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(Sirāt) and the Qantarah (Perch)


AI: Summary © The Day of Judgment is a series of events focused on the history and meaning behind the label "has been called the Day of Judgment" label. The speakers discuss various topics including the construction of a bridge, the use of the label, and the return of the sun and the construction of a bridge. They also touch on issues related to Islam, including the importance of affirmations and affirmations in religion, and the importance of avoiding slipping and avoiding false gods. The speaker emphasizes the need for women to be aware of the potential danger of infection and protecting one's own safety during the pandemic, as well as the importance of protecting one's own safety during the pandemic.
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Salam Alaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh began by praising Allah subhanho wa Taala Who is the one who is praised unconditionally, we ask Allah xojo to send his Salatin Salaam, upon the one who was chosen as a rock metal did Allah mean diversity to all of the worlds at hamdulillah brothers and sisters, we have gone from a long way from the beginning of our series and we are now winding down this is going to be the finale of our series about the day of judgment from the Quran and the Sunnah. And today's lecture will also be the precursor to our next series, which is going to be about the descriptions of heaven and hell in the Quran and Sunnah. And Alhamdulillah thank Allah

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azza wa jal for this entire series that we've done, which really is a continuous series, the size of the Day of Judgment, we did that entire series, and then we moved on to the barossa. And we finished the entire series of the borders off, and then we moved on to the Day of Judgment, and then a shallow to other from the future series we will be doing in shallow to other the descriptions of heaven and hell. So today is going to be the last series of this particular lecture series. And it deals with the final step right before the entering of the gates of agenda. And it is in fact, one of the most interesting and also one of the most discussed of these stages of the Day of Judgment.

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And it is the stage that is called the Surat or the bridge. And out of all of the aspects of the Day of Judgment, this one has a special status because it has become a point of the books of theology, almost every single classical book that has been written about Islamic theology. It mentions that of the beliefs of Islam are the beliefs of mainstream orthodox and asuna. Gemma is to believe in the Seraph and that is because in early Islam, some of the groups they they they doubted or they denied and so it became a hallmark of those who affirm the Sunnah of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam that because we affirm the sooner and the sooner has come with the belief of the Surat. And

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so this has become a doctrinal issue and issue of theology of actually the faith that we find in almost every book of Islamic theology. And of course, the term Salaam is used in the Quran for multiple meanings primarily, it is used for the salted was the theme or the straight path. That's something that is understood. We're not talking about that settled, we're talking about another set off and that set up is an actual bridge that will be over jahannam it will be connecting the people that are on the date of judgments, actual sight and planes. It is going to connect the planes of the day of judgment to the gates of Jen and the planes of the Day of Judgment where they will they be we

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do not know. In fact, there's a heady thought I felt the law one hat was narrated. This Hadith is a sable hardy that somebody asked to the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam that Yasuo Allah or messenger of Allah, you know, the Quran says that on the Day of Judgment, this earth is going to be substituted for another Earth Yeoman to bed, the other layer out. And so he asked the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, where will mankind be on that day, when there is no Earth other than this or that this earth is going to be gone? What where would they be? And so our Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said, Listen to this whole home for little Mati Duna lgct. They are going to be in

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a darkness that is right before the bridge, okay, this hadith in Sahih Bukhari they're going to be in a darkness that is right before the bridge, so he called it a juicer and juice it is a more specific term for a bridge so Surat and just said, are both synonymous for what we're talking about right now. And that is an actual bridge that will be suspended over jahannam. On one side of the bridge is the plains of the Day of Judgment. And on the other side is the gates of gender. The only way to get to the gates of gender The only way to get to that area is going to be over the bridge. Now before we get to the issue of Surat therefore, we need to then talk about this issue of

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homefield lumati. They shall be in darkness, right before the coming of the bridge. So this hadith tells us

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There's something called a darkness a stage of darkness. And this is a very important phase of the Day of Judgment is a very important a one of the stages that will occur. And this stage is actually explicitly mentioned in the Quran not once but twice, two times. The Quran explicitly mentions this stage of darkness. And Allah subhana wa tada says, In surah, Al Hadid, verses 12 to 15, that on that day, you shall see the believing men and women, light will be shining from in front of them and from the right sides here, and they shall be given glad tidings of heaven, under which rivers are flowing. Indeed, that is the biggest victory on that day, the hypocrites are going to call out to

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the believers and the hypocrites are going to say, allow us to take guidance from your light on Runa Nakata dysmenorrhea. Come, the hypocrites will not be given light, they're going to see the light of the believers. And so they're going to say, let us follow your light and take us to gender. And so Allah azza wa jal says in the Quran, cloud of God, what time is Hulu, it will be set to them get away from here, go find your own light, and there shall be a large barrier between them and the believers. And on one side of the barrier is going to be Rama and on the other side is going to be a punishment from Allah subhanho wa Taala. So this verse tells us that there will be a timeframe where

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there will be no light other than the light coming from the bodies of the believers. And this is going to be right before the syrup as the heading tells us right? So we learned from this, that towards the end of judgment day we already talked about the blues, the hisar, the mazon, the how the coast all of this we talked about, we talked about the issue of every single group following its deity. We talked about allies, Virgil himself coming down showing the sign to the believers, the believers are then being taken. Along with the believers you have we said the first aka the sinners, and you have the moon after all, all of them, meaning anybody who claimed the name of Islam in this

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world, anybody who put the label of Muslim is going to be in that group. Now that group is consisting of people who will go to gender directly. And it is consisting of people who will go through jahannam to gender and it is going to consist of when I feel all who will not even get close to gender. They were not believers. They didn't have a shred of Iran, but they're going to be separated at this stage. How will they be separated? So this first tells us as soon as I had him as well, sort of the honey in verse eight tells us the same thing. Yo man yo Zilla who nebia Valentina Armand Omar no rowhome Yes, Albania it will be emailed to him your una robina atomia Milena neuron,

