The Hadith of ‘Iyāḍ b. Ḥimār – The Book that Water Cannot Erase

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smil Alhamdulillah wa salatu salam ala rasulillah who Allah Allah He will be here.

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Today inshallah we will do a hadith from Sahih Muslim that's a very profound and a very deep heavy it is heavy it has had a lot of commentary about it. And it is a hadith narrated by Al Yvan hemara Riyadh even him or the other than him out. This is his only famous Hadith he was not companion who spent many, many years with the process of In fact, he visited him only once. And his story actually was also interesting very quickly. And he either met him or actually visited Makkah before the beginning of Islam. And he met the Prophet system there before the beginning of Islam when the Prophet system was in the muck, and any bit before he came down before he was announced as his

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prophet. And there was a custom of that time where some of the people who would perform toe off some of them as you're aware, they would perform without anything on a zero where the foot on mentioned this, and another men have that they had was that they would perform tawaf in the clothes of the people of America. So they would have to find somebody to borrow their clothes, because their notion was this a superstition, their notion was, the clothes that I'm coming to Morocco in are the clothes of committed sins. And so I don't want to wear those clothes on the people of Makkah, our holy people, they're closer fine. So it is said that they've been hammered in this timeframe, as the

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profitsystem for his soap to do ombre in so the process and gave him but maybe before before he became a prophet. And then he visited in Medina in the year of delegation. This is now 30 years later in the use of delegation. And at that time, he was with his tribe that are coming, but he had not yet accepted Islam. And he gifted the prophecies and mccampbell. And the profitsystem said, I shall not accept any gift from you as a mushrik.

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I'm not going to accept any gift from you as a mushrik. So he embraced this and then gifted the camera. This was an incentive the process of knew that he needed a push that was the push. And he stayed with the process, maybe a few days and then he went back. And this is one of those Hadeeth are the most famous Hadith he narrated. So he says in this Heidi which is in Sahih Muslim, that one day the Prophet system gave us a sermon by a hook but doesn't mean Juma football. It means a lecture one day the Prophet system gave us a sermon. And he said, that my Lord has commanded me to tell you what you do not know. My Lord has commanded me to tell you what you do not know. And then the heavy

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becomes heavy you could see what in the hell up to everybody Kula whom

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Allah says I created all of my creation, pure enough. That default is that my creation is pure. The default is that the human the child is good. This is the default for that who's shouting, shouting came and snatch them, misguided them shouting came and made them go left and right, and commanded them to do shirk, and commanded them to change how Rahman halaal, and head on and around. Now this is a beautiful beginning because the people that he's talking to sallallahu sallam, they are new converts, or maybe even maybe even some of them had not yet converted, he had just converted. So what the prophet system is saying your original state was that of Islam. Isn't that what we say?

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When a convert comes? Isn't that exactly what we say? When a person converts? We give him that this is where we're getting it from. The Prophet system is telling this new batch that in fact, Allah azza wa jal created you pure and you are rediscovering your purity you're coming back into the faith in the heart after a body Kula home. I created all of my servants Hanif run up Hanif means they are turning away from schoodic. Hanif means they are affirming Allah subhana wa tada as Allah describes the Ibrahim, that Ibrahim was hanifa and Allah says in the Quran, that Allah is not a fifth rata loyalty factor and NASA they have that this is the fifth row that Allah created mankind upon so the

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child is born Hanif upon the fifth row, as we all know, then the Hadith goes on.

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We're in the lava to Allah Navara either. Out of the out of the home, why Jama home pharmacother home in La Jolla, Medellin Kitab. Then Allah looked at the people of this earth and he despised them

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The Arab and the Agim except for a small group of Allah Kitab that still remained. What is happening here? What does this mean?

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The profitsystem is describing the era known as Jai helia. This was one of the, if not the worst eras of all of mankind, in which tawheed, in which the worship of Allah had almost been wiped out from the face of this earth. There was no monotheism anymore. Everyone had been misguided, except because

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that's why we call the Jha helia there was utter ignorance. And so when Allah saw the state of affairs, what did he do? He present the Prophet Muhammad Sallallahu it he was seldom, our Prophet system was sent in the darkest of the dark era of mankind, there is only one Jai helia that is the journeyer before the coming of the process of him with the coming of the Prophet system, the newer of Allah has come the giant Lee has been eliminated, there is no longer God, Leah, the prophets of Psalms coming the message of the Prophet system, it has obliterated jatiya so the prophets that the Hadith goes, and Allah said, I'm going to send you so the response to joy Hillier, the response to

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this out of an atom and the point being that Allah hated their shooting, Allah hated their misguidance and Allah is not going to leave them in misguidance. So what is he going to do? So Allah said, I'm going to send you the atellica talica we're up tele a baker. To test you, you're a sweat a lot, and to test mankind through you, to test you, meaning that you you're a sutala as well are going to be tested, ie your patients is going to be tested, how people respond to you is going to be tested, and to test people through you, depending on what people believe or not. They're eemaan and COVID. their agenda and now will be dependent on how they respond to you the obter Liga we're

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actually bigger. So Allah subhana wa tada sent to the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, so that he be tested. Now in this we also learn no matter how pious you are, tests are still going to be there. In fact, the more pious the more the tests, this hadith says lay up italica I have sent you Yasser Allah to test you. No one will be safe of tests. No one will live a carefree life. Everyone is going to have anxiety and stress and pressure and the more anxiety and pressure generally speaking, it can be a sign of more emotion and taqwa. But what is he going to be sent with? What in the moon sit on a lake and I'm going to send upon you a Kitab a book. So you're not just going to

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come alone, Yasser Allah, I'm going to send you a revelation. Now the description of the Quran in this hadith is very interesting. ly your pseudo hula water cannot erase it. Your Corrado who now Mr. Yaakov on the one who's sleep and the one who's awake will recite it. This is a unique phrase that is only in the editor very alphabet hammer. We don't find it in any other heavy and this is I'm Muslim.

