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AI: Summary © Yara discusses her father's struggles with cancer and her desire to cure them with a special coffee. She talks about the three blessings of Islam, including transmission knowledge to future generations, rewarding guidance, and combining all three of these blessings into one. The importance of being careful not to fall into any 10 of Islam is discussed, along with negative characteristics of Islam, such as "has been a disaster" and "has been a disaster."
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So it can be for my daughter today we've had a special request from our brother II Shawn and his parents. Brother Isha and is one of our younger brothers. He's four years old, and he is struggling with cancer. And he is in the hospital and ICU right now. And the situation

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is not something that the doctor says optimistic but we believe it is optimistic because we are believers in Allah and we believe that anything is possible. So our brother Isha and and his parents have reached out to us they are regulars at our masjid, and they're asking dua, so we're gonna make a special dua for our brothers so there's razor hands Yarrabah Shafia coffee, academia man non yada, yada, yada yada Rahim Yara Woof the Allah we ask you because you are the one who is merciful the one who gives mercy yeah Rama and you love all you love all the Arab you cure all Europe. Europe we ask you by all of your names and attributes to cure our brother Asia and Europe. Europe show us Asia

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Quadra tech show us your miracle Europe, Europe. There is no shifa other than your shifa Europe there is no Chifa other than your Shiva. So we ask you your Shafi we ask you your coffee to cure our brother Isha in Europe, give Sabra to him and his family. Europe make him brave in the face of all of his treatments Europe, Europe make him a source of inspiration for all of us, Europe, Europe gives Sakina to him and to his parents, Europe, Europe, give tranquility to his parents, Europe, Europe make him a source of baraka and prayer for him and for all of us, yada, yada make him and his story a source a source of inspiration for all of us, yada yada we trust you and your codon and

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decree era whatever you decree, it is yours to decree but we asked you to decree what is easy for us to accept yada yada there is no other except for your color. We ask of you the best of your job and we asked you to avert from it any other that is harmful to us yada yada camera him in your Hamner erotic or hammer rahimian or hemlibra hermetic Europe anti Shafi until Caffi la she filed a Shiva Oh Allah mushfiqur Shiva Allah you all do sama masala Allah who has sent him about 130 or so I'm big married woman

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saw the house

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nanny Mina most Nene let him the Dow Salatu was Salam ala Rasulillah who are the early he was so happy to have my bag short hotter today insha Allah I just recited Surah to noon turtle Khuddam and the first verses are actually very powerful because they tell us the lack of the prophets are some of the blessings that He was given and they contrast him with the worst of the clock. So let us quickly go over the first few verses of Surah Al Kalam so that we can benefit inshallah to Allah from this early McCunn revelation noon, well Kalami warmer your storeroom known as one of the verses the letters at the beginning of the sutras we don't know its meaning. Alif Lam Meem I mean, we don't

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know its meaning, well Academy when your stone Allah gives a custom by the pen and what the pen writes in my will to be says, There are three pens that is referenced in this verse. The first is the divine pen. The second is the angelic pen, and the third is the human pen. What are these three pens? The first is the divine pen, what is the divine pen? Our Prophet sallallahu sallam said the first thing that Allah created was the column, this is the divine column, the divine pen, he said to the pen, right, the pen said What should I write? The Allah said write everything that shall happen from now until the day of judgment. So the pen wrote, This is the low helmet fold. This is the

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divine pen that has written upon the preserves, tablets, everything that shall happen, so Allah gives a custom by that pen. The second pen is the angelic pen, what is the angelic pen? The angelic pen is the pen of the angels, my yellow for them and Odin Illa de he Rafi Bonati there is an angel on our right and an angel on our left and these angels record our deeds. So this is the angelic pen. So Allah gives a custom by the angelic pen as well. This is our own what we have done the deeds and the third is the pen of men. And I limited in Santa Mala Mia Adam right this is the name that Allah has given us. Right? If Kurata book or the ILM or Bill Kalam or lemon in Santa Monica, Maria Adam,

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so Allah is giving us some by his miracle and blessing to us to teach us how to transmit knowledge to other generations. This is unique to our species, animals cannot cumulatively you know benefit the next generation. Allah has given us the permanent recording of our knowledge and the ability to transfer our knowledge to a complete stranger generation centuries away. This is the best blessing of the column. So Allah says known while Carla Mia was thrown then Allah man