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wolf Ilana in the garlic coalition called uromodulin home. So on that day, Allah is saying the believers are not going to be humiliated by Allah and the humiliation is to be taken to jahannam they will not be humiliated and you will find light once again light coming from them in front of them and on the right hand side, the meaning of right hand side here it doesn't mean the left is going to be black and dark is it means that will be a man name it means like a positive light it means a light that is a blessing light. So the right hand side is the side of blessings in the Arabic language that's what it means you're they're going to say Oh Allah, perfect our light and

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forgive us you are capable of all things or law perfect our light and forgive us you are capable of all things. And our Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam explained this stage in a hadith in Sahih Muslim reported by jab at him now Abdullah that our Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said everybody at that stage, the movement and the owner is going to be given some type of light and then they're going to follow each other on to the juicer onto the bridge. And on the bridge, there is going to be kailali Buddha has second there's going to be hooks and there's going to be thorns and whomever Allah subhanho wa Taala wishes will be dragged in through those thorns from a youthful

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neuron when I feel clean, some NGO mini and then the light of the moon I feel clean will be extinguished and the light of the believers will save the believers Okay, so we learn here that there will be at the very beginning everybody's going to be given some light now remember here that when the Prophet system was asked, Where will the believers be, he said it will be in darkness before the bridge darkness right before the bridge so everybody wants to go the agenda. But to get to gender, there's a bridge and the bridge and you are all immersed in darkness. So you need light to find the bridge and you need light to cross over the bridge and you need light to guide you into

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gender. That light where will it come from? Allah subhanho wa Taala will bless you man to become light your Eman And my email will become our torch it will become our light and as the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said

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So your opponent Laura Humala, caldari armory, him, they shall be given this, this hypothesis, there was political hacking, they shall be given light, each one in accordance with their good deeds. So some of them are profitsystem said, their light will be like a massive mountain in front of them, some of them their light will be even more than a mountain, some of them will be like the light will be like a palm tree, a good palm tree, and some of them will be given lesser than this, until finally, the person that is given the lowest light will be his, his, the toe, the thumb, the toe, if you like of the feet, the toe is going to light up, the process that you do more often will tomorrow

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is going to light up and then go out to light up and go out. And every time the toe lights up, he's going to take one step forward, then the toe becomes dark, and he's going to stay there not knowing whether the lights going to come back or not. So this hadith tells us another thing, and that is that light is going to be given to the believers in accordance with their emaan and their taqwa and their good deeds. And all of this is a manifestation of Allah's protection and mercy, as you protected the commandments of a law and as you showed your piety in this world, so to you shall be protected in the next world in proportionality. Is it not fair do Muslims is it not fair, that the

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righteous are rewarded? Is it not fair that the ones who went through pain and suffering and were patient shall be given a manifestation of that blessing and therefore, according to once a man and taqwa they shall be rewarded throughout the day of judgment and then engender itself and of the rewards is that the more was a person's image, the better was a person's deeds, the more Kinder the more rituals, the more charity the more everything, so to the more light is going to be. And we have a number of things that are mentioned. Now, I have given these lectures and other series you can listen to them. I spoke about, I gave it a seed of the verse of the Allahu nudists about what to do.

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And I mentioned there that the concept of light in the grave and light on the day of judgment and light towards gender, and I mentioned a series of actions that increase the light of them is to sit after the Salawat and dudeck of them is to walk to the praise or to drive in our case, especially federal prayer and Asia prayer praying frigid, and Asia, in the masjid is one of the ways to perfect our light on the Day of Judgment. And there are other things that are given as well by our scholars, and other things are mentioned in some of the books about how we can increase our light. The point being, that at this point in time when hisab is done, when reason is finished when the squirrels

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have been handed and the people know that they now have to basically cross over, they shall be immersed in darkness, and then they shall be given a light and that light will be proportional to their emotion. And that light will then guide them to the Surat and then over the Surat or we seek Allah's refuge, they will not be given a light like the hypocrites, the light will be taken away from them and they will therefore they cannot find the bridge and they will then be thrown into jahannam. Now this is the issue of the light and the darkness now we get to the issue of the bridge or set off or the juicer and the issue of the Surat is it mentioned in the Quran or not? Well, the

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majority of scholars say that the salt is mentioned in the Quran. However, it is mentioned implicitly, not explicitly, the phrase or the word they just said or set off does not occur with the bridge. Of course, the word serrata course was rotten was the theme and others, but not the Surat that is over jahannam that there's no explicit reference in the Quran. There's rather an implicit reference and that implicit reference, please look this up surah Millennium verse 71, look it up yourselves, what in men come in, redo ha can Arabic hutmacher the every one amongst you shall do rude, worried. Now what does it mean? So our scholars of the past, especially from the time of the

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Sahaba, there were two opinions, one position was that what it means to go through, and so there were some of the Sahaba, who said, every single human shall go through jahannam some of them will be affected, and some will go through without being affected. But they shall go through however, the majority interpretation and the interpretation that then became the standard, from pretty much everybody in our times believes this, this is now the standard interpretation. What in men come in Well, why did you have everyone amongst you shall cross over it not to go through it. So why did here does not mean to go through jahannam Why did here means to go over jahannam and so the Quran

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mentions jahannam and then Allah says every single one amongst you, without exception is going to wide it. And what this means is that everybody is going to you know, go over jahannam

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Even the believers are going to go over jahannam As for the hypocrites and ask for the, the cafe, they will enter jahannam. But even the believer shall go over jahannam. And this going over this is the concept of the slot. And the concept of the slot is very explicitly mentioned in numerous, a hadith. And that's why it became an issue of theology. You know, when you read the earliest books of theology, sometimes people are astounded, like, why is this an issue of theology? Why is, for example, wiping over the socks mentioned, what is, for example, the Amazon, and the how, and the syrup mentioned, and the responses, it's not even so much the issues as it is the methodology. And

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the methodology is that there was a group of Muslims, they are still Muslims at the time that they rejected the concept of following Hadith in the sense that they said, we're not going to trust these Hadith. And so they, they didn't reject By the way, the concept of sooner they rejected the preservation, there's two separate things. I've talked about this in other lectures. So the other group of the mainstream Muslims, I will be called Sunni Muslims, I had assumed ojama they said, How can you reject these a hadith because they are the Sunnah, and as soon as a part of Islam, and so they began to list the things that the sun comes with, that you must believe in. And that is why you

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have these issues like the held the fountain, you have the salon to have the Misa, and they said, How can you reject all of this, the sun that comes with it, and so many a hadith so it became a point of theology that they said that to believe in the set off is a matter of being a good Muslim. If you reject us at all, then you have bad theology, and you are going away from mainstream traditional orthodox Islam. So we said, the belief in the set off is something that is explicitly mentioned in dozens of treatises of early Islam, that we believe in a bridge over jahannam. And this is something again, if you want to, these can be you know, we don't have time, but I can quote you

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many things from Sofia thodi, Mama, her Luna Humberto bin, Jose Ma, even bhakta, so many of the early Rhodes Scholars, and of course, as well, this is in the the athlete of

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poverty and others. And many of the early scholars, they have treatises about al Qaeda. And this is a part of that. treaties. Of course, by the way, how we, which is one of the most universally accepted Creed's of early Islam. Remember how we also mentioned that of the beliefs that I had as soon as they believe in the slot? And so this is also mentioned over there. So of the a hadith that mentions the Surat, one of them we've already mentioned in a previous lecture, and SMD, Malik said, O Messenger of Allah, where should I find you on the day of judgment? So he said, First, find me at the slot. If you don't know where I am finally at the slot, he said, if you don't find me there, he

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goes at Amazon. He said, If you don't find me there, he said, well, then at the Herald at the water pool, for I shall definitely be at one of these three places. And so paddle a footnote here. Do you Muslims, how beautiful our Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam throughout the entire day of judgment is going to be concerned with his home, either feeding them water and making sure they're taken care of on the Day of Judgment, or making shift out for them at the museum itself, that music should be heavy for every Muslim or making to offer them to cross over the Surat and enter agenda, his entire day of judgment Subhan Allah is going to be for his oma, it's not going to be for himself, the whole

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making dua and helping and whatnot. It is for the care and concern of his oma and that's exactly what Allah says in the Quran, that a messenger has come to you. He is more concerned about you than he is about himself, isn't it about them? How do you soon it can build more money that are all for him. And we see this that throughout the day of judgment. Our Navy civil law while he was setting will be at the forefront always doing things for his own panel with Allah. Grant St. Lucia on that day. So the point being that he mentioned I will be at the Surat and in Hadith in Sahih Bukhari which we mentioned last time the Hadith terrible sorry to hold the the long high dimension in the

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last lecture, the prophet system said thermal eulogistic then the bridge will be praised over jahannam and I shall be the first one to cross it. He said this, and the prophets all of them will be saying suddenly, Allahu marcellin peace, Allah peace, and there shall be thorns. He said, like the bushes upside down. Then he said to the Sahaba Have you seen the bushes have sat down, but they're going to be a size that only Allah knows and people will be snatched each one in accordance with their deeds and the Hadeeth goes on, by the way. The side then plant is a very well known plant, it's not in Hejaz, it's in nudged. And you've all seen pictures of it. And even here in the

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Midwest, you sometimes you see a similar plant, the side then planted has thorns that are not just one Thorn, rather, the thorn is multi pronged, so

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There are thorns coming from different sides of the fruit is not just one and therefore you cannot pick it from any side if you pick it there are sharp, very spiny, very prickly, and there are multi multiple sides, not just one side. So he said they will be like that, but a size will be much bigger than only Allah subhanho wa Taala knows, in the other Heidi assigned Muslim, he said they're going to be curved hooks that are coming coming out of jahannam and dragging people down. These are the when I feel so they get to the slot, they get to the setup, and then the hooks will come and drag them down. It is also possible that some of the people taking will be from the first circle from the

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sinful believers. We seek Allah's refuge and they're going to be going temporarily into Johanna, as well as for them when after all those hooks will drag them to the lowest parts of jahannam. Because Allah says in the Quran in the Mona, Filipina, fedorko s filamin. And now that when I feel on the hypocrites will be in the lowest lowest lowest parts of jahannam. And they have a separate punishment for them. We'll talk about that when we get to that concept. But the first Sokka or the sinful of the Muslims, they shall not be dragged into the depths of janam they shall be in the peripheries of jahannam. for however long Allah wants them to be. And then as we explained in our

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last lesson, and also will explain again, when we get to the issue of the fire of hell and discard, discuss it, they shall then be taken out from that area. So our Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said that in one Hadith that Amanda and Rahim will stand on each side of the slots. So Amanda means integrity. Amanda means speaking the truth. Amanda means fulfilling the covenants Amanda means being true to your word. And Rahim means the family. So the two main things that will help you cross over the salt is your Amana, which really is your clock as well. And your Rahim which is how you deal with your family, your spouse, your children, your parents, your extended family. These are the two

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main things as if it hedger says and when this commentary of this ad, these are the two main things that will help you to cross over the slot in a positive or in a good manner. So do your Muslim, be careful about both of these issues and give each of them their due? And then he said, Our Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said, and then people will cross over at different speeds, the first of them shall cross like lightning. Then he said, the second would be like the twinkling of an eye, then like a fast bird, then like a horse, and then like a very quick runner and jogger and he kept on going until he said, The last one is going to be crawling, very slow crawl on all fours. So we

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learned from this as well that there will be batches going over the slot and a savvy owner savvy own the first to cross the Surat are going to be the most righteous of the people, the prophets of Allah, why do you say them himself and then the most righteous of the companions and the rest were led into by whom, dear son, so even the order of crossing over the Surat is something that is based upon one's Eman and taqwa, dear Muslims, we learn all of these things over and over again. I hope that it has an impact on our lives. We don't want to be at the very end, we don't want to be crawling when we cross the set off. We don't want to be our toe is blinking on and off. Do you want

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that to happen to you? Obviously you don't. So then why don't we perfect our sweater? Why don't we wake up refrigerator try to pray in the masjid. Why don't we sit after the salah and do our God? Why don't we perfect our room so that our profits a little lower than it can recognize us and the one who does this consistently throughout his life. Insha Allah, Allah, Allah azza wa jal is not going to turn away from the one who turns to him, the one who spent a lifetime doing good deeds with the intention that I want our Navy system to recognize me, I want to cross over the slot in a quick manner, then inshallah tada It is impossible that Allah will then turn away from that request,

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because a lot is are humbled rahimian, and Allah is Karim and Allah gives when the person asks. So I hope dear Muslims, that when you listen to these lectures, and you're taking notes, and you're paying attention, that is not just tidbits and information that you just store in your mind, but rather, it impacts us and again, I reiterate, I know this is a bit of a tangent here I reiterate, the purpose of all of this knowledge is so that it translates into an actual amount of the heart, which then translates into our relationship with a law and our relationship with others. All of this knowledge of the day of judgment and avoidance ahead of Heaven and Hell, all of this, of what uses

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it, if it doesn't impact our our actual allocation, our morality. So back to our lecture here, that our Prophet sallallahu Sallam said that people are going to cross at different speeds and then there is a phrase which is in the Muslim Imam Ahmed, which is authentic hadith and it is a very simple

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carry heavy. He said that the Surat is going to be thinner than a hair. A ductile thinner than a hair with a head Dumanis safe sharper than a sword. And on both sides are going to be color lip or hooks color Eve is a hook. So panela the set off is not a massive path. The slot is razor sharp and it is super thin. The only way we can cross over it is by Allah's mercy. The only way we can cross over it is by going at a supersonic speed or very fast and a low will will give us that strength that we need. And it is mentioned salamandre Fantasy said the famous companion, that he said that the Serato will be placed over jahannam and it will be sharper than a sword. When the angels see

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that Surat they will ask a lot Oh Allah who can possibly cross over the Surat and Allah subhana wa tada will say when she to me unhealthy whoever whomever I choose from my creation will be able to cross that set off. And then the angels will say, Man, I would have gladly buy that if we did not worship you over law, the way that you deserve to be worship. This is a manifest statement. And of course this statement cannot come from women desire even though he said it, it must the concept and the origin must go back to our Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam the notion of even the angels are going to be surprised how can anybody possibly cross over the syrup. So from all of these, we get

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the following picture. That the slot is a slippery path. In the version of the heady tech coated website that Moghaddam Mater Mozilla to that it is something that is slippery, it is something that is not easy to put your foot on, it's not firm, it is very slippery, it is sharper than a sword, it is thinner than a hair on either side of it, there are going to be instruments that will push or shove or catch or scratch. And we learned that people will be in utter darkness, and that the only way to get across will be the light from Allah subhanho wa Taala and that they will be crossing at different speeds. And we also learn the first person to cross will be our Prophet Muhammad

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Sallallahu Allah He was sending them and then by Alice's permission, our own his own will be the first to cross and and that is what the prophet solo said him said that myself and my alma shall be the first to cross over the salon that Heidi This is a body. And this affirms what he said in a previous Hadith that I mentioned that he said that Allaah hereunder sabbioni omocha Yama and this hadith is also in Bahati, we are the last and yet the first on the Day of Judgment. We are the last and the first on the Day of Judgment how so we are the last of almost chronologically to appear, yet we shall be the first on the day of judgment to have the hisab and now we learn to cross over the

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Surat and we shall learn later on and to energen. So we are Alhamdulillah Alhamdulillah. And this is all because of the oma this because of the bulk of the profits of the lesson of that a lot as we just gave him and he blessed us to be of his own. We thank Allah for being in the oma of our Prophet sallallahu it he was selling them because we get all of these perks and benefits and we would not have gotten those perks and benefits if we were in any other home. So we thank Allah that we are from the home of the Navy, the creme de la la vida, he was Selim they are hamady, there are orphans Rahim, the one that was sent as a parameter lil al Ameen. Our nebby Mohammed sallallahu alayhi wa

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sallam, we thank Allah for that blessing. And we ask Allah azza wa jal for the shift of our prophecies to them and to be fed from his help and to be of those who are of the first across over the Surat. So we will be the first oma to cross and our prophecies will be the first human being to cross now. The other issue that we need to discuss is will the calf cross over the Seraph or not. And the response here is that the evidence is even though some scholars said they will, the evidence is seemed to be very clear here and alone knows best that the only people that are going to get to the set off will be those who had the name of Islam in this world, those who call themselves

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Muslims. As for those who did not, and they rejected Islam, they will not get to the set up in the first place, and they shall enter jahannam from a different area through the gates of Jana. So from the plains of the Day of Judgment, the believers will go to as the process will set home for Buddha to do not just that are going to be the darkness right before the bridge right. So the believers will get to that area. As for those who rejected a lot and they had no EMA and they worship false gods, they shall be taken to a different area and they shall enter jahannam through the door.

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Is of jahannam and a lot as origin mentioned in the Quran, Allah has server to a web there are seven doors of jahannam. And Allah mentions in three verses in the Quran write this down sort of the nahan verse 29. So that the Zoomer verse 72, and suitable horfield verse 76, and three verses, Allah mentions the exact same phrase, or the hotel of waba Johanna mahadi Dena fee her speaking to those who rejected a lot a lot is saying, enter the fire of jahannam.