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I'm going to send you a book. This isn't the head of the process. I'm telling you these new Muslims, Allah sent to me the up tellico Tillich and Allah sent a book to me, what is the description of this book? It is a book that water does not eliminate ly of pseudo Halma. What does it mean water does not eliminate? Some people think if you write quote on and put it in water and want to donate? No, it is eliminated if you have regular ink or whatnot. What does it mean water will not eliminate water elimination means if you erase it, it will not disappear from existence, ie it shall be memorized in the hearts of men.

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Even if all the mishaps were to disappear, the Quran will not disappear.

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The Quran is going to be protected. How did in the days of early times, how did they get rid of a book that erase it? There was no you know, typo, there was no What did they do? What did they use, they would use water and if you put it in water, the ink would go away. So lie of pseudo Halima means I'm going to send you a book. It doesn't need to be preserved in writing. This is what this means here. It does not need to what book is there in existence that doesn't need to be preserved in book form.

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What book is there in existence that doesn't need to be preserved in book form? There is no book except the Koran. And a lot of zildjian mentions is in the Quran. That Bell who is torn by natural fields, so do they larina in the Quran is clear is protected in that chests of men. The ultimate protection of the Quran is not the written copy. It is the HIV of the whole FOV and Al Hamdulillah across the globe from Alaska to Zimbabwe from the entire Eastern West. Every community

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Mashallah Tabata cola is producing performed even us here in the lands that we live in surrounded by people of different faiths and whatnot Mashallah to Bartok Allah we keep on churning out who followed after her father after her fall and how they before they lie to Allah Allah La Yasuo Halima water is not going to erase it. And then he said, Your Corrado nymeria kavon. The one who is asleep and the one who is awake both will recite the Oran. What does this mean? scholars have multiple interpretations, some have said, it means the Koran shall continuously be recited 24 seven, and it is there is no instance that this world nobody is reciting the Quran, it's always being recited.

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Some have said it means that literally as the Hadith says, You shall recite it when you're awake. And even in your dreams, you shall recite the Quran. And there are many, many people, they will tell you that they had a dream and they're reciting surah, Yaseen surah. And there's a reason for this, and they go to the chef to get that we'll have it but in the dream, they are reciting the Quran from memory in the dream, and there will be many, many people who will tell you first time this has happened to them. And this is something nobody can deny it is well known. So the Hadith could be interpreted one of at least one of two ways. Number one, people shall recite it day and night. And

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that is the case. And number two, you're going to recite it even in your sleep, and people recite it in their sleep. And then the Prophet sallallahu said at one time, the Hadith is very long, we don't have time for every single phrase. Then the Prophet system went on and said that Allah subhana wa Taala told me to fight the Porsche. I said to Allah Now again, these are the new converts are is telling them there's going to be problems, there's going to be war. So then the process of said to Allah, Allah, they will decimate and destroy me. And Allah says, No, every time you go, I will send armies with you. In other words, I'll send the angels with you. And then the process and finish this

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hadith by saying, and the people of Jana are one of three people. So he begins with theology. He encouraged them to accept Islam, he tells him there's going to be pressures add, and then he finishes them by telling them Dobbin UCLA for the people of Jenna, who are the people of now, the people of Jenna are one of three, three or the main categories of Jana. Number one, he said, a ruler, who is just ungenerous, a ruler, Sultan mocks it, he is just he has power, but he doesn't abuse the power. And he is generous he gives of the wealth that is of the Treasury he gives upon the Muslims. That is category number one. Number two, he said, Roger loon arahi Moon Rafi akun, a man

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who's full of Rama, whose heart is soft for every poor person, and every member of his family, from where to wear a soul bond, a soft hearted person. Number two is Raja Lune Rahim on rocky can a person who has a soft, Rocky, soft heart, soft heart, and he feels compassion for the full crop for the Misaki for his family members. You know, we cannot be lucid on neither do we want to be those open. But every one of us can be the second category. Every one of us we can have a soft heart. So the problem is if you have a soft heart, you're a person of agenda. And then the third one, he said, What are children iPhone? What if a phone call that a man who is struggling financially, he has

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family, but his dignity does not cause him to beg. And he lives a dignified life struggling throughout his life. And people don't know his struggles. He's managing and he's not resorting to Haram. And he's living a dignified life. And this too, is a characteristic of a man that you know you don't you live as dignified as you can and you keep your money, your affairs between you and Allah if you need help you go to your house friends and not in public. And then he mentioned that people have jahannam and it's a longer list but of them. He said the arrogant, obviously the arrogant, and he said the one who is cheating. Every opportunity he gets he cheats and he backstabs

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This is a person of jahannam and

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how him and also a yes. And he said the one who is I forgot the rubric word job, buddy job buddy. The one who is very vulgar is the the way you translate it always cursing, using things that in an audience would be very crude, and his obnoxious personality. Even the word job, buddy, I think about it like it's a very obnoxious personality. This is a person of jahannam This is a beautiful Hadeeth is the end of the It is a beautiful idea. In it our profitsystem encouraged converts. He gave them some basic theology. He told them life is going to get tough. There's going to be political battles. And then he concluded with basic adopt, you want to be a good Muslim. These are the opportunities

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and avoid these things. It's a beautiful Hadith. memorize it, think about it. And if you want to look it up, you can just google the hadith of Riyadh, even Hammad May Allah make us of the categories of the people of God.

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Zakouma lawfare Santa Monica.

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He can't