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Chin's three blessings that are prophets of Allah Who are you seldom had number one MA and debonair Mitra becoming known. Number two. We're in a local version of ADA Mamnoon number three we're in Nicola. Hola. Hola can Allium three blessings. Number one Yara Sula, Allah, you are not by Allah's blessings, a person that doesn't have intelligence, you're not a madman, ie you have the best intelligence when the Qureshi accused them, they said, You've gone crazy, you've lost it. And Allah says, You are the most intelligent, you have the best intelligence. This is the blessing of body and mind of the blessings that Allah has given. And our profit system is the one that embodies it

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embodies that the best is the blessing of the mind. So Allah praises that you have the mind you have the ability to think so this is a blessing that all of us who have it wish with thank Allah, there are those that are born, they're not able to think properly. We know them in our midst, they are tested and tried and their families are tested and tried. We thank Allah for the blessing of the mind. Number two, the blessing of guidance, the blessing of reward, you shall get a lot of reward, you're upon guidance. So the blessing of eemaan, the blessing of being connected with Allah, the blessing of earning rewards, this is the blessing of Islam. The two are not the same. There are

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plenty who have the blessing of the mind, but they're not guided to the blessing of Islam. Correct. So the two are not the same. We thank Allah we have the mind all of us here and we have the blessing of Islam. Then number three, we're in Nicola Allah hooklink LVM. And you have the blessing of love, not just any clarkia Rasool Allah you have the highest of UCLA, there is nobody in the entire creation who has better luck than you your hook your mannerisms or characteristic or the best of the best. And this is a separate and distinct blessing because there are some people they're not that intelligent, and they might not even be Muslim, but they have good o'clock with the people right and

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there are those they have emaan but they're about a flock. So if you really have good Iman and good a flat and put it together, this is the best of the best. And generally speaking more Iman and more a frog go hand in hand. However, it is not necessary for the two to be intertwined. You can be good in your rituals and be praying tahajud and going and fasting and going in Ramadan, but your clock is bad. We seek Allah's refuge and there are people like this perhaps we all know some of them one of the other Billa we seek a lot of refuge and there are those people whose demand is weak but Masha Allah, their kind, compassionate, caring and merciful. In fact, there are those who don't even have

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Iman, do we not have colleagues and friends who are other faith traditions, and yet two o'clock are good. So the three are distinct blessings, but the best blessing is to combine all three and that's what inshallah we should all strive for. And our Prophet system, what did he do? He combined all three of them to the perfection we're in Nicola Hola, hola canal. The contrast to this is a series of verses. We don't have time to go into every single one. Obviously, time is limited. But let me just quickly go over those that talk about the worst of a cloud. When Allah azza wa jal contrast, the Prophet says and he says you have the best of luck. He then brings the worst of a cloud. So we

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need to be careful especially of this list of a cloud that has been contrasted with our prophets Allah Allahu Allah He was selling first a toaster we'll soon be able to tune in the Rebecca who will lamb will be mumble land CBD Wahoo undiluted Fela tutor and mocha Debian. Although this is about to fall what Dulo to the new fried Hunan wala tutor This is worthy o'clock again without water cooler her laughing Maheen her Muslim Masha and being a meme mana i Little Heidi martyred in a theme martyr the theme or to limb by the daddy because the name 10 Things are mentioned literally literally 10 Things are mentioned go over the translation we don't have time to go into all detail however very,

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very briefly fell out tutor Kula hulufish and Maheen these 10 By the way, the fact that Allah mentions them right after saying you have the best of luck shows that these are the worst of luck. So we have to be very careful that we don't fall into any 10 of them do not obey those that are had laughing Maheen her laugh means he is constantly giving a possum in Allah's name and he doesn't care about how big of a deal it is. Will law he my merchandise is the best will la he I purchased this for this much while la he this is the best man he says who Allah he and he doesn't care when you mentioned the name of Allah you have to think it's a big deal. When you give a custom you cannot

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give a customer the name of Allah unless it is the truth. So this person he is swearing in a Balton in a false manner. So when we use the name of Allah, we use it not in vain but with respect and dignity. Hala Finn Maheen Maheen means that he is somebody who is looked down upon society does not like him, he has established a reputation that is ignoble. It's not noble Khalifa Maheen, Hama, Xin Masha and Bina meme hummus means that way to liquidly houmas That illumos This is a mass hummus means he is being sarcastic and putting people down

