Save yourself from the fire, even if you only have a date to give

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Bismillah Alhamdulillah wa Salatu was Salam ala rasulillah. While early he was off he he woman, one of

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my dearest sisters and brothers, just like the blink of an eye. Already Ramadan is about to leave us the month of mercy and forgiveness, the month in which Allah saves more people from the fire than in any other month. The Prophet sallahu wa sallam told us that in every night in this month, there are people who allow freeze and saves him from the fire. Will he learn he will duck or woman and not with the calculator?

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So we need to ask ourselves the honest question,

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what have we really done so far to be from those who are saved in this month.

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And I know that this year, many of us have been, you know, extra busy with lockdown, trying to balance between looking after our kids homeschooling extra mess to clean up extra financial worries. And so as a result, maybe we haven't had the chance to focus on this month, in the way that we would have hoped.

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But we'll handle it. Now, the good news is that from your from the mercy of our lies, he saved the best part of this month to the very last. And we still have the last couple of nights of this month, to do the best that we can in sha Allah, and especially as for the most likely nights to be devil later other each night inshallah.

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And one of the greatest ways and, you know, easiest ways to be from the winners of this month, even if you're not able to do a lot of other activity better is to give sort of, for the sake of a law

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and to ransom your soul from the fire of the next life with your sadhaka with your charity.

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You know, just like when a captive is taken by an enemy, you pay a ransom to free that captive. So we need to ransom ourselves from the fire of the next life through our good deeds, and seeking Nina's to Allah him this month in sha Allah, because the Prophet sort of law when he was sent told us that a day is coming, when men come in, I had him in. So you can lemo who law who lay Sabina what they know who to do, man, a day is coming when there's not one of you, except that you will stand and talk to Allah hota Allah and be nothing in between you and him of it from a barrier. And so one of you would look to your right, and you would not find anything except that which you have brought

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with you from deeds, you look to your left, and you find nothing except what you bought with you from deeds, and then you look in front of you, and all you find in your front of your face is the fire. That's why he told us that Dakota now will be shipped to Denver.

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You know, save yourself and protect yourself from the fire, even if it's with half of a date.

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So it's a panel, we need to you know, ask ourselves, How much will we be ready at that moment, you know, to save ourselves and you know, ransom ourselves from the fire the next life and we see it may Allah protect us all and our families and loved ones.

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But what is hard it does show us is that, you know, even if it's by giving something so small, like a date that you know, you can save yourself.

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And I know a lot of people right now are facing financial difficulties. But one of the one of the beautiful things is that it shows us is that you know, don't underestimate even the little you're able to give for the sake of a law.

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Because it could be that very small amount that you give sincerely for his sake, that saves you on the day, when a person will be ready to give even the whole world and everyone you loved in it, just to save yourself from the fire the next life.

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There's a story mentioned in authentic hadith in which a lady came to the door of Ayesha radiallahu anha, with her two young daughters, and she came asking for food, you know, they were so hungry. And so I show gave them three dates.

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And so that lady gave each of her daughters a date, and she was about to eat the third date, when suddenly she knows she broke it in half. And she gave the last remaining date to each of her daughters. And so when I show it to her and her saw the action of that woman, she was so surprised, you know, she was amazed by imagine this woman she's so hungry, but she still preferred her daughter's over herself. The profit sort of long as I'm told her that, you know, she has freed herself from the fire through that action.

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So we need to realize that the sort of car you give will come like a barrier on the Day of Resurrection that you know, prevents you and you know protects you from entering the fire. And that's why my dear sisters and brothers especially tonight, you know, give whatever you can because as Allah tells us that true success is not about how much you have in this dunya you know, ultimately true success is not about how much you've achieved or how popular you are. In the end. true success will only be if you have saved your soul from the fire of the next life and you enter safely into Jannah. That's what Allah tala says for men zorzi here are

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inadi What would he like janetta kakade fez woman hyah to dunya in limitary war. So the one who saved himself from the fire and enter Jana is the one who has one and what is the life of this world except a passing enjoyment? So I asked a lot how to break with the Allah to make us from those who he saves from the fire in this month. May he save and protect all of our loved ones. You know, forgive us, for us for our sins and unite us all in genital fruit also Allah Allah min or sadhana Allahu wa sallam were baddeck Elena Vienna Muhammad wa ala alihi wa sahbihi edge of mine as salaam alaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh