Yasir Qadhi – The Blessings of Sincerity

Yasir Qadhi
AI: Summary © The Profit System tells them that a woman was drinking from the well of a well, and she went to the well and drank some water. She then went back up and picked up some water in that leather shoe. She then went back down and put her shoe in her mouth. She saw a dog and thought to herself, this dog is worse than I am suffering. She goes back up and picks up some water in that leather shoe. She goes back down and puts her feet in her mouth. She says that she wants everyone to help her feed her dog. She says that everyone is watching her and that she wants everyone to put a word into action. She says that everyone is watching her and that she wants everyone to put a word into action. She says that she wants everyone to help her feed her dog.
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burqa, tiny, tiny but can tiny on them be women according to mean can be. The Profit System told us about a prostitute from the children of Israel. One of the nations before us there was a prostitute. The Prophet sistrum said that she got thirsty. She was panting from thirst, there was no water to drink. And so she came across a well, which did not have any rope and a string any bucket. So she took off her shoe. And she climbed down the well. She drank from the wall, she came back up. When she came back up, she saw a dog who was thirsty and panting and licking the sand because it didn't have any water. The prostitute had just drank her share her full, she went down, she drank, she came

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back up, she thought to herself, this dog is suffering even worse than I am suffering. Let's pause here in our religion, a dog is not considered a noble animal, is it? Right? A dog is not considered a pure animal even yet it is still a creation of Allah. And it is still a life that Allah has given and is still a blessing that Allah has given to the world, even if it is unpure and unclean from our perspective. Nonetheless, it is a creature that Allah has created back to the story. So the prostitute says this dog is suffering worse than I was suffering. Let me give it some water. So she went back down, there was no bucket there was no string. So she put her shoe in her mouth. And she

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climbed down, she picked up some water in that shoe in that leather shoe, she put it in her mouth in between her mouth and she climbed back up to give to the dog.

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The prophets have said um, said, Allah appreciated that from her, to the extent that he forgave all of her sins. Now, this is a prostitute somebody who is selling her body for a miserable price. She is ruining families spreading corruption in the world.

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And she sees a creature that is by and large, not a noble creature. And all that she does, she gives it one sip of water.

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It is not the dog or the prostitute that brought about Allah's forgiveness. It is that sincerity that happened to be in her heart. Nobody is watching her. She's not gonna get any praise from anybody. She knows she's a sinner. She knows she needs Allah's help. She knows she needs Allah's forgiveness. So the only thing that she can do an act of desperation that only Allah is watching is that oh Allah all I can do is help this creature you know I'm a sinner can help me just like I help this creature. So Allah took that sincerity. That Iman, yes from the heart of a prostitute, because even prostitutes can have Eman, even people with evil can have faith in Allah. So he looked at that

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Iman, and he looked at that sincerity, and it was so sincere and so powerful that her entire evil was forgiven. Brothers and Sisters in Islam. We have opportunities every day, every day, similar to that prostitute and that dog. Surely you and I are better than that prostitute. Surely We have more opportunities than feeding a dog. We need to make sure that every action that we do, every action has that same level of sincerity perhaps, perhaps that one deed that I've done that Allah is watching me is so pure, so sincere that Allah will overlook all of my sins and cause me to enter Jannah Brothers and Sisters in Islam, La ilaha IL Allah there is nothing no deity no being that is

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worthy of our worship, our veneration, our love our prostration our such the other than Allah subhanho wa Taala let us exemplify this Kadima, let us live this Kadima, let us put this word into actions and then and only then will be true representatives of the religion of Allah on this earth

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