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Sorry, enter the gates of jahannam You shall dwell there in forever. And what this illustrates is that anybody who enters genom through the gates of Jannah will never exit your hand and we seek Allah's refuge. So the believers who are sinful and shall be punished for a period of time will not enter jahannam through the gates of Janda rather, as I explained multiple times, they will be in a different area of Jannah. They will be in the peripheral regions that are closer to Agenda up up you know, and the level as we're going to talk about Gen janam is levels and genders also levels. And the believers who had a man who lowered their heads to Allah subhanho wa Taala, who did some good

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deeds, they had a man and they did some good deeds, they will never be treated like a police or like frown, or like somebody who is too arrogant to worship Allah subhanho wa Taala. Even if a believer committed sins, and they deserve to be punished, their punishment will be in a separate area, and they will not be dragged into jahannam through the doors of jahannam. Rather, they shall fall from the Surat to a peripheral region not to the depths of Jana. As for the munafo, we will assume because again, we don't know the details of this, because the Manasa own will get to the Surat we know this from the text. And we also know from the text, the Quran says in them when I feel enough

00:31:50--> 00:32:31

it can s Feldman. And now then when after quote are going to be going to be in the lowest depths of jahannam. We will then make an assumption that and this is not explicit, but it is derived that the moon after moon will fall from the Surat but therefore will be different than the fall of the sinful people therefore will not be the fault of the fossil, therefore will be through different mechanisms, maybe there's going to be separate hooks that are coming for them. And they shall be dragged to the lowest of the low even worse than those who rejected a law or those who pretended to be Muslim as they rejected a lot. And that is hypocrisy. We seek Allah's refuge from that. So we

00:32:31--> 00:33:20

learn from this that the people of a man will get to the Surat, and that majority of them are many of them will cross over, but some of them will fall from the Sirat into the peripheries of Jana. Now, we have to know ask the question here. The people who are falling into Jana, the people who are we see closer who don't want to be amongst them? Did they know that they're going to be falling into Johanna. And it appears and again, these are all things that were deriving from the text, it appears that Allah knows best that those believers were falling into jahannam they are expecting to fall in. Why? Because the results have already been given. The examination has occurred, the hisab has taken

00:33:20--> 00:33:57

place. These scrolls have been handed out, right, the mason has already been demonstrated. And so everybody already knows their fate. And so the the the manifestation of that fate is already known to them, but now it's going to go through it. So the ones who are falling into jahannam, it's not a surprise for them, they have been told beforehand that because of this, you know, suppose we seek refuge, somebody murdered somebody, somebody did whatever, they did major sins, but they're a believer, okay. So they deserve to be punished, they had been told on the plains of the Day of Judgment, that you're going to go to Japan because that's their punishment. And so they're expecting

00:33:57--> 00:34:32

it, it's not something that now obviously, it is understood that there is still hope for them that they're crossing their heart will be yearning for agenda, but it's not going to be a surprise that they end up where they end up because they have already been informed. However, we can also make another assumption from the generalities of the text and all of these By the way, I am very clear, when I make an assumption, I stated it as assumption when I say the Quran as soon as as I'm very clear, because you should all know you know, the the differences between these my assumptions could be right and wrong. The Quran and Sunnah is obviously never, never wrong in this regard. So an

00:34:32--> 00:35:00

assumption that we make as well, in this regard, is that the the people there will be people, there will be people this is an assumption, who are told that they're going to go to Japan, and they expect to go to jahannam. But they shall be saved by simply scratches, or by the fear of going to Japan and they don't actually go to h&m and that punishment of thinking they're going to go to Japan or as the process of setting their heads up.

00:35:00--> 00:35:41

was a little hungry, some will be scratched, but still saved, okay, scratched but saved. What does that indicate? It indicates there's a category of people that their punishment was that what happened on the bridge, that they thought that they're going to go to jahannam. And they were punished in a certain manner, by the scratches coming by the hooks coming out by the thought that they're being dragged, the hook comes, and it just misses them Alaska didn't know, in the end of the day, obviously, nobody can be safe, unless a low wisdom, it misses them, but it leaves some pain and suffering and some scratches that pain and suffering, along with the torture of thinking that

00:35:41--> 00:36:22

they're going to go to jahannam that is what their cafaro was for the sins of this world. And eventually, they get to the end, and they shall then make it to gender. So, from all of these texts, therefore, we learn and we can derive that the one after all, and the first sip and the min, all three will get to the bridge that the Mona filk will immediately be taken out because they are not even going to get the light will be taken away from them. And either they fallen directly or from the hook we do not know we do not know they could possibly just fall in directly we do not know. And in either case, whether it is a hook or whether it is falling indirectly, they shall go to a

00:36:22--> 00:37:00

different part of jahannam. And that is reserved specially for them. Okay, they have a special status in jahannam, then the believers and the righteous, the righteous of the believers and the unrighteous of the wicked or the evil of the believers, they will cross over the salt. And the first batches are going to be going at the speed of light already mentioned, it's interesting that our prophecies have said the speed of light. So the physics majors here can read into that, and then the speed of horses this and that. So they're going to be going super fast, and they cross over and they're all fine. Slowly, people are going to be going less, you know, quickly, and then some are

00:37:00--> 00:37:03

gonna slip but recover, some are gonna be

00:37:04--> 00:37:43

injured or harmed by the cooks that are coming, but still make it and that injury or that harm or that terror shall be the cofounder of the sins that they did. And so it is possible, some people will be told you are going to jahannam. And they don't go the agenda because Allah's mercy is going to come in and save them at the very 11th hour, this is the very end time this is the last time that's it. Because if you're not saved Now tell us there's no other place to go. So there will be a batch of like like this as well. And then this is how the unrighteous of the believers are going to enter janam a different area, they're going to be taken from the bridge, and they're going to fall

00:37:43--> 00:38:23

into a special area of jahannam, not the depths of jahannam, but rather the peripheral regions of jahannam. And there will also be each one in accordance with his or her crimes, and each one for the length that Allah has decided for them. And then of course shefa will kick in after that and already talked about your thought that there are going to be people that eventually batches by batches are going to be taken out. I already mentioned those that used to pray and fast and give Zika their bodies are not going to be burnt by Johanna. They will feel the heat of jahannam but their bodies will not be burnt by jahannam. It is impossible in Allah's mercy that the one who was regularly

