful pearls, others they live in these twinkly stars all the way up there, you can even tell how far they are Pamela so different levels agenda. So how come how do we meet you know, with the prophets and the Gambia and the other hand because some of us might say, You know what, I don't I know myself, I would barely be in Japan, let alone to be introduced to Allah with the Prophet. So how can I get there? When you can, you can

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see him shallow Tana, but it's got to be in the marketplace. So every Friday everybody comes to the loving says with all these billions of people throughout the history of mankind, you're going to still be able to see the Prophet sallallahu Sallam you can and if you want to be an VIP person sitting next to him there what you need to work on.

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How can you bring yourself closer to the Prophet sallallahu Sallam What do you need to work on? As Imam what is the that brings you closer to the Prophet Salah Salem and Jana

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has no follow.

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Personal Hello the first thing the heaviest thing is your good manners.

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It doesn't matter how bad people would do. What matters how good you are to them.

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Good manners what else

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taking care of orphans

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and our capitalist him Catherine I'm the one who's sponsored an orphan will be like this and Jana very close. What else?

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Salah frequently tahajjud naphthyl Sunnah the head, the Masjid Doha SRA, as many as you can, because the professor is someone who was asked, when he asked that young man, what should I reward you with? Because I want to be closer to you in Jannah. And the Prophet says, can you ask for something else I can guarantee? He goes no, that's what I want for me. Bring me close to agenda. So the Prophet told him called anionic circuit breaker through the sujood helped me get you there by praying more often.

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So you have a lot of opportunities to be there in the convention of the prophets Allah some even if you're not in it for dosa, Nana, you can still get a close sitting near the Prophet sallallahu wasallam May Allah make us and the closest company of the prophets of Allah Azza Masahiro Bananaman so my dear brothers and sisters, here's what Allah is offering you engine

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in the dunya you see all the pleasures of this world. And as we speak today, you can see how the world has gone crazy. Going crazy. All over us. Panola because of what a geologies politics, whatever that is, and fighting and killing you to the lungs tan color the innocent people are brothers or sisters because the mullahs why make it easy for the mural banana. Imagine all

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Not that all fighting for the dunya

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but so make sure that you do your best inshallah to support those who are oppressed and those who are to be just and fair to them insha Allah azza wa jal May Allah subhanaw taala bring us closer the Prophet SAW masala Hain and ask Allah to make us among those who have the pleasure of being in the market devil general Bananaman May Allah subhana wa Tada bring us in the companionship of the Prophet Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam masala Hain and the way we all got it in this place, I asked Allah subhana wa Taala to give us all the opportunity to get together and gather together in genitive for those that Allah who the Prophet Muhammad Sallallahu Masada Hina 100 Allah so Allah

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Allah Allah Muhammad Anwar Ali also have

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any question in your mind

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so Harnick Allah Mohammed a shadow Allah Allah Azza wa tuba Salam aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato.

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