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On hummus, he's derogatory to other people and you can only be hummus when you think you are better. That's the only reason or else you're not going to do it. So the some and we all in English with a smart aleck Right? Or somebody who always has that job that sarcastic poke somebody puts him down or with the eye motion right like winking like this. This is also hummus. So somebody who's putting people down. This is hummus. Masha in Binna meme, he is always eager to walk between two people spreading Mima Mima means that you're in a gathering, and somebody was mentioned in a manner that he shouldn't be. You're like, oh, this is now a tidbit. This is now gossip. I can go and tell that

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person. And when he does this, usually he makes a bigger story. Usually he cuts off anything good that was said or maybe the context and puts in a little bit extra. Hey, you know, they were making fun of you over there. Hey, you know what they said? This is not a meme. And our Prophet Sall Allahu Allah he was setting them said that, you know, the one who spreads these type of tales and breaks friendships and bonds shall never enter Jannah liath agenda DockAtot and our prophets have said the majority of addable copper is from this person, Amina The one who loves to tattletale The one who loves to spread gossip by the way in the Mima means that you're spreading maybe even the truth, but

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your intention is to break friendships. Your intention is to break the bonds between people. What's your business? If somebody said something in a gathering, why should you go and say something somebody else wants or whatever the disease was sitting and a man came and said, Hey, do you know what somebody said about you? He said such and such about you? Or I'm gonna be there as he said, If you want I will verify and if I verify only one of two options, number one you are lying. And if you are lying, Allah subhanho wa Taala says that oh you will believe in Jacqueline first your commendable Fatima you know, this means you are a faster if you are lying. Number two, you are

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telling the truth. In which case this is an amoeba and Allah says filata Akula Khalifa Maheen hummus in Masha and Bina meme so Allah has criticized you either way, you are criticized if you're lying, you're a foster. And if you're telling the truth, then Allah says I should not listen to you. So which of the two do you want the man who was silent? Then he says, let's just pretend this never happened. Is that okay? No. Avianca goes okay, let's pretend this never happened. This is an amoeba fanatical terracotta Muslim mashaba when her Muslim Masha has been a meme mana a little higher, he is eager to prevent good. He himself is not generous. And if somebody else is doing good, he wants

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to stop it Munna I didn't hate him more today when he takes the rights of other people backbiting, slander, taking their money in it that means you take the rights of other people a theme in his own life he is sinful drunkard drinking, doing things he should not do eating Riba This is in his personal life more uttered in other people's lives. He's bothering a theme in his own life more a theme hamazon Michelle, Montana with the attorney and neither failure more than a Tim O'Toole limber the daddy because the name retool is a very interesting word. One of the only times that occurs in the Quran, or tool has been translated as brutish means hear his laugh is so bad that people don't

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want to be around him. His tongue is sharp. His demeanor is always people are turned away from it or to limb by the daddy. On top of this, he's acting in an arrogant manner. And then Zenni Zenni means that technically it means illegitimate but it doesn't mean illegitimate here. It means he pretends to be somebody he's not. He wants to act as if he's somebody else. So he is pretending if he is a person of wealth or dignity and he doesn't have wealth and dignity, he loves to boast he loves to have an illusion of Grand Jury when he doesn't have it. These are very quickly 10 characteristics that ALLAH SubhanA wa Tada mentions after this. Then Allah mentions that he rejects the Quran, and

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he doesn't believe and this is different than having bad a club. So in this beginning of Surah Al Kalam, Allah subhanaw taala mentions the pen and it's three categories you mentioned, Allah mentions the three blessings that the Prophet system had the blessing of intelligence, the blessing of Imam the blessing of a club, by the way, a man and a club are not the same as we said in the Hadith intermedia or prophets have said, when somebody comes to you proposing for your daughter, and he has Iman and Allah, then give your daughter to him. Notice Dean and hook were mentioned separately, because there are people that have Dean but no hook, there are people that are holier than no Dean.

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The point is, this is the person right? So our prophets have said I have come to perfect good manners means good manners exist without Islam, but to perfect them you need Islam. You can have good manners without Islam. A Kaffir can have good manners we know go farther have good manners, but to perfect you have to have Eman and Islam so

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Allah mentions the three blessings of the process and then Allah mentions 10 negative characteristics. I went over them very quickly because of time. I encourage you to go back read this sutra and the translation of the seal. May Allah subhana wa Tada make us of the righteous people of intelligence with good Allah and save us from the battle club. Zack Kamala Harris and American rahmatullah wa barakato. No.

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we're in Colorado, Denali, pheasant oversleep Oh, well, you're listening. Oh, don't be a ego model enough to own in our mega

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