00:38:23--> 00:39:04

praying and fasting and doing the forum, it is impossible that the body of that person will be burned in jahannam, even if they physically are in jahannam and the experience the heat of jahannam and the pain and suffering but they will not be burnt because they lowered the head to Allah subhanho wa Taala. And they had levels of Eman and taqwa and we mentioned there's going to be different categories below this and then the believers are going to cross over the bridge. And once they cross over the bridge, now we get to the final actual final stage before entering genda. And it is the final stage of the Day of Judgment for the believers. Of course, the day of judgment has

00:39:04--> 00:39:48

already finished for them when our fifth and for the first sick and for the caffeine, all of them we've already talked about where they're going to end up. Now we have one category left and that is the category of believers. They've crossed over the set off. Now what's going to happen. The final very final stage or the act of the days of judgment, the very final scenes of the Day of Judgment for the believers is there's one area left one area left one more header and it is called the common para the Contra what is the controller? The controller is a in the Arabic language. The Pantera is a small semicircular bridge, generally speaking, you know, in the good old days like they add castles

00:39:48--> 00:40:00

and moats and whatnot. So the bridge that covers a moat, the small little bridge that goes the U shape that's called unparelled in Arabic and it also implies a small area at the ends of the bridge as well. That's

00:40:00--> 00:40:43

Also called on Tara. Okay, so that's the Arabic word on Tara. And there will be a location called the Torah that the believers are going to be, the believers are going to be stopped at right before entering Jenna. So the Torah, therefore is after the set off, and before the actual gates of gender, who gets to the contura only the men on who are getting into gender once you've gotten to the contoura you are not going to be dragged back into gender. Okay? This is another misconception some students of knowledge have but the Hadith is very clear as I'm going to mention now. Jay, so what is the head of the controller is not mentioned in the Quran? directly. It is mentioned in the Hadith

00:40:43--> 00:40:50

and authentic hadith, and of them is the Hadith in Sahih Muslim that the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said yes

00:40:52--> 00:41:38

for you, but sooner Allah upon porutham bainer genetti when, so, the believers shall be saved from the fire of help, and they shall then be stopped or paused at a pump Ah, that is between heaven and hell. What is the purpose of this pausing here? So the profitsystem said for you, to devour him and bow Navarre the mechanics been hopefully dunia had a good zebu 123 the whole agenda, one led enough Sumo hammered in big he'll do him, Daddy, Manzini, he, Phil genetti, Minwoo Manzini, he kinda fit dounia. So the believers are going to be paused at a comparar between heaven and hell, what's going to happen then, because sauce between the people of the Contra call sauce between the people that

00:41:38--> 00:42:24

are going to enter genda, about issues that happen to them in this world, more volume, any issues that have been to them in this world, then when they have been cleansed, and they have been purified, then they shall be allowed to enter Jen now, okay, so the purpose of the Torah is, the grudges, and the problems and the disputes and the unresolved issues of this world between two believers. They're both entering gender, but there's unresolved disputes that is going to be resolved in the country. And then the Prophet sallallahu Sallam said, once they have been purified, and clean, cleansed, and everything is now the debts have been settled, the accounts have been

00:42:24--> 00:43:05

cleared, then they will be allowed to enter Jannah. Then he swore he made a person he made an oath. And he said, I swear by the one who controls my life, they will know their place in Jannah. easier, or more clearly, than one of you knows how to get home, you know, when you're in the city, how do you get home, they will know their place in genda. Even more, you know, intrinsically point being that they don't need directions. point being that when they get to Qian, they will intrinsically know that house is mine and they're going to go there. And they're going to find their way exactly where it is even easier than the way you get from your work to your must to to your house, you'll

00:43:05--> 00:43:32

know exactly how to go which was to take what not so even more clear, which will be for the people of gender male lawmakers amongst them now, what we're interested in right now we're going to talk about heaven and hell in the future lessons. What we're interested in now, is this notion. Now what did the Prophet system say, when the believers are saved from jahannam? They shall be delayed upon contoura. This is a very explicit phrase.

00:43:33--> 00:44:19

Those who have reached the contura are not going to go to Jana. That's it, they are now safe. They have gotten to the Pantera. They have gotten to that stage now. Therefore, the question arises, why now? Why now? And the response is that this is a purification for the final batch of purification. This is for the trivial matters that don't deserve genom because you see, everybody wrong, somebody else we seek Allah's refuge, but who amongst us has not backbiting somebody else who amongst us has not hurt another believer who amongst us has not done something they shouldn't have done? This is human nature. So in a laws, perfect justice, perfect justice, and only Allah can get perfect

00:44:19--> 00:44:59

justice, no one can enter Jannah until the debts have been settled, no one can enter Jannah until the smallest of misdeeds has been resolved. So the Torah is the final purification and the perfection of a laws justice. And it will be between people of gender. This is a separate color sauce from the one of the Day of Judgment. The one of the Day of Judgment can decide heaven in hell murder or somebody that you ruined his life and it's a big room to the point of the person is going to go to Johanna. That's going to be already done. We're not talking about that stuff. That stuff has already been done. We're talking

00:45:00--> 00:45:39

About the trivial things that will not earn genom will not earn a lot of anger and wrath and liner. That type of punishment has already been decreed has already been destined. We've already crossed that. That's the hisab that's the reason that's the scrolls. That's the DS. All of that has happened now. Now we get to the finer details, the fine tuning. Now we get to the issues of he said she said, and in a laws perfect justice that he said she said is not going to go unchecked that small irritation or nuisance, that sarcasm that mockery, that belittling it will not go unchecked because Allah is the medic, and that the young as the head of the body says, I am a listing. I am the medic

00:45:39--> 00:46:25

and I am the judge. No one that has any issue with another person will go to gender or gender until the issue is resolved. This is the footsy in Sahih Bukhari and even Tamia mentions that the purpose of the Torah is very simple. And that is that only people of pure hearts will enter agenda. So if somebody has a grudge, they can't enter agenda. If somebody has a pain from another, they can't enter agenda. If somebody has a debt that is unsettled, somebody still feels Hey, that guy hurt me. And he's still here. Somebody has that in his heart, they cannot enter agenda. Because Allah says in the Quran was designed for you so Buddha him in the gym, then we shall remove all of the rancor in

00:46:25--> 00:47:09

their hearts before they enter agenda. So little ager. Verse 47, one Zana Murthy sudo to humanity, we shall remove all the enmity, jealousy, hatred, rancor in their hearts, that will take place at the compiler in the stage of the era, the last phase before Jana everybody will now be able to get rid of that evil an anchor or a law that person he lied about me Oh, well let that person he hurt me or let that person cracked a joke and hurt my feelings and I was I was insulted but overall he's a righteous man he's great to her do these given charity sponsored orphans you know one you know sarcastic comment is not going to cause him to go to a judge. And supanova dear brothers and sisters

00:47:09--> 00:47:47

isn't a law so merciful because we knew if somebody said one bad thing about me I was going to channel your mana filter this and that right? My mind is clouded my emotions get the better of me. If one person did something wrong with me. I will ignore a lifetime of good and I will say this person hurt my feelings. He's an evil when I feel overloaded with that's what happens right? See Allah is Rahman and Rahim Allah is medic in a lot is a de Yun and Allah is the one who is haccombe. And then he is the one who decides and Allah azza wa jal is the one who is ultimately just he can tell this person made a mistake with you, but he doesn't deserve to go to Jana. That's why we trust

00:47:47--> 00:48:21

the law. We don't trust ourselves. We trust a lot. We don't even trust our parents. On the day of judgment, we trust Allah subhana wa tada what this shows, and this is an eye opener for all of us to Muslims, it's an eye opener, it shows that you're going to have problems with people, and people will have problems with you. And you will still all of you enter agenda. That's the purpose of the controller. Just because you don't like somebody means nothing about them going to heaven and hell stop thinking that you're playing God just because there is something wrong with you. If they did something wrong with you, they have done wrong with you. That doesn't mean that their whole lives

00:48:21--> 00:48:58

are evil. Sometimes people become clouded by emotionality. And they do something stupid, ridiculous how long with one person, but they're still good with all the other of mankind. So Allah will judge and Allah will decide the wrong that this person did. Is it worthy of going to Agenda maybe it is maybe for example, just give you an example, somebody murdered another person and didn't repent. So panel if somebody murdered a human being so what if you gave $100 in charity murder, generally speaking, deserves to go to jahannam that's going to be decided on the day of judgment and that before this point in time, and that person will potentially be dragged to gender and if even if they

00:48:58--> 00:49:41

were righteous, they will spend a long time in jahannam for that murder. But suppose a person had a fight with another person and hearts became hard. And things were said emotions got involved, okay, backbiting was done. Who amongst us is totally free of that ever happening in our lives? Subhan Allah and Allah, Allah and Allah has mercy, that type of stuff insha Allah to Allah, overall the person was righteous inshallah they will get to Jenna but not clean, you still have the mini hisab the control and what will be the currency the same thing as on the Day of Judgment, and that is the good deeds now. Okay. In this case, there is not going to be the bad deeds to go to Johanna because

00:49:41--> 00:49:59

you have now passed as the profitsystem said, once they have crossed over jahannam So, this is not this is not to that level again. I hope you understand this point here. So, what we can derive is that at the concora what will happen is the finer details of gender. For example, somebody deserves

00:50:00--> 00:50:42

You know, the level you know, such at such a level, but they did wrong to another. So certain perks and privileges that they had shall now be given to the one that they wronged. Okay? Whatever blessing Allah had given the package that Allah had given a person from that package, things will be taken out and handed over to the one that they did wrong. Now, dear Muslims, do you want something to be taken out of the praise Allah has given you because of a mistake? You did? Do you want some eternal blessing that Allah has promised you? Allah is telling you, you earned all of this, I'm giving you all of this, you're jumping for joy? Then you're told, but you hurt somebody's feelings?

00:50:42--> 00:51:22

You backed by did you did this and that I have to take this out and give it to that person? Would you like that 100 up, we got into agenda at this stage. 100. But would you like an eternal blessing to be taken away and given because of your own foolishness and mistake and arrogance. And that is why our Prophet solo said him said that, make sure you resolve your problems between yourselves in this dunya before the ark and that's why he said it. You don't want that to happen. And therefore in this world, try to have as pure have a heart as possible. Forgive as much as you can those who wronged you and overlook and do what you can to yourself. Even if somebody wants you and you expect

00:51:22--> 00:52:03

your work from the afternoon you make sure you don't want them back. Because you don't want to on that day have to give up your perks and privileges to somebody else. And so the entourage, it demonstrates for us the infinite mercy of Allah subhana wa Tada. It shows us that no injustice is ever going to go unchecked, that Allah is the ultimate, the one who will manifest justice. And that's why he said I am the king and I am the judge. It also shows us as I said, the mercy of Allah subhana wa tada that it is possible that people have wronged each other. And yet still, they enter Jenna. And that's exactly what Allah says. And through that hatred, verse 47. When is that fusil due

00:52:03--> 00:52:38

to him in real in a one and other pseudonym, which are copied in we have removed from what is their hearts of animosity and jealousy and hatred, and they shall be brethren. Even in this world, they were not brethren. They were fighting. They were not talking to one another, but they were all righteous people. And Subhanallah, you know, beautiful statement comes to mind here, that idea that the loved one and while we are the old one, as you know, they had a political issue, and they went to war and whatnot. And somebody said something negative about mowing the lawn in front of it with the loved one. And he said, Don't say that. Don't say anything back. So the man said, How are you

00:52:38--> 00:53:16

irritated? That you know, I said something bad about Wow, it'll be a lot one and we're going to go with them. And out either the loved one quoted this verse that I just quoted you Susan hated verse 47. He said, I hope that Allah makes me and while we are a part of this verse, one design for us to do remain hidden one analysis of what's happening, I hope that even if we're fighting, going to war for political reasons, I don't want the archaea and the issues to happen. And I hope that this anger and animosity that the true two groups have shall be removed from our hearts, and we shall be together in gender. That's the attitude and philosophy that we should have. And that is the point of

00:53:16--> 00:54:03

the contoura. The final point here is that the contract where exactly is it? Is it another bridge? Or is it the end of the bridge of gender? Sorry, the bridge of the Surat and even hedger mentions that both opinions have been mentioned in this regard. And he says that a lot to be taught to be said that the Torah is the end, the the, the, the the excuse me, I will prove to be said that the Torah is a separate mini bridge after the bridge of Surat and had been hedger said, most likely it is the end of the slot, not a separate bridge. And this is the position that I also leaned towards that it does not appear to be a second bridge. Rather, it appears to be you know, when the bridges

00:54:03--> 00:54:45

end in those days, they would have a large area there. Okay, so that's the contura that before you get to the plains of genda. Before you get to the doors of Jenna, there's going to be at the end of the Surat so you've crossed over the Surat and Jana is now behind you. And before you get to the gates of Jenna, there's going to be a massive area that's called the Kampala and that contoura is still connected to the Surat This is what even hedger leans towards the end of the day. Obviously, we're not certain either way, and we will all find out in shallow data we hope that allows or makes us to those who cross the control without an issue. Once you cross the Pantera Halas you are now in

00:54:45--> 00:55:00

front of the gates of Jen and so to this brings us to the conclusion of our lengthy series Alhamdulillah Alhamdulillah that we have finished the entire day of judgment in relativity details

00:55:00--> 00:55:39

manner, I would say this is a intermediate to advanced level that we've done that a very thorough attempted summary of the aspects of the Day of Judgment from the beginning to the end directly from the Quran, and the Sunnah. And now we get to the end of this series, but we have another series that is going to begin to load data from next week. And that is now the description of Jen and Johanna. So as they come to the conclusion of this series, and we're still going to continue, so it's going to be a continuous, you know, thing for us. But still, I want to reiterate what I said around half an hour ago, that I hope, dear Muslims, that this knowledge is not just something that you sit back

00:55:39--> 00:56:15

and you enjoy. I hope that you think long and hard about each one of these stages about each one of these aspects, because it's going to happen in the Saturday, Tia to Laurie Buffy, it's going to happen. We're going to see every single one of these things in front of our eyes, we shall see the hisab dummies and the Surat we shall see the held question now. Do you want to be of those who are drinking from the help? Do you want your Amazon to be heavy? Do you want your skills to be in the right hand side? Do you want your feet to be firm on the Surat? Do you want to be having light on that day? Do you want to cross at the speed of light? Do you want to cross over the entourage every

00:56:15--> 00:56:53

one of these stages we all know so panela we know how to do them we know how to pass the test we know how to be amongst the highest of the high. So the purpose of these lectures and the reason why Alicia kind of with it goes into so much detail. And the Prophet system told us so many things is so that it impacts our character, our rituals, our relationship with other people. The religion of Islam is not just about abstract knowledge, it is meant to better our lives to provide us purpose and meaning to find comfort in the struggles that we're going through to give a nobility to our lives and to make us better human beings in this world so that we can save ourselves from all of

00:56:53--> 00:57:31

this and enter the pleasure of Allah in the next world. I pray that Allah subhana wa tada makes us of the righteous and he blesses us to be of those who pass every one of these stages. I pray that Allah subhana wa tada causes us to be sheltered on the day of judgment when there is no shelter other than his shelter. I pray that Allah subhana wa tada makes us of those whom the prophets of the law hurts and recognizes and calls to by name. I pray that we drink from the hell the drink that will forever and ever and ever quench our thirst. I pray that Allah subhana wa Taala gives us an easy hisab and I seek refuge in Allah from a hisab from an accounting that is line by line. I pray

00:57:31--> 00:58:05

that Allah azza wa jal causes us to be of those who have no hisab or an easier yourself. I pray that Allah subhana wa tada gives us our results in the right hand. I pray that Allah subhana wa Taala makes them nice and heavy for us on the Day of Judgment. I pray that Allah subhana wa Taala causes the day of judgment to go by in the twinkling of an eye like the righteous and that we don't we're not prolonged on the Day of Judgment. I pray that Allah subhana wa tada makes us of those who, on the day of judgment that lies on the high seas, they will not even hear the problems of that day and that warm and fuzzy and you're meeting me noon, and they're going to be secure from the terror of

00:58:05--> 00:58:41

the Day of Judgment. I pray that Allah blesses us with a man in this world so that we can have an email on the day of judgment against the terrors of the Day of Judgment. I pray that Allah subhana wa tada makes us of those who are given the light with a brightness and a shining light that is bigger than the mountains itself. I pray that Allah makes us so those who say robina Atomium Lennar ora network filling up, I pray that Allah makes us so those who are running and racing and receive rushing, seeing the light in front of us guiding the way for us. I pray that Allah subhana wa tada makes us of those who cross the set up at this speed of light. And I pray that Allah makes us of

00:58:41--> 00:59:18

those who pass over the onterra quickly and swiftly and I pray that he makes us of the first batches that enter Jen and I pray that Allah azza wa jal blesses us to be of those of Jana to fill those that are the May Allah subhana wa tada bless me and you with righteous inband and taqwa May he make us of those who the very last phase of our lives is going to be in the height of the law, Mohammed or Rasulullah. May Allah make us of those whom the Prophet says and grants GFR to want to deal with judgment. May Allah subhanho wa Taala brighten our faces on that day and make us of those who are of the cider hain in shallow data. We come to the conclusion of this series. I pray that it was of some

00:59:18--> 00:59:40

benefit if there's any mistakes that have been made there from myself and shaytaan if there's any good that has come to you, it is from Allah subhanho wa Taala and Allah azzawajal alone, ask Allah for acceptance and club would and ask Allah for still for for any mistakes in shallow data. We will continue another exciting and new series The series about heaven and hell until then, so now why do you want to live